How To Make 2024 Your Best Year (Hadith For Success)

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So hamdulillah salam ala Rasulillah. We're talking about living legacy. There's really just one Hadith that I want to speak about for a few minutes. But this hadith is a beautiful Hadith. And it's a profound Hadith. And it's a hadith that I tell people all the time. If there's one Hadith that I want to have hanging on my wall that I look at every day, it is this hadith, there's one that I turn into a Magnum that I put on my fridge. If there's one that I look at every day as a key to success, it's this hadith, it's three points, I want you to write down the three points, I want you to then turn it into a magnet, put it on your fridge, put it on your wall, share it with other people. It is

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keys to success when you're talking about living your legacy. The province of Elijah said Allah mentions three points and in fact, I even have this hadith as the cover of my notebook.

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Basu lost the light as Adam says in the Hadith as reported by Muslim, the hadith of Ebola, he simply says it Hillis, Allah, my InfoQ was the end Biller, well attaches. It is amazing. He says, focus on what benefits you

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and seek the help of Allah. And don't give up these three things keys to success in every field of endeavor. Number one, he says focus on what benefits you and they say that the secret of this phrase is that letter cough because that calf means you what benefits me is different that what benefits you and what benefits you is different than what benefits your sister what benefits you is different than what benefits your brother, what benefits do is different than what benefits the community. I remember chef Rahim Allah, I was reading his debate.

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Talking about occupations. People asked the question young people ask what career should I go into? And he mentioned the scholarly debate about what is better to be a merchant or to be a farmer.

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Because merchants have incredible reliance on Allah subhana data a person who is an entrepreneur relies upon Allah at a way that is different than a person who is an employee, you start to become dependent on your paycheck, but a person who every day is going out into the market. You know, it's it's commonplace in many Muslim countries store owners that they begin their day by saying Yaffa Yeah, Eileen, asking Allah subhanaw taala to open up the doors of risk for them. You never know where your this is coming from. You're seeking it out, your heart is attached to Allah. And then you're looking at the farmer, and the farmer is waiting on rain. And you have these prayers for rain

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that every agricultural society has. Atheism doesn't grow on farms, it grows in cities where they don't know where their watermelons come from. They think it comes from the local grocery store. The farmer is very attuned to nature and they're very attuned to the power of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Who brings them rain. And if that rain does not come, the vegetation doesn't grow. So which one is better? So Shiva, Sadie says the answer to that is in this hadith, that LSI may infer Oka, focus on what benefits you for some people going out and buying and selling and trade. That is what's better for them. And for some, agriculture is better your career path. It's all about where

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you benefit. And even when it comes to Islamic work, where do you find your spirituality? There's some people truly they find their spirituality and sitting in classes like this and learning and taking notes and memorizing and reading Quran. And there are some people don't we all know people who that is not where they find their spirituality, they would much rather go out and volunteer in the streets and feed the homeless and take care of, of people. That is where they find their Iman, and one is not better than the other. Everyone is supposed to go and find what benefits them.

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So what is your superpower? Every single one of us has a unique combination of talents and gifts that ALLAH SubhanA data gave. When I first started speaking, a brother of mine, a good friend of mine, he sat down with me and he said, I'm not what's your superpower? I said, What do you mean? I have zero superpowers? He said, No, I mean, what's your unique talents that ALLAH SubhanA dada has given you because if I tried to be like, a academic, I'm not an academic, Allah subhanaw taala didn't make me like that. So if I tried to sound like an academic and act like an academic, it wouldn't have worked for me. And if I try to be like, just incredibly emotional, sheer who, that's

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not me.

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I can't be that person.

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But I am a poet. And that's, that's how Allah made me. And I do like to study Islam. That's how Allah made me. And so I have my merging of lanes and every single one of us has that combination, but you can't be somebody that you're not you can only be who you are and focus on what benefits you find your superpower and then also lost a lot of ideas and obsess and see

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seek the help of Allah, you know all of these self help books, they'll tell you to focus on what benefits you and they'll tell you how to go set. But they won't tell you the second ingredient that the prophets Allah lightest, and him says, and that is to seek the help of Allah. No matter how big your aspirations are, no matter how big your goals are, if Allah doesn't say yes, it will always be a no Bisou la sala Leidos. And them says, Seek the help of Allah

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while you are going out and seeking that degree, also seek the help of Allah Subhana Allah because Allah says yes, then you're going to get that degree if Allah says, yes, that project is going to be successful. If Allah says, yes, that business is going to be successful, make sure that you are asking a lot, even more than you're asking people for assistance, because he is the one who has the keys, even though pay him says something very, very profound and very beautiful. In that way, though he says that if you find yourself raising your hands to make dua to Allah subhana data, in that moment, you should be happy because Allah did not inspire you to ask except because he wanted to

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give you how many people do you know are broke, and they talk to everybody about being broke? The only one who they don't ask, they don't ask to enrich them is ALLAH SubhanA data? How many people are single they're looking to get married and they talk to this Imam and that Imam and this person and that person, they're swiping left and swiping right and swiping up and swiping down.

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And they're not asking Allah Subhana Allah to grant them it is

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given OBEY HIM says, if you find yourself making dua, then in that moment, you should be happy because Allah did not inspire you to ask except because he wanted to give you Allah says Bhujia Buddha with a die either died, I respond to the call of the caller when they call upon me. And then number three, for sort of lost a little idea Center says, well attaches don't give up.

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I figured out what my goal is. I'm asking Allah, I'm begging Allah, I'm going after it, then don't give up. And if you were to look at everybody who is successful, everybody, you will find that they are different in their talents, they're different in their resources. They're different in everything. The one common factor that they have is that they weren't persistent.

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For businesses failed, their fifth one was successful. They were persistent. Will Smith has a story I don't know if we're allowed to mention Will Smith it at the time of conference. But

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Will Smith has a story where he was 12 years old, and his dad had him and his brother build a wall. And he said, this is one of the most important lessons I learned in my life. That every day in that summer, his dad would have them go out. And he said you don't build a wall by building a wall. But you just work on placing a brick as beautifully as a brick can be placed every day. And you keep doing that every day until you build a wall. LeBron James, I watched this interview of

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Kevin Love one of the most, LeBron James is one of the most talented basketball players of all time. And Kevin Love is being asked what is the most unique quality that LeBron has guess what he said?

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His ability to do it all again tomorrow.

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That's persistence, always, always showing up and every field every field of human endeavor, you will find the common quality DB persistence. There is a child psychologist His name is Dr. Leonard Sachs written a lot of books. I remember one time he gave a lecture to our Muslim community in Houston. This was during COVID. And he said, We researched what makes people successful. And we found that the most important quality that they developed was their discipline by the age of 12.

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That you're able to divide a long goal into daily tasks that you're able to do until you get to that goal Rasulullah sallallahu. s&m says no one has been given anything more comprehensive or better than solver. What is solver we translate some of those patients but somebody is way bigger than patients. Somebody has discipline and dedication and resilience and perseverance, and grit.

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And sort of sort of lost the light SLM is saying that if you want to achieve any goal that you have in your life, these are three things focus on what benefits you seek the help of Allah. And number three, don't give up, persevere until you get to where you're going. Allah subhana wa Tada says, What's that? No, Bill Sabri wa salam sobre is that I just it's don't give up. It's persevere. It's endure. It's be resilient. And Salah is you turning to Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah subhana data says, Yeah, you heard that the nominal is too beautiful wasabi little Warabi to what? Allah Allah Allah. Allah says, Oh, you who believe endure, have patience. Hold fast. These three qualities are

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all about. Don't give up. Don't not giving up and then he says what duckula have Taqwa of Allah turn to Allah. So

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The final

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thing I want you to walk away with simply this focus pray persist focus pray versus say it with me focus pray resist or satellite is