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The shocker, who recognizes and rewards the person for their accomplishments, is the one who can be all knowing. The importance of identifying and rewarding these accomplishments to become a better slave is emphasized. The speaker also emphasizes the need to reflect on the names and attributes of Allah's sub thorny wa taala, who is the only God who can be all knowing, and to do a better worship of this name.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim? Why Allah Allah He was hobby of mine out Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah has a smile on her Sunnah for the OB her rubbish rally surgery. Well, you're certainly Omri

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aka Dr. Melissa Annie. Yes, who only dear viewers Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh meaning with the peace, mercy and the blessings of Almighty God Allah be upon all of you.

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In the last episode, we were continuing our study of learning with regards to the names and attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala inshallah, we will continue with more names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala with an objective to comprehend them, and help ourselves in our lives in this dunya and help ourselves insha Allah with the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala in the hereafter.

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In this episode, we will talk about a shotgun. a shotgun, is another name of Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in Surah Baqarah surah. Number two, at number 158. a shocker is the one who recognizes and rewards

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for our doings. a shocker is the one who recognizes the good that we do, and who rewards us for the good that we do in abundance.

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Allah subhanaw taala is the one who recognizes who has done good

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and He rewards that person for that good. And Allah subhanho wa Taala has a unique name, a shocker, it means that las panatela he gives more than what you do. If you do it once Allah is more abundant in his mercy, in his name, a shock if he is the recognizer, He rewards you in a better way. As well as if you do sin, He makes it in a lower way. So what we need to do with this name, a shocker.

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We need to repel the bad with the good so that Allah subhanho wa Taala can reward us and we become the one who are the pure and perfect slave of Allah subhanaw taala we need to continue to struggle in terms of doing all the things which are last minute Allah has commanded in the Quran and which was brought through the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi Salaam which was brought in the teachings of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Another name of Allah subhanaw taala is Shaku. Shaku is the one who is the appreciative he doesn't just recognize, he doesn't just rewards he also appreciates, does not have to do that. He is the Creator, he is the owner. He is the one who is independent. does

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Allah have to do this appreciation? He doesn't have to do but he does it. Why? Because he loves to do that. That is his name a Shaku meaning the one who appreciates what you do. He appreciates in order to motivate you, to inspire you, to make you a better slave of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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any rewards in a better way? He overcomes your sins. That's the reason what we need to do. We need to make sure that we repel the bad yes we have bad but we need to repel that bad removes that bad with the good with the good. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us in doing so. Another name of Allah subhanaw taala is a Shaheed a Shaheed

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it means the witness, the witness, the one who is witnessing everything. He is witnessing everything. Nothing

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is hidden from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala he is a witness, he is a Shahid. He is Shaheed of everything. So if we do any act, Allah is a witness of that. If that act is good, Allah is a witness of that. And if that act is bad, Allah is a witness of that. So what do we have to do? We have to make ourselves, human ourselves, program ourselves in the light of the knowledge of the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, to please a more to please a Shaheed that he witness, all that is good for us in this life and the hereafter. Allah subhanho wa Taala he is an alum, who is an island, an island is the one who is the knower of everything, whatever it means a

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battle, whatever it may be the matter whether it is concealed or it is revealed, whether it is open, whether it is

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close, Allah subhanaw taala, he is an island, he is an island. Allah is an island, he is the knower of everything, whatever

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thinking that you get in your mind, in your thought,

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Allah subhanaw taala he knows that thought, Allah subhanaw taala is the knower of everything that we do. So, we need to make sure that Allah Allah, the knower of everything, the past, present in the future, the knower of everything, in every way.

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Allah subhanaw taala is the knower, he his own Knower. Allah subhanaw taala is Allah Eileen as well. And Eileen is the one who is all knowing Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Surah number 49 number 13. That last panatela is Ali alene. He is Al alim, which means the one who is the knower of everything, and he is all knowing,

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can you know,

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anyone other than Allah subhanho wa Taala, who has this attribute?

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Whether it be God, of the Hindus of the Christians, of the Buddhists, or anybody whom they adore, whom they attribute,

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the worship of God, to they have this attribute, who is all knowing?

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Never, it is a law, who is all knowing, it is a law alone, who is the one who is all knowing who has this attribute and Allah subhanaw taala he gives us chance by giving these names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. so that we may ponder the people in general, the people in general may know that whether idle, whether grain, whether human is annoying, not at all. So how can they be good for God to be actually God in reality, he must be all knowing he must have the knowledge of the past, present in the future.

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Jesus Christ, peace be upon him in the Bible. He says, In Gospel of Mark, chapter number 13, verse number 32. He says, No one has the knowledge of the hour knows no, no one knows. What is the coming hour going to be? Except the Lord. So even Jesus Christ, in their own scripture,

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testifies that Allah subhanaw taala alone is the one who is all knowing.

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And again, people of the world must reflect, must understand what power Allah subhanaw taala has,

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is appreciated. We need to ponder ourselves in order to reflect on this name all knowing other than Allah. There is no one who is all knowing. So what is the point to go and worship anybody to adore anybody who is limited in their knowledge, who is limited in their power, who is limited in all capacities, as opposed to those

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qualities that Allah subhanho wa Taala has, which is all knowing, all powerful, all hearing, all listening? Allah subhana wa tada is the only God

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who is worthy of our worship. He deserves our worship, and we are in need of the one who is all knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala. He is also

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an artist

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XIM and azeem means to greet and azeem is the one who is absolutely great.

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His power is great, his names are great. His attributes are great.

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The books that he has sent or create the last and final book, it is the greatest and the living miracle of a las panatela. It is the living miracle for people to recognize, to know the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala they must also look in the Quran. Take the Quran, take the Quran, read it by yourself, understand it, and you would Marvel you would Marvel the greatness of a las panatela the greatness as he is a dream. He is the mighty, he can do anything, nothing can stop him. Nothing is impossible for him, he is allowed dream, he is the great and the greatest and every time, every time we need to remember this, that our significance is nothing. We are the tiny creature of Allah

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Subhana Allah subhanaw taala he is a theme and there is no one who can stand with Allah subhanaw taala in his greatness, in his names and attributes, in His Lordship, in his essence in his existence, in his mind, in his power in his glorious names and attributes of Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala is Almighty is actually a vehm in reality, Allah subhanho wa Taala he is also an Aziz Allah subhanahu wa taala he is obese, and Aziz is the one who is

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showing dearness to all the slaves, Allah Aziz is the one of the greatest Names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We need to reflect on these names. He is Allah zS. Allah subhanho wa Taala My dear brothers and sisters, reflect on these names, relate it with your lives, and let the light of knowledge begins in our hearts and mind so that we may do a better worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We'll come back after a short break.