The Forty Hadith of Imam Alnawawi – Spoken Word Poetry

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The speaker discusses the five pillars of Islam, including the importance of intentions and the dean's teachings. They also mention the use of god's language and the tendency for Muslims to avoid inspiring their behavior. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of one's actions and address one's own actions in public.

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know that all actions are by intentions, and the dean was taught through angelic intervention. Islam is built on five pillars of might. And the angels while in our mother's wombs did write, the Dean rejects all types of innovation and the heart is the limps, temptation or salvation. This religion is based on advice sincere and the sanctity of a Muslims blood is severe. We don't ask about that which is obscure and Allah only accepts that which is pure we leave what is doubtful and suspect and that which doesn't concern us we don't inspect and love for you what I would love for me and I'm Muslims blood never be spilt except for three. Speak only good if not then refrain angers from the

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heat of hell avoid its flames. Everything is to be done in an excellent fashion. Fear Allah everywhere treat people with compassion. Anything that happens is by Allah's permission and Hyack was forever written as every prophets vision. Believe in Allah and be steadfast perform Halal avoid haram pray and fast purification is equal to one half of our iman and oppression was forbidden to Allah and men. Everyone has something they can give in charity, even picking up litter a selfless rarity. Sin is what makes your heart feel resistance and unease upon us is the Sunnah in times of difference in disease. The tongue is the most common catalyst to the fire about those things kept

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silent, we should not inquire, be indifferent to the world you shall be of the zoo hat, there is no initiating harm or reciprocating harm to add evidence is to be brought forth by the accuser. And He who sees monka must be its remover. Be the servants of Allah all together as brothers. Allah is in your service so long as you are for each other and every good deed Allah takes and multiplies and he is for his Olia there hearing hands and eyes. He has forgiven us mistakes duress and what we forget, we are strangers in this world. Don't settle just yet. Perfection occurs when passions fall in line with the Divine and Allah will forgive all sins and He will not mind