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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Kareem was early he was happy he wanted to be a humble son. You know yo Medina woebot brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. And welcome back to another episode with stories from the Koran. Today inshallah I will be speaking my really special story, which is the story of the Baccarat the story of the cow, the longest surah in the Quran Surah Al Baqarah is named after this story.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah mentions these stories again and again in the core arm. Why? Why are these stories mentioned in the Quran? Allah mentions to the Prophet sallahu wa Salaam wa kuhlmann nakasu la kemin amber Rasul man author But before that, you know, these stories that we mentioned again and again from the stories of the Amir emulation Salaam or the people before is for one particular reason, no sub Beto behavoir, so that we make your heart firm. So, this is why you will see that often the story of Musa alayhis salaam is mentioned in one place, then it's mentioned again then he mentioned again why, because throughout the life of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he

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would encounter difficulty, difficulty with the Quraysh sometimes the difficulty with people even around him, so Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the story of Musa later. So, you think you are having a difficult with Quraysh Look what Moosa had to deal with their own

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using sometimes things around you are are very difficult look at what moose had to deal with it with his own people, how this obedient his own followers were, after they had seen all the miracles. So, today,

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I want to speak about the Surah Al Baqarah or the story of the Bukhara The reason is that these great lessons in it for the beliefs.

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Let me go through the background. The background of this is that there was a very rich person from the when he saw he who was killed.

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Not only was he killed his body was taken and it was planted may some enemy house the next morning his family wake up and they're looking for in frantically can't find him and they find his body and next to a house or one of the enemies. So naturally they come to the conclusion that these were the people who killed him. So they begin to fight.

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A man from amongst them said look, we have Musa alayhis salaam amongst visit Nabil, why are you fighting? Just go and ask Him and He will possibly tell you who killed your uncle. So this is what they do. They come to moose la salatu salam and they tell musasa some of the story. So most la ciloxan says okay,

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I tell you what to do. What you need to do, is that you need to slaughter a cow.

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He says as Allah mentions in the Quran, what is called a musala COVID in nama Murakami. untersberg, who Baka Ratan moose, Allison Armstrong says that Allah is commanding you that you slaughter a cow. They replied to that because they found it very strange, Carlo. Now what are you making mockery offers?

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Allah our gobbler he an akuna Minal Jacqueline, I seek refuge in Allah that I may joke regarding the matters of the deen I will be learning an akuna jahi I seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala I become from the people that jahi Lee, the ignorant people.

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Now firstly, these were people who believe that Musa la salatu salam was unhappy. So the logical conclusion should have been that they were should have said okay Moosa is a newbie therefore ever he has commanded us must be from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But no, they came

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to the conclusion that Moosa was having a joke and laugh with them and with mocking them, therefore, they became adamant. Now when a commodity Allah subhanho wa Taala is revealed to a true believer. He accepts it because he knows that Allah is hecky. Allah is the all wise and we cannot fathom things like because we are limited in our understanding. For instance, you tell a three year old child eat with your right hand. That child cannot understand why the parent is telling the child to eat with his right hand when the child grows up.

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Then it realizes this was the reason we have an A person who lives in a desert. Bedouin never seen surgery. He worked, walked into a theater. And what does he see? He sees a surgeon cutting somebody's stomach up, he will come to the conclusion that this jet is harming the patient, although the doctor is actually removing the harm from the patient, but he's understanding will be limited to his own comprehension. Allah subhanho wa Taala is not limited, we are limited. So the conclusion they should have come towards Okay, if Allah subhanaw taala has commanded this because A is his lobby, therefore we accept it. That's what our believers should be like a believer when a command of

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Allah $1 comes, he accepts it because that's what his faith and his Eman tells you. So they say, oh, moose, are you having you joking with us? You mocking us the word who's What? Actually, and it's

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actually it has a particular meaning, it has the meaning of joking with somebody in a condescending way, in a condescending way, meaning that you are looking down upon the person. Therefore, a person can joke miza it is no problem with that. We have people joking we have example of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam joking We are the Sahaba joke, but what is not permitted is this way you joke to a person and you joke with a person in a condescending manner. So now what happens is now the bunny is a one to get awkward with Musa alayhi salatu salam. So they said okay,

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Musa we want some more information. Just a Bukhara isn't enough. We want some more information. They said Lou, Lana, Rebecca up linamar. Here. They say oh Moosa, our show, Lord, to explain to all to us what kind of book it is.

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Most la sub slum replied Allah in Abuja, kulu in her Baccarat to left will become a one minute Alec first illuma tomorrow. He replies that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says that it is a cow love, that it is not too old. Whether be cruel, not too young, or one of mine is a modern age first illuma toe Maroon now just do what you have been commanded to do. Now the word far is don't count on word for what Sinha which also means that she has reached the end of her age. And the word be grown. Also means a virgin woman means that she is in her early age. That's why the Arabs a book bukata Maha means the beginning of the day, so not too old, not too young, a one way in Atlantic somewhere in

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modern age. Now, first aluma tomorrow, let's just do what you've been commanded to do. You know, one of the Salif, he wrote a letter to one of the generals and he said to General, go to a particular place and destroy the homes and destroy trees. So the general wrote back to him, he said, Whoa, what do we start with? We start with the trees, or do we start with the houses? The Harry wrote back, he said, If I tell you to start with the trees, you will ask me what tree shall I start with? The

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command is this simple, listen, this is what you've been commanded to do. And that is just slaughter a cow and finish, but that's not enough for these people. They want to now know more and more and more. And really, you know, this is a great lesson for us in this Why? Because sometimes you see Muslims also getting bogged down with subsidiary and peripheral issues. And the most fundamental issues are put aside the burning issues of the time we don't deal with but we want to deal with those things which are very peripheral. Let me give you one example which we all go through is Salah.

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So you see so many Muslims debating on issues of peripheral issues regarding Salah, where to put the hands you know, should your feet be joined should they not be joined? What these are important? No way do we see as much emphasis put on his shoe in Salah concentration and devotion is Allah and Allah subhanaw taala told us from what we known when he defines a believer the first condition is what but f wilhelminian LED nahi Salam Harsha

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That successful other believers who when they pray the Salah, they are harsh here or they are devoted they have concentration in the Salah. So we get bogged down with the peripheral issues and we leave the most fundamental issue. The other thing I want to really look at regardless worse is they say tomaselli septum or Moosa, ask your Lord Subhan Allah, you know, this was the this respect the bunny is Allah, he would show to Allah, Allah, Allah had saved these people from the clutches of your own, took them out, emancipated them from bondage, and what do they turn around? They say to Musa they don't say oh Buddha asked our Lord this Musa ask your Lord. And if you look throughout the

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Quran, they said, Gee, why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala gave preference to these people. He says obon is right in we gave you preference upon the whole of humanity. We sent you a BIA, we did this for you. And we did this for you. The more Allah did for them, the more arrogant they became. The best example I can give these people is really a spoiled child. You know, a spoiled child. Yeah, some children Mashallah you do more for them. They appreciate that. There are seven children who have a sense of entitlement, the more you do for them, the more arrogant they get, the more rebellious they get, the more entitled they feel. This was exactly where money is. He you look at

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throughout the Quran, when Allah subhanaw taala told him go into the Ergo mocha just go into the Holy Land and fight that land is dissonant tradition. No, no, no, this is a theoretical group of people in that we're not gonna go they said Moosa will give you a Mashallah you go You go first have unterhalb buka for cartella in hoonah but do not hold the villa. They said a moose away now we're going to go to that baseball I will give you a Matura you and your Lord go and fight and we're sitting right here we're moving an inch Subhan Allah when Allah subhana wa tada

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save them from Pharaoh for only just drowned he just seen their own drowned.

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They've seen the miracle. They go past a group of people and these people are worshipping idol. What do they say they turn around to moose and they say Moosa

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makes idols like these people. We want to hide we want to worship hide. This was after just seeing their own being drowned when mousse la salatu salam went away for 40 days. What did they do? They made a carve out of gold, and they What did they say this is a jeep. They say this is your Lord. And this is the Lord of Musab out of villa. You know, on every step, they showed arrogance, they showed arrogance.

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Even in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, who will give Allah Garza Hassan I will give a last one a good loan.

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The Jews of Medina turned around and they said, Look, we never gonna worship your Lord, because your load is for peace. They said your Lord is a pauper. And Allah Subhana Allah mentions that in the Quran, that when they say they refer to Allah subhanaw taala, as 14 in the disrespect to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And as for believers, brothers and sisters, this is really really important as for beliefs,

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we have the utmost of respect for Allah.

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Allah And is it a su?

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untouchable, there is no joking about with Allah, in the community and the society we live in, you know, there is that freedom of speech and therefore freedom of speech, infringes on or include insulting Allah in the suit for a believer now, the most holy thing is for Allah, that Allah is out of bounds for joking. The voice of Allah is out of bounds for joking. And this is our heritage. This is our dean. We have paid of respect. Allah Rasool of parents, we respect our parents and last $1 de La Paloma.

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Don't even say off to your parents. That's how much respect we respect our elders. This is our heritage, and a nation should never lose up because the nation who loses loses a great amount of the heritage.

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Look at the other of the last

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Subhana wa Taala mentioned the shows in the Quran. Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam says a lady Halekulani for her. Deen will have the youth Imani ye scheme. He says the one who created me. He's the one who created me to guide me. He's one who feeds me. He's the one who gave me water. And then when it comes to negativity, he says, What either marine for his feet, and when I become unwell, he is the one who kills me. Look, everything positive in the verse created me, guided me, fed me gave a drink or he attribute to a loved one, but the illness, he attributes to himself and then the cure, he again attributes towards Allah subhanho wa Taala. Look at the story of Ebola. It's not slum, a

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una salatu salam says, When He called on to his Lord, and he said, Oh Allah, He says, Allah, I have been afflicted with a calamity were under or under for I mean, look at the affliction of the calamity. He didn't say Oh Allah, you will have afflicted me with these calamities that I have been afflicted with this calamity. And then he turns around, he said, Allah, you are our hammer wa Hamid are the Most Merciful of all those who are merciful surah to Jean look at some hon. Look at the believers from the jinn. Look at the other of the high with Allah subhanaw taala Allah recalled in the Quran, where Allah nidri a shotgun UI the women feel are the Amara, the behave or boom rasheeda

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say that we do not know that is it evil that is intended with those in the earth? Or does Allah intend with them guidance? Look at it. So Pamela, the evil is kept as a passive verb or either is evil intended, it is a less Allah intend evil with them. The word is that if evil is intended, this module is known medulin Arabic word language, Allah the behavior of Russia, oh, does Allah The Lord attend intend with them rasheeda died here because it's positive. Then it is mentioned oders Allah subhanho wa Taala. intend with them? guidance, positive. Allah mentioned negative Allah not mentioned this is the other that the Amir and Hassan had with Allah, Allah that true believers had

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with Allah subhanho wa Taala coming back to the story

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so now they've been told that don't the Baccarat should not be too old or too young. Oh, that's not enough for them. They come back and do Lena. Rebecca up linamar Aloha. Moosa. We want to know the color palette in your code. He said Allah $1 say in Boca Raton, Sephora Oh, it's a yellow color for the low no ha the silver Nancy

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it's such a yellow a sharp yellow that when a person looks at a please now how many Booker's Do you get which are yellow?

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Now they're getting concerned because they're now looking around for this Baccarat they cannot find any Baccarat

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and now they are getting very worried because now they've dug themselves into a ditch. And this is a Pamela. A beautiful lesson here. Don't play games with the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala Don't play games with the deen of Allah subhanaw taala Because ultimately, what Allah intends will happen

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well aligned 10s will happen and this is a prime example of this that they wanted to play gave the moose Allah is also Salam. What happened? Ultimately, now they can't find the Baccarat the cow that they meant to a yellow one middle age. And they come to back to musala salatu salam and they say oh Musa, you know now tell us You, Lord to explain a bit more in albatross shaba Elena, because all cows look the same to us. We're in insha Allah Allah de Lune we're in in sha Allah La Motta Dune and they said insha Allah then we will find it. If they had not said in sha Allah, they would look for it to the day of gamut and they still would not have found it. Then Allah says okay, is another

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quality you must have color in your pool. masala subsumption Allah subhanaw taala says in Baccarat to learn

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the theory rule or the skill Hertha there is a cow which has never been trained to plow the land. So it's never plowed the land. Oh

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have worked in the lab and never as a given water to the field, not just that muscle limited.

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It is sound last year fee and no blemish in it.

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Are you allergic to Bill Huck, for the hoo ha, for my God. They said now you that eventually they find them when they find this, and they say, now you have come with the truth, and they sacrifice it. And it was close, that they may not have found it and they wouldn't have been able to slaughter the cow. Why? Because not only was it so difficult to find this, such a cow yellow young, never ever plowed the land.

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But what happened was when they said insha, Allah, Allah made a way for them. And the story behind this Baccarat is that there was a man

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he was close to dying. And he had a young child and a wife. And he was worried that he had only thing left was a calf. And he was worried that the local would take this beautiful calf. So what he did, he said he let it out in the in the fields. And he turned to a last mountain and he said Allah, this is the only thing I have for my children, for my child and my wife, and I am leaving as a man with you that once my child goes up, they will find it. Any lexical

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child goes up and his mother says to him, you know your father, he had a calf a beautiful calf, he gave it a man to Allah subhanaw taala go look for it. He said, Oh, my mother, how am I gonna look for it? Where am I gonna find it? No, it's gonna be impossible. He said trust in Allah like your father trusted Allah. He let it go with the name of Allah, you find it with the name from last. And that's exactly what he does. He looks for it. And in a very short time he manages to find this couch unique.

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Now times come very hard on this young man and he's thinking about selling this for a meager price. And then all of a sudden, you have the bunny is that I may see the cow and now they want to buy.

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So he was thinking about selling it for three dinner, you know, a cheap price. And he sees that how desperate the mother says to

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do not sell this cheap. Why? Because it had you know, it had the sensitivity. It had add values because it was from his father.

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So the buddy is gonna want to buy this cow. And he said, I said, This cow said how much he said, You know when you skin the cow,

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all the gold that can fit in the cow. That's what I want for the cow.

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So they go back to mu salesloft salaam and Sal Moosa. This is what he's asking for it. We're gonna be bankrupt. Musa alayhis salaam now tells him, he said, You were harsh upon yourself. So Allah made the matter harsh upon you. You are harsh upon yourself. Now Allah made the matter harsh for upon you.

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You know the message of Allah subhanho wa sallam said that the greatest criminal is he?

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Who asked a question about that thing, which is halal. And because he's questioning and questioning, questioning, that is made haram because of his questioning, leave it be. And these people wanted to mock musala salatu salam, they want it to be awkward. So Allah is part of Allah made it difficult for them. And then Allah subhanaw taala carries on here, what happens is that after they sacrifice it, Allah subhanaw taala tells them to take a bone, what is our cattle to medicine, when you killed a person individual for the fee, and then you disputed regarding one local region. Welcome to moon and Allah subhanho wa Taala will take up that which you were hiding. So Allah is one that says today

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said to them that take a portion from the calf from the cow.

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And then what you do is you take it and you strike. Yeah, you strike the deceased.

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And Allahu karateka yahi Allahu Mota. And like that Allah subhanaw taala brings back to life that who are dead, why you re come iottie Laila contact you. So he shows you His signs. So you may begin to comprehend and you may have a call at intellect now.

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They take the boat and they strike the two seas.

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To the C stands of

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Allah brings it back to life. And there's also a great another great lesson in this, that for the machinery Keane, who deny that Allah could bring back the dead, that look, Allah, the One who created in the first place can create a game. So the person gets up, and he points towards his own family, his own nephews who had bought the case to moose, la slaughter, they are the ones to kill me, and then he dies again.

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Now, this is what I'm asked what Allah says that he was brought back to life to show that which you hit, why did they kill him? Because he was a very rich individual who had no children. The nephews wanted to inherit, so they thought, If we kill him, then we will inherit.

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And this is the story

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of the story of Bukhara. And there's one more lesson I want to take from this is that, you know, when the command of Allah subhanaw taala come, and we find it difficult to accept the command of Allah pantile often it's due to the lack of

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the weakness of a man. If the bunny is in and said, Look, this is the command of last month Allah bless, just sacrifice a buckler ma abasolo de la who say that all Allah wanted them to do is slaughter a cow. That's it? No, but they firstly want it to be awkward. And then a last panel Darla made things hard for them. If a believer follows the commodity for loss of Honnold, Allah, Allah would make the path easy for if a believer

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rejects the commodity of Allah subhanaw taala turns away from the commodity, the last one that we learned from this story, that Allah subhanho wa Taala may make life very difficult for that individual for that believer. We make dua that Allah subhanaw taala allow us to learn lessons from this story, that Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the ability that we live and die for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we live like this habit of wanderlodge my aim in the Battle of Buddle the province of Allah so in order to ascertain worthy unsolved, ready to go and fight, because then sarbs agree with the message of Allah lomasa was that they would protect him while he is in Medina,

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not outside Medina.

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So the problem is Allah seldom asked the unsub said, Are you ready to fight so metadata is what stood up. And he said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, O Messenger of Allah, we will not say to you, like Bunny is Allah, He said to Moosa, you and your Lord, go and fight, we are sitting here, but we say to you, you and your Lord go and fight, and we will fight with you. And this was the approach of the Sahaba with Juan La Jolla, in Bella, Bella make amongst those who accept the command of Allah subhanaw taala that we live by the quantity of Allah subhanaw taala that we leave this dunya that Allah is happy with this very last one, Allah give us the tofield to live

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in this dunya that we are united Our hearts are united, and Allah re united in general for those of you who have Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah