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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses how a man named John Chesapeake became famous for his role as a police officer in the US movie, The Shining, and how his name was mentioned in a movie. He also mentions a woman named Hope and her story, and how she had a difficult time with her ex-husband. Speaker 1 describes the movie as a comedy with a sad ending.
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Don't ask me Don't even bother to implore as to why I don't watch TV no more. I'm a 90s child and so you see, I happen to see the best TV in history. Where should I start? Are you afraid of the dark or gargoyles? Named after New York City landmark six friends in the city made it work from nothing seeming served us with attitudes, how many California dreamin? I snacked on snick wash it all that on Nick and at night Doug had me banging on a trash can drum in in the street like you ask who could be Chuck Norris Zack Morris work out a plan at the max with the crew from Saved by the Bell their plans always worked out better than those that Kenan and Kel and oh well I must say that my eyes

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took a spill. When will ask how come you don't want me man to Uncle Phil. A boy would meet a world Danny Tanner had three girls in NorCal destroyed all shorts were saluted we were all Hey dude. It clearly explained it all. Then there were the teen shows that were a little bit racy when she picked Brandon or Dylan Dawson or Pacey seven seven and City guys was horrible. So I never watched them. And if you disagree you probably watch blossom. The * mouth is closed and Sunnydale by a new breed of Slayer. Jerome was an old Mac from way back an original player from the Himalayas as

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well Hercules and Xena quick mythology and history and we watched the rise and fall of Vandelay industries Doogie Howser a smart guy, we're about kids uncannily clever. Al Bundy was the most faithful husband who ever hated his wife ever. Siblings are double trouble like Tia Tamera and the way in the cartoons revolved around Simpsons and Super Science. Now you may disagree, but I was done by the turn of the century having believed that I'd had my fill of programming spectacular, that shaped my mind style thought process of vernacular. So in my mind, that was just another American kid with an American name. But then lower Manhattan skyline was approached by two plates. Everything

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