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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about a powerful name of Allah – AsShakoor and AsShakir and why it matters to you.


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The host discusses the importance of countdowns and appreciation in relationships, including a reward for small deeds and a reward for a slave named Master. They also discuss a woman reciting a verse about being a Judo mother and how it relates to the hellfire, as well as a book called "back to the home" that is meant for personal reasons. The importance of appreciation and gratitude in relationships is emphasized.

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Ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome back to a discussion on the 99 Names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We have with us Mr. Ahmed a guest I don't know, we're both kind of

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shoukry and this has been our fun. Yes. And we are talking about a shekou the name of Allah as a beautiful name Eliza denisha. Cool. And also a Shakir. So these two both appear, or are both considered names of a lion. So yeah. And so one of the most, okay? So Shaku is the appreciative, okay? A lot of it is appreciated, the Lord of the heavens and earth is appreciative. He rewards for small deeds. First of all, He rewards us for our acts of worship in the first place. And every just the notion that we have reward is and of itself from his benevolence, right? Like he doesn't need to reward us at all. But Allah is getting rewards us for his benevolence. I'm just thinking right now

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an article that was on online I saw this morning, which is of a slave who

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is a Master Master. And his master actually requested him back this, this slave fled and became free. In Ohio. I don't know he was from the south, obviously. And his master wanted him back. And he said, you know, the plantation is basically going down without you. And so the slave actually wrote this really, really like witty,

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gazing, like response to him, but it was very sarcastic. And he was just saying, you know, we're doing great. And I'm making $25 a month now, and my wife is making $2 a week now. And I'm not really sure going back to you where I was working for free is really the best business decision. But the thing that I loved about the letter is I look, I understand that if you're really talking about being just then you would, you know, pay us for, you know, pay us back for all of our free labor. Yeah, so we are, you know, I've been working for you for 30 years, and so at $25 a month, and he added up to being $11,000. And he was like if you know, you want to start on the right foot, and

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let's let's work with that. And, you know, I was just reminded this because the slave wound is not paying his slave. Yeah, he's not getting any reward for any sort of actions that we do a lot as good even though he owns us a true ownership a lot as a gift from his benevolence, everything that you do the smallest thing that you do a lot, a zillion rewards you for it, the sins that you do a lot as yet counts them for it with the option to be forgiven at any moment in time. And not only that, he made it so that every good deed is 10 times at the very minimum 10 times rewarded, and every cent you only get once. And so of the the companions, I believe it was to live in this realty says such

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good news for the person whose good deeds are 10 times more than their sense, or like how big of a loser is the one who their singular actions are greater than their actions that are multiplied? like imagine your actions or your good deeds are multiplied. And your sins are singular. Yeah. And so he said, like how big of a loser is the one who singular ones are still more than their good deeds? It's like you can only go to the alpha if you actually try to go that's really the only way that if you don't try it for paradise at all. That's the only way that you can enter Paradise But anyway, you can't interpret.

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Yeah, but that person also Allah if they just ask for forgiveness, they will be forgiven, right? If they just repent to Allah.

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Allah is Shaku Eliza good. Appreciate that appreciates the smallest things that you do and allows you multiplies generously, and generously and generously. There's a man as a Muslim that the prophets that I sent him said, I saw him like tumbling and

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tumbling backflips. Sure why not? doing backflips, front flips, somersaulting all of that? And what caused him what was this great deed that he did that made him enter into paradise? He simply saw a an obstacle believe it was a tree that was in the way of the Muslims. And he removed it. It was it was an obstacle or something that was like causing people nuisance or what have you, blocking people's weight, and he removed it. That's it. Now none of us if we did anything like that, you might have done that already in your life multiple times. I anyone might have done that. And when people are asking you to count your good deeds, like you know, who are you and what have you done

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for Islam, what you've done for the Muslims or something like that, you're not going to count the time that you move the dumpster from the front of the message, right? You're not gonna count the time where you, you know, there was something in the way and you just moved it. That's not even something that you might even think about a lot as it is so appreciated that he entered this person's agenda because of that a woman gave, she was a prostitute. She gave water to a doc laws. We did appreciate that. Enter into paradise. There's a beautiful verse.

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I just want to conclude this part of the discussion with and that was, it really hit me like a truck and I remember it very vividly I was in thought it was the end of the fifth juice sort of and Missa and in that sort of I remember listening to the man recite and the man was in he's reciting verses that are very severe.

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Kula Manali, the Judo mother. Now Judah, Laila, Allah says every time their skin is roasted, we replaced them with new skin, the local adapts at the taste the punishment and so it's very vivid descriptions of the Hellfire in that chapter. And then you know, in the moon after cleaning, less fragment, and not a lot as it just says that the hypocrites are in the lowest basin of the Hellfire than the lowest part of the hellfire. And my mind was just going in that direction, like this is terrifying, scary, all of that. And then the Imam recite last verse of that just

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and the verse is, may have a logo that you can check out to Miami to what does it benefit a lot to punish you.

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If you are simply

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and believed? What kind of love check in an idea and allows to give himself his appreciative and all knowing?

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Like, what do you think I'm getting out of this? Like, what do what do I get out of punishing mankind?

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If you simply were grateful, and believed, and I myself, how can you not be grateful? How can you be so ungrateful? What Allah has given himself what kind of love check in on it a lot as he did himself is grateful, appreciative, idema and knowledgeable, a lot as origin. Because there's two aspects, you can have a person who's super appreciative and super coolest. Like they're very grateful, but you always have to, like, spell things out for them. They don't notice when you, you know, you, you fix something you they don't notice when you, you know, I mean, like a wife, she did herself off her husband, he completely has no idea. She doesn't notice that she, she changed her haircut, I don't

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know, whatever, like you, kids with their parents, their parents don't even notice what they did that they clean their room or did it so you can have a person who's appreciative. But they are clueless, they don't know. And then you can have somebody who notices everything. But they're not appreciated. The person who scans room and they see everything, they know what you did. They just don't want to say thank you. They don't appreciate it. And a lot looking for a nitpick to see what you did wrong. Yeah, so people look for, they will notice everything that you did, you'll never get a thank you. But the moment you do something wrong, they're all on you. Right. But a lot of it says

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about himself not what kind of love shakin and I do a lot as a kid notices the quiet such laws are just sees that tear that falls a lot as a kid knows that that dollar that you gave in that moment was the absolute best that you had. And that's why that dollar is worth more to him than $100,000 that was donated, you know, easily or without thought. This is how much a lot as you can appreciate and a lot as good as all knowing. And so, Allah has given me a show called should invoke in US gratitude, thankfulness, if Allah has given us a shortcode and Allah appreciates the actions of this person can't I appreciate their actions? Whoever doesn't thank the people does not think a lot Can I

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be someone who's more appreciative to people that I say to them, thank you for the action that he did, he didn't really have to do that, recognizing that they've offered something.

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Right and hoping that a lot as he accepts from us and accepts from from them as well. So this is

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the appreciation that a person who knows that their Lord is appreciated. You know, he said at the beginning of this series, there's a small chance that I might not have said this and I just simply think that I said it but there's a beautiful statement the Hulk will be a fanatic law

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adorn yourself with the characteristics of God you know, that's something that we want to walk out with of the series which which is that's another good title. Like one could derive a title out of that. Yeah.

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I just the concept is great. adorn yourself with the characters, you're not going to be able to do with all of his characteristics. And in fact, some of the characteristics that Allah has, you cannot have it's actually helpful for you to have like a PDF, but in general, something like a sugar or something like a Rahim. Obviously, these are all aspects that we should and that's what I want to share with

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some of my listeners,