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Yusha Evans Speaks about the Purification of the Soul at George Mason University (GMU)

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Brothers and sisters, when people say these harmful things, realize that they are saying things that have always been said. There's nothing new under the sun. You guys have heard that right? pretty true. nothing new under the sun, the only thing that will be new is how we handle it, how we deal with it. When we stand up and show people that I am responding with the same tenacity, the same pride, not talking about pride of given I'm talking about the plight of is the pride of honor, I'm standing up with the same pride and honor the My Beloved Prophet, peace be upon him stood up with and you won't get us like that. Because we understand our purpose in this life. And we may make

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mistakes, I may get angry and say something back to you. But I apologize. You insulted me did not give me the right to insult you. I know better, and I should do better. And I am a big person to be able to apologize. And say that I haven't done that. Because we have to understand this is what life is about. It is about those mistakes, we are going to constantly commit mistakes. But the prophet peace be upon him said something very beautiful. And this is the part of where I have to put a seatbelt on this whole mistake thing because I don't want you to think that you know I make mistakes I don't like

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the Prophet peace be upon him said that a believer is not stem from the same hole twice. A believer is not stem from the same hole twice. So yes, I may make a mistake today. But that is only so that I don't make that mistake again. Tomorrow. Shakeology got me today. But I promise you, you won't get me like this again tomorrow. So thank you very much. But no, thank you, I win this one.

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Because we will fail. And we will make mistakes, and we will lose little battles along the way. But battles being lost is not the end of the world, as long as we win the war. And that war is not with your neighbor. We tell you that right now, that war is not with the medium. that war is not with the Jews and not with the Christians. It's not what the right wing, the left wing is, with none of that. The real war that you have to fight is the war with the person who looks at you when you're brushing your teeth in the morning. This is the real war. Because if you cannot win this war, you will win.

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And in the end, you will ultimately lose, you will ultimately lose. And we should have some tenacity inside of ourselves, to be able to stand up with our shoulders back and our head up like that I am a Muslim, I am a Muslim. And that gives me all the tools I need for success in this life. And then next, you're not going to get the tools for success here at George Mason.

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I have to tell you that. But I have to be realistic, you may get some tools that will help you be a better, more righteous person, and more helpful in your community. But you will not get the tools for success here.

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The tools for success were given to us a very, very long time ago, in the book there was revealed to us by Allah. And then the sooner or the example of how the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in his life. They can't teach you anything better than that here at George Mason. And that the realistic fact that you have been given everything you need, all you're doing now is putting some icing on the cake and learning how to use that in a realistic setting of the world that we live in today. Learning how to bridge the past with the present. That is what you're doing right here, right now. But at the end of the day, you need to be able to sit

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in your classes, sit on your buses, sit wherever you are, stand wherever you are, walk wherever you are, with your head held up high that I am a Muslim footballer in any minute muslimeen indeed I am one of the Muslims don't have any doubt about that. Because they can do what they want to do. They can say what they want to do.

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And this is an incident that I will leave you with. And we will have a little bit of a q&a.

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And I don't like putting my personal stories in. I really don't because my personal life doesn't have anything to do with you. But this always reminds me when I hear things like this one day, I was on my way back from a very long trip I think coming from Australia or something like that.

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And I don't even want to play for 14 hours I was very tired. I think I led to the LA LA is the worst part of immigration to the United States.

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You have to go through about 10 securities this and that. And at that time, I was put into the VIP line.

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And most Muslims who have traveled know what the VIP line is.

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They give you a little orange card and tell you to go into this special line where they will they will give me a full body massage.

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They will insert

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To my luggage to make sure that there is nothing that I randomly forgot to pack that shouldn't be in there to make sure there's nothing that might harm me, you know, they take really good care of me. And then if I put me through machines, they can just make sure my I've been working out properly.

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That might give a medical exam in the end, who knows.

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But they want to make sure that I am well taken care of before I get on the plane.

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So they put me in that little special line, give me a little orange tag, you know, the wave around, you know.

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And I was standing in that line.

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And that was just about how I am today. And there were a couple of people who

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are going to stereotype them. Were looking at me, and they, they got a smirk on their face. And I was kind of frustrating. You know, I just been through a lot. And every human being has their breaking point, every human being. And they all of a sudden started laughing with each other and they just, you know, shouted randomly enough louder, but for everybody to hear. Yep, make sure you check that one. They're really good, because he probably has something on him right now. So make sure you check him really good. One of them there, moslems right there, make sure you check in.

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I smile, which is what I do when I get very angry.

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And I stepped out of the VIP line.

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I had reached my limit. And I walked over to sit individuals. And I said loudly enough so that everybody can hear me. You know what?

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laugh all you want today.

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Get it all out today. Laugh it up and have a good old joke on my behalf. Because let me guarantee you one thing, there will come a day, they will come a day where you will stand in front of the one who created you, and you will ransom your own children to stand in this line with me for five minutes. And I have no doubt about that fact, there will come a date where you will give your very children, your parents you will sell everything you own to come back to this world and stand right here in this line with me. All you want today, because after that day, the only laughter that will ever be heard for eternity will be the laughter the people of Paradise and they are in this mind.

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And I walked away.

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because this is the truth, this is the reality, that there will come a day when every single individual that exists or wish to be you will trade places with you will read some everything that they own to sit where you're sitting today, just for a moment, they will say to Allah, what will they say? When the Angel of Death comes to them? Allah says they will say probably either God, send me back, send me back. Why?

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So that I can do some good with that which I left behind. So you should have some honor today. You should have some honor today that you were chosen. You didn't do anything to get what you have right now. All of you in this room today that it was

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there is nothing you did to deserve it when you woke up this morning. And you could say there is no god but one God, nothing that you did yesterday made you deserve that today. Nothing you did last week made you deserve that today. There's not a single thing in your life you have done to deserve that it is because you have been given a gift and never learn from Allah to be Muslim. But my question to you is What have you done today to show gratitude for something you didn't get? But have you shown gratitude for it at all? And my last and final thing, this is the thing that I said that you will remember tonight when you lay in your bed, and I saved it for last?

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What was the first thing that a lot faded? And if this doesn't purify your soul, then nothing. Your soul is hard is this thing? What is the first thing that was ever created?

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opinion. The first thing that a lot ever created was a pendant. What did our Creator say to that pen?

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write. The pen said.

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Write what? What did our Creator tell the pin? Write me write everything. Meaning everything that will ever happen at any time at any place at any position within my creation writings.

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And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said when he made his sword I want to get out to the heavens. What did you say about that man?

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What do you say about this pen.

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The pen has been lifted from the paper and the ink has become dry.

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Pain has been lifted from the paper and the ink has become dry.

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Somewhere along the way, and this happened, how long before creation began?

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50,000 years, 50,000 years before creation, this pen started writing everything.

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I want you to think about somebody tonight. And I was the first time I thought about this, I couldn't, I couldn't even grasp it. I couldn't To this day, I have not wrap my head around this yet.

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Somewhere in that book

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that a lot told that Pinto right, some way in that book, a lot told that pin to write, you should Athens will become a Muslim.

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Somewhere in that book, Allah told that pin to write my name,

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and your name. And that will be Muslim.

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A lot of thought about us that long ago. And that's why you hated me. And if you did anything to deserve that, hearing, the heart that was given guidance, forget about not even close. So you are constantly in debt. This is the purification of the soul is that we are constantly a slave in a debt that we cannot repay. And we will constantly fail in that mission to repeat it. But every son of Adam sings, and the best of those who sin are those who

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may have borrowed all of you and I look forward to taking your questions and being with you here again. The wonderful campus of George Mason University was Mr.

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Brother, you shall be answering questions for the next 10 minutes. inshallah. Please ask questions that pertain to the topic of Becka, purifying the soul and the heart. And please do not go off topic without asking your questions. If you have a question that does not pertain to the topic, it may or may not be answered. So just keep that in mind when you ask your questions. And we will now go ahead and begin the q&a. And our first preference of questions goes to our guests. Do you have any questions?

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Either way you feel confident.

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Jesus spoke of the heart, the source of

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the true person

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is at the heart of the anger from the heart being the same as murder, and receiving the same punishment of hell of lust being the same as adultery and receiving the same punishment.

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If it's the heart, that's the standard.

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All of us fall very short. We think we're at 85. And that God has a standard of 100. The hardest is the source word an 85. And the standard is a billion. I say a sin

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our good deeds are besties are like filthy rags in God's sight.

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If that is God's perspective,

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God is just does not let see go unpunished.

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And yet, he's merciful, as you say.

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How is it that God can forgive can overlook the wrongs that we have done? Not not

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coming from a Christian perspective is God has punished them in those who believe trust Jesus? He is. And that is how he can be both merciful and just to us at the same time. He's punished the sin. And for that reason.

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So my question is, how is God righteous?

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If you merely overlooks the sin? How are your righteousness is really? How can they possibly do any good because God's sight?

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Okay, thank you for the question. And there's probably a number of ways I can deal with that question. And I have dealt with it in depth before I jam entire vvb outside on this topic. But

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when it comes to this balance between justice and forgiveness, there's a number of ways that we can look at it, but rather than going into a discussion about I'm going to tell you the Islamic perspective on it. And then if you want to discuss it further, I will be around for a while.

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When it comes to the Islamic perspective of the of work of efforts of trying to do things

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as I started to hint on it, that at the end, a Muslim is not supposed to believe that their good deeds can gain them anything. They're not supposed to believe that their good deeds can

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Again, if anything,

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the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said and this is narrated by Apple, banana and the collection of Muslim, that the Prophet said to them, let none of you think that by doing good deeds, you will go to evidence, let none of you think that by doing good deeds, you will go to Paradise. And the companion said, not even you own messenger of Allah. He said, not even me, unless Allah forgives me. And on that note, the prophet peace be upon him also said that even if a person were to be born, and to go into frustration in front of the creators, and they were to stay in that position for their entire existence, they would still be resurrected, fearing the punishment of the creative, never

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being able to reach that standard, as you were talking about never never been righteous enough, never doing enough that it's not possible to do enough, that if God were only just if his justice were like our justice, this is another problem that we have. When looking at God's justice, we wait God's justice on how we are just with each other, when these are two totally different concepts, because God's justice is perfect. It is perfect justice. Our justice can never be perfect, we can never do perfect justice. It's impossible. But God's justice is perfect, and it is based upon his own scale of perfection. We cannot even quantify the scale of perfection, to give God any quality.

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His justice is in his mercy, and in his anger in both, that if I were to commit a sin against God, meaning that I sinned against God, I

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commits whatever sin it might be that God has told me not to do drink, you know, all of these different things. This is a sin that I have sinned against my Creator, and the only one or wrong that has happened to me, I've wronged my own self, I haven't heard God in the least, because God is perfect, can't hurt. But I've hurt myself. Therefore, when I realized that I made this mistake and turned to God and repaints, he has that capacity to not forgive, just in the sake of that he just lets it go. But in the state that he over, comes in for covers it in his mercy, then he comes in his mercy. And this is a very similar concept in Christianity. The only difference is that we in

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Christianity, the belief is that that mercy was covered in the blood of Jesus, for every human being. And in my perception, as a former Christian, this is one of the reasons I left Christianity is that God would have been the most unjust, working to punish one human being who did not commit sin, for the sins of everyone else. This is the most odd troopships form of injustice that could ever be committed by God, this would make him the most unjust not, for him to put all sin on one person who didn't commit anything. You see what I'm saying, we as Muslims believe that every person individually has to deal with a relationship between themselves and their Creator, I cannot deal

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with it myself. Or I cannot deal with anyone else's sin, anyone else's position before God, it is a personal relationship that I have with the one who created me, because he created me in the womb without asking anyone without consulting anyone, and I will die and go to the grave by myself, I'll be resurrected and stand in front of my creative by myself, therefore, that relationship between the human eyes by myself look one second, and I'll finish. But if I have someone else, and this is how Islam is a comprehensive way of life, let's say I would just walk over here and I slept this young man over here, which I wouldn't say a woman slept this young man here. Now I have entered into a

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different realm. I now have not committed a sin just against God, I have committed a sin against this individual. And I would need to pay penance to him. Whether that is by going to him and saying, I have committed the wrong against you. Please forgive me and trying to make amends, what can I do for you to make it right? Then I can then spend from my creator and say, I have committed a sin, therefore Forgive me, but I can't bypass him because I've committed a sin against him. This is why the criminal justice system of Islam is thinking that if I commit a sin against God, that's between me and God, but if that sin affects society, a whole different story, a whole different story. So

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this is somewhat the relationship between the Muslim and is created is that I can never do enough to go to heaven. It's only if God can forgive me for the slights that I do. If God can forgive me as an individual for the slight side do, then I can enter Paradise and no one is assured. No One No Muslim should ever stand up and say I know for a fact that I'm going to heaven because they've already gone astray. I'll tell you that as soon as a string. Yes, maybe one day I will every believer will be in heaven. But I can't say that I might not pay for some of the things that I've done. This is how the Muslim stands in between a place that where I fear God.

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I fear his punishment is rough.

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But I also am hopeful of is

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not enough to not disobey Him. Because if I believed all my sins have been taken care of just do whatever I want

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to know that if I disobey Him, He will punish me. But I hope, His mercy enough that I will turn

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I would love to.

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I'll try to answer that to the elite question. So I'll try to because I have to try to make everybody understand that as well.

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When it comes to God's love towards his creation, now, we, as Muslims, and I personally believe that God has ultimate love towards everything, decrease, ultimate love towards everything that he created. Because if he did not, like creation wouldn't exist. If he did not like creation would not exist, even those who reject Him, God still has love for them, but he hates the action. And he doesn't love the person that that they can become. But doesn't mean that he still does not have mercy and compassion and love towards that, because he's not that he wouldn't forgive, his compassion and forgiveness will be gone. Now,

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there was a story about this, that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, was one sitting around the fire with his companions. And there was a child playing, unifying the child playing near the fire. And when the fire would, you know, kind of roll up or the flame would would get too close, the mother of that child would reach and grab the child and put it back. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him started crying, weeping profusely, and his companions asked him what makes you cry, messenger of Allah. He said, Do you see how much this mother loves her child, that she doesn't want it to be damaged by the fire? I said, Yes. He said, know that Allah loves every single human that he

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created more than this mother loves her child, yet too many of them are adamant about jumping into the fire. So this is somewhat the position, when it comes to our love is that God loves me or I wouldn't exist. He has love for every human being or he wouldn't give you air. He wouldn't give you what, you wouldn't give you food, he wouldn't give you a drink, he wouldn't give you a heart to beat, he wouldn't give you any of these things, because we believe these are all things that have been created. But at the same time, God has given humanity a freewill, meaning they have the right to choose and choose their own path. Therefore, if someone goes into destruction, and eventually

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into hell, it is not God's decision in that they have made their own choice. They themselves have walked down this road, even though they have been warned a number of times, therefore their own is justified. And that is kind of the Islamic perception that the God always loves us. And he's always there, ready to turn even if me if I were to go straight, completely, just go off the pot, start clubbing all these other crazy things. God is always there. If I were to just wake up one day and say you know what, this is wrong, you can turn around and repent, then God is ready to accept me at any time. This is the love that we believe God has always creation, that as long as you are living,

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your breathing, your heart is beating and you can think logical, rational thoughts, there is hope. There is hope even to the last breath. So this is kind of our concept between God's creation when it comes to the love and the level he has.

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Any other questions? We will take two more questions. We have one burning question that says how do we deal with the fitna around us in the 21st century? Coming from the other side.

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If I had that, I think I'll be handing that out like masterminding because maybe.

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You know when it comes to it when it comes to dealing with the trials and tribulations, it comes in exactly with what we dealt with today. Know that you are going to get wicked sometimes, you know, the biggest weapon that the believer has against trials is their faith, their faith, their faith is their weapon. It is

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The shield that shields them from the trials and tribulations of the world. But a shield is only as good as its strength, yes or no?

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Right? If I go and get a shield made out of saran wrap, how good is it going to work? It's not gonna work very well. I'm gonna get shot with a whole bunch of arrows. But if I go and get a four to five, show you another catalog be pretty protected. Yeah. So the shield is only as good as a strength. The Fate is only going to protect you as strong as it is. And when it comes to faith Eman.

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Eman is like a muscle.

00:25:36--> 00:25:40

Because this is for the brothers on the label graphs. This image is like a muscle.

00:25:41--> 00:25:44

If you work a muscle out, does it get strong?

00:25:45--> 00:25:57

Yes. If you don't work a muscle out, it's weak, right? If I go to the gym today and say, You know what, I want to start with you this, this bicep up here. If I go grab the 100 pound dumbbells, what am I going to do?

00:25:59--> 00:26:00

I'm going to rip my arm and a half.

00:26:02--> 00:26:13

Break myself and I'm not going to do the workout tomorrow, right? And I'm probably not gonna work out again. Because I'm just that's that's going to be a traumatizing experience while I may need to have a workout again.

00:26:14--> 00:26:21

But if I go into the gym today, and I grab the five pound dumbbells, hit them hard for a week, next week, what can I do?

00:26:22--> 00:26:48

I get the 10 pounds. The next week, the 20 pounds, then the next week, the 30 pounds, right, the muscle is gonna get stronger and stronger and stronger. And it will take a lot more for it to become weak again, take a longer time of me becoming relaxed, where to come week again, he manages the same way. It's a muscle that has to be worked on. It has to be worked out. And you can't start working it out like you go home tonight. And Sam's gonna break the living room and oversight and lunges and whatnot every night.

00:26:49--> 00:26:54

That's like grabbing 100 pound dumbbells. You won't do it tonight. And if you do it tonight, and I'm going to

00:26:55--> 00:27:01

tell you that right now what did you want to come to uni tomorrow with your eyes bloodshot, you're gonna be asleep on the table tomorrow class,

00:27:03--> 00:27:38

just the reality of it. And it's not gonna be worth it. You have to start small, maybe you're just killed the nest starts with purifying your soul that I'm going to have to sum up, I'm going to read one page at the port on everything. That's it. Don't have some grand planning and end up reading a juice every morning. No, one thing today, English, Arabic don't care whatever is easier for you, then you will start to realize after a couple of weeks, this one page thing is pretty easy. You will automatically go to two pages, then you automatically go to three and things and things will just increase like that. And you'll know when it's time. You'll know when it's time. But you have to work

00:27:38--> 00:28:12

on it. The Prophet peace be upon him said that a lot of loves a small team that is level consistently more than he loves a big game that is done once and just enough. You have to be consistent with with working on a man has to be consistent no matter what it is, trust me, no matter how small it is, you will start to realize the benefit, the benefit and the volume of it. Even if you're just going to say I'm going to pray the turaga of sadhana before fudging because this is the one pseudonym that the prophet SAW said and never left off. He never left the two before a budget ever, not even traveling. He always prayed these two. So let's just say that's going to be your

00:28:12--> 00:28:37

beginning workout, you will notice your demand increase because it's about the sincerity that you have to offer and the consistency. So how do you protect yourself from these trials and tribulations of the 21st century, you work with a human, you work on your email, you pick up one good habit and you keep it consistent, and you drop one bad habit and you keep it consistent. Then you pick up some more drops and we'll pick up some more and drop some. Pretty soon you will begin to not recognize yourself anymore.

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You will begin to not recognize yourself anymore and it will be in a good way. You look back and see the gratitude that Allah has given you. And Allah is gracious Allah is thankful to the slaves Believe it or not, believe it or not, Allah is thankful. That is one of the attributes of all as a month I struggled, alive, thankful to enslaves when he sees them make an effort towards him. And he shows his gratitude by the favor that instills upon them. So just try it. Just try it. Try it for a week. And I guarantee you, you will not go wrong. I've never had a person try this for a week call me and say you should get out of your mind. This doesn't work. It works to put some effort behind

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it. And that goes for the sisters as well.

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before the last question we're gonna take we'll take these two, and that's tomorrow. Okay, before we get these last few questions and a few announcements that I wanted to make it was running out. You should have rather you should Evans is going to have the CDs sold. Oh, sorry. DVDs outside on the table. So please go ahead and purchase those if you have time. And also the gmu some limited edition t shirts right in the back where obey the standing. So please go ahead. Yeah, they're short sleeves for $12 and Walmsley for $15. And they have the MSA logo on their limited edition t shirts. So please go ahead and grab yours.

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If you're not on the MSA listserv, please make sure to do that. We have a laptop in the back where you can put your email address and you'll be getting weekly emails and on Fridays Juma prayers are healthier as well. You'll get all the information through the listserv. Last but not least, please do not forget to donate to the gmu, MSA, none of these events are free, we put them on and we really need your continued support, we have donation boxes towards the back. So please, please anything is anything is appreciated. So you don't have you don't have to worry about putting in 20 or $50, whatever you can afford to put in, please go ahead and do that. Because we really do need your

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continued support to have events such as this one, and to continue to have spa events on in the coming semester. So inshallah, please go ahead and keep us in your glasses. Well, we'll conclude by having the last two questions and then we'll, we'll take that let's do it really quick before the last two.

00:30:51--> 00:30:53

Since he already made the announcement about the DVDs.

00:30:54--> 00:31:04

The actually the it's very odd, because the DVD project started here at GM YouTube, the first ever time I put any DVDs out for distribution was Jimmy,

00:31:05--> 00:31:08

they have progressed quite significantly since then.

00:31:09--> 00:31:51

But when he was there'll be a table that will have a number of DVDs and I produce these DVDs myself, I produced the printing, the whole process is done in house, because it is a labor of love for me. But the purpose of these DVDs is for demo, this is the real purpose of these DVDs, is to get the message out, because my voice can only reach so far, my voice can only reach so far. And many people tell me they don't know how to open their mouths to talk about Islam. And I understand that. So what I try have tried to do is make that process a little bit easier to bridge the gap between you and sharing Islam with others, you can open your mouth about Islam, you can take a DVD of the table and

00:31:51--> 00:32:32

hand it to somebody that does not take too much effort on your behalf. And there are a number of different titles there are titles that are based towards my background coming from Christianity, titles about Jesus in the Bible, and etc. So on their titles for general non Muslims, meaning about the purpose of life, the misconceptions about Islam, about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And there is one lecture that is there just for Muslim youth, it's called the character key to paradise, how character plays the most significant role into you entering into paradise. And these DVDs are outside. And they are all made available to you for $10. The Muslims can just come in for

00:32:32--> 00:33:07

$10. And the reason I do that is that if I did not charge you and Roland you wouldn't take them seriously, you would toss them under your bed and do whatever you wanted to do with them. And number two, I would run out of the capacity to continue to make them because it's 2007 I have made over 300,000 that have gone out all over the world. And I give away many of them a number of them, we just make a distribute to it to msps and things of that nature. And the last thing is that there are no copyrights on them. I don't come I don't believe that you can copyright the truth not copyrightable. So all the information you can copy over and over and actually if you do that you

00:33:07--> 00:33:17

helped me to not have to make so many, the only copyrights I have is on the material itself don't change it don't put music in the background and it's happened

00:33:19--> 00:33:19

I will find you

00:33:22--> 00:33:39

so you can do whatever you want with them but please go and get them in distributed them there's 100 of them out there on that table and they're all free. They're all for all of you so please don't leave without them. If you have any questions I will be at the table afterwards. And if you if you go out now my wife is out at the table. So you can go into the charm I get the

00:33:41--> 00:33:41

question of

00:33:53--> 00:33:57

feelings of doubt in pharmacy, a man going like this. Okay.

00:33:58--> 00:34:05

And as you call as well, really quick the DVDs, we take all forms of payment, credit card check, you can give us go

00:34:08--> 00:34:12

anyway, and all of this goes to help support the Dallas me continuing to go to Dallas.

00:34:13--> 00:34:24

Imagine coming and going doubts because that's coming from lack of demand and lack of knowledge. This is what that was coming from. And when the event gets well how many in here have problems with low amount of times? Put your hands up?

00:34:26--> 00:34:27

Yeah, two hands.

00:34:28--> 00:34:29

All right, everyone.

00:34:31--> 00:34:59

Someone once came to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him one of the companions and he said yeah, there's a lot when we're with you. It's like we're floating in the clouds are you man is so high. It's like we're in general already. But when I go home to my family, my Eman drops and it goes low. You know the Prophet peace be upon him did. He left with me all the time. Angels would walk and greet you and give you good tidings of paradise. You will talk to angels every single day.

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

If you were like you're with me all the time, he said he memorizes and false memorize the false. And that's what we spoke about that working out the math prevents it from falling to that catastrophic, catastrophic level. Because when we start having doubts about the truth, and these types of things, that means our a man is on that red light has come on, you guys know what the red light means, right? The red light is coming in, you need to get to the gas station. That is when I man has dropped to that point, that is a red light for us to put some fuel in the tank, put some fuel in the tank. But if we constantly are putting a little fuel in the tank, imagine if every gas station you

00:35:38--> 00:36:16

stopped that you put it out? Would you ever run that? I guess, no, you'll never run out of gas. And you probably would end up having to over skip gas stations, you would fill up the gas so much, you wouldn't be able to drive it. So if you put a little inanimate thing every day, just put a little bit in the tank, even if it's before funds, or after ratio, whatever have you put a little amount in the tank, that is the best tool for these things. That is the best tool for these things. Knowledge and ynab is the best weapon to get shut down. Because chiffon knows who to mess with. Let me tell you right now, he knows when to mess with and who not to miss. And he knows how to mess with you.

00:36:16--> 00:36:28

He's been at this for a very long time. So when you see Stefan messing with you, you need to take some stock of yourself. So hold on a second. Look how much time is attacking me. Therefore now I need to replan this attack. How many of you watch football?

00:36:30--> 00:36:30

Come on.

00:36:31--> 00:36:32

Sisters, come on, you know

00:36:34--> 00:36:36

what football? I'm talking about American football.

00:36:39--> 00:36:45

If you try a play, and it doesn't work, you get creamed, you lose 15 yards. What do you

00:36:46--> 00:37:17

suppose at the play, you don't you don't pull that play, this is not working, we're gonna go the other way, we're gonna go another route, we're gonna pull a fake mover, you have to deal with a shutdown, like you're in a game like you're in a wall, that if this doesn't work, I see him attacking me from this front, I need to secure this front a little bit more. And now I'm gonna go do a little bit of Anthony. Maybe I'm gonna play around here again. You see, I'm saying understand, and you guys know what I'm getting at. She's got me here to stay away from here for a little while, until I can deal with him again, on this level. You see, we have to be strategic.

00:37:18--> 00:37:22

Our Dean teaches us to be calculated to be to be

00:37:24--> 00:37:39

direct, to be direct. One thing about I love about Islam is it takes boys and girls and turns them into men and women. Islam is not a religion for sissies tell you right now, Islam is not a religion for the week. Islam is not a religion for anyone but men and women.

00:37:40--> 00:37:53

That's one of the most beautiful things that Islam taught me was how to be a man, and how to deal with things in that way. And that even comes with dealing with people. When you see a guy See you, I see you, you're not fooling anybody, you're not fooling me, especially.

00:37:54--> 00:37:59

And this is what his name is taught us. And the more you work at it, the more shaytaan will realize that this guy might be lost cause

00:38:01--> 00:38:15

this game idea was closed. Because there are plenty of people that have done it and given up one. Look at our run. The other line was the epitome of a man. He was the episode was meant, if you wanted to know what a man is supposed to be like, look at Omar.

00:38:17--> 00:38:22

He was such a man with such conviction in such a manner, the same man that by the way.

00:38:23--> 00:38:30

We know how he entered Islam, he entered into Islam on an attempt to kill the Prophet peace be upon him.

00:38:31--> 00:39:06

And look what he became. So we're out here going crazy about people who are slandering the Prophet he's know what was gonna kill him. And he became the man whom the Prophet peace be upon him said that when all comes down a street, if a bond is taking that same street that she found will divert without another Street, you would not face more face to face. You see what I'm saying? This is what Islam teaches us that we are in a constant war, but I realized more Chapin you're not fooling me. I see. If you got me today. You're not gonna get me tomorrow. You forget about that, you must know. And that really frustrates him when it is frustrating. So we are in this constantly. And it's a real

00:39:06--> 00:39:14

way it's not a metaphorical. It's not a metaphysical. It is something that is tangible. It is real. And if you don't see it, you're going to get lost and that makes sense.