Rhyme Reason – How the Companions Defined Taqwa

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In a previous video, the speaker discusses the definition of Taqwa, a term used by Adam N submittedte to describe the term. The definition is that the term "taqwa" refers to the members of Taqwa culture, and that the term "taqwa" refers to the members of the Taqwa culture. The speaker explains that Taqwa culture is not a group of individuals, but rather a collective culture.

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Hamdi la salud cinema Rasul Allah so in a previous video we mentioned one of the most popular illustrations of taco and that was a conversation that happened between her and him hotdog with the line when obeyed Nick capital de la and who Jimmy and other companions they also defined or attempted to define what Taqwa is. So one of the most beautiful definitions of Taqwa is by Adam Nebuta Article of the line who summarize it as follows. He says, A duck will hopefully minute Jamie LGD, when I'm going to be Tenzin, or whether Bill Curry will do more. Hey, he summarizes in four things he says that Dukkha is fear of the sublime fear of Allah's origin and acting upon revelation

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and contentment with what is little and preparing for deportation, deportation, meaning preparing for the journey to

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others that came after the Companions, they also attempted to define what duck ways and so it has an illusory and normative now disease. They both have a similar definition, that hustle and bustle he says, for example, that it is simply to do that which Allah oxygen has obligated for you to do, and to abstain from what Allah Allah has forbidden from you to do. And those two things if you do that, then you are a person of Taqwa Rahman him that as he is he elaborates on that point, same point, but he elaborates on it saying that it is not duck wha you know, the person of duck was not the person who fast lots of voluntary fast and prays the night. That's not taqwa, the person of duck was the

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person who is able to

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do what is obligatory. They do well Allah ASEAN has obligated on them, and the abstain from what Allah has eaten has forbidden. And so it's not so much in increasing a lot of voluntary actions, as much as doing the obligations and staying away from the prohibitions. Those are the people of Taqwa May Allah as it didn't make you and die from them.