Poem a Day – Alshafii on Memory

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Shatta himolla had photographic memory and on one occasion he noticed that it became a little bit weaker and so he complained to his teacher about it and he said, I complained to Akia about my poor memory and leaving sins is what he guided me to address and he told me that this knowledge is light and the light of Allah is not given to those who transgress Shaco to eat our Kia ensue I have the for Asha de la tarde que ma see you I forgot I need another el mundo la on one oh la isla you Dahlia acid so one thing that we can do when I remember he is weak is to work on our sins. Clean them up a little bit shall our memory gets stronger. You know the rules mean the fire emojis May Allah Subhana

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Allah have mercy on you. Mama Shafi said I'm a grandpa