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The speaker discusses a course on the names of Allah that he taught in Birmingham. He talks about his experience teaching a course on Hope in Birmingham and how it inspires people to never admit to their obligations. He also talks about a course on the venom in the serum and how it can be a beautiful experience for everyone.

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Excellent. And you're also teaching a course as well, I believe it absorb serum I just finished up in Birmingham, actually, I taught my last class earlier this year, which was His Majesty unlocking the names of Allah. And so that was a course on the names of Allah that I taught in almost not almost every another city that we have in the world. hamdulillah so that was 35 cities. And it took over two and a half years to teach it. And the names of Allah, I will teach it tomorrow, like it's one of the most beautiful, it's not the one of the it is the most beautiful topic, because there's nothing greater than talking about Eliza. So we wrap that up, and now I went to the complete

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opposite. So the names of Allah is hope inducing, like you will never lose hope, learning about the names of Allah. Do you have a personal favorite actually on that?

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Difficult question, but is the one that there are a lot that I love, and probably most of the time when I get asked that

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I share code is one of them for sure. Because it speaks to Allah azza wa jal, Shakur means to increase a Ziad and so

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when you do something for Allah, He increases what he gives to you, He will always give you more, much more than what you offer him using. And so it inspires the person to never belittle any goodness that you can do you smile in the face of your brother, your brother ignores you. You say Saddam why they come in London, everybody ignores you, right? And so in that case, but you're not doing it for them. Yeah, Allah azza wa jal knows, and he is a Sharkwater. He is the one who will increase you and he's the one who will, who will reward you with much more than what you've offered. And so that's a beautiful and inspiring name. Also, I love as

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the one who unlocks doors, and we'll have of course the gift giver like Allah's that's his name like the gift giver. Like how does a person how does a person not love Allah when these are his names? Right? Like how does a person not be pleased with Allah as their Lord? If these are the names and attributes of the Lord that we worship, how does a person not feel privileged beyond all of that, beyond being pleased, just being feeling privileged feeling favored? That would everybody else is living this life? Worshipping whatever they're worshipping? That I have been given the privilege of guidance to worship Allah have such beautiful attributes? So yeah, His Majesty is a beautiful course

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and then we were switching gears to a study of sin. It's called the venom in the serum