Yaser Birjas – Isha Khatirah – Sincere Intention Scrutinizes The Right Cause

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the values of Islam and the prophets, including the actions of Prophets and the bravery of individuals. They stress the importance of protecting one's intentions and wealth and property while also showing one's political bravery. There is also mention of a man named Katara and a person named Jesus, who claims to be the person in demand.
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Malala means that Allahu Sullenberger kind of you know Muhammad, Anwar earlier was to sell them to Sleeman, kathira. To mama bad.

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Can an intention scrutinize the different actions that we do? Like could the intention make the exact same act be virtuous or otherwise? You do one thing, can I make it virtuous? Or maybe something else depends on how you intend that. So even though the image of the action itself is the same, but the intention can make it actually virtuous or otherwise, let's see what the Prophet says himself this hadith Hadith number eight from Riyadh, the Saudi Han the book of sincerely selfless kala Juan Abu Musa, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah TerraNova Sudha Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and gradually your call to shujaa where you call to hamriyah? Where you call to the RIA Are

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you delicate feasable Allah for Carla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam man Katara it Hakuna carry Mottola Hale earlier for Hoover visa, Belinda Mustapha finale, and this hadith a man or group of people, maybe somebody asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ya rasool Allah, he was asked about someone who fights in the battlefield, when he mentioned different scenarios. So someone who fights in the battlefield,

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are valid, like somebody wants to do it because he's brave. And he says, or out of zeal, because he wants to support his nationalistic, let's say theme or there's Dr. Paul, where you Kataria and an hour of showing off a sign of hypocrisy, maybe just showing off to other people. He was asked which one of these people could count be fighting for the sake of Allah?

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What do you guys think? The examples are clear some out of Valor, like someone who's wants to say that he brave under the person who's doing it, you know, just for my family for my tribe, the other person who just to show off for the people.

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And he didn't ask which one of them is visible? What do you guys think? Could anyone count you to be visible,

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but they all do the exact same thing. They all fight. They're on the battlefield, you're fighting the enemy, and the other party may be causing casualties or be maybe get killed or even injured. So the action is exactly the same. However, what's in the heart, made completely different and gave a different values. So the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam, he gave what you call Jabal hacking, luck. He did not even select any of that stuff. He didn't say none of these things is available. He didn't say he didn't say really. Are you serious? Talking about these to be visible? Nothing. He says man Katara man Katara is Hakuna Kenema to law Hill earlier for who officer biller? He said he

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who fights in order the word of Allah azza wa jal remains the Supreme is considered as fighting in the sake of Allah or for the sake of Allah. What does that mean? He adds a fourth category.

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So the person who was asked him, he mentioned three categories because they thought these three categories probably would not invalidate the intention of doing it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal like as if the person saying with doing it face a bit Allah, is it okay, if I do it out of bravery, like I'm just brave.

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Is it okay if I do it because I want to just to support the cause of my tribe? My country? Is it okay if I do it at the same time, I want to show off to my friends. So that's what they actually they're trying to ask the question, but the professor says he didn't even answer that. He says, Look, the one who's doing it today for the sake of Allah azza wa jal is the one who's doing it exclusively for that cause. To make the word of Allah subhana wa the remainder supreme over everything else. That is the one who's fighting for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. So as you can see, it's the same action, but the intention definitely changed a lot. makes it good or makes it

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bad. Now, what about someone is fighting for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. But he's brave. Minister, is it okay for them to maybe on the front lines and always, you know, get out there and try to go on to duel with other people from the enemy. And so, are they allowed to do that? Um, yes, they're not doing it too, in order to be registered as being brave, but that's who they are. They're genuinely from the inside do it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So there are lemma they say this is okay. You can do that. Sometimes you might actually show some specific signs that might be considered showing off, but depends on the intention, if you're not showing it off to your friends,

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is one thing is it showing off just to tease the enemy that's another thing. And this is an example from the Sunnah from the seer of the Prophet Salah Salem, one of the Sahaba used to do that in the battlefield. You guys know who that was?

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Not five volumes.

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About the journal the ultra northa abodo Journal

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He was known to have a bandana, a red bandana. So in the battlefield, he gets his bandana out, he wraps it around his head, and he rides on his horse. And he starts actually trotting between the lines.

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By going with his with squaring his shoulders, and he's going between the lines. The Prophet says, I'm looking at the Janet in between the lines, and he said, in the huddle, a machete Budo, Allahu Allah su 11 with the other moment, like that kind of, you know, move in that kind of position or kind of walk, or actually trotting on the horse, says Allah and the messenger detest that, as if it's considered a sign of pride or sign of arrogance, except in this in this time and this moment in such a situation, because this is basically to hype up the people, and also showing the enemy that we are brave, and we're not afraid of you.

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So that is another category. But then adhamiya someone is doing it exclusively, just to advance the cause of his tribe, or the cause of his national interest and so on. That is one of the most problematic that's what the automat you mentioned in the Hadith, because this is coming from the heart. Like this is something that doesn't really show you don't even know why the person is doing this for right, because he doesn't tell he does represent everybody else probably. But if this person dies, and his intention was just to advance the cause of his own people, nothing about dint of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, then this person first is doomed.

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And this happened to time with the Prophets Allah Allah wa salam ala. When one day the people they saw they were in the battlefield,

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they saw a man and they praise him in front of the prophets. Allah said, I'm sorry rasool Allah. Matt kata had a min Nelio Muslimah Katella Fulani. He says no one did better than full on

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the promises himself. But he's in fire. He will be in the Hellfire

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Club for Chaka Khan Sahaba, they will just come terrified. Whoa, why is that? Because he isn't Johanna. So one of the Sahaba volunteer to chase after him to see what's the cause of this man. He has been praised by everybody else being the one who provides the best, who said I started to go on after him until he was injured.

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So when he was injured, badly injured, said I came and I approached him. And I wanted to give him the good news about you know, you did you did well, and may Allah accept from you and so and so. And the guy who said you think I did this for this? Cause? He goes no. And he mentioned that he was doing it heavy. Yeah. It's because I'm, I'm gonna come up with my people. That's all I don't believe in what you believe in. And I'm just doing it because this is my people's cause. So I'm supported no matter what the cost is. And then he could not bear the the wounds and the pain. So he rushed himself and he actually ended his own life. So the man come back to prophesy some color. So I shall

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do Annika Rasulullah I will witness there is no God worthy of worship, but allah and You are the messenger of Allah. And he goes, How come what's going on? Because the man who said about some so and so that's what he did. And I verified that.

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So as you can see, somebody's just fighting bravely. But then his intention is nothing about Allah subhanho wa taala. So this hadith once again, can be applied to many things. You could be praying right now like everybody else, but some of us mashallah their intentions can take them to the windowsill Allah. Some of us hamdulillah they're good.

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Other people, I don't know. Some people, they're neutral. I came to pray. And also I want to meet brother before and after Saudi Arabia. There's nothing wrong with that. It's not haram

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but then some people just came proudly Allahu Allah Mian people might be coming for other reasons matters of dunya. So therefore, we need to make sure that whenever we come and you perform these Riba, these are these activities, you do an exclusive for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala your intention can maximize the reward or can completely nullify that a bad adata that you do May Allah Subhana Allah keep us all sincere, for the sake of Allah Alameen wa Allah Allah and have questions.

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solving fear that you didn't actually

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out, if you have

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what every nation where we

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are. So the question is, how do you reconcile with intention when you do something good, but then people present present you with that? So now it's kind of like I'm conflicted with that. I did it for the sake of Allah but now peoples are present present me for it. And now it's getting into my head, right? Well, the Prophet says, I was asked the exact same question. Man came to the Prophet Tada Rasul Allah, Roger Yama, Al Iman, Villa, Muhammad Yunus valley, in sometimes I do think for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, but then I hear the first one

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The people so the prophets has called Tilka Eurovision moment, this is the good news from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for this believer like good news that Allah subhanahu allow the people to praise them. As long as this praise doesn't get into your head, you're good

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if it just goes into your ear and go to the other one you will handle you'll find but once it gets into your head becomes problematic Allah

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well, I'm not going to go right now into what defines basically a good cause or glad cause right now because even Muslim countries, people join the armies right. And these nationalistic armies so what's the purpose of them fighting fighting for a specific leader, supreme leader, or maybe supreme agenda that they have besides the name of Allah subhanaw taala that's a different story. I'd rather actually let them ask their Imams and Musharraf and their countries now

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defending yourself

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going to be

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what if someone defends themselves? I mean, I'm May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on Imam Hassan Sharif who passed in New Jersey or blood I mean, he was just starting the day with Fajr Salah in the masjid and then he gets shot and he just kills Hama imagine look at that Allah Allah Subhan protect you all somebody in a situation like this and someone comes at you Are you allowed to fight your to fight against this individual to defend yourself? Now when you defend yourself what are you trying to defend yourself for? To survive? Are you now doing it for the sake of Allah? Maybe not in that moment? In your mind you're not thinking about doing this for the sake of Allah. I'm monitoring to

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survive I want to defend myself against this this a sailor right now. So what they'll do in this case, the Prophet says a measure different Hadith for this. He said man put a donor money for will Shaheed Khalifa will shade if someone actually fight against to protect his wealth, his property, you protect your family, you protect yourself for what shade that's also considered Shahana so that's hamdulillah defending yourself should be fun. Shanell Tana Walla

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panic alone Bahama Astra learned several extra Mardi Gras with a lover

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