Ali Hammuda – Scientists Are Slowly Uncovering the Deeper Function of the Heart

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The heart is the most important variable in the brain and is responsible for the ability to communicate with the brain. The complex organ that produces hormones is seen as a complex organ that produces hormones that affect the brain and parts of the body. A woman who had a heart Donated to her by a woman had a partner had romantic dreams that made her feel sad. A woman who received the heart of a donor and was charged with murder had romantic dreams that made her feel sad.
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Modern Day research is really catching up with the Quran and Sunnah as it always does. And it's beginning to suggest in recent years that there is a huge emphasis on the human heart as having brain like qualities, having what brain like qualities.

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There was a study in 1974 by two French researchers, two French scientists,

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Gary and Verni, I think their names were.

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And they were essentially stimulating the vagus nerve in cancer. The vagus nerve is the nerve that connects the heart to the brains and they communicate. And they discovered that it wasn't as simple as the brain communicating messages to the heart.

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It was actually a two way communication. The brain is sending messages to the heart, but the heart has its fair share of things to say to the brain as well. And this shocked them.

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And they and they found that sometimes the brain would give instruction to the heart and the heart wouldn't obey.

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So it's making them believe that the heart is acting to some extent as an independent brain with its own decision making. They've discovered that the the the the heart in recent times, they've actually reclassified the heart as an endocrine gland. You guys know this better than me.

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When they saw it, producing a new hormone, they call it the NF, and this hormone actively affects your kidneys, your blood vessels and parts of the brain.

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The heart is producing hormones

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that affect the brain and influence the brain. There is two way communication. And the heart is able to learn apparently, it's able to understand it's able to communicate these messages to other cells.

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It's amazing Subhanallah, it's phenomenal.

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So the heart brain, this is what they are calling it the heart brain.

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And to show you this type of independence to some extent that it has looked at in recent times, when the heart is taken out of the chest of a person, it's still beating. When it's completely severed all of those nerves between the and the brains, the central nervous system is severed, the heart can continue beating by itself for some time, I might lie mistaken, Dr.

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Wright, what does that tell you? It tells you that it's not entirely dependent upon the brain. In fact, it's self initiated. In fact, we know in modern day medicine, that what the heart begins to beat within the chest of the fetus well before the brain is even formed.

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So the instruction to beat was not initiated by the brain, the central nervous system is non existent, it is self initiated, how come?

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The heart has a level of independent reasoning. It has to be taken care of your brothers and sisters, this is serious stuff.

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And there was actually there's documented cases of people who were beheaded. So the connection between the brain and heart is gone.

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And the body the beheaded body actually stood up, and it walked around for a while, and then it fell back down. How did that happen? How could that happen?

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I read in an article in 2008 in the Mail Online,

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have an amazing case of a

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of an American who took the heart from a donor.

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And then a few years down, he became very depressed. And he committed suicide. They discovered that 12 years prior, the one who gave him the heart, right, the donor had also committed suicide from depression, same heart. Here's what is more amazing. When they investigated it. They found that the person who received the heart the depressed one, who did he marry, he married the former wife of the donor.

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She was the one

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in the same article, a lady she mentioned about her experience in receiving a heart from a young boy who was 18 years old, young man 18 years old who died in a motorcycle accident. So she needed a new heart. Actually, she needed a new set of lungs. She took both from him.

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And then she speaks about her waking up from the operation. The press were there to interview her. They said to her how do you feel? She said, I'll be honest with you. I'm dying for a beer right now. Can you do with a beer? She said then I stopped in my tracks. I said, Where'd that come from? I don't even like beer. But she said I just needed the taste of beer for some strange reason. I was disappointed with myself. She said then I started getting these cravings for three things Snickers green peppers, Kentucky Fried Chicken. I don't like these things. She said

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When she said I became a lot more masculine in my behavior I felt in my femininity was dying out. I was walking like a man, I was lumbering like this stocky football player as if I've got muscles with my chest puffed out. I didn't know what was happening. I was becoming more self conscious, more reliant upon myself more conscious, more daring, like the guy almost who died from a motorcycle accident.

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And then this is the weirdest thing. She said, I started having these really weird romantic dreams

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that I was in infatuated with a Tim L. A team. She said that his surname began with L. I don't remember what the surname was.

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She said, I loved him so much in my dream. It was like I was inhaling him into my soul. It's like he was part of me.

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Anyway, she said, I began to there was something fishy about this. I wasn't myself. So I decided to inquire about the person who donated the heart to me. The hospital wouldn't give him give me the name because of their strict code of confidentiality. She said I never gave up. So she went with a friend to an obituary. They found the name of the person the donor, what was his name? Timothy llama rent.

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Timothy, that's the team leader. And that's the L. She knew his name just by virtue of the heart. Team L. She was in love with him because he's now inside of her.

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She said I managed to track down his address me and my friend. We went and we spoke to the family and they were very emotional to see part of their son inside somebody else who spoke and

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I said what was his favorite drinks? They said III love beer.

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What about his foods? They said, Well, he loves chicken nuggets. That's the KFC. They said he was really into his truck with specialty Snickers. And whenever he'd have salad, he'd have to have a lot of green peppers inside as well.

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So what is this hot brothers and sisters?

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What is this hot just a mushy limb that just cries overlap? Or is there a little bit more to that? Yeah.

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There was a book by Claire Sylvia, called change of heart actually like the name of our series. And she speaks of a woman who received the heart of a donor.

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And within a few weeks, she knew the name of the donor, her address and a lot of the information about the family. Although all of this information was withheld from her.

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And she speaks of another woman who took the heart of a woman that was murdered

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and threw out her dreams and moments of quiet solitude. She was able to rethink the entire crime scene for how the lady was killed. She managed to reconstruct the entire details until she gave the details to the police officer and they found him and convicted him.

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So the center of reasoning and the center of consciousness is the human heart according to their religion.

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