How Islam Treats Children

Muhammad Alshareef


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The speaker discusses how Islam guides people to pay attention to children, but highlights the importance of honoring children in practical ways. They share seven practical ways to show children that they are honoring them, including being a partake in a Facebook group, giving children equal shares, and being merciful to children. The speaker encourages people to use these ways to show their children success at the highest level.

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Newsflash, your child doesn't work for Facebook. They don't know the algorithms on how to arrest your attention. Sometimes they ask for your attention, and sometimes they cry for it in the Battle of whether to pay attention to our phones, or our kids, smartphones are winning. Our children are losing. I'm curious how to profit and hundreds of Allah on is that I'm honored children. Let's find out. I set out to research how Islam told us to pay attention to children. But what I found out is Islam guides us to honor children. That's the recurring theme, honor children. When his daughter fought them out all the along line would come Allah's Messenger of Allah, Allah send them would

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stand up and greet her, kiss her hold her hand and director to sit where he was sitting on it. One time a young boy was sitting to his right and on the left are some older adults Allah's Messenger satellite instead of asked permission of the young boy, if he could serve the Elders first, the young boy refused. So Allah's Messenger SallAllahu Sallam serve the young boy first. Honor children when they're born without pica. invite the community to partake in the feast. Honor children by giving them equal shares when giving them gifts, honor children by hugging them and being merciful to them. If you're thinking, hey, but I don't have children. Recognize that this is not about

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honoring your children only in these examples of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, you'll see that he honored children whether they were related to him or not. This how to shave mind off for you to see you and your children succeed at the highest level. If you'd like me to share with you seven practical ways to show children you honor them, type yes in the comments.