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The transcript describes a situation where a woman named Gabi Matic was found missing in a hotel room and later found out she was missing. The transcript describes a campaign where participants were individually obligated to participate, where every participant sat in front of a cellulitis, sat in front of a cellulitis, made concessions, and sat in front of a cellulitis and sat in front of a cellulitis and made concessions. The transcript also discusses the importance of truthfulness in bringing everyone together and being rewarded by the union, and the importance of truthfulness in bringing everyone together and being recognized.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Good morning, Detroit. How y'all doing?

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hamdulillah. It's always a pleasure to be in Michigan, one of my favorite communities in the country. And

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a lot of reasons, obviously any community that gives the world Bauhaus I think, is one that deserves to be celebrated and appreciated and often visited and hamdulillah. So with regards to the the theme of this conference, today, it's about Quranic principles, verses of the Koran that are overarching in their nature. And I'm very happy to be going over a beautiful verse from Salta doba, that is tied to a very painful episode of in the seal of the prophets of Allah, Allah is Allah. And the episode goes,

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it's the story of the repentance of a great companion of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. khabib numatic, gab was a companion from the unsought.

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And he was someone who is of the earliest Muslims in Medina. And he tells his own story, what makes this story you know, very amazing and interesting is that, and unique is that God is narrating this entire story himself, years later, after he had become old and blind. And he's recounting events that happened decades ago. But the memories are still there. The emotions are still there. And the interactions and the emotions that he felt from individuals and the way that people interacted with him are all presented in this beautiful and long Hadith. And he tells us how he was present for every episode and event with little little loss, a little light SLM, every battle, except for the

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Battle of bedrijf. And he mentioned why he wasn't there at budget, as we know better was not something that was an anticipated event, it wasn't supposed to be something that was expected to be a battle. And so the prophets that Elias and them in a band of 300 companions, were going to intercept a raid. And Allah Subhana, Allah manipulated the believers, and the machine again for the Battle of bed that have to happen. He maneuvered both camps for the battle to happen. So no one was blamed for not being there. But God says, but there was another campaign that he missed. And this one would be completely different. In the ninth year of the digital, the Prophet salallahu, idea USN

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was preparing to engage in a campaign against the Byzantine Empire. And because this was such a formidable foe, you're talking about a superpower. And because it was in a time of the summer, where the heat was almost unbearable. And because it was at the time when the unslotted were harvesting, and they were farmers, the battle was going to be in the campaign was going to be so arduous that it was called Jason Ursula, and the profits, the lobbyists and started to do things that he never used to do. He never used to tell the companions, who the actual enemy was going to be. And he wouldn't tell them which direction that they were going to eventually go in all of this to ward off

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intelligence and to ward off spice. And yet this was going to be such a difficult campaign such a challenging campaign that the prophets of the light is and I'm told them, and he told them to get ready.

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And get up at that point in time was never wealthier than he was in those days. And so every day, he would go out to the marketplace, saying that he was going to get ready. And every day he would come back, not having accomplished anything. Procrastination, procrastination, and every time he would tell himself, I can catch up, I'll make it up tomorrow, I'll make it up the day after I'll make it up the next day, I have the resources to be able to catch up. And every day he would come back having not accomplished what he wanted. Until the Muslims left an army of 30,000 people went on to to book

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and everyday garden nomadic is saying to himself, I'm still gonna catch up, I'm still gonna catch up, I can, you know, get a faster ride I can, I'll make it. And every day he would come back having not accomplished anything. Eventually God looks around and he sees that the entire city is empty. Except he says of two people, two categories of people, people who are excuse the elderly, the disabled, women, and or children, or people who are hypocrites, and they were known to be hypocrites. And God mentions he says there was no documentation being there was no registry of soldiers. There was no one whose name was being recorded. And so I started to feel bad that I'm

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looking around in the city and I see that everybody around me are people whose company I don't want to be in

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and the profits of the lobbyists and arrives into book

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And also lost the light SLM over 30,000 companions are with them he notices the absence of garbage pneumatic and he says my filing cabinet pneumatic, what happened to Gabi Matic, the province and the lightness and them is amazing and his capacity and his ability to recognize the absence of people. You know, there are some people who since last Ramadan, we haven't seen them in the message.

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And nobody's missed them yet. The only thing stopping them from coming back to the masjid was the fact that nobody's sent them a call no one sent them a text message saying hey, sister, where you been come through.

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And so the province the latest census tract guy, we've nomadic, what happened to him, and the companions debated it with regards to what happened to him in the province, the lightest and almost silent one companion spoke ill of him and another defended him either manageable. And cabin. nomadic is telling us this story, because all of this news reached him. And he told us rather than the devil defended him, and he remembered that decades later, and then there ended up being no campaign. The the Byzantines or the Romans had left. And so the prophets that Elias m stays into boot for a number of days, he turns around, and now he's on his way back. And Gabi nomadic is panicking. He heard that

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was a little lost on the light, SLM, and the army are on the way back. And so now, like, what excuse Are you going to make? I mean, have you ever spent a night where you were the next day going to be in the company of, or you're going to be standing rather in front of a judge, or in front of your parents or in front of a boss or in front of a teacher? And you're thinking to yourself, like, what can I say, How can I word it What, what should I offer. And God said, I spoke to every prudent member of my family, and they all told me the same thing. They said, make an excuse, and the prophets on the line is no more secrets to find for you. And this default would also last the

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lightest, and I'm just going to be better for you than than anything else, like you'll be fine. Just make an excuse. The Prophet is so merciful and forgiving. He'll make he'll forgive you and he'll make us the font for you.

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God said, so I thought of an excuse. And then when the prophets the lightest and arrived in Medina in the morning, all of those excuses vanished from my head.

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And I realized that only the truth will save me.

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And the prophets of Allah sent him his habit was that when he would come to the masjid, he would go and he would sit, he would pray to rock house, when he would come back from a journey. He would go straight to the masjid, he would pray to doctors, and then he would go to his family. But this time, he came, he prayed to doctors, and he sat down immediately to listen to the excuses of everybody who did not participate, because this was a campaign where every able bodied person was individually obligated to participate. And so everybody who wasn't there, he needed to hear why they weren't there. And guided me Malik said, I watched as at some odd hypocrites came and they sat in front of

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Rasulullah cellulitis and, and they all made excuses. And every single one who had also lost a little light, I said, I've heard an excuse from, he simply took the pledge of allegiance from them again, and he made us to fall for them, and they left scot free.

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God is watching this. So what do you think he's going to do? Imagine when you see everybody getting off scot free, not even a slap on the wrist.

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Got him. Malik says I went and when it was my turn to sit in front of those who lost the lightest and he smiled at me the smile of an angry person.

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And he said Mahalla *? What kept you behind? Couldn't you afford a ride?

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And then God said, jasola

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I can argue my way out of anything with anybody. And I have been given an agenda and I've been given the gift of argumentation.

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But if I know that if I put forward an excuse right now to you to please you, Allah, who will be displeased with me, and you will be displeased with me.

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But if I speak the truth to you right now, Allah subhanho wa Taala, I hope will be pleased with me, and I hope that you will be pleased with me, I have no excuse.

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I have never before had more money and more access to arrived the province the lightest, and then looked at his companions. And he said he had

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asked for this one, he has spoken the truth. What does that mean about everybody else?

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And he knew it's a little odd, isn't?

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He said a Mahabharata sadhak. This one has spoken the truth. So get up until a lot makes a decision about you. He doesn't get an answer. He says Get up until ally makes a decision about you.

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Gabi Malik leaves the masjid and he's immediately swarmed by his family. What are you doing? Why did you do that? It would have been enough of the province of Allied SLM simply made us the fodder for you and he said they continue to

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approached me, until I thought to myself, let me go back and retract my statement.

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And then he asked a question that would change his life. He said, Did anybody else say what I said?

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They said yes. To men, out of the 80 something there were to heal. I live in Romania.

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And Morocco. in Arabia anomaly. They mentioned to righteous men who participated in the Battle of beddit. They were for me and elsewhere. He said, they were for me an example. There were people who I looked up to, because he wasn't there. But then he said these two participated in the Battle of Reddit. And so I stayed to my my initial resolve.

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There were two individuals who are righteous, truthful, so he said, You know what, forget the 80 there more and number, they're not being punished. Imma stick to these two.

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What was the conclusion? For 40 days, the prophet SAW the light SLM commanded nobody to speak to Gabi Malik and his two companions.

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It was an exercise of social isolation, solitary confinement in open air.

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They were going out Godwin Malik would go out to the salon, he would say so I don't know why they come to people. Nobody would even notice his existence. No one would respond to his setup. He would walk into the marketplace, speak to someone, everybody would just ignore him.

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Day after day, night after night, he said his two companions reclined to staying at home. They didn't even want to go out anymore. They would just stay at home crying.

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And Gavin Madigan said, because I was younger than them, I would go out and I would go to the salon. And I would see it also loss of mobility and setup. And I would say I sit down Why did he come to him. And then I would look to see whether his lips responded saying why they come home or not.

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And then I would go into Soma, and I would see the profits the lightest, and then glancing at me while I was in prayer. And then when I would break my Salah, he would look away from me.

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For 40 days this happened. And then on the 14th day, he gets a message from the messenger of this little last little leidos and I'm saying to him a lot the Messenger of Allah has commanded that even your wife not be separate from you.

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The one person that he had,

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and God we've nomadic, he says, should I divorce her or what he says no, don't divorce her, but just don't let her approach you. And so he sends her back to her family and now it's just

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just him and Allah. And that lasted for another 10 days.

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After 50 days, the province of Allied SLM is spending the night with his wife Kim selama.

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And in the night he says to him selama gap has been forgiven.

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On selama says, Jada Salalah Should I send out a messenger right now.

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And then the province of Allied ism says no, the people aren't going to sleep waiting until

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Gabi numatic He says,

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I was praying for God that morning on the rooftop of one of my houses one of his clans houses and I was sitting in the state that Allah subhanaw taala described in Surah Toba while I said it lettino holy foo hasta la la, la la, la la, la la la him and fusa home. One no allemaal Jimena La la la

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the three who had stayed behind, or the state the three whose affair was deferred

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until the entire Earth became constricted for them. And their very souls became constricted for them. And they realized that they have no recourse no one to save them, except for a loss of Hana data, that there is no one to save them from a lot except for Allah.

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From metabo Lamia to Allah has accepted their repentance that they may repent, Verily Allah is to have on right.

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God even you might have said I was sitting in that state of constriction on the roof of my houses. And then I heard a voice cracking through the silence. Yeah. mnemonic.

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mnemonic, rejoice. He said, I didn't know where it came from. I just fell into suit.

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And I realized that Allah Subhana Allah had brought relief for me. He jumps down from the roof, and all of a sudden he sees companions running from everywhere. He sees a man coming running down the street, and another man running on horseback and another man because he knew that he couldn't outrun a horse. What he did was he ran up a mountain and he yelled from the mountaintop, and that's the voice that he had heard on the rooftop. These companions were coming from everywhere to celebrate this man's rejoice, this man's Toba and everyone was saying

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Tim congratulations on your dough but God him It goes straight to the message of the prophets of Allah is that and he says, I saw the Prophet sitting there and fall Hebner obey the law jumped up. And he ran to shake my hand. And he said, no one from the Mahajan got up, except for a little half, Lanza had little habit, I will never forget what I did. This small gesture of shaking a person's hand, in a moment of their happiness might be something that they never forget for the rest of their life. He said, I will never forget what I did. And he said, I saw the profits on the lightest, and he was beaming. And when the profits the lady, I said to him was happy, he looked like a piece of

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the moon, he just looked so beautiful. So the light is in love. And then the profits on the light is and then he said to him, if she'd say to me, and

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he said, Have glad tidings rejoice in the best day you've ever experienced since your mother gave birth to you. And that also teaches us something. Some people if you catch them off the cuff and you say to them, what was the best day of your life? They might say to you, the day they graduated, they might say the day they got married, they might say the day they got divorced, they might say the day they had their first child.

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But in any case, the province of the lightest send them is telling us that the best day a person of a person's life is a day in which your Toba is accepted.

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That verse, however, continues in Salta. Toba, the story of God of nomadic is summed up when Allah subhanho data says yeah, you have Latina armano de la ha Hakuna Masada T.

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O you who believe have Taqwa of Allah, and be in the company of the truth for

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God, even a medic was saved. Because when everybody else decided to lie, God would be nomadic decided to speak the truth. And when everyone else

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was punishing him for speaking the truth, he did not waver in his commitment to the truth.

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He was not upset.

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He was not bothered. I speak the truth and this is how you guys are treating me.

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He recognized that the truth and being connected to the truth was more valuable than anything else. And Gabby Malik told the prophets the latest Adam that he said yeah also Lola

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in Nam Allah who in a journey besides Allah subhanho wa Taala saved me because of my truthfulness. And so my commitment to you as part of my Toba is that I speak the truth for the rest of my life. And God when he's telling this story, and he had become old and blind, he says, I don't know anybody who has tested with regard to the truthfulness like myself.

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And I have not intended to lie ever in my life since I made that profit that promise little sort of lost a little ideas and luck. And I hope that a lot will protect me for the remainder of my life. Decades of his life has gone and he has held on to this notion of truthfulness, holding on to the truth. And so Allah Subhana Allah when he says that the law you are living in I'm gonna tequila Hakuna Masada t O you who believe have Taqwa of Allah, and be in the company of the truthful, there's two things that jhala data that I want to conclude with number one.

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Allah firstly mentions having taqwa of Allah. And what is taqwa of Allah, taqwa of Allah, is to do that which Allah Subhana Allah has commanded and to stay away from that which Allah has prohibited. Delta inhabit he was asked

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what is taqwa?

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Because he says in our RT Phaeton Frodo habit taqwa, he said, When fitna happens then repel it with taqwa. And so his students said, Well, what is dukkha? And he mentioned three things. He says a duck Wah and homologated whiny law that you do that which Allah Subhana Allah loves. I mean Allah, that'd be based on guidance from Allah light from Allah, the Quran and from the Sunnah, seeking the reward of Allah. If I'm seeking the reward of Allah, that means that I'm not seeking the reward of anybody else. You know what that's called? That's called a loss. And part of truthfulness. Is that a person be sincere in what they do,

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the actions that we do, because that's the opposite of hypocrisy, that a person does that which is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala with the intention of pleasing other than Allah for your own ego or for whatever reason. And so taqwa is to do that which Allah loves, obeying Allah and His Messenger, based on a guidance from Allah and His Messenger seeking the reward of Allah Subhana Allah Allah.

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That is step one. And number two, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, be in the company of the truthful. The truthful are those who believe in Allah. The truthful are those who believe in Allah, His Messenger, the truthful are those who follow

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guidance from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and His messenger. And the prophets, the law to send them tells us in a profound Hadith and I conclude with this, he says, In necessity, the elder

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truthfulness leads to righteousness. And righteousness leads to paradise.

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If there's one action, that if a person were to commit to, that would be the most transformative, change a person's circumstances, it would be to commit to truthfulness. Because if you decide to be truthful,

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I'm going to speak the truth. I'm never going to lie. When someone calls you and says, Where are you at?

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Okay, here it goes.

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Who are you with?

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Here we go.

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Like either two things are gonna happen, you're gonna clean yourself up.

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Or you are going to become comfortable with people knowing who you really are. Because what allows for us to commit vices, and that's why the most common cover of sin is Al Qaeda lying, because lying is the cloak of sin. It's that which covers up our indiscretions and hence the province of the lightest and says avoid advocated for in Al Qaeda DLL for door. We're in a foodora deal and now, he said and beware of lying, because lying leads to evil, wickedness, transgression, and all of that leads to the hellfire. Allah Subhana Allah says, This is the day.

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This is the day in which the truthful will be benefited by their truthfulness. How the union Pharaoh saw the Athena said, may Allah subhanaw taala, makers of the truthful, may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to be resurrected amongst the truthful and May Allah Subhana Allah be allow us to be gathered with the prophets and the martyrs and the righteous and the truthful. And with excellent companions are those with cellulitis and hamadryad or Siva Simpson. We can tell