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conquest of Makkah, a theory of hijra, the private satellite is send them comes with 10,000 companions. And as he enters into the city, one companion, climbs onto the Kaaba. He climbs onto the Kaaba and he proclaims Allahu Akbar Allah hook, what should you Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. And he goes on and he proclaims the eye that the people of Makkah look out of their windows and they see who is on top of the Kaaba and they say, Alhamdulillah Praise be to God, that our parents died before they saw a black man on top of the Kaaba. When you think of Billa Demuro bajo de la and who you think of a person who really, he didn't have any reason to feel valuable in society, he grew up

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a slave in Makkah, he was a foreigner, he was black, he was from Abyssinia, he didn't have any tribal backing, he didn't have anything that would cause him to have a high self esteem yet Subhan Allah the Prophet sallallahu sallam was able to transform this person, so that he became one of the symbols one of the eternal symbols of strength innocent up below him nearby.

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Now, when you look at beloved, and I always think about the dot, because really just it's amazing how strong he was in a society where he had every reason to feel like he wasn't worth anything. When you experienced this here in the US, for example, a person might feel uncomfortable, simply speaking, because they have an accent or because they weren't born here or because they feel like they don't have the same legal status are that their colors are different. And they don't find in themselves the courage or find themselves the value to be able to see themselves as on an equal footing with others. And as a Muslim community, you want to be able to study the transformation that

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benighted went through so that you can replicate it amongst ourselves. Now, one of the things that I found about the province symbol I sent him two examples that I wanted to look at. The first is was the province I sent them in the second is with a workload, the law, the province cellulitis set it up with Bill and there was one time when the companion was on the line who he came and he spoke to be learned. And he said, he called out to him and he said, Yeah, I've been so that, Oh, son of a black woman. And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he didn't, he didn't you know, his methodology is that he wouldn't let a companion be belittled in His presence. The Prophet saw the light is said to

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me, he didn't laugh along with them and he wasn't quiet. When that statement was uttered. He looked at a booth and he said, I have to hold me in a camera and fika Haley, Are you belittling him because of who his mother is? Are you blaming him because of who his mother is? You are a person who has in him, Jaya Helia. So he immediately corrected her with her because who knows that statements could have injured Bilal or the Alon, even though it's true without isn't like, you know, people will say, I'm not I wasn't lying, I was just, but he is the son of a black woman. But he is a person coming from a particular experience. He is in a particular society. That is blame. He said, I yield to Who

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are you blaming him due to who his mother is, you are a person who has in you ignorance. And so that statement, the prophecy lesson is defensive. Billet is a beautiful, beautiful ingredient in the transformation of the law, the law and the second thing that I want to look at is the purchasing of a walker, the law and her beloved, beloved, at one point of time in Makkah, he was being tortured by his owner who may even have and a work was walking by so what he said to me yo, why don't you Why don't you you know, give him up this guy's the slave of yours is causing such a headache, sell him to me. So maybe Nicola names his price, 10 gold nuggets. And so I will work with doesn't bat an eye

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and he purchases it. So omega, you know, he is happy with his transaction, he sees himself to be, you know, really a winner in this transaction, he says to work will work. If you had negotiated down with me to one gold nugget, I would have sold them to

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a fraction of the price, I would have sold them to you a 10th of the price of a bucket of the law. And he says if you had insisted that you would not sell him except for 100, I would have purchased it.

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If you had named the price that was 10 times more than the price that you named I would have purchased him.

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So below Alibaba, you can imagine the worth that'd be like him I felt when he is seeing from Alibaba, that he not only is he he's worth so much more to the Muslims, he's worth so much more in the sight of Allah than he is towards the in the eyes of of the disbelievers in the eyes of his master or his previous master who may have been caught up until those Hobbit or the lion whom they used to say say you do not attack say that our master will work with the lion who he freed our master builiding murabaha Allah and who and they are all our masters and they were trained by the master of them all. Rasul Allah Allah Allah Davison cinematic Mahatama briquette