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The upcoming weekend sees a mix of street cartakes and a video about Jesus's death. The speakers discuss the use of "theological thinking" in relation to the weekend, including disputing negative emotions and finding the means to achieve success. They also touch on the importance of finding one's heart to be content with what Allah Subifies has promised and finding one's way to a perfect end. The speakers emphasize the need for people to be aware of their actions and find their way to a perfect end.

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Mugu Rasul Allah a shared one Namaha Maga rasool

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Allah Salah IERC

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and then hamdulillah nama the holiness that you know when I stopped futile when it was a bIllahi min surely I'm fusina Amin say at Yama Alina Mejia de la who for whom are you live for? the Ala Wai shadow Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola Chica eyeshadow anna Muhammad Abdullah Surah Surah Surah Bo salaam who? rebelled Allah, Allah azza wa jal vikita will carry him by the Rudy bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim Yeah, you know Takala haka to party

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Illa anthems naman Bacala to Allah Yohanna su taco Baku malaria. halacha Kumi nevsun Wahida wahala caminhadas o Jaha wallbeds Salmon hamari Jalan get Garfield on one is a taco hola hola de Luna be well or have in hola haka and Cuba waka to Allah you know taco Lucha Pulu Cohen said either use La la la

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la la la subida who forgot the first the frozen of Lima a mob bad during a buyer desires whom Allah guides no one can misguide. And whom he allows to be misled. No one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone, having no partners, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his slave and His messenger and his perfect worshiper.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the Quran, Oh you who believe. Fear Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam. And Allah says, Oh mankind Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produce from that soul its mate, and made from their combination many men and women, Sophia your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship, verily, Allah is Ever Watchful over you, and Allah and His messenger that they are indeed victorious as to proceed.

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Today is Friday the 13th.

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there is a phobia that is associated with this day.

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Most of us will have never heard of it. But it is called Paris Kevi, the country of phobia and that is anxiety or a phobia. With regards to this day, there are people who don't leave their house on Friday the 13th. But generally, the number 13 is associated with being unlucky.

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And so, you also may not have noticed that many airlines do not have a 13th Throw it goes from the 12th to the 14th. You may have noticed that buildings, apartment buildings or some hotels don't have a 13th floor it goes from the 12th to the 14th.

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And I wanted to briefly in this Hotbird discuss this notion of superstition, taking advantage of a day like this, to talk about many of the common things that we experienced in American culture here, whether it's the knocking on wood, or whether it's crossing fingers, or whether it's the reading of horoscopes or other manifestations of prophets of Allah it was sent him says As reported by autonomy, the and also in in magia, as well as Imam Muhammad reports, various versions of this hadith where the prophets of Allah do send them set a theater to shake a player or to shake a player to shake that this belief in omens, is schicke. To do as they used to leave their houses and they if

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they have business or something that they were going to do, they would look and see which directions words were flying. And so if a bird flew to the right, that was a good sign. That meant that they should travel or they should complete that business transaction or what have you. It's like how people now they don't do things or some people now they don't do things because their horoscope said it was a bad idea. Or if the bird flew left, the likeness, Ruth is the one who's narrating this hadith. And he said, Well, ma Amina Illa Lakin, Allah, he will he will be Terkel. He says umami na Illa. He says, like there is nothing except, you know, sometimes when you grew up on something you

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grew up, and if a black cat crosses the street, you're like this. This is something that even after a person has accepted Islam or even a person has studied the deen, there might be some remnants of these old habits. And there might be something that remains however, Allah subhanaw taala removes it with Torkoal Allah subhanaw taala removes the remnants of the superstitious beliefs with the reliance on Allah subhanho data so I wanted to share some aspects of Tilak with this anchor

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We have in our deed, this great, great act of worship and it is an act of worship. Allah subhana wa Tada. So now who who didn't have any Israelite in Allah to zoom in doing you Akela Allah says And We gave Musa the book and we made it a source of guidance for the children of Israel do not take a disposer of affairs other than me. And anytime ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says exclusive to Allah subhana wa Tada. And so to what could is an act of worship? And what are what this could mean? Even Allah he says that what cool is that no disturbance occurs within you towards the causes, no matter the severity of your need for them. And that tranquillity from Allah does not shift away from him, when

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they are actualized in front of you, it means that my heart is attached to Allah subhanaw taala is not attached to the means even though I'm so in need of the means. It's my heart is attached to Allah, even though I'm in need of that money, my heart is attached of that action. Because I realized that ALLAH SubhanA data is the one who makes those actions work, even if I get that meeting with that doctor or with that surgeon or what have you, or even if I'm able to get the appointment for that procedure, if Allah subhanho data does not will for me to be cured, then it doesn't matter whose bed I lay on. It doesn't matter which appointment I get. And so my heart never moves, it is

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always attached to Allah subhanaw taala and that my hands continue to work towards the makhana to Allah even as your hands and your limbs are going out to fulfill the means. It is the pairing of these two together. What is the first step of chocolate made a step is to know who Allah is? Allah subhana wa Tada says Rob will magically will magically be La ilaha illa who for the heath who Akira, and Solothurn was for him, so take him as you're working.

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You're talking about credentials. Anytime you are looking to to get an agent anytime you have a task that you are looking to dispose your affairs to has the ability to execute. Allah subhanaw taala says he is the Lord of the East and the West. He owns everything. He has power over everything. There's nothing worthy of worship except for him. Tolu for interval local has been Allah La ilaha illa who I they hit our call to a horrible option of him. Allah something worthy of worship except for him. I need to cut I have relied upon him and who have I relied on? Well hold up goulash and all the I have relied on when I rely on Allah.

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Why should you and I rely on Allah he says he is the Lord of the great throat. Well, what is the throne? The Prophet sallallahu said and I mean of the carriers of the throne, just one what is the angels that carry the throne? The angels that carry the Throne of Allah subhanaw taala on are for Allah, how do you send them says what is between their ear lobe and their shoulder blades is the distance of 500 years. This is one of the carriers of the throne. The third is like a ring that is cast into a desert. And the third heaven to the fourth is like a ring that is cast into the desert. And the sequence goes on until the seventh to the codici is like a ring that is cast into a desert

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and the courtesy to the outside relying on we're talking about some bills, we're talking about some assignments, we're talking about some health issues God to rely upon, Well who else should have him so the first step is to know who Allah subhana to add is the first step of liquid. Number two, the second step

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is that a person seeks the means them work. But Allah subhana data has also legislated for us means for us to secure whatever benefit it is that we want to secure. And so if a person wants while studying and getting employed, for example, going out and working, these are all natural causes that ALLAH SubhanA data has placed if a person wants help, Allah has placed natural cause that ALLAH SubhanA data has naturally placed and so the Prophet saw the light is and then gives an example that's reported by Timothy it's the hadith of American law but also Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala if you had to work good, like Allah deserves to be relied upon. As every day the birds go out from

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their nests in the morning hungry, and they come back for

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the province little lady said them gives this as a symbol to what real Tilak woodworms to fall from the sky saying we're relying upon Allah subhanaw taala now what is it that you want? If you want to get married, you got to go propose please that and that is part of Tilak code. That is a manifestation of the perfection of Torquil. But both of them are together. You are seeking out the means but your heart is attached station of reliance on Allah, it doesn't move from that station. Your hands are busy, but your heart is still. And so what what good is this unique act of worship where a person isn't are busy? And number four,

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the fourth pillar of Torquil is that a person be pleased?

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Even Taymiyah said that whoever has to work with before an incident and is pleased after it, that person has performed and I go out and I do the interview and I apply for that job and I do all of my research and I do all of my

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To practice and I do all of the references and everything. And then when they send me back a letter saying, Sorry, we have decided to go in another direction. You are content work.

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My heart is still content with what Allah Subhana Allah has decreed. When a person does all of these things, and then why he says that I am tough aloo matar Shah who also beneficent either hakama Allahu Allah teaches I'd had it until early formaldehyde is it dunya but it says let the days do as they please and be optimistic when destined layers of terracotta.

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These are four pillars of Tolkien and other dignitaries. He said, there are three verses from the Quran Allah who be literally in Fela Kashi Allahu Allahu, when you read Kirby Hadean phalaborwa, the difficulty and if Allah should touch you with adversity, there is no Remover of it except for him. And if He intends for you good, then there is no repeller of His Bounty.

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All good And verse number two he says my after a lovely Nassima Ramadan fall, I'm homesick Allah, wa yosik Philomel Seda, whom embody who who as he said, Hakeem, whatever Allah grants the people of mercy, none can withhold it. And Mata says when mom and dad bitten when mom and dad but in front of the Illa Allah Allah here is where Allah Mr. Holmes, dada Kulu Vicki, Tabby, Mubin and there is no creature on Earth, but that upon almost a fear Allah who were looking for stuff, you know, in order for him

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to work on this act of worship, that has anchored the Muslim ummah and protected the Muslim ummah from falling into superstition. And for those of you who are just joining us for a quick recap, the first station is to know who Allah Subhana Allah is. The second is to seek the me I want it to end with a few action items that we can do

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a few action items that we can do to actualize Token Number one The first is to start invoking the is to holler prayer the prophets of Allah Allah is Allah like he used to teach us the Quran and the prophets of Allah do send them he says What does is to call me Mr. hodda means

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to ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to select for you or to choose attending something

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then let them pray to like us other than the the obligatory prayer. So these are two voluntary prayers that you pray to us and then after it after and the drought continues but a person says Oh Allah, I asked you by your knowledge and I seek counsel from your power and I asked you from your great favor because you know and I do not know and you have power and I do not have power and you are there for me and my DNA my dunya and the consequence of my affairs and facilitate it for me and bless me in it and if you know that this issue whatever it is you away from it and prescribe for me goodness wherever it may be for muddling up and then he says and then make me content with it. You

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see can find it It make me eventually content with it. Give me that pillar of to acquit which will fall down. Of Eunice Ida has set up

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the beautiful drought of units it has set up. Allah Subhana Allah it says

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that units when he was in the belly of the whale, what did he say? He said La Ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah, the oppressors. And so a person relying upon Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, recognizing that Allah in every time in place, Allah says, for Krishna, He says, For stadia believers and we save the believers. We ask Allah subhana data to allow us to hear the speech and follow the best of it. We ask Allah subhana data to make us of those who perfect to what good and make us of those whom. Allah mattina fusina Taqwa Zacky Hunter Edelman Sokka Antonio ha Mola La Ilaha illa Allah subhana international body mean what Donna in Novolog Nan fossa now internet middle

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Finland now 200 And Hakuna nemenhah Ha city

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I'm still live in a movie and if you couldn't imagine a lot more homophobia, xenophobia Weinstein Alohomora homophobia and I've seen a few Philistine my site you