Khalid Yasin – The Purpose Of Life Part3

Khalid Yasin
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title of our presentation this evening

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is the purpose of life.

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And in spite of the fact that I've sort of delivered this presentation,

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and some 37 countries and perhaps maybe 146 cities around the world,

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I'm always very surprised to find that when I meet people are on a plane or train or standing on a bus stop, or in a lunch counter, or just in some other type of a situation where I meet someone in my home, or I meet someone in their home or office, and another human being.

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And we're talking about different things.

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And some way I navigate myself to ask that person the question, what do you think about life? And the person says, Well, what do you what do you mean by that?

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I said life, what do you think about it?

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What do you think the meaning is?

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What do you think the purpose is?

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And you'll be surprised that intellectual people, educated people, religious people, opinionated people,

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arrogant people, rich people,

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white people, black people, Americans, British, Australians, Spanish, Germans, French,

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heads of state,

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diplomats, athletes, celebrities, people who you would think should have some kind of grip or have come to some kind of determination about this very simple question.

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I asked them, What What do you think is the purpose of life.

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And suddenly, there's, there's a silence.

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There's a hesitation, the person is not forthright.

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And I always remind myself, and I always remind the person that this is not a religious question.

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It's not a philosophical question. It's not a dialectical question. It's not a tricky question. It's a very simple, straightforward question.

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And if you haven't answered it, if you haven't reconciled that within yourself, if your set of values, you haven't reconciled that question for yourself to be able to answer it straightforward, like you would if I asked you your name,

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then there's a problem. And you need to think about their problems and work it out.

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Because every human being needs to answer that question,

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at least for themselves.

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And they need to answer it objectively, not just subjectively, as it applies to me my opinion,

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what you think is the purpose of life for all human beings? Because when human beings start to think about that question, it's an all inclusive question. And you can't just ask that question for yourself, because there are others involved in life.

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You start to think about others, other places, other people, other situations, other ideas, these are thinking about the world as it is not the world as you think it is. You start to change a little bit yourself. You start to move outside of yourself. You start to take in a whole lot of other considerations. And I always say to people, if you haven't thought about this,

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you need to go home.

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Cut off the TV, turn off the music.

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Let the kids go and play. Let your wife go and shop or let your husband go someplace and sit in your house or your room and stuff.

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for five minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes

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and think about

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what is the purpose of life? Because when you start thinking about that question,

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you take the first steps, just like a child takes their first steps in life, you start taking the first steps to balancing and reconciling probably the most important question for the human being.

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Now, this is not a question that cannot be easily defined, it can be

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if you turn to any one of the many dictionaries, that will be available in an institution like this, or a public library, or available in your home or your office, the terminologies have been defined already. So it's not rocket scientists.

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It's not rocket science hear the word purpose,

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generally means aim.

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underlying reality,

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determination, reason, and intent.

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That is very powerful.

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The word life

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one of the most powerful words that explain life, that's unfathomable. You can't even really when you say the word you can't even think of really what it means.

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How do we think about existence?

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Is it vertical? Is it horizontal?

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What's the depth to it? What's the diversity of it? How far is it?

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How many kinds of creatures does it involve? What kinds of substances were how, when, who's behind it? How did it come about such a profound word existence.

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The phenomena of the world,

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the term of a human beings existence before what we call death.

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a word that none of us like to say, unless it applies to someone or something else.

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We can we can manage to say someone has died.

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But we don't like to think even for a moment

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about someone say that about us.

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Because that inevitable event, death. That is

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what you and I

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are on a downhill incline facing every single day. And babies die.

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Young people die old people die pretty women die handsome men, rich people. Everyone faces death and will die.

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No matter what your philosophy is, what your

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preoccupation is, what your orientation is, who you think you are, where you think you're headed, what's your background, what's your family, what's your class, title and structure, it doesn't matter. We're all headed towards death.

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And life is a gift that's been given to you and me.

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And we have to work out the variables between here and there.

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So when we speak about the purpose of life,

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for individuals, it's really a simple issue.

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But we need to take a look at it. Now, for individuals and for governments, the purpose of life is a little bit different. It takes upon a different set of dynamics. And I want to discuss with you from a socio political point of view, because my background in sociology, and so it means I study behavior. I study the behavior of governments, civilizations, societies, I study the behavior of individuals. That study of behavior helps me to understand when something is here, and you study the evolution of it, where it has come from, you get an understanding of where it is headed. And you start to see things to be almost the same.

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And we talk about life.

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The life of a person, whether their life expectancy of their life, anticipation, their life involvement. For all human beings, it's basically the same.

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Now you

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I eat a little more fancy food than somebody that's living in Rwanda.

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You may live in a little more fancy house than someone that's living in Somalia or Afghanistan,

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you may have a little bit more choice of clothing when you open up your closet than someone that might be living in the Amazon.

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But when you're sick,

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sickness is the same. And your response to sickness is the same as those people that we just talked about.

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And when you have trauma in your life, tragedy in your life, you respond to it the same

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as those people as a matter of fact, when people have been undergoing trauma on a daily basis, they deal with it better than what you and I will deal with it when it comes to us.

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So for individuals and governments, the purpose of life have a different manifestation. But I want to show you sort of like the generics of how they both function with one of our

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philosophers, historians that some of you may have heard his name, his name is Evan Khaldoon. He's called the father of history. He's the first one that interpreted History According to human behavior. He said that

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the cycle of life for individuals,

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the cycle of life for governments, and civilizations are the same as the cycle of life for human beings.

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There's a gestation period. And then they're born.

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And after they're born, they begin to recognize, walk, speak, they start to adapt and, and realize their own personality. We're talking about individuals, we're talking about governments, societies,

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there's a stage of immaturity, and then there's a stage of adolescence, and then as a stage of maturity, then there's a stage in which most of their strengths, their faculties start coming into focus. And they reach an apex in their life.

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According to most philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, they say that this age is around 4045.

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For governments and societies, it's just about double that.

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Then they start realizing, and understanding the values and the dynamics of life a little bit more than they did when they were 30 and 20. Because now they have reached the top of the hill, and they start looking down.

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And as they start to decline into 50s, and 60s, life starts to become more precious to them. And governments,

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like Australia, like the United States of America, like the UK, and like some who are finished now.

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They start to realize also that they are not

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as powerful as they claimed to have been.

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They start to see that they are unable to hold on to everything that they have taken.

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They start to see that the world does not revolve around them.

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They start to realize that they cannot exist without the collaboration and the cooperation of other individuals, of other governments of other people, they start to realize this.

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And inevitably, individuals, like governments soon become dependent upon others, they return back to a state where they were dependent before and after being rich, independent, arrogant, powerful, selfish, self centered, whatever.

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They start to becoming

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benevolent, understanding, compromising,

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mature, and looking at the anticipation of the inevitable which is sickness, and death.

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And one day, some of us in this room will remember that this is a been said

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that a great country like Australia, big country like America, where I'm from big country like Britain, France, Germany, all these big countries, there's going to be a time maybe not in our lifetime when someone

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We'll speak about them with a historical, rhetorical mentioned, because there'll be over, there'll be some other names here. Like there are some other names here now. And we speak about others who were here who thought they were powerful, and would be here forever rhetorical and historic.

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So we want to talk about the purpose of life, as it applies to individuals and governments, because that allows us to understand the topic.

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I asked you to bear with me.

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Because this is one of my,

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one of my favorite discussions.

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Not because I feel I treat it well or understand it well.

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But because it allows me as a human being to better understand how to negotiate my own life, how to appreciate my own life,

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how to appreciate those who are around me, those who may be dependent upon me or those whom I'm dependent upon those who I interact with on a daily basis.

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Now, individuals within the spectrum of life, they look for certain things, no matter who they are, one, the most precious commodity for all human beings throughout the world

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is something which is called Freedom,

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And we find that any society that is able to promote itself, able to market itself and convince other human beings

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that within their borders,

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and their land and their government, freedom and liberty could be realized most of anywhere else. It's just like, being in McDonald's.

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Somehow or another.

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If you got a problem.

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You don't have money, you don't know where to pay your bills.

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You had an argument with your husband and he had an argument with your wife. You lost your job, somehow another one, you see those golden arches.

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Like Pavlov's Pavlov's salivating dog, you just start salivating.

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You start feeling a bit of relief. Or it might be Burger King, you can have it your own way.

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And if you get two children with you, your children, they start acting differently all of a sudden,

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pulling and wanting you to pull over. Can we stop for a moment then? elderly people

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they get up early in the morning, seven o'clock, can you imagine that they have no one to talk to their sons and daughters or graduates. They're off somewhere else chasing their dreams and two grandchildren, of course not there and they have nothing to do but look out the window and watch television. But McDonald's is down the street. They get up seven o'clock in the morning to get dressed.

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And they walk down the McDonald's. And they buy a cup of coffee, and a cinnamon bun

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or Egg McMuffin.

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And they sit there all morning, watching children coming in and out and people smiling and colors blue, yellow, red,

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beautiful place full of energy. They sit there all day with just this cup of coffee, and a cinnamon bun for a couple of hours because McDonald's has sold to the world dream. And they belong to the McDonald's family.

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And governments have sold you and I have a dream, just like McDonald's.

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That if you stay here and you cooperate, and you assimilate, you also will have freedom and liberty and all the things you've ever wanted to chickens in every pot, two cars in every garage, and more than you need, of course, and plenty of credit cards.

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But what they don't say, what is the price of this expensive freedom and liberty.

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The price of it is that you have in your refrigerators. You have in your closets and you have in your stomach. And you have in your houses

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the share

00:19:34 --> 00:19:37

of other people's starvation.

00:19:39 --> 00:19:40

That's the price you pay.

00:19:41 --> 00:19:43

But because you're watching those commercials,

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you're constantly diverted from the reality that you have more than your share.

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But freedom and liberty is what everybody wants. At the end of the day. nobody really wants to

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nobody really wants war. Nobody wants trauma. Nobody wants tragedy, not even the so called terrorists, they don't really want war or terror, they are using something that we would think to be irrational, frustrated, anger reprisals to get, it's like reaching this way to scratch my ear.

00:20:26 --> 00:20:40

But because those who have more on their plate than they need, because they have pushed people into corners all over the world, those frustrated people have found there's nothing for them to do and why not?

00:20:42 --> 00:20:51

Now don't justify and you don't justify those kinds of actions because those actions are acts of frustration, and in some cases, madness.

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my president

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says, We are the

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distributors of freedom, and democracy all over the world, we we market freedom and democracy all over the world. And whoever has the problem, we're gonna solve it our way.

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And there's only one menu, and that menu is Stars and Stripes.

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But the fundamental issue is that was arrogant.

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Otherwise, human beings claim they want freedom and liberty. And why shouldn't we no one wants to be a slave of anybody. No one wants to be imprisoned. Nobody wants to be oppressed.

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All human beings want peaceful coexistence.

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I have a neighbor, and we disagree. And we argue and we throw stones at each other, or we fight or we throw trash at each other. Inevitably, what what's needed here is somebody to arbitrate. Because at the end, if there is arbitration, you'll find that both of us really want the same thing.

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But someone has to arbitrate to let both of us hear the other.

00:22:17 --> 00:22:25

Because every human being who's over they are, they really want peaceful coexistence. Because how can you enjoy your life, if you've got somebody next door to you?

00:22:27 --> 00:22:29

throwing rocks, person

00:22:30 --> 00:22:37

shooting, threatening. So inevitably, we all need to find ways to have peaceful coexistence.

00:22:39 --> 00:22:49

All human beings want Self Realization. Psychologists will tell you today Self Realization as the height of whatever human being wants, every human being wants to be realized, recognized.

00:22:51 --> 00:22:54

And think back for a moment, if you can when you were in a crib.

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And there's a way that you can be hypnotized. And you can do this. But if you can think when you were in a crib, you were maybe 18 months,

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maybe 12 months, maybe nine months, and you weren't walking yet.

00:23:11 --> 00:23:21

And you heard people saying your name. But you didn't know what was your name. They were saying you just when they looked at you, they were smiling and laughing, touching you, poking you.

00:23:23 --> 00:23:34

And every time they said your name and you kind of Google at Google, he did something nice. They stroked your gave you something. So after a while you started associating that sound with you.

00:23:36 --> 00:23:46

And psychologists say this is the first point of self realization. And from that point, when you go to an interview, did you know that in a professional interviewer,

00:23:47 --> 00:23:56

they are told that in a 10 minute interview, they should say your name at least seven times. Hi, Marsha, how you feel today? Hi, john.

00:23:58 --> 00:24:14

Has everything. JOHN, let me ask you a question, Marsha. Please let me ask you this question. They're told to say your name at least seven or eight times in that 10 minutes, because it builds what's called an intimacy, a trust, a bond, because everyone loves to hear their name.

00:24:16 --> 00:24:32

If there's anything that we will pay for, and incline ourselves towards, it's our name. Because our name is the most sacred thing we have nothing else to be recognized by except our names. That's why the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said when you have a child, give them a good name.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:38

Because a good name starts them off with positivity about themselves self esteem.

00:24:39 --> 00:24:51

That's part of self realization. Every human being wants to have the opportunity to achieve to have to own to determine for themselves or their families.

00:24:53 --> 00:24:59

whatever other human beings have the right to own and to achieve this is all part of self realization.

00:25:01 --> 00:25:07

Every human being has principles and values Jeffrey Dahmer, he had some principles and values, asked his mother.

00:25:09 --> 00:25:14

I listened to an interview with Jeffrey Dahmer his mother, how many people here know who Jeffrey Dahmer is?

00:25:16 --> 00:25:23

That's the guy. That I mean, he was eating other human beings. I mean, I think he consumed about 17 human beings.

00:25:25 --> 00:25:32

That's not cannibalism. Now, because cannibals. They don't do this objectively.

00:25:34 --> 00:25:42

This is a man who lives who's a civilized human being, who made a determination, who had a special fetish

00:25:43 --> 00:25:58

to trap confine. So they kill this member, and then put them in a jar to be pickled. And then piece by piece over a period of

00:26:00 --> 00:26:03

six years, devour them.

00:26:05 --> 00:26:08

And while he was doing that, he was going to work every day,

00:26:09 --> 00:26:14

kissing his mother and wavenet people going down the street and sitting in McDonald's.

00:26:21 --> 00:26:24

But his mother spoke about him.

00:26:26 --> 00:26:33

As if she couldn't imagine that the Hello baby boy did something like that. Because that's the nature of a mother to forgive.

00:26:34 --> 00:26:40

And not to believe that a human being could fall to that depth of disparity,

00:26:41 --> 00:26:53

and insensitivity for other human beings. But he did. But even Jeffrey Dahmer had principles, and everyone here has principles. Now, you might call it religion, you might call it philosophy.

00:26:54 --> 00:27:11

You might call it belief, you might call it convictions. But you do have some principles. And one by one, if we sat down and talked about it, you will find that every human being has a bottom line for what they believe to be right or wrong, sacred, the limit. That's it.

00:27:13 --> 00:27:21

And that's where all human beings need to sit down and talk and find out where are our limits? And where do we meet.

00:27:22 --> 00:27:38

All human beings have an understanding about conformance and discipline, you may say to yourself, I do what I feel like doing. I do what I want to do whenever I want to, however I want to, I'm free. I'm independent. I'm Australian, I'm American, I'm British.

00:27:39 --> 00:27:41

I don't have to listen to anybody. But you do.

00:27:43 --> 00:27:50

When you drove here tonight, I don't care what your philosophy is, what your religion is, what your orientation is, when you drove here tonight, you conformed

00:27:51 --> 00:27:54

to the traffic outside, you stopped at red lights, I think you did.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:16

You didn't drive on the freeway at any any way you wanted to. When you came inside this building, you did reasonably chew up to come inside. So we are all conforming to things consciously. And we are also conforming to things subconsciously.

00:28:17 --> 00:28:20

Because some of you who have bladder problems,

00:28:23 --> 00:28:26

you've got to conform to human nature. Before this lecture is over.

00:28:30 --> 00:28:39

Every one of us is unconsciously conforming to human nature, things that you don't even think about breaking

00:28:41 --> 00:28:46

your heart beating, your liver functioning, your kidneys functioning,

00:28:48 --> 00:28:51

your lungs, inhaling exhaling

00:28:52 --> 00:28:56

the salivation going on process swallowing,

00:28:57 --> 00:29:01

synapse taking place inside the brain, of which there's 26

00:29:02 --> 00:29:10

million synapse per second, that take place in the brain that creates what is called thought processes.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:14

Now this happens without you're even thinking about it.

00:29:16 --> 00:29:18

Things you cannot even control.

00:29:19 --> 00:29:20

But you are conforming.

00:29:23 --> 00:29:51

You follow disciplines. If you went to school, you follow in disciplines. If you grew up in a house where there was some rules have some kind of order. You follow disciplines. You belong to a society, you pay taxes, there's discipline. If you belong to a religion, and you have certain rituals, there are disciplines. When you go inside of a bank and you you swipe your card or you step up, there's a discipline so in everything we do as human beings as a discipline.

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

And then there are things that compliment us that we insist upon something simple, like

00:30:00 --> 00:30:05

spices on our food. You know, food is not enough for us human beings. We want no space.

00:30:07 --> 00:30:11

Other people don't have food, but those who have food, that's not enough. They want space.

00:30:14 --> 00:30:22

We want a different, we want a different kind of clothing. It's not enough just to cover our body. We want a designer, and we pay for it.

00:30:23 --> 00:30:51

If you find a young man who's got on some Michael Jordan, sneakers, trainers, you might call it. He doesn't know that the same trainers that's got Michael Jordan's name on it, but made in Hong Kong, or the Philippines, or Malaysia, and they cost only eight pounds or $8 to make. But when they put Michael Jordan name on it, and all of a sudden it costs $150.

00:30:52 --> 00:31:06

Now do you think that the Mickey Jordan's that costs $8? Or the Michael Jordan's that cost $150 that was made in the same factory? Do you think that because got Michael Jordan's name Are you gonna jump higher.

00:31:12 --> 00:31:23

But this is how human beings are. We think to ourselves, that the compliment that comes with life, that it increases the benefit it doesn't.

00:31:24 --> 00:31:38

Water is water. If it's dirty water or freshwater, you can't live without it. And food is food, and you will eat food out of a trash can. If you're hungry enough. It'll taste just like God made food.

00:31:42 --> 00:31:59

So here we are human beings, seeking our freedom, liberty, peaceful coexistence, Self Realization, principles and values, conformance and disciplines things which complement. And I think we're kind of sort of an agreement here. You might say, well, this guy leading us

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was he leading us.

00:32:03 --> 00:32:04

We just hold on for a minute.

00:32:05 --> 00:32:12

If you came this fall, you're already halfway out in the middle of revenue, Maslin keeps women, the same distance going back and forwards.

00:32:15 --> 00:32:17

Now for governments,

00:32:18 --> 00:32:26

realization is almost the same, but in a different way. We want freedom, we want liberty, governments want empowerment, and they want liberation.

00:32:28 --> 00:32:33

Every single government in this world evolved out of another government.

00:32:34 --> 00:32:38

No group of people just came together, found themselves somewhere and said, let's set up a government.

00:32:40 --> 00:33:06

No, they found themselves a part of another body. And they evolved, and differences came about. And eventually they said the differences are significant enough that we need our part, and they need their part. And if they didn't settle those differences, they entered what was called like a civil war. And the Civil War brought about independence for now two parts, or like America and Great Britain.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:11

The daughter left the mother

00:33:12 --> 00:33:14

and landed somewhere else.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:19

Where they thought it was India. So he's still calling people today, Indians.

00:33:21 --> 00:33:26

You know, Christopher Columbus and those guys. When they got there, they found out that was not India.

00:33:27 --> 00:33:28

But the arrogance.

00:33:30 --> 00:33:33

They still call those people. They're Indians today.

00:33:35 --> 00:33:38

And they said, they discovered America.

00:33:39 --> 00:33:43

That's like, my walking past your house and just walk inside and sit down.

00:33:46 --> 00:33:51

And you come home and ask me, What am I doing there? I said, Well, I just discovered your home.

00:33:53 --> 00:33:54


00:33:55 --> 00:34:01

how do you how do you discover a place where other people are living?

00:34:05 --> 00:34:06

That's a history lesson.

00:34:09 --> 00:34:11

But governments nevertheless they want empowerment.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:15

And they want liberation.

00:34:16 --> 00:34:31

At a certain point, they want to be liberated, because that's how they are able to obtain what they call freedom from another government. They want sovereignty, it's not enough that we have an agreement. Now,

00:34:32 --> 00:34:57

once the daughter left from the mother, they said hold up now, the king or the queen keep on asking for taxes, and they're not even here. Now. You've given us anything for these taxes. No, no, no taxation without representation. So they say that's it 1776 it was history. America became an independent country. And British had to accept it.

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

And then we could name

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

15 countries, how they have evolved the same way.

00:35:05 --> 00:35:12

Governments no matter how powerful they are, even my president, he talks like, like he's on his ranch.

00:35:17 --> 00:35:20

Like America is the best thing going since water.

00:35:25 --> 00:35:29

But America cannot exist as a country.

00:35:30 --> 00:35:36

Without the raw materials that it exploits from others, it cannot.

00:35:38 --> 00:35:58

It cannot exist without the immigrants that come to its shores, and work like dogs and slaves, for the pennies for the dream, it could not exist. America and all of its greatness, it could not exist without the cooperation and collaboration of other fellow governments.

00:36:03 --> 00:36:22

And all countries, no matter who they are, they seek independence. No country wants to be dependent upon another country. Have you ever heard of a country that is willing to accept the dependence on another country perpetually? No. Everyone wants inevitably to become independent and sovereign.

00:36:24 --> 00:36:35

Every country has its own constitution and laws, just like you conform, countries conform. Because without constitutions and laws, what would it be?

00:36:37 --> 00:36:38

There'll be anarchy.

00:36:39 --> 00:36:42

There has to be law. We have to respect law.

00:36:43 --> 00:36:50

Law brings about discipline, law brings about definition, law brings about order.

00:36:54 --> 00:36:57

And countries inevitably set up institutions

00:36:59 --> 00:37:07

based on the guidelines of its constitution, to provide services and to regulate its citizens.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:16

And countries have to have courts to adjudicate differences, problems, issues, conflicts.

00:37:18 --> 00:37:56

And countries societies have their own culture, their own set of ethics, their social, political ethos, it's called and countries, societies seek to take their culture, their ethos, their social, political, dynamic dynamics, their values, and they seek to inevitably dominate other countries. And now using the terminology, globalism seek to dominate the entire world. Can you let me give you the idea? Can you imagine that today, the President of the United States and I can talk about my president,

00:37:59 --> 00:38:04

because I'm grateful to be an American. And don't don't blame me, it's not my fault.

00:38:06 --> 00:38:08

I'm grateful to be an American, because

00:38:10 --> 00:38:25

I was born sort of like, in the bottom of the barrel, you can call it. But by the grace of God, being an American allowed me like other markets, to make some determinations that allowed me to,

00:38:27 --> 00:38:57

to earn a master's degree, to travel all over the world, to be standing in front of you, and to have a passport that allows me to move anywhere I want to move. And I take that with full responsibility. And I handle it with responsibility. And I do have a right, that if I think that my country is wrong, I think my president is wrong. If I think that the policies are wrong, I have the right and the responsibility as an American to say it's wrong.

00:38:58 --> 00:39:05

Well, if I had a different citizenship, and a different President, I may not be able to say anything at all.

00:39:07 --> 00:39:15

So I'm grateful that God has given me this ability to speak my mind and I do so with full responsibility.

00:39:18 --> 00:39:33

Now, when a country a society gets to the point where they believe that they have a right to dominate the world, in spite of other people's values, to debate,

00:39:34 --> 00:39:53

with their products, with their services, with their flag, with their culture, with their language, with their values, with their morality, this is a sign that this country has become insensitive has become blind and it is headed towards decline.

00:39:54 --> 00:39:58

It is headed towards decline and I believe

00:40:00 --> 00:40:02

I'm not making any predictions because I can't.

00:40:03 --> 00:40:26

But I think that someone could have spoke to us in 1970, and said that in 15 years, the Soviet Union would be over. But in 1970, nobody said that nobody even predicted it. But in 1985, or there abouts, what's happened

00:40:28 --> 00:40:29

to Boogeyman.

00:40:32 --> 00:40:34

The Soviet Union, the boogeyman,

00:40:35 --> 00:40:37

suddenly just gone

00:40:38 --> 00:40:40

a different name a different currency.

00:40:42 --> 00:40:45

They were a Boogeyman. But now they're in bed with their

00:40:46 --> 00:40:50

adversaries, sleeping with their heads on different pillows, of course.

00:40:51 --> 00:40:56

Who would have predicted that and so who would think or predict

00:40:58 --> 00:41:16

the United States of America, it may have a different name in 15 or 20 years, they may have to negotiate and create a different name, who would have thought that all these countries that are part of the European Union would have a need to create a new name.

00:41:17 --> 00:41:29

Because their independent names and the independent currencies, and their independent GMP was no longer valuable enough to be independent.

00:41:30 --> 00:41:32

This the way the world is moving towards globalism.

00:41:33 --> 00:41:43

But I was gonna tell you that my president has just been named three years ago, he's got a new name. He's called the commander in chief of outer space.

00:41:50 --> 00:41:50

Imagine that.

00:41:53 --> 00:41:57

They said so many satellites out of space, and they found nobody's out there except them.

00:41:59 --> 00:42:04

So they said we have to protect the frontiers of space.

00:42:06 --> 00:42:15

And so to do that, they have set up a new command post in space. And the President of the United States is the commander in chief of outer space.

00:42:21 --> 00:42:23

I wonder if you get a chance to examine the troops out there.

00:42:26 --> 00:42:35

Now, inevitably, both individuals and governments are subject to demise, depreciation, and termination.

00:42:36 --> 00:42:39

Is anybody in this room here who would disagree?

00:42:40 --> 00:42:46

That is some time in place in the near or distant future, everyone in this room here is going to be a ghost.

00:42:49 --> 00:42:49

A ghost

00:42:51 --> 00:42:56

that means a memory. something written spoken about documented, remembered.

00:42:58 --> 00:43:03

I don't care who you are, that's the case. And that's what we have all in common between life and death.

00:43:08 --> 00:43:27

In a verse of a book, a scripture called the Quran that I would suggest every human being take a chance to read. You can't read it all. read a verse read a chapter of it. I mean, why not? You watch TV, you got 100. And you got cable, you got 700 something channels

00:43:29 --> 00:43:31

including those adult channels.

00:43:33 --> 00:43:34

If you got a computer,

00:43:35 --> 00:43:37

you surfing the web.

00:43:38 --> 00:43:41

But I go to Google or Google whatever search engine you got.

00:43:44 --> 00:43:50

And just put in the word CT n to u r a n Yeah. And just put it in there. I dare you.

00:43:54 --> 00:44:07

I'm not telling you to put it in there because of religious purposes, just put the word ad in there and see how many hits that you get down to see how many and then just click one. And just listen. Listen to the Quran.

00:44:08 --> 00:44:10

If it's an Arabic, you won't understand it, but just listen to it.

00:44:12 --> 00:44:14

And then asked for translation, then read it.

00:44:15 --> 00:44:23

Why one of the chapters of the court and this is the book of 6626 verses 114 chapters that was revealed

00:44:25 --> 00:44:56

to a man called Mohammed son of Abdullah, who himself claimed to be a prophet of God like Jesus, like Moses, like Abraham, like David lifestyle, he claimed to be a prophet. And we believe as Muslims that he was a prophet, we believe that this Koran was, in fact revealed to him. This is our belief if you don't have to believe that. But we do in this book, among other things that I'm going to tell you about this book. There's a verse that says, I was relying on the shutdown regime to Mangle antibiotic and let the body heal Merck wahoo Allah.

00:44:58 --> 00:44:59

Allah The Hala culture will hire

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

Lia Balu Yukon anomala

00:45:04 --> 00:45:07

says, Go to the one

00:45:08 --> 00:45:30

and whose hands whose power there is all the dominion of the heavens and earth, that we you and I cannot even imagine is established that there is a power, there is a mind, there is an intelligence, there is an authority, there is a sovereignty behind this, what we call the creation

00:45:35 --> 00:45:50

and that power that sovereignty has all absolute power, not humans, not government, individuals or collectively, past, present future, nothing, we're just sophisticated sperm drops as well. We are

00:45:53 --> 00:45:54


00:45:55 --> 00:45:57

But that's what we started out and in the end,

00:45:58 --> 00:46:02

dust to dust, Ashes to ashes, that's all will be

00:46:03 --> 00:46:22

who Allah coolish in Korea, Allah, Allah louder. It has that authority, that power. It has that mind that intelligence that has created the heavens and the earth, and everything in it, and created death for the humans before giving them life. Think about that.

00:46:24 --> 00:46:28

Death was conferred upon us before we were even given life.

00:46:29 --> 00:46:30

It was already there.

00:46:31 --> 00:46:40

In a sense, inescapable, when you will came into life you carried with you the imprint on your DNA, you got to die.

00:46:41 --> 00:46:45

That's the ticket that comes with the package, life death.

00:46:46 --> 00:47:00

But in this particular verse, we usually as humans say life, death because we're living looking at death, even though we ignore it. But in this verse, it switches it because the one who has given the life says death,

00:47:01 --> 00:47:03

we give you as a gift life

00:47:05 --> 00:47:07

and love the outer world.

00:47:09 --> 00:47:20

Leah Beluga calm, or you can ask Amanda, in order to see which one of you will be the best in their behavior and in their conduct or their responses.

00:47:22 --> 00:47:26

Now that verse gives us the premise of our discussion,

00:47:27 --> 00:47:28

the purpose of life,

00:47:29 --> 00:47:41

this small little act that it's all it is, we think of it as days, weeks, months, years, we call some of us only call a person whose own

00:47:42 --> 00:47:44

100 years old, we call them

00:47:45 --> 00:47:47

a centenarian. And suppose that terminology,

00:47:49 --> 00:47:54

somebody who's 80 years old, we give them different names, but it's just like that.

00:47:56 --> 00:48:02

And if you're 60 today, or in my case, 59, and three days

00:48:05 --> 00:48:06

later, she said,

00:48:08 --> 00:48:09


00:48:10 --> 00:48:39

Think back. Think back when you were 15 years old, 12 years old, when you were just playing around in the school yard at home, doing this and that you had no problems. And you're thinking about life and all the things you want to do and what you want to be and what you're going to achieve and your brothers and your sisters and your mother and your father and your house and no responsibilities, no rent, no bills, no nothing. Think about it. When was it? It was just yesterday. For me? It was just yesterday.

00:48:42 --> 00:48:47

Just like that, where has the time went? What has happened.

00:48:48 --> 00:49:00

And now today, everyone will agree. It seems like the sun rises and sets. And the day is just going like this. You can see what happened yesterday.

00:49:02 --> 00:49:04

So today is Tuesday. So Tuesday brothers Thursday.

00:49:07 --> 00:49:07


00:49:09 --> 00:49:18

because time is nothing but a capsule time is nothing but a drop of water on the wind itself and the sun come is gone. That's time.

00:49:20 --> 00:49:25

And that's what you and I have been given we've been given time. And what you're going to do with this time.

00:49:27 --> 00:49:35

No One No group has come into being on their own. Is anybody here? Whatever philosophy that you have? Who can say that? Well, I came into being on my own.

00:49:38 --> 00:49:59

No, you didn't come into being on your own. You didn't decide to come here. You didn't decide to even be here. In this life. You were brought into life you were conceived by your mother. And if some of you think that you were born by some type of immaculate conception, or even you came through some hallway

00:50:00 --> 00:50:00


00:50:02 --> 00:50:05

and even test tube babies.

00:50:06 --> 00:50:11

Even those babies that are born when people are those Mommy, mommy families, you know what I'm talking about

00:50:13 --> 00:50:15

the daddy daddy families

00:50:16 --> 00:50:19

who are buying the sperm off the internet.

00:50:20 --> 00:50:23

And you know, to have their own nuclear family.

00:50:26 --> 00:50:27


00:50:29 --> 00:50:30

they come into life,

00:50:31 --> 00:50:33

not by their own determination.

00:50:36 --> 00:50:44

nor can they obtain or harness the resources which they require on their own. You can't obtain what you need by yourself.

00:50:45 --> 00:50:50

Every human being needs another human being psychologists will tell you an AI

00:50:52 --> 00:51:15

that a human being could be given everything. And they have tried it they have done it. They have taken a human being and asked him What do you want? They said I want the house to give it to him. So I want the car to give it to him. What else do you want, I want furniture, what else you want, I want money, give it to him. I want all the things I want computers, I want stereo, I want wall the wall, I want to I want everything to give it to him.

00:51:16 --> 00:51:20

But then put them in that house and leave them by themselves.

00:51:21 --> 00:51:25

And say you can have all of this, but you have to be by yourself.

00:51:27 --> 00:51:29

And the person says I don't care.

00:51:30 --> 00:51:31

I'll be by myself.

00:51:33 --> 00:51:35

Well, they found out that

00:51:37 --> 00:51:42

after 10 to 12 days the person starts getting lonely. They won't make a phone call.

00:51:44 --> 00:51:45

But the agreement is that

00:51:46 --> 00:51:47

no contact.

00:51:49 --> 00:51:50

So this okay.

00:51:51 --> 00:51:55

At the 67 days, they start getting a little depressed.

00:51:56 --> 00:52:00

They want to see somebody will look out a window see if they can wave at somebody or something.

00:52:02 --> 00:52:04

But they made an agreement, no contact

00:52:06 --> 00:52:09

after another week or two the person starts to getting detached.

00:52:11 --> 00:52:15

After another week or so, the person starts to give becoming severely depressed.

00:52:17 --> 00:52:23

And within 30 days to 60 days that person becomes catatonic. That means

00:52:24 --> 00:52:27

they have become virtually mad.

00:52:28 --> 00:52:32

The whole systems have broken down only from loneliness.

00:52:33 --> 00:52:45

So the human being even if they had everything in the world, without another human being to talk to, they will go mad. And eventually they will die from what we call it heartbreak.

00:52:47 --> 00:52:48


00:52:49 --> 00:52:50

No one

00:52:51 --> 00:53:10

has complete determination of power over themselves others for example, no one here can stop thinking no one here can stop blinking. No one here can stop their bodily functions. No one here can stop the elements. No one here can stop the immutable laws. No one can reverse the dynamics of time and age.

00:53:11 --> 00:53:16

Therefore all of us are subject to and subordinate in some way, shape, or form.

00:53:18 --> 00:53:19

I say to you

00:53:21 --> 00:53:31

that we think about the heavens and earth. Let's think about it for a moment. Let's go macro. And then we go micro. Let's go macro for a moment. Let's go out.

00:53:33 --> 00:53:38

The earth is the third planet. Among they said nine planets, I think they just discovered another planet.

00:53:40 --> 00:53:48

In our solar system, the Earth is the third planet from the sun. And how many miles away from the Sun 93 million miles, something like that.

00:53:50 --> 00:53:58

And the Earth is the only planet that has the ecosystems to sustain life. It's the only one

00:53:59 --> 00:54:03

because we go to the left mercury. It's too hot.

00:54:05 --> 00:54:07

To go to the right Mars, it's too cold.

00:54:10 --> 00:54:12

The Earth has the only

00:54:13 --> 00:54:17

ecosystems that support what we call life.

00:54:18 --> 00:54:26

And if there is other human beings or other higher forms of life on some of the planets, only Steven Spielberg knows about it.

00:54:34 --> 00:54:42

Oh, that station that comes on with that program that comes on with that but the aliens just in case you don't know what this is all fiction.

00:54:50 --> 00:54:55

And our solar system has a sun which is a star

00:54:57 --> 00:55:00

and our solar system is dependent

00:55:00 --> 00:55:02

Upon the energy of that star, it's called the sun.

00:55:05 --> 00:55:14

Yet our sun with all of its brightness and power, it is one of the smaller stars

00:55:15 --> 00:55:18

in the Milky Way, did you know that one of the smallest,

00:55:21 --> 00:55:28

one of the smallest stars in the Milky Way, and the Milky Way itself has 56 billion

00:55:30 --> 00:55:31

stars like our Sun.

00:55:33 --> 00:55:40

And the Milky Way, as a galaxy is only one of these smaller galaxies in a nebula.

00:55:42 --> 00:55:43

Can you imagine this?

00:55:45 --> 00:55:51

And a nebula is made up of trillions of galaxies, like our galaxy.

00:55:53 --> 00:55:55

And a nebula is only one cluster

00:55:58 --> 00:56:01

that we have been able to identify.

00:56:02 --> 00:56:06

And Mr. Hubble said, you know, Mr. Hubble,

00:56:07 --> 00:56:24

he said that he sent out a light 17 years ago. Now light travels at what speed at 6 million miles per second. Okay ad with me. He said that he sent out some signals 17 years ago from his telescope.

00:56:25 --> 00:56:30

And in 17 years, it has not hit an object in space and bounced back.

00:56:33 --> 00:56:39

Now you measure at 6 million miles per second times

00:56:41 --> 00:56:43

60 seconds times

00:56:45 --> 00:56:46

60 minutes times

00:56:48 --> 00:56:55

24 hours, times 365 days, times 17 years.

00:56:56 --> 00:56:58

So where is that light right now.

00:57:03 --> 00:57:19

It is still traveling through space where there is order, whether a space, whether it's time, whether it is dimension, whether it is measurement, whether it is design, and whether there is the evidence of intelligence.

00:57:22 --> 00:57:26

That's beyond us, you would agree that's beyond us.

00:57:28 --> 00:58:09

Now, let's go inside micro. The Quran makes a statement. Verily, We have created everything from water. That's what the creator said in the Quran 1400 years ago, nearly 1500 years ago, that every living thing has been created for water, what has been discovered by science today that everything has in it, the basis of water, and what is water. h2o, is forms gas. The universe is a form of gas. And everything is from that the from the smallest thing we can get to water is there.

00:58:11 --> 00:58:21

And inside of a drop of water, now we can go all the way to what is called now they went past the molecule past the atom. Now they went into what's called the court

00:58:22 --> 00:58:24

came hard to say that the court

00:58:27 --> 00:58:29

this is a new dimension of measurement.

00:58:30 --> 00:58:31


00:58:32 --> 00:58:34

Nana got micro court,

00:58:37 --> 00:58:41

all the way down to the DNA. Now they can take a piece of your hand

00:58:42 --> 00:58:48

and they can find out everything about you to the DNA map they call the genetic map.

00:58:49 --> 00:58:59

Yet from the micro all the way to the macro, that is what dimension measurement time space

00:59:01 --> 00:59:02


00:59:03 --> 00:59:07

it suggests that there is a designer

00:59:09 --> 00:59:13

a sustainer because how is all of this being sustained?

00:59:14 --> 00:59:15

How's it being sustained?

00:59:17 --> 00:59:20

It suggests that there is also a controller.

00:59:21 --> 00:59:49

It suggests that there is a power, a supreme power. There's a higher knowledge, there's an ultimate source of accountability. To think otherwise would be to be absurd, impractical, arrogant, or to the point of ignorance. We all seek careers, undertakings, projects, marriage education, we enter contracts, we make commitments, which we look for results. I mean most of us do.

00:59:52 --> 01:00:00

We expect consequences, rewards benefits, accounts payable and receivable and every company doesn't matter.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:06

You're all owner. And every government has a king or sovereign. In every family, there are parents, at least there used to be

01:00:09 --> 01:00:13

one of whom is ultimately responsible.

01:00:15 --> 01:00:31

That How can we think that this complex and sophisticated universe, this earth, and all of the ecosystems, and all the creatures, which are countless? How could they be the result of disorder and unaccountability? How could we think like that

01:00:33 --> 01:00:44

there is a purpose in life, there is a reason in life, there is a responsibility, and there most certainly is accountability. And that only stands to reason that all of this

01:00:46 --> 01:00:53

rhetoric was to establish in everyone's mind that we're all on the same page. And we're all on the same planet, we all here.

01:00:55 --> 01:01:15

But we want to be on the same page today, there is a reason there is accountability. And there is responsibility that all of us as the human family, we need to think about, that we have reciprocal responsibilities to each other. And also there is a reciprocal responsibility that we have towards a creator.

01:01:17 --> 01:01:20

Now you call it what you want to call it, life force.

01:01:21 --> 01:01:53

Call it power, call us three mind, call it God call it the Creator. Nevertheless, all those names would be proper to describe the one the power, the creator, the force that sustains that controls, that designs that is responsible, and that is given to you and I this gift. And you and I all of us, we are beneficiaries. That's what we are human beings, we are beneficiaries.

01:01:55 --> 01:01:58

And we are benefiting from something that we did not pay for.

01:02:00 --> 01:02:01

You didn't pay for anything.

01:02:02 --> 01:02:04

You didn't pay for your eyes.

01:02:05 --> 01:02:16

And you think about the human camera, you could not produce it, if there was any instrument in this world that humans would want to create. It would be the eyes, they cannot.

01:02:17 --> 01:02:25

If there's anything that human beings would want to create, it would be a hot wants to start pumping, just go reach and get one off the shelf and put in your chest.

01:02:27 --> 01:02:28

It doesn't work.

01:02:30 --> 01:02:31

The DNA doesn't allow it to work.

01:02:33 --> 01:02:43

To do the route was the jovic, Jarvik hot, or the Kubrick pot, they all worked for a while. But after a while the chest rejects it

01:02:44 --> 01:02:51

could the body realizes is the signal inside the body that something foreign is inside the body, it's just thought pushed it out.

01:02:53 --> 01:03:02

Because the Creator has not given you the ability to have too hot, you put something in there for a while and wait for a little while.

01:03:03 --> 01:03:05

The person who has lived the longest with a

01:03:07 --> 01:03:10

reconstructed heart is 13 years

01:03:12 --> 01:03:13

13 years of agony,

01:03:16 --> 01:03:21

agony and 17,000 pounds a month to sustain it.

01:03:22 --> 01:03:23

You think about that.

01:03:25 --> 01:03:31

And if there was something else that we would want, we would want to have a brain so when a person is brain dead, just to sort of take that out and put another one in there.

01:03:32 --> 01:03:33

Like you do a computer.

01:03:35 --> 01:03:42

But it doesn't happen. Because we have been given what we have been given. And it is already written, how long how much.

01:03:44 --> 01:03:45

When it's over, it's over.

01:03:47 --> 01:03:57

You can swap hearts and body parts and donate this and wait on this one and wait on that one. But you're not going to avoid death if everything is brand new.

01:03:59 --> 01:04:00

And that's a fact.

01:04:02 --> 01:04:08

You and I are beneficiaries. And therefore there has to be where there's a beneficiary there has to be what

01:04:10 --> 01:04:11

a benefactor.

01:04:12 --> 01:04:14

Someone has given us this gift.

01:04:16 --> 01:04:42

This moment of life, this opportunity, to have to see, to benefit to feel, to speak, to interact, to stand, to think to have to own to teach, to learn, to have posterity to leave a legacy, who has given us this gift. Tell me your mother and father gave it to you who gave it to them.

01:04:43 --> 01:04:49

No a benefactor a supreme benefactor. There is an owner.

01:04:50 --> 01:04:58

In fact that controls sustains everything in the heavens and earth. That owner has given to you and me more position

01:04:59 --> 01:05:00

than we

01:05:00 --> 01:05:04

have been given by anyone else that only has given us life.

01:05:05 --> 01:05:07

With all of its tremendous benefits of which

01:05:08 --> 01:05:11

is worth more than a billion pounds, if I said to you,

01:05:12 --> 01:05:15

I have a company and we just buying hearts.

01:05:16 --> 01:05:20

We just we buy and hearts be collecting hearts. And we're paying a million a heart

01:05:22 --> 01:05:24

with like, know how many people here would like to

01:05:26 --> 01:05:36

like to just leave their heart to us right now we can do the operation tomorrow, and your family will be the beneficiaries and we give them a million pounds, how many people would like volunteer for this company, we got the money in the bank.

01:05:38 --> 01:05:39

we bind hearts.

01:05:43 --> 01:05:43

no takers.

01:05:48 --> 01:05:49

If I said to you

01:05:51 --> 01:05:56

that there's a house that every one of you can have no mortgage.

01:05:57 --> 01:06:07

four bedrooms, that's what you need good. No problem, nice neighborhood. No problem fully furnished. No problem fully paid for no problem. one condition.

01:06:09 --> 01:06:10

You move into the house.

01:06:12 --> 01:06:14

And five times a day, we want you to make a phone call.

01:06:15 --> 01:06:17

And the phone is already in the house.

01:06:18 --> 01:06:23

The five times a day call up the company who gave you the house and just say thank you very much.

01:06:29 --> 01:06:46

Just call up seven o'clock in the morning, you make one call. One o'clock in the afternoon, you make another call, five o'clock in the afternoon, you make another call. Since it you make another call until you go to bed, you make another call, take about five minutes, just say thank you very much. I'm just checking in the house is beautiful.

01:06:53 --> 01:06:55

And there's no red, no red.

01:06:56 --> 01:07:14

Just call in on a regular basis and be grateful and take care of the house and take care of the house. And if somebody comes by, and they just want us spend the night they're hungry, give them whatever they need, and let them keep going. Is that reasonable? How many people say that's reasonable?

01:07:17 --> 01:07:21

Everybody, that's no tricky. I'm not trying to trick anybody into anything.

01:07:23 --> 01:07:28

This is not a it's not a it's not a game show, I'm not gonna say come on down.

01:07:33 --> 01:07:52

I'm trying to basically establish that human beings should be motivated to be grateful, if they are given something that they have not painful, and that they don't have to pay for. Well, that house I'm speaking about is not a building that house is you. That's you and me.

01:07:54 --> 01:08:03

Because the personality that's talking to you is inside of a body, that personality is housed

01:08:04 --> 01:08:17

the you inside of that body, that's the real you. Because when you die, the body has died. But the personality has been wrapped up and is responsible.

01:08:19 --> 01:08:22

Before you came inside of that body,

01:08:23 --> 01:08:41

it had a value, it had an essence and your DNA was written on it already. And that's why there are no two human beings that are exactly alike. Not quintuplets not * tablets, not anyone, even when they clone them, they're not the same.

01:08:44 --> 01:08:52

And what I'm saying to you and myself is that we have to be grateful for the life that we have been given because we are beneficiaries.

01:08:54 --> 01:09:36

You have been given this life without having to pay for it. Don't you think that it is reasonable to ask for the same conditions. As the Creator of the heavens and earth. The benefactor has given us all of this. The water, the air, our eyes, our thinking, our ability, the kidneys, our hearts. Our ability to think has given us our families have given us the ability to express ourselves, giving us our money, jobs, food, sustenance, clothing, dignity, freedom, honor, integrity, a chance at life, the gift has given us to us, don't you think that it is reasonable for that creator, that benefactor to say to you and I, that we should recognize

01:09:38 --> 01:09:40

we should conform

01:09:42 --> 01:09:54

and that we should pay tribute? I said three things. I said first recognize is that correct? How many people think it is reasonable that we should recognize this benefactor?

01:09:57 --> 01:09:59

How many people think that it's

01:10:00 --> 01:10:16

That benefactor has laid out for us certain principles of decency, dignity, honor, justice, fairness, equity between other human beings that we should also conform to that how many people would read that.

01:10:18 --> 01:10:20

And then how many people would also agree

01:10:22 --> 01:10:27

that if you've been given all of this, and the only tribute that you are asked for,

01:10:28 --> 01:10:36

is just to recognize and to give face or praise, or worship at certain given times in places.

01:10:37 --> 01:10:48

Not the Creator, the benefactor doesn't need, doesn't need water, doesn't need money, doesn't need anything from you at all, has just given that condition.

01:10:49 --> 01:10:57

pay tribute, praise, thanks, be decent, share, be peaceful, be dignified, be honorable,

01:10:59 --> 01:11:04

be equitable. obey the law. Be a good citizen, be a good person.

01:11:05 --> 01:11:18

Be Clement. Be sensitive, be charitable. What do you say the 10 commandments are the 50 commandments? Do you think that this form of tribute is reasonable?

01:11:24 --> 01:11:25

Well, this is the purpose of life.

01:11:26 --> 01:11:28

To come to that conclusion.

01:11:29 --> 01:11:54

If we all as human beings, came, at least to that conclusion, this is not necessarily a religious conclusion. For me, it is it might not be for you, it might be a philosophical one, it might be a practical one, a logical one, a rational one, a scientific one, or dialectical one. But it's all the same if we all agree.

01:11:56 --> 01:12:00

If we all agree, as human beings, if we reach the same point, we can call it what we want.

01:12:02 --> 01:12:14

That is the purpose of life. And if we all recognize that, when we leave this room, we will become a better human being. Because we will see our neighbors differently.

01:12:16 --> 01:12:56

We will see the people that we employ differently. If you're a teacher, you'll see your students differently, you're a parent, you're gonna see your children differently. If you're a child, you will see your parents, your family members differently. If you're white, you will see black people differently. And if you're black or brown, you will see white or yellow people differently. And if you're a man, you start to see women differently. And if you're a woman, you see men differently. And if you're not married, you start to see marriage as an institution differently. Why because you start examining things from a point of its purpose, its intent,

01:12:57 --> 01:13:13

its benefit, and we're all people of self interest. And there's nothing wrong with that. We don't we shouldn't feel bad about using others, or being used as long as no one has been abused, isn't it? I don't mind being used

01:13:14 --> 01:13:15

or using you.

01:13:17 --> 01:13:33

As long as there is now abuse, because that's what life is about reciprocation give and take, respect, honor, decency, toleration, patience. And so there's a statement,

01:13:34 --> 01:13:46

there's a statement that we make and is called there is none to be recognized, known to be conformed, non to give tribute to accept the Creator, the benefactor.

01:13:47 --> 01:14:15

That's a simple statement. Now you can make it in your heart, you can make it in your mind. You can say it as a religious or philosophical statement. But nevertheless, you got to come to grips with it yourself, if there is a benefactor, and I'm a beneficiary. And I have received this gift of life and everything that's in it, I should recognize I should conform. And I should give some form of tribute. And I ask how many people would agree

01:14:16 --> 01:14:18

that there's no one more worthy

01:14:19 --> 01:14:22

to recognize, to conform to?

01:14:24 --> 01:14:30

No one more worthy to give tribute to than that benefactor? How many people would agree to that?

01:14:32 --> 01:14:33


01:14:35 --> 01:14:39

now there are people agreeing to this are not Muslims.

01:14:41 --> 01:14:45

And I'm asking the Muslims when I asked this question, keep your hands down.

01:14:46 --> 01:14:54

Because you have from a religious point of view accepted that. And I'm not asking this from a religious point of view. I'm asking from human beings a human being.

01:14:55 --> 01:14:59

So I asked the question again, how many people in this room would accept

01:15:01 --> 01:15:16

As a beneficiary, I should recognize that benefactor, I should conform reasonably to that benefactor. And I should give some form of tribute to that benefactor for what that benefactor has given me in this gift of life, how many people accept that?

01:15:17 --> 01:15:19

Muslims please hold your hands down?

01:15:20 --> 01:15:47

You see 1-234-567-8910 1112 1314 1516 1718 1920 2122 and 2325 or 26, maybe people who are non Muslims who have accepted the statement that law.

01:15:50 --> 01:15:53

Now, you said, Well, I didn't say that now.

01:16:01 --> 01:16:07

Okay, let's just take, let's just take the mystique out of it. Let's take the mystique out of it.

01:16:09 --> 01:16:14

You see, when you go to a doctor, and he examines you.

01:16:15 --> 01:16:26

After he examines you, he makes a diagnosis. After that, he comes up with a prognosis. He explains to you what he thinks the situation is.

01:16:27 --> 01:16:33

After that, he writes a prescription doesn't he? doesn't he? Is anybody here as a medical doctor?

01:16:34 --> 01:16:36

is about his medical doctor.

01:16:37 --> 01:16:41

Zubat he is the pharmacists, chemists you call it he? I think maybe

01:16:42 --> 01:16:53

there is. So after the doctor gives you a treatment plan. He writes out a prescription even if you don't need anything, it's not wrong, he can still write a prescription.

01:16:56 --> 01:16:58

You'd have been to a doctor at the end, he didn't write something.

01:17:01 --> 01:17:03

He writes out a prescription.

01:17:04 --> 01:17:11

And he uses on that prescription. what's called pharmaceutical language, what is the pharmaceutical language?

01:17:14 --> 01:17:16

The student of pharmacy, what is it?

01:17:21 --> 01:17:24

Ha that language is Latin, isn't it?

01:17:29 --> 01:17:30


01:17:31 --> 01:17:35

the chosen language of pharmacology is Latin.

01:17:37 --> 01:17:48

And as he very aptly put it, it's a way that the doctor communicates with the pharmacists and wish to paste it would not know because it is a special relationship.

01:17:49 --> 01:17:50

He writes out

01:17:51 --> 01:18:01

a prescription that pharmacist reads it interprets it and then fills gives it with a prescription drug or a generic one second.

01:18:02 --> 01:18:05

Then he puts on the bottle, the pharmacist, the chemist,

01:18:07 --> 01:18:16

take this after every meal three times a day. So something that's going to be a pharmaceutical name, which can be identified with that with contra indications on it right?

01:18:18 --> 01:18:18


01:18:19 --> 01:18:22

what I just spoke to you about,

01:18:24 --> 01:18:38

you accept it. Because as human beings, it's rational, it's reasonable, it's practical. It's not religious, but then I gave it to you in the language is a way of holding out.

01:18:40 --> 01:18:40

Well, that

01:18:43 --> 01:18:46

is a statement that means there is nothing to be recognized.

01:18:47 --> 01:19:20

Nothing to be no one to be conformed to. No one to pay tribute to accept the benefactor the Creator. That's all it means. And there are 1.5 billion people in the world. Chinese, Egyptian, African, Asian, German, France, French, American, Canadian, Australian, Indonesian, Malaysian, South African, any were there are human beings, there is some of those human beings that say law is the law.

01:19:22 --> 01:19:26

1.5 billion people in the world one out of every five people openly say

01:19:28 --> 01:19:28


01:19:30 --> 01:19:43

And law in the law means that there's nothing to be recognized. No one to conform to. No one to pay tribute to accept the benefactor, that supreme power.

01:19:44 --> 01:19:54

The one that has given us this gift of life. You say Almighty God, you say the creator we say a lot. Doesn't matter. All those are proper names.

01:19:55 --> 01:19:59

The bottom line is when you establish your relationship with that

01:20:00 --> 01:20:00


01:20:02 --> 01:20:04

you start to become a different human being.

01:20:07 --> 01:20:09

Because now there are some rules.

01:20:11 --> 01:20:14

There's a rule between you and that benefactor, which you need to look into.

01:20:16 --> 01:20:19

There is a relationship there in case you don't know it.

01:20:20 --> 01:20:32

When a man gets married, this beautiful woman he always wanted to marry, or the latest she gets married to this handsome man, she always wanted to marry Well, after they throw the rice and, you know, and

01:20:33 --> 01:20:38

eat the cake and split the cake and go off on their honeymoon or honey song or

01:20:41 --> 01:20:47

if it lasts for three days, or seven days, or whatever it is, at certain point, they start looking at each other.

01:20:52 --> 01:20:54

Like, what did they say? Where's the beef?

01:20:57 --> 01:20:58


01:20:59 --> 01:21:04

The woman she wants to know this guy's still sleeping in the bed every day. He getting up. So what was going on?

01:21:07 --> 01:21:09

I mean honeymoons over sweetheart.

01:21:11 --> 01:21:25

I mean, it's like, it's like the promises that you made, you know, the bread and butter on the table. All these you know, these things we talked about, you know, the house, in the car and the kids and you know what's going on?

01:21:27 --> 01:22:05

Why? Because we have a right to expect that from this relationship. There are some reciprocal responsibilities. And the Creator, the benefactor has a right that between you and the Creator, there are some reciprocal responsibilities you have been given, we have been given. And we also should be fulfilling our individual. And what can we do except recognize, and what can we do except confirm? What can we do accept, be grateful? As human beings, that's all we can do. When you accept that you start to develop a responsibility of performance,

01:22:06 --> 01:22:11

quality assurance, fulfilment between you and a creator, you and that benefactor.

01:22:13 --> 01:22:28

It's like when you get a house, you start the polishing cleaning that houses, clipping the hedges and mowing the lawn and doing all kinds of things, everybody doing a new house right or wrong. You get that brand new car, all of a sudden you out Washington every day, vacuuming,

01:22:29 --> 01:22:31

but you got an old car, you'll be watching it all.

01:22:34 --> 01:22:34


01:22:37 --> 01:23:00

Because the it should be reciprocation, then then there is also the issue of how does this feeling that you have these principles that you have? How does it affect your relationship with other human beings because if you say to me that you've got a relationship with God, or benefactor or creator, but you it doesn't reflect your relationship with human beings, I say to you that that you need to re examine that relationship.

01:23:02 --> 01:23:08

Because of the relationship that you got with the Creator, the relationship you got with a benefactor. The race that you got with the bank

01:23:11 --> 01:23:14

doesn't allow you to get along with your neighbors, you need to look for a different neighborhood.

01:23:16 --> 01:23:17

You think about a different life.

01:23:18 --> 01:23:22

Because when you have a good relationship,

01:23:24 --> 01:23:36

a sound relationship, a faithful relationship with your benefactor, with God with the Creator with yourself, it should reflect sound relationship and beneficial relationships with whom

01:23:37 --> 01:23:38

other human beings.

01:23:40 --> 01:23:43

When you find a human being that is insensitive,

01:23:44 --> 01:24:02

angry, insensitive, transgressing, cursing, having nothing good to say, we should feel bad about that person. Because they cannot feel very good about themselves. And they cannot have a fruitful relationship with or even recognize a creator.

01:24:04 --> 01:24:38

So the purpose of life is for you and I to use this information to develop a fruitful, beneficial, strong, comprehensive relationship with our benefactor our Creator. And through that, to recognize what laws, what principles, what covenants, what sensitivities, what virtues, what obligations Do we have as human beings, to respect each other and to reciprocate to each other and how that goes into social reciprocation and values?

01:24:39 --> 01:24:41

Dear brothers and sisters and guests,

01:24:42 --> 01:24:44

such as the purpose of life,

01:24:45 --> 01:24:59

to recognize that there is a source and an ultimate power that has offered the entire creation, to show our gratitude to that creator and owner for the many resources which we have been provided to conform to the rules of decency and morality and what is known

01:25:00 --> 01:25:11

We have been legislated by that sovereign benefactor to establish a clear relationship of accountability with that creator and that benefactor to subsequently adopt a posture

01:25:12 --> 01:25:15

of worship, obedience and tribute.

01:25:16 --> 01:25:29

To do all that is necessary to morally interact with all other human beings and creatures, so as to develop harmony, peaceful coexistence, mutual benefit and decency.

01:25:30 --> 01:25:40

And finally, to anticipate a final meeting and an assessment with that sovereign, because one day, if you have been given something,

01:25:41 --> 01:25:46

and you are the beneficiary, you know that one day that account is going to be audited.

01:25:48 --> 01:25:54

No one should ever think that they've been given something. And minimally, it's not going to be audited.

01:25:56 --> 01:26:04

What you've been given your life is a gift, but there is going to be an audit, there's going to be a date, a time,

01:26:06 --> 01:26:16

when all the accounts will be balanced out. And everyone here that is a business person knows what a balance sheet is.

01:26:17 --> 01:26:21

You know, at the end of the year, you've got to balance things out with the government.

01:26:23 --> 01:26:32

You know, you got to work things out with your wife or your husband. You got to work things out with your neighbor with your fellow human beings. And inevitably,

01:26:33 --> 01:26:35

before you die, you want to work things out with God.

01:26:37 --> 01:26:50

Because if you don't inevitably this, even if you didn't even believe in the benefactor, if you're not keeping account, you know that the Supreme Intelligence of that benefactor has been keeping accounting.

01:27:00 --> 01:27:16

Kelvin said, What about in Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive that's a particular situation, I'm going to express it from a point of Saudi Arabia, not from a point of Islam. Okay. Just from Saudi Arabia point of view, the mosty, meaning the this, the head of the Supreme Court, in Saudi Arabia,

01:27:18 --> 01:27:44

looked at a special problem. And the problem had to do with whether women were there was an ultimate benefit for them to drive, or whether there was an ultimate liability for them to drive. This is how it was examined, not whether they should drive or they could drive, whether they have a right to drive or have or whatever it was looked at from this perspective. And they determined that this country is huge, in many cases from one city to another is Desert,

01:27:45 --> 01:28:04

desert, dark places, and sometimes a woman by herself driving would get a flat tire, something would happen to the car with dysfunction or whatever. And she's out in the middle of nowhere, with nobody to do what a stranger comes along. Now, when a stranger comes along, it could be any kind of stranger.

01:28:05 --> 01:28:45

And now what happens she is subject to being accosted, being raped some poem, and if nothing happens, he changes her tire, he fixes but some people roll by and see that man in her car bending over whatever and they get back to her family and they and our town or village, and because of their customs, it is said, we saw your mother, we saw your sister, we saw your wife on the road with a strange man, that woman's reputation may be damaged irreparably. That is part of the custom, that a woman's reputation means more than anything else. And so that brand Mufti said

01:28:46 --> 01:29:24

that what we want to do is if a woman wants to drive, she can get a license, but we want her husband, or her brother, or her family members to show for her wherever she needs to go. So that she would not be subject to this kind of situation. And that is the real issue. Now not living there personally would know you would think that well, they can't drive that's not the case. We look more to the reputation than we do. Just simply allowing the woman to drive and then what happens, they endanger themselves. And now we can see here in the UK. I mean, we can see here in the Western world, for instance, how many rates Do you think take place a week?

01:29:26 --> 01:29:27

Not inside the home.

01:29:29 --> 01:29:37

But out when a woman is traveling from one point to another? How many rapes Do you think take place? I'm a sociologist. If you don't know I can give you the statistics.

01:29:39 --> 01:29:42

The statistics are in the Western world.

01:29:44 --> 01:29:59

That there are 496 rapes that take place every week of women who are by themselves and they are accosted or they are raped or taken advantage of simply because they're by themselves. Now, I'm not suggesting

01:30:00 --> 01:30:09

A law be enacted in the Western world like in Saudi Arabia, I'm saying that we need to look at that issue. Maybe we men in the Western world we need to show for our women.

01:30:12 --> 01:30:14

Well, that's another question Calvin, I won't give.

01:30:23 --> 01:30:36

The first part of the question is why at those specific times, what we didn't determine that God, he determines, determines when the sun comes up, when sun goes down. God determines when a child is born. Why not let

01:30:37 --> 01:31:15

you know I mean, the gestation period, why nine months inside the womb, why not 11 months, this is not our determination, why 24 hours in a day, that's not our determination, but through revelation, and by inspiration, and by determination by God, the Prophet Muhammad, peace and busting upon them was told, these are the terms of the prayer. Now we Muslims, we don't fully understand why, but we have a rational understanding of it. But that's not why we do it. We do it from obedience. But there is a rational understanding of the Prophet peace and blessings upon them, say, if one of you had a stream in front of your house, and you went down to the stream, you know, every two hours, three

01:31:15 --> 01:31:25

hours and you wash yourself and bathe yourself in it, would there be any dirt on you, at the end of the day, a certain amount of trust we have to get? What is the Islamic

01:31:26 --> 01:31:32

system? What does it say about a woman being ahead of a country or a as a president?

01:31:33 --> 01:31:49

If you see a woman, being the head of a country or president, the Islamic position regarding that is that generally, generally, the role of men is to protect,

01:31:51 --> 01:32:05

generally, to represent to protect outwardly, just like, you have never in history, heard of an army army, a country going to war against another country, and they sent a female regiment.

01:32:07 --> 01:32:08

It has never happened.

01:32:09 --> 01:32:15

And there's a reason for that. With all the liberation is going on, America didn't say no female resume.

01:32:16 --> 01:32:23

Because generally speaking, answering the lady's question, they are equal in front of God, but they're not the same.

01:32:24 --> 01:32:26

You see, if a law rat ran across you right now.

01:32:35 --> 01:32:36

It was a man who

01:32:41 --> 01:32:42

is right on

01:32:43 --> 01:32:45

a psychological

01:32:47 --> 01:32:53

when a woman sees a rat or a mouse, she's she's just a different response, a manual to shoot it or kill it.

01:32:55 --> 01:32:56


01:32:58 --> 01:33:26

the Creator who has made the human beings knows the psychology of women, he understands the anatomy of women, he understands the physiology of women, the sensitivities of women. And so generally speaking, the creator has said to us, that men should be the maintainers the protectors of women and children. But now, if there are no such men to do that, then yes, women can lead.

01:33:28 --> 01:33:28

They must.

01:33:30 --> 01:33:36

So it's unfortunate, we find a Muslim country that don't have any capable men to lead.

01:33:38 --> 01:33:55

It's not because women cannot lead. It's just like, for instance, it's better for me to go out and earn for the family, and for my wife, that she's relegated for the home. My wife got to go out and earn and I got to go out and earn that we don't have latchkey kids.

01:33:56 --> 01:34:02

So what happened to the family, and what has happened to the family in the Western world?

01:34:04 --> 01:34:05

McDonald's Burger King,

01:34:07 --> 01:34:13

which was the other Pizza Hut and all those kind of places, they have destroyed the family.

01:34:14 --> 01:34:46

Because the family doesn't sit down anymore, and have a meal together. They don't eat breakfast anymore. They don't eat dinner anymore. And there's no more extended family used to be the grandmother and grandfather, the mother and the father and the children. The grandchildren sit all together, exchanging values evaluating what about the homework? What about this? What about that? Now mom, she's out on her job. She She got her Boston have Korean data he overheard his but his Korean children got dead Korean grandmother and granddaddy they in old age home.

01:34:49 --> 01:34:59

So the whole idea in Islam is that someone has to protect the sanctity of the home and the family. Now we don't think that's the issue of just putting on the

01:35:00 --> 01:35:20

apron, and being somewhere just in the kitchen cooking. Someone has to educate the children, maintain the values of the family, keep the time and take care of the home, make sure that everything that we're working for is taken care of. And the woman is able to do that. I'll tell you this here, I never really appreciated my mother until I

01:35:22 --> 01:35:34

became at least 40 years old, and I understood my mother. And I never really understood birth, and what a woman has to go to, until I saw four of my children born through the Syrian section, I was there.

01:35:35 --> 01:35:52

So I understood the issue of a mother to a certain extent. And so what Islam says is that the challenge of a woman, the responsibility of a woman, the realm of a woman, is to educate the future leaders of the world, and all prophets had mothers.

01:35:53 --> 01:36:03

So this is what we say, women have their stations and men have their stations, but generally the station of men is outward, and the station of women is inwards, although that could be changed.

01:36:05 --> 01:36:17

I'll take one more question. I think because we are beyond our time, says Is it true? Between each prayer, if you have done or said anything bad, you are forgiven from each prayer, it all depends upon the level of what you've done.

01:36:19 --> 01:36:34

You know, you can't kill somebody, and take that because you prayed, you have been forgiven. You can't steal from somebody and think because you prayed that you are forgiven. And debts are not forgiven by praying, if you owe me money before you pray, after you finish praying, you still owe money.

01:36:37 --> 01:37:02

But if we're talking about things that you have done between yourself and God, words that you shouldn't have said, things that your eyes looked at, you shouldn't have been looking at, places you went, things you may have done, that only God knows, or prayer helps to strengthen you to correct certain things. You see, arrogance sometimes keeps us from saying I'm sorry.

01:37:03 --> 01:37:32

But when you go and pray, you can be done with that arrogance that need to go to a person say, pardon me. I'm very sorry, would you please forgive me? So prayer is to develop humility, praise to develop strength, and yes, from one prayer to the other. It helps because think about it. If a person prays five times a day, and I personally think about fornication, committed adultery, or robbing a bank, and they just got finished praying the morning prayer, they stopped planning the bank robbery.

01:37:34 --> 01:37:40

Or they call it the lady or the lady call up the man they want to meet together. So I said, well, should we meet? Let's meet at lunch for lunch.

01:37:45 --> 01:37:49

But before we go have this meeting that we don't have Let's pray.

01:37:51 --> 01:37:57

So can we pray today? We had a meeting together so where do we go from here? What was your house miles?

01:38:00 --> 01:38:09

So before the afternoon presser we meet at your house. So here's what we're gonna do. We take a little drink and we start getting smooches whatever is it? Oh, it's a it's a sunset prep.

01:38:11 --> 01:38:12

Nice Not gonna happen.

01:38:14 --> 01:38:39

So the whole issue of the prayer, the prophet the Quran says in the salata, 10 hat, and fascia women cutters, it's correct. Verily, the prayer is a preventive deterrent against human tendencies towards doing what's wrong. So the whole idea of the prayers that nobody's registered the practice of God, in your own countries, because your country's is the best policeman.

01:38:40 --> 01:39:13

When you build up your countries, you build up the best deterrent for anything in the world, you will pay your debts, your honor your word, you speak well to your neighbors, you talk to your children correctly, you have better relationship with your wife. Why? Because in your mind, you have developed morality, and the whole issue of prayer is morality and good behavior. Travis Lawson said brother I've been sent to perfect good manners and good behavior. So the person prays all day and night all day and night, but you don't see them change their morality that present that answer doesn't mean anything.

01:39:25 --> 01:39:34

doing all the things that you and I do, and at night, standing in prayer for four or five hours at a time.

01:39:36 --> 01:39:39

And in the day, fighting the battles,

01:39:41 --> 01:39:42

discharging the armies

01:39:44 --> 01:39:59

giving the time and the rulings explaining the Quran instructing the people in behavior. How could a man do all of that and stand four or five hours at night at one time?

01:40:02 --> 01:40:04

What kind of human being? Could that be?

01:40:11 --> 01:40:20

Let me tell you. After Christopher Columbus came back and claim that land for King Ferdinand and Isabella,

01:40:21 --> 01:40:23

they sent more ships.

01:40:25 --> 01:40:27

And within 150 years

01:40:30 --> 01:40:42

they destabilize, massacred, killed, liquidated, eliminated 89 million native Indians as they call them,

01:40:43 --> 01:40:46

to take control of what they call the new world.

01:40:47 --> 01:40:51

So we got 56 and we got 89. You keep adding for me, please? How many

01:40:54 --> 01:40:59

487 million

01:41:01 --> 01:41:22

at half a billion people. They never defined any of these actions in of these barbaric tragic intrusions, criminal occupation, de stabilizations murder, and protracted crimes on humanity. They never called it, what?

01:41:23 --> 01:41:24


01:41:32 --> 01:41:34

It's unbelievable

01:41:36 --> 01:41:37

how a concept

01:41:39 --> 01:41:43

could be forced on the world with their eyes wide open.

01:41:45 --> 01:42:07

And all the lives all the time that people go to church, read the Bible, talk to their priests, their leaders themselves around the dinner table, pray to God with the eyes open or close and don't understand the trilogy. And they accepted that it's simply a mystery that cannot be explained.

01:42:12 --> 01:42:19

The Islamic position regarding that is that generally, generally, the role of men

01:42:20 --> 01:42:38

is to protect them generally, to represent to protect outwardly, just like you have never in history, heard of an army army, a country going to war against another country, and they sent a female regiment.

01:42:40 --> 01:42:41

It has never happened.

01:42:42 --> 01:42:47

There's a reason for that. With all the liberation is going on. America didn't say no female resident

01:42:49 --> 01:42:56

because generally speaking, answering the lady's question, they are equal in front of God, but they're not the same.

01:42:57 --> 01:42:59

You see if a law rat ran across you right now.

01:43:08 --> 01:43:09

It was a man who

01:43:14 --> 01:43:20

is right, right or wrong. And they just got finished praying the morning prayer. They stopped planning the bank robbery.

01:43:22 --> 01:43:28

Or they call it the lady or the lady call up the man they want to meet together. So I said well, should we meet? Let's meet up for lunch.

01:43:33 --> 01:43:38

But she said well, before we go have this meeting that we don't have let's pray first.

01:43:39 --> 01:43:46

So can we pray today? We had a meeting together so what are we going for me? What was your house miles when we got pray? I pray that afternoon.

01:43:48 --> 01:43:57

So before the afternoon prayer will be gone meet at your house. So here's what we're gonna do we take a little drink and we start discussing smooches wherever it is the sunset PrEP

01:43:59 --> 01:44:00

is not going to happen.

01:44:02 --> 01:44:07

So the whole issue of the prayer, the prophet the Quran says in the salata, 10

01:44:08 --> 01:44:18

and fascia women cover this correct. Verily, the prayer is a preventive deterrent against human tendencies towards doing what's wrong.

01:44:23 --> 01:44:28

And one day, she wake up and she puts on niqab

01:44:30 --> 01:44:34

and she puts her full clothes on, no more lipstick.

01:44:36 --> 01:44:37

No more perfume.

01:44:39 --> 01:44:51

She doesn't talk to the men. She's not working anymore because she understands to keep her higher to keep herself. She stays home to take care of her home and her husband says what's happened to you?

01:44:55 --> 01:45:00

She says yesterday I read an ayah in the Quran. I read the Hadith from the project.

01:45:00 --> 01:45:10

It's a lot of them. And it made me cry to think about my religion and I'm not doing that no more. And so he said, then I don't want you. You have become extreme.

01:45:12 --> 01:45:14

So she has now become stranger.

01:45:15 --> 01:45:21

Come to the lab. If he leaves her, we asked a lot to give another stranger.

01:45:27 --> 01:45:30

The Muslim neighbor, the Muslim coworker,

01:45:32 --> 01:45:33

the Muslim colleague.

01:45:35 --> 01:45:47

They are the ones that are blocking the way for people understanding Islam because people are getting confused. They are confusing Muslims with Islam.

01:45:50 --> 01:45:57

And part of us uncovering the treasure sometimes means moving Muslims out of the way.

01:45:58 --> 01:46:06

Now that the treasure is open and plain and clear and uncovered for anyone to see

01:46:09 --> 01:46:09

I ask

01:46:11 --> 01:46:14

Are there any non Muslims here

01:46:15 --> 01:46:16


01:46:17 --> 01:46:21

that would like to inherit this treasure La ilaha

01:46:25 --> 01:46:26

illa Allah

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