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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

This 37th episode is Questions & Answers session.


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The host explains the importance of learning the Hanafi and the use of the Maliki method for learning a topic. They stress the importance of being a person who is knowledgeable and needs to be contacted by their teacher. The speakers also discuss cutting hair and the "vanishing culture" of Islam, as well as the concept of "Cozy" and "has never been a habit." They briefly touch on the topic of the "vanishing culture" and mention a book that is a reference to a Middle Eastern distributor.

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls Welcome to an episode of the 99 names I'm your host Bill Nelson and I'm here with a moto shokri this particular episode is special because we are doing a live broadcast and we're going to be answering questions not just questions of

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like what's live but also questions to comments on YouTube. I just remembered that I need to get my laptop great because the questions but keeping going I don't know Facebook takes a while to just load comments but oh there we go. How you doing brother Sinatra? That's the demon john Muslim who rock star so I'm looking forward to seeing you at Ramadan my man and Sharla Mian Where are you from brother I'm from I'm from Sudan via New York and I'll be in Houston Texas and Houston Texas I'll be Charla and Ramadan. I'll be in New York for Ramadan inshallah doing daily after federal programs at Muslim center and Muslim center inshallah. So looking forward to seeing my people out there estidama

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Aiko, Ahmad and be out from trip. Triple 3130 that's triplet. That's Hamza. That's my sister in law's husband. I know. So I had an Ico so now I'm Hey, Hamza. So we're doing all of this so that we can get, we can get these questions loaded. So just a couple of questions off of the names of a lot that I've received a lot. The first one is there, this is all the triplets. Oh, they're triplets. Yeah, that's why it's triplet. But it's three brothers, three brothers, Mashallah. And each one has a social handle a different spelling of triplet. Wow. So Mohammed Mian asks, and he says, which method is the best to follow? Is there a difference between them and their hips. So the best method

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to follow is the if you're going to study a method, then the best method for you to follow is the method that you have access to studying. And what I mean by that is that if you're in an area of the world where they learn the Hanafi, madhhab, then it's best for you to study the Hanafi madhhab. And if you're in an area of the world, like you're in northwestern Africa, and everyone is Maliki, then the best method for you to study is the Maliki method, because that's what the instruction is in. And that's what the people adopt. And that's what the resources are in is like, what's the best school to go to? I mean, the school in your state? Yeah, exactly. And so that's the, that's the

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general idea. If you live in the Western world, then if you live in the UK, Canada, even then it's still some regions have one must have that's just really, really dominant. And so it makes sense for a person to study that method, because that will be the method that their teachers are mostly trained in.

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Otherwise, if a person is not necessarily, you know, preparing to be a student of knowledge, then your method is the method of the one that you ask, meaning that your madhhab is the main hub of your teacher, your method is the method above the the people that you're asking, and so you just make sure that the people that you are asking are,

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you're asking those who are most knowledgeable, and you're asking those who you believe fear of loss of data, not only do they, you trust their knowledge, but you trust their religiosity, you trust that they're not going to give you an answer just for the sake of giving you an answer that you like, but rather an answer that they believe to be right in the sight of Allah Subhana data. So how does he also is the best for the West? What does that mean? He's basically saying that you have enough shoulders the best for the West.

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One of the questions that I've been getting a lot with regards to the names of Allah Subhana Tada, and I'll just knock this one out of the bat the names of Allah Subhana Allah can I call upon a lot by his names, like again and again and again and again. And I've taught this class now five times and every single time I get this question, and the idea is what can I call upon alibis? Yeah, yeah, La Jolla, La Jolla. Oh, man, yada, yada, man, can I just do that like 1000 times? And the answer to that is no, you can't do that 1000 times and the reason why is because it's not what the prophet civilize and taught us to do. And it's not even a complete sentence. When you call upon Allah, you

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call upon him. It should be a calling upon with meaning you should be asking him for something you should be requesting something you should be invoking something and so when you're just repeating a name, number one, the province the license, didn't do that a companions didn't do that. And number two, it's it doesn't even make sense. And so a person can invoke a las panatela with something say, oh, Allah. Oh, man, have mercy on me. Oh, Latif, be gentle with me. Oh, Kareem bestow upon me, oh, does that provide me of a person does that then they've actually communicated meaning. And then a person can repeat that as much as they want as much as because that would be in heaven.

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That would be

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repetition in the request and there's nothing wrong with the repetition in the question. In fact, it's something that's good

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as long as they don't restrict it to a particular number and make that number, a continuous habit and a large amount of data knows best cool All right, so we've got a couple of comments some questions here right so the first one is from yes seek Subhan Allah this is this is in regards to one of our the first episode that we did on ramen Rahim and it says Subhan Allah, this is a good for reflection, very useful knowledge. Thank you for sharing brothers. May Allah reward you for your for an intention keep them coming me.

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That's not a question.

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Okay, so CrossFit gym, says Alhamdulillah the series is very beautifully done and helpful for reflection. However, I have an issue with some with many of the speakers and the beard. The profits are slim, so grow your beard and trim your mustache yet I see most of our learned speakers are cutting or even shaving their beard. I really would like someone to explain this to me. Is it okay for a man to cut his beard in spite of the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu.

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ala Amato, shokri Please smile more. No.

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Like, why? Why are you gonna get a comment that says, Why don't you want to do this on my brother?

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I do smile more. I didn't used to smile this much. Now I smile more. So everyone at their own pace. Hey, guys, listen, if you guys do watch these episodes, do leave your questions because we would come back like we are doing right now to address some of them. Love the short videos, the way to connect is beautiful. Oh, they love Islam. Hats off to below for keeping the videos light and funny. Of course not to mention Osama May Allah bless you both. So one of the questions that people continue to ask, because one of the things that we came across with the names of a lot is that it I prepared the class thinking that it was going to be a names of a law course and then not realizing

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that I was being guided to being a dual course. And it fit perfectly because a lot in fact, when he talks about LS motors now, he mentioned it for the purpose of die. He says when he les les mode has never,

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he says to a lie belongs is the most beautiful name. So call upon him by them. And so one of the really, I guess painful questions that people ask is, how long should I?

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How long should I make? To ask for something? How long? Yes. Okay. Like, if I've made to offer something for five years, 10 years, and it's never actual, like, Should I continue to ask for it? Or should I stop? Okay, at what point should I stop? And so the idea is, is that as long as you actually want that thing, you should continue to make dot for it because a concept that appears 40 different times and the hold on over 40 different times in the salon is a lot is Able to do all things, not the things that are probable not the things that are possible, not the things that you know, are easy, but the things that you think are long gone you think the train has long passed

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Goody it set up making do out for a child even though he himself describes the state of his family and he says one of my newer style have lots of shame but what am I going to do I call a bishop to my Lord, my hair is white and my bones are weak and my wife is barren. Like At what point? Would you still be asking for a child then if that was your case? But he says what am I going to do? I got a bishop Yeah, like I don't lose when I make to you because he knows what loss of habitat is. And so a lot granted him a child, even in that old age and so if your heart is still in it, make it super Han says when is His Majesty coming to New York City? I don't know when the class is coming to New York

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City. I don't think it's coming in the next couple of months but a couple of months being Ramadan. I don't know class is gonna be in any cities. No, no, no, I'm a couple of months couple means more than one. Right? Oh, but guy look, he's going to NYC so if you want some of that? Yeah, I'll be in New York inshallah for Ramadan. Do you know where you're going to be? Muslim center. Okay, so center McLean's no no flushing flushing Muslim center. Oh, flushing was okay. Yeah. So we'll be there. We'll be doing daily after federal programs in Sharla. That's the plan. I'm realizing now that a lot of these comments are not questions. Great. So that being said, We're about to wrap this up. Hello.

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I want to find a question. That Okay, here's one. Just gonna say probably this video just wanted to ask you the root word for you. Yeah. What is the link with the standing upstanding to you means maintenance, okay, so pay you and karma means to stand. And so I you is the one who makes that.

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You know, the world basically and everything maintains it all. When you're standing, you're in a state of maintenance. Okay. Right. And so by you is the one who basically makes the world stand, so to speak. Okay. Right. And so that's

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Relationship great job Thank you What I liked most about this is the way you guys are presenting the topic. It's just cozy. Do you feel cozy? I feel very very uncomfortable actually.

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Okay Oh this is on inserting dust to to rob says I was taught that the dog beside the salon was to be included in the alma rasulillah salam and does he will return as a member of this oma I don't know the source of this info though. Is this true? I don't know the source of that either. Okay, and I've heard it too but I haven't that every prophet asked a lot to be part of this oma I don't know its authenticity so I can't speak to that.

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But logically it kind of makes sense because when as I said I'm comes back he's going to come back as part of he is going to come back as part of them of whether that was a request of his or not, Allah knows best I do not know. Okay, guys, he says one of the things I consider to lokasi One of the things that is directly connected to the names of a lot are the attributes of Allah. However, names and attributes are not necessarily the same thing. And many people have misconceptions regarding the matter. Would you please explain how names and attributes are not the same thing? Well, names and attributes aren't the same thing and IDM is a name is an attribute, Allah subhana wa

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tada is being a lady. That's his name. And the names are the most restrictive form, meaning that we can't call something a name of allah Subhana Allah except if he himself indicates to us or the prophets lesson, it indicates to us that it is a name. As for attributes, attributes are wider so it's a circle within a circle, you have names and then you have the attributes and the attributes are taken from a lot of actions. So for example, Allah Subhana data gets angry, elated, mobile, guided him. Allah Subhana data descends in the last third of the night of loss of Hannah data comes on the Day of Judgment, a loss of habitat is pleased from others, but you can't extract names from

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his attributes. You can't call Allah Subhana Allah to Allah The Punisher because he finishes that's an attribute. You can't call a loss of Hannah to Allah the angry one, although he becomes angry at times. That's not the Punisher. No, he's not. And you have names like that, where you have attributes like that. And so, the rule is that attributes can be extracted from every name, because every name denotes an attribute so loss of Hannah data being and hacky means that Allah has Hickman Allah has wisdom, Allah subhanaw taala being a semi means on the last panel data hears, but hearing is the attribute, Allah semia is the name. And so that's it in a nutshell that you they're not the

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same thing. You can't take names from the attributes where you take and take attributes from the name. There's one it says, Are there any books I could sit down? Are there any books in English you would recommend in learning how to smell sifat there's a book in English is this book, it's actually translated into English if you can get it.

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Cinnamon allowed us and man wrote this book called mala in English, it's translated as the company of God, in the company of God. So this is talking about the names of Allah subhanaw taala. If a person wants to study the topic of the attributes of Allah, not just the names, but the attributes of Allah, then that person should look at the book of collided Muslims, which basically would be translated, I've never seen the translation, but I believe it's translated, which is the lofty principles of dealing with a lot of names and attributes. And that is from surely been a mean, as well as his commentary on shiftless thumbs up either last year, if you can get a hold of it, and I

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believe is that Hana fees, commentary on adoptee Look, bahaya So those are a few that will give you some some good reference points on this topic. Somebody made a comic book series based on the nine nine Names of Allah. I'm not sure how well it was received. What are your thoughts on that comic book on the 90 Names of Allah? Yeah, basically, like from Fishkill comics based in the UK, not UK, UAE. And these guys, disco comics is known as the Middle Eastern distributor of many Marvel DC titles in Arabic. So Spider Man X men Batman, like they'll distribute those comics but they'll have instead of English and Arabic, and amongst the original title that they put out was called a 99.

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And, and what the is basically something about like, so there are these gems, and they're embodied with powers relate to the names of Allah. So they're 99 gems, some of them go bad guys, I'm gonna go to good guys. Somebody said x men, but instead of mutant powers as gem bass powers of the 99 sounds interesting. I'm a fan of, you know, communicating values to people through various genres. So if it's something that is beautiful, and well done and doesn't carry any negative connotations, then well done. Beautiful. Okay, cool. So, everybody