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The speaker discusses the negative consequences of the Prophet's actions, including loss of good fortune and negative outcomes, and the importance of positive attitude and gratitude towards Allah's actions in the context of the next century. They also touch on the negative consequences of actions by Allah, including negative outcomes and negative outcomes, and the importance of staying true to Islam. The speaker emphasizes the need to maintain positive attitude and avoid breaking bones.

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In Al Hamdulillah a mother who was saying you know, what's so sad? Why would we let a child I mean surely unforeseen amin say it I'm Melina manga de la philomel de la la mejor para hodja Allah, Masha Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika wash. How do I know Mohammed Abdullah? Who are a pseudo wasafi homie benei Hello to Holly Hello, Belarus Amanda Toronto so Holly Hill oma salatu wa salam O Allah,

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Allah Deena, taco la porta potti Morton Illa mostly moon. Yeah, Johan de como la de holla Kaka minasi wahida wahala caminhao Soulja Baba mean humeri Jalan Cathy ramen is

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what taco la la de Luna b1 or ham in a la con la. diva. Yeah, Latina taco La, la colo colo serie de la la come

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on over come to a la hora que la caja de Lima, my dear brothers and sisters.

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I want to talk to you today about a hadith.

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And there's a beautiful quality that distinguishes a true believer.

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it makes the believer this beautiful quality, different from someone else. Who doesn't believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala in many ways, but before I get to that heddy

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a verse in the Quran

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caught my attention. As a matter of fact, there was one word in that verse that caught my attention in the middle of these verses that talk about the attitude of the hypocrites

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that they had towards the Prophet and his companions, the Muslim community

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and how negative they were.

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Right, they were very, extremely negative.

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I'm talking about now 1400 years ago,

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that early first exemplary Muslim community, that amazing Muslim community amongst them they had hypocrites.

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These hypocrites were very negative.

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And they only saw what is wrong or what was wrong or what went wrong seemingly wrong.

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In the middle of these is in which a loss of Hannah with the Allah warns the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam of them their plots, their attitude, their their conversations,

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their campaigns, right? All that negative energy that they bring in the middle of this ayat, Allah subhanho wa Taala said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to respond to them with the following.

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All lay asleep and Illa marketable. Allahu lenor

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Allah cebuana in the market of Allahu lenor say to them, oh Muhammad, that only what Allah azza wa jal has written for us will happen or befall us.

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Only that which Allah azza wa jal has written for us refer it back to Allah as the origin, right. So you can say whatever you want, you can use any scare tactic you can use whatever

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style that you want to bring us down

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to demoralize us, to break us apart as a community. Right? to weaken us as individuals, you can do whatever you want. Our response to that is Palacio cebuana Don't try to scare us such and such it's gonna happen to you and such. And such is gonna happen to you we're gonna do what is right and what pleases or loss of data with data unconditionally.

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The outcome and the consequences are all in the hands of a loss of Hannah with data and say to them they use even eventually or ultimately only that which Allah so john has written, for us, will happen to us. So this is how we're going to respond to you.

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We don't have to calculate it or, or or really

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think, fool ourselves into thinking that we are in charge in charge of the process and the outcome. The outcome is in the hands of Allah, we are our responsibility ends at us doing our best and striving to fulfill our duties to Allah subhanho wa Taala and make sure that we do the right thing.

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Whatever that is, at any cost, but there is something that caught my attention in that verse. Now this is talking about potential negative consequences.

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Yet Allah azza wa jal said to the prophet to say, say to them, lay you see banner, nothing will happen to us Illa Makita Bella who accept that which Allah has written, and then it doesn't say Elena, but it says what

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You hear, do you hear me?

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Right? It says, doesn't say maquette Allahu la una. It says market of Allahu lenna. Usually the difference between Allah and Lana in this in this context is that Allah implies it's what is something what, as eboni but something negative.

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Lennar lenna because Allah means upon us against us.

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Lennar implies that it's something What? Positive good fortune

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though that is talking about what a potential negative consequence

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or outcome yet a lot all the profit to say to them and the is saying you'll see Ben and we'll see but you'll see usually most events What

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is it good or bad masiva is bad and is it for you or against you? Supposedly right? It's supposed to be against you, but not if you are a true believer.

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In Sahih Muslim the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, this is the Prophet speaking

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Agia polyamory men,

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Isaiah Berlin. The amarin movement wonderful is the matter of the believer. The affair of the believer is just amazing.

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In the umbra, who cola Ohio, all of his affairs, all of his situation, any situation turns out to be good for the believer.

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It is always positive, no matter what it is, and then the Prophet makes a comment.

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The Prophet Joomla Tierra de la ciudad de Cali, I had an inland in a moment, and that is not granted to anyone except a believer. A true believer.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam breaks it down for us.

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telling us that this quality is something that only a believer a true believer in loss of Hamlet Allah possesses

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in us are about to sur la Shekhar Africana Halo, if something good happens to him, if the believer experiences a fortune from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, then the believer response to that with what

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gratitude, gratefulness

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thanks Allah subhanho wa Taala for karma higher Allahu and that turns out to be good for him or her. Why? Because Allah azza wa jal in the Quran says, Let in Shackleton let as he did not come if you're grateful, I will give you more. I will increase you. I'll bless it for you. I'll preserve it. Valley can be an aloha lm Yakumo VIERA near metal and I'ma holla comin hotter yo yo maybe to see him. Allah says Allah will not change

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the good fortune or state of any people, your good status will not change.

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Once Allah blesses you with something once Allah Subhana with Allah once you get a taste of the grace of a loss of habitat when Allah endows you or blesses you with something, Allah will not take it away or destroy it, or turn it into a negative element or force in your life. Unless and until something about you changes. Hatoyama be unforeseen, until you change something within you until you're no longer grateful, until you start taking it for granted or you abuse it or you use it to abuse others.

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When you violate

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the conditions

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of the covenant between you and Allah subhanaw taala then that near that blessing of a loss of habitat upon you will be either taken away from you or it will turn against you or it will be destroyed.

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You lose it. Allahu manana, all the victims early nomadic. So you have to maintain what had to be unforeseen something it is something internal, you have to maintain gratitude, positive attitude

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and you have to make sure that you what

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you give thanks to Allah subhanho wa Taala you remain you remain humble before Allah subhana wa tada and that you continue to see this as a blessing from Allah azza wa jal use it positively

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Write and give thanks to Allah azza wa jal that will ensure its continuity.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, if a believer experiences a fortune or something good, then that turns out to be good for the believer because the believer deals with that fortune with gratitude, Hamden, we can see that, okay, however, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says, What in our saw back to LA, however, if something evil, bad a misfortune befalls the believer, if a believer experiences a misfortune, that comes from a law that is beyond their control sabara the believer deals with it, through what sovereign and sovereign manifests itself

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in different situations differently.

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So, if it's something that is beyond your control, there is nothing you can do about it, except that you submit to it you submit to it, passivity, you just take it endurace you and do,

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there is a lot of pain, sorrow, fatigue, hurt,

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but you endure

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and you endure in a in a in a in a fashion that pleases Allah subhana wa tada

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sobre Jamil. You don't complain about Allah Subhana you just take it. You take it and you ask Allah as we get to strengthen you. You show no weakness. You see the beauty in what a loss of how to Allah puts you through.

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You see that there is victory to come after this misfortune and this loss. You see that Allah Subhana Allah intends what is good for you. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it says even when the believer experiences a loss or misfortune, the believer maintains positive attitude about a loss of Hannah with Allah. So can I hire Allah and that turns out to be good. Not Allah He left for him.

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That is why when someone comes in, threatens us or if someone comes or even if it's something internal, if it's an internal negative voice within you, if it's shavon coming to you, oh what if this happens? What if that happens? How should you respond to it? But lay your sleeve and Illa Makita Bella who Nana

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only what Allah has written for us in the following a Allah says Allah Hazara persona, Vina la personaje what's the worst thing that could happen? as a believer one of two things, either you live a life of victory,

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connected to a loss of Hannah who are to Allah,

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humbled by the blessings of Allah upon you. Or you die with your dignity and you stand before your Lord and you receive what Allah Subhana Allah has promised those who will endure for his sake, there is nothing anyone can do for you or to you.

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except Allah Subhana Allah.

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So they believe or because of this, there is this one quality brothers and sisters that the believer

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must maintain, which is positive attitude, and personal one, to have good expectations, positive expectation from Allah subhanho wa Taala ad and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us, to his companions, to his followers, to his to the believers lionmoon 10 had to come in La Jolla, Nova Bella, make sure that you do not die except while having what positive attitude and thought and expectation from a loss of Hannah with that,

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that some people think that being a believer means that you should be always sad and depressed and always have just negative attitude about everything and just see the ugly in everything.

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Just see the pain and the suffering and just be always down.

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Now, no, no,

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One of the qualities of a true believer is that that believer maintains what positive attitude. They see the hail, they see the beauty in everything that a loss of Hannah Medina wills and by the way, that also extends it goes beyond whatever Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wills, they even see the positive and the good. And other people has an abundant authority. They expect good from other people from the from from the servants of Allah Subhana home with that, especially the believers, especially they're believers, right. Someone might say this is very naive, man. I have no idea you have no experience in life. Believe me, I have a lot of experience in life. Sometimes it's good to

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maintain a level of innocence.

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And naivety. Sometimes it's good.

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You don't know what this person or what these people are capable of. Yeah, but they will say when a llama cattle are loaded.

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I am not going to poison my heart with negative attitude and with fear and with

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with negative emotions and feelings and it's just not good.

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It's not good.

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Allah azza wa jal said, and by the way, this quality, maintaining positive attitude, right and

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being optimistic and always seeing the good in what Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wills

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and seeing the good in people, though these are two different subjects, I just wanted to address them together because they they're they're of the same nature. You find people who who maintain a positive attitude towards other people you find them to be when you explain to them that you should maintain positive attitude, the laws are just easy for them. People who have this innocence about

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it's just amazing. When you tell them that Allah subhanaw taala puts you through something, there must be something good that will come out of it inshallah Allah, they can see it. They can see, it's just not some empty talk. You're not trying to fool me or just No, they see. I see. And they wait for it. And then when it happens, they see there are a lot of people sometimes they don't even see the good outcome out of any situation. They don't see that like, What do you mean? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just to give you an idea, before I go, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to visit a man who was sick. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his

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tradition, or his habit was whenever he went to someone who was ill or sick, he would wish them well. Obviously, that's why you go to someone. Right? You wish them well, you you share with them a statement that is motivating uplifting to help them

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fight this sickness or disease. So he said to this man, who unfortunately was a very negative man, he said to him, Tony Sharla, purifying? May this be purifying the man instead of saying, I mean, I hope so. Thank you, messenger of Allah. And instead, what did he do?

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negative attitude just horrible. Is that the whole? This is the you call this the whole? purifying? How could this be the whole? He said, no matter what we're told, it's not the whole? Well, I can metaphor. He said, this is boiling fever. And I shaved and caviar on this old man. It's breaking my bones, you tell me that this is going to be good? Or May this be? May I get? Well, you have no idea what I'm going through. And he just went off.

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He said to 014 and eventually is going to lead me to my grave to my death.

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So the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam upon seeing this kind of a negative attitude and this response from this man, he said,

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as you say,

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as you say,

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obviously the man didn't make it.

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Right? What he wished for or what he thought will happen to him happen to him. This is the difference between negative attitude and positive attitude. I'll conclude with a story that I read is a true story, written long time ago, of a man who froze himself to death.

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He throws himself to death due to his

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negative attitude negative thought.

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And instead of looking for solutions, the police

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was puzzled

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when they found notes written

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by a worker who died inside a walk in cooler.

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Those of you who have restaurants or stores you know what a walk in cooler is, it's a it's a little room that has the refrigerated room.

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And in the old days, this is before they used to have the safety mechanism, a latch from inside that you press to open it from inside. In the old days, you go inside, you keep it open, if you've closed it, someone has to open it for you from outside. So he used to work in a company. And he went inside to do some work. And then on his way out, he knocked the door nobody's answering.

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And then he realized that it was past three o'clock. And he realized that that day was

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they didn't have a full day. It was half day, and there was a long weekend. Following that was the beginning of a long weekend. He immediately thought to himself that oh my god, I'm gonna die to death. Everybody's gone home. They're not going to come back except in more than three days. I'll be done by then. I'm going to freeze to death.

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And the police concluded that because he wrote he engraved on the wooden floor of that cooler, he wrote down his emotions and he wrote a little message to his wife and the kids and how he loved them and how he felt.

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autopsy showed that he had every sign of hypothermia.

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What puzzled investigators and detectives was the fact that the cooler was actually turned off.

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It was at a regular room temperature in the 70s, mid 70s. No one should die from that.

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He had enough to survive. There was food and drink and everything.

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But the man froze himself to death. That's the conclusion that came out of that particular case. Oh my god, I'm gonna die. I'm gonna freeze to death. And it happened. May Allah Subhana Allah make you and I have those who listen and follow the best for they listen to Apollo Haleakala. saphira lalibela confessor ferrovia. Philomena hola que Rahim, please take opportunity of this. You know, as we pause, please move up in Shama, Thailand, fill in the gaps. We need a space in the back

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Abadi living in a sutra that brothers and sisters when it comes to maintaining positive attitude and good thought.

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Keep in mind that one of its manifestations is the fact that the believers have to have good thought of each other. They have to have a personal one. They should not think negatively of each other. A lot. So Jen alluded to that. In the verses that addressed one of the most critical crises that face the early Muslim community, the community of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when the wife when the noble blessing wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Isha was accused of slander, and she was slandered.

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Allah has no agenda in the verses that exonerated Ayesha and proved her innocence. Allah azza wa jal said,

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commenting or referring to how some of the believers even some of the sincere believers entertained the thought or the idea and they listened to these rumors. Allah Subhana Allah said, when you listen to it when you heard it, no one that even sent me or two more.

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When you heard it, your reaction your response should have been Lola semir to move on and meaner and meaner to be unfussy him, Hira,

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the believing men and believing women should have thought you know highly of themselves.

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They should have thought positively of themselves. In other words, when you hear something like this, you should say to yourself, I wouldn't do something like this, there is no way this person will do something like that.

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In other words, if you entertain a negative thought, or if you accept a rumor about someone,

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you're basically virtually you're saying, Wow, this person is capable of doing something like that there's merits to this. You know,

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you're saying that I would have done the same thing.

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Or you're saying

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this, this person is this believer this this person who believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala, who believes in the same set of values that I believe in, is capable of doing something like this, I could do it too.

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It reflects how you feel about yourself.

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So part of maintaining positive attitude or the positive thoughts of other people and expecting the best out of them

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has to do with what you expect of yourself and your level of confidence in the goodness that Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:23:42--> 00:23:43

instills in the hearts of the believers.

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ask Allah azza wa jal to help you and I maintain positive attitude, purify our hearts in our thoughts and our ideas and our speech, I asked a loss of Hannah Montana to make us enjoy this life

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with optimism and positive attitude, make us of those who continue to express gratitude to a loss of Hannah's data for his blessings and endure for any of the hardships are tests that a lot as puts them through and I'm gonna add in a million kilometers then I'm in Emory, Nevada, or have been added to the

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data now when I'm alleging karma in the country we have a we had a law in the law that said, what you tell them, when when he went to Korea we're gonna look into the Corolla Corolla. Coco was Corolla, Corolla Corolla moto smell.