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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about a powerful name of Allah – AlAleem and why it matters to you.

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls Welcome to another episode where we're discussing the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala with your story, but that's on and on model shoukry and in this episode we are talking about an honey not the food. The haleem is a daisy food. That is not Halloween at all. And how do you meaning forbearing? How do you spell it? hat? lamb? Yeah, me.

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Yeah, meet me.

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All I know, I've had him the food is that it's incredibly spicy. I don't ever have it. Because it is beyond the spices butter chicken. It's not for me.

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Chicken. So honey is mentioned in the Quran a number of times.

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hygiene means patience. When I say to you forbearance What does forbearance mean? You know, I've never really understood that word. So there's a lot of words and when they translate their meaning, so how do you mean patience with the ability to patients with power patients with power Okay, so the idea to

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hold on so I actually want to look at what is forbearance mean? So it means patients with power. What that means is that there are people who are patient when they are oppressed. Okay. But even if they wanted to so self control and restraint there is self control and restraint so it was one without it doesn't

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and that's exactly it

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a lot as dogen every day his goodness to us descends if you were to just take right now is in this exact moment, whichever time you're watching this video or in this moment, right now, how many sins are occurring on earth?

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Too many? Too many. That's the perfect answer too many

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too many. And yet a lot as your continues to give and to give any give the province Elias and obsessive beautiful I think he says that I had asked for evidence me I'm in a lot there is no one who is more patient than with harm that he hears than a lot as there's no one who is insulted more than a lot so you don't want it the prophets are some says they attribute to him a son told me you on and continues to give them health and continues to give them wealth. And he does this in the millions and the billions is interesting. Because I know we were talking about the idea of one's honor and defending one's honor, just like this book that I'm reading Lincoln and the power of the

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press just how common it was back in the day, if you put somebody off, and you really insulted them, they would challenge you to a duel challenge you to do and that meant life or death, actually. And, and either that if you if you even ignored those requests for the duel, you might even end up with a mob in front of your house or your place of work. And basically right that entire building now and people died. Yeah. And just because people's honor was affected. I mean, every single day, were watched all these catastrophes and things like that. And you'll see people commenting and saying, Man, I'm just done with the human race.

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Like I'm just done, like, um, I saw one person comment and say, Can somebody stopped Planet Earth? I want to get off.

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That's really clever. I don't want to get off. I'm done. And yet a lot has a lot that that's all in his control. Yeah. And he continues to give and give and give and give to people who just don't deserve it. Right. And that's him. That's him, you know, in the province of Elias. So if somebody's name is Henry,

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I don't know

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how that would work. Maybe somebody who lives out and Bobby the idea of control? Yes, right. Yeah.

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Interesting. I never thought of that. Then you have

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it's a characteristic that people have. Yeah. And it's something that that you can do, you can actually build it. Yeah, develop it. Because there's a statement of famous they, like the idea of self control and restraint is the very essence of martial arts or traditional martial arts training. It's like you're given such strength, power power, and you can beat anybody up, right? Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So

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you know, the progress of the light is and he was adamant that he was the most forbearing person

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he was affected and insulted and harmed and a lot of times people just acted ignorant towards him they didn't know better you know, personal come and grab him by the by the color book grabbed him by and you know, until the signs would show up on his neck. And they would just say, you know, they were requesting something, it would be a better way and you say, Oh, mama, give me from your wealth and not the wealth of your father.

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There's something like that is really disrespectful. And the prophets I send them would be patient and other man came to the province level, like I said, Hello. And he insulted the province of the lady and send them and he said, Oh, Mohammed ad be just because the way that you're distributing the spoils of war. And this is another way. Yeah, I know this is much later, much later, the province of the light isn't me says

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it, because the way that you're distributing a spoils is not a way that is intended to please God. And this is to the profit. This is the promises and this is the man who left behind nothing. As far as well. Often in this world. Not only did he leave behind nothing, little that he didn't leave behind, when everybody else would give it to their family members and inherit, he says no, our families are us the group of profits, we don't leave behind. inheritance, everything that we leave behind this sort of a sudden leaves with nothing from this world. And this man is coming up to him so ignorantly and so rudely saying that to the province, listen, I'm not even calling me I was just

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calling him

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the province of cinema Lewis, his head, absolutely upset. And then he says, may Allah have mercy on Moosa, he was tested by what is much more than this possible, and he was patient. And so this shows you that you know what, you may have this initial reaction, when you swallow it, you keep it contained, you restrain yourself and the province of Allied it's an actually it's attributed to a companion back in the high school and middle school days where people like Jamie aggressive, and somebody would throw a first punch. And the response would be I ate that.

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What do you mean? Like they hit you? Right? And you're standing, I hate that. Oh, you just ate it. But But we said you swallow that just reminded me that reminded you high school and he would just punch you in the face and you just stand there.

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Once you eat the first one, they don't want to throw the second one. Oh.

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Okay, interesting. That's an interesting technique. First one is best as you can.

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Knowledge is acquired by learning the unknown. And forbearance by being practiced basically by being sought out in practice and in forbearance is acquired the same way. By practicing forbearance by trying to extend and expand your forbearance circle or your ability to be forbearing. It's almost like in order to embrace the knowledge, the idea of forbearance is almost attributed or paired with the thought of grind, you know, you got to grind through the work, ya know, the prophets lesson and he called sub what he called patients, Leah, he called it he called a salon, and a subtle deer. And the difference between light and Leah is that if this lamp in created heat, it would be called

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bleah. It does.

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Whereas mood is cool. Yeah. And so saliva is cool. It's it's, you know, brings coolness to the eyes. It calms you down sub burns. And so the problem is less and less on Yeah, the province of Centrum called Leon subud. Is that because you're sitting there and you're trying to be patient and all you want to do is unleash your rage and anger upon this poor ignoramus and you're being patient, and it's only increasing them in, in their ignorance. That's what a machete says in a famous verse of poetry of his he says, you have a blue Sufi

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Falco and akula Jeeva. He says, The fool speak to me with all vulgarity, so I hate to respond likewise, in turn the increase in their ignorance and I increase in my forbearance like incense that becomes more fragrant when Burt says you haltingly Sufi

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translate the Arabic into English

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as either Hyndman Garuda anzaldo Eva, so he's just, he's like, the more you try to burn me, the more forbearance I become, and my forbearance just becomes this beautiful fragrance. The more you burn me, the more I just light up the room with this beautiful fragrance. So that's where the The take home steps to take home step is this, memorize that ball? memorize that book, if you want to look it up, I actually translated a good portion of the amount of Japanese they want that so I was able to recall it. If you sell it somewhere they want they want Yeah, they want is a collection of poetry. So mama Shafi

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back to forbearance. So if a person wants to be a lot to be forbearance with them, they don't want to be held, and to be punished for the sins that they do before bearing with others. The same way that a lot of that gives you this days and days and weeks and weeks and months and months and years and years for you to return to him. Don't jump on people the first time they make a mistake with you. I don't feel like that person wronged me the first time I have to now go destroy this person and everything they've ever built. No. I'm going to be forbearance with them. I'm going to forgive them.

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I'm going to overload I'm going to be patient, look at how much a lot of it has been patient with me, and that you don't, you know, you make all of your limbs submit to this notion of forbearance. And so you don't strike people you don't curse people. You don't be the type of person to get hit by a car. You come out swearing, and cursing, that's not forbearance. forbearance is that don't be like a New York taxi driver. Don't be like a New York taxi driver. In that sense, although so many new york taxi drivers are very religious and great people.

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Want to Newark taxi driver, you're gonna think you're in Mecca,

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de la drive taxi in New York. But the fun fact the reason that driving to York is so messed up because all the foreigners did it.

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And everybody else. That's right.

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But if you can drive in New York, you can drive anywhere. Sure. All right.