She Stopped Praying and Took Off Her Hijab

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The concept of Islam's principles of entering homes from their doors is discussed, including the worship of Allah subhanaw taala and the need for individuals to choose the right pathways to achieve their goals. Strong legal rulings for entering houses from their homes are also emphasized, including strong guidance of the Sharia and strong legal rulings for the Arabic language. Consistent small adjustments to one's behavior are also highlighted as a way to achieve their goals.

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you know Subhanallah chef,

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I heard a story about the system Allah have mercy on her.

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And she was a very religious sister. MashAllah were in the club used to read the Quran every day and ha sama was always prayed on time.

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But one day is upon Allah something just changed. And she stopped praying, stop reading and, and took off her hijab as well. And her parents are thinking to themselves, this is unheard of we don't know how to be like this. This there's something off. So they asked around discussed the matter with her, she just said that she was unwilling to well, and they immediately jumped to the conclusion that they needed other Iraqi someone to do rakia on her because someone must have done some say her or something went wrong, that that was the only way to explain it. And it's panela they went on with it. One day past one week past a month past. Ramadan pasterns. Pamela has Salah is still not paid on

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time. And they are still questioning if she was able to get the best month itself.

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But they realize that they miss something eventually. And they usually say that simplicity is the greatest of sophistications.

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And they didn't realize that maybe that there was something else that they weren't considering. So they asked her you know the symptoms and one of the machines that they've gone to this and have you ever been to a doctor and they said no.

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And when they went to the doctor, who was a minor chemical balance imbalance that they could have easily fixed with one pill

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just comes to show you isn't it that you know you have the wrong cause for the wrong actions, you get the wrong outcome.

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And this takes us to a another Quranic principle where Allah subhanaw taala said what to do your time in Abu Dhabi that approach homes from their doors.

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The Quranic principle that I just shared with you was revealed in context of pilgrimage and pre Islamic customs. What pilgrims would do is that they would enter their homes from the rear side of their houses and they would avoid the front doors and they considered this as an act of worship and righteousness during pilgrimage. So Quran corrected this misconceived misconception by telling them that this has nothing to do with righteousness, because Allah didn't legislate it. And he said while asapbio Roe v and w Tamils OHare Hawala, Kin, LBL, primary taco to vote, I mean Alaba that it is not righteousness to enter houses from the back. But righteousness is in the one who fears Allah and

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enter houses from their doors. Now, here's the thing, although this verse addresses a specific matter.

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Nevertheless, it has far why the application of entering homes from their doors shaker Sadie, he helps us understand.

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He says that he bought a gentleman our ad sharp.

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He says that this is one of the principles of Islam.

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And he says the subtle indication of the verse guides want to choose the easiest pathways and those nearest to that desired destination in every effect.

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I think he says whoever works towards a goal, approaches it from its correct door and remains resilient, will sooner or later attain his goal by the Commission.

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To help us understand the wider application of this Quranic principle of enter homes from their doors. I will share with you a few examples of this principle in action. First of all, the worship of Allah subhanaw taala enter homes from their doors means do not

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invent acts of worship. Beyond that which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came with, because houses are to be entered by their doors and similarly the home of Jana can only be entered through the door of the prophetic way.

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Men after that Fe M Lena had

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the famous Hadith whoever invents a matter which does not belong to Islam will have it rejected.

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And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam there is nothing that will bring you closer to paradise or distance you from the fire except that it has already been explained to you. And I remember when the companion jab it, even though I deny

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narrated that honorable Qatar once came to the prophets, Allah

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam carrying with him a copy of the Torah the Old Testament. Yeah rasool Allah He has he news cartoon in a messenger of Allah I have with me a copy of the Torah and the prophets on Allahu Allahu Salam remain quiet

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on when he began to read from it, and the face of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or its color was changing. We're back on the Allahu Anhu realize this. So he said, Thank you. Let's get rockin man Tara Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Omar, don't you see the change in the face of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and anganwadi Allahu Anhu. He looked up. And he said I seek refuge in Allah, from the anger of Allah and the anger of the prophets of Allah who was Selim he said, We are pleased with Allah Azza wa Lord, we are pleased with Islam is our religion. We are pleased with you, oh prophet of Allah as our messenger.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I swear by the one who possesses my soul. If Prophet Musa was to appear, and you were to follow him and abandon me, you would have gone astray.

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And he should he have been alive. And should he have met me? He would have followed me. So this was a huge lesson. For both Omar the entire Muslim nation, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted to nurture a generation that was focused on one source of guidance, seeking inspiration from it and grow from it and dignity from it. So a person who enters houses from their doors recognizes that there is no scope to invent new religious practices within Islam, just as Islam will remain eternally free from the need of human modifications and reformations. So that's one example of entering homes from their doors when it comes to worship.

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Another example would be the issuing of fatwa, or the issuing of Islamic verdicts.

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A person who puts himself forward as a reference point in Islamic matters must also ensure to enter houses from their homes. What does that mean? It means he or she must have undergone rigorous Islamic training.

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And this includes, as an example, a strong command of the Arabic language. Natural grammar self morphology allows rhetoric, a strong command of Tafseer and particularly the idea of the verses of rulings, understanding and Nassif Waldman Zool, the abrogated and the aggregator Allah the general Alas, the specific, illogical ambivalent medallion clarifying must come, unequivocal moto shall be the equivocal. A strong command of Hadith, having memorized a substantial amount, able to recognize what is real but reliable and what is not being aware of matters of each matter, consensus and pilaf difference, aware of the schools of thought and the differences between them having a command in a

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solid Islamic legal theory, our ideal fit, felt Maxim's Maga mythos, Sharia the higher objectives of Sharia amidst other prerequisites.

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Some people assume that all of these can be bypassed, simply on the back of an online following that you have, or the label of shape that was given to you by maybe that laity of people know that shortcut is nothing more than a shortcut to hell. Because Allah said, approach houses from their doors, and that's not how fat work is to be approached.

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A third example of this Quranic principle, in application entering homes from their doors is

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identifying the source of problems in your life.

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When everything seems to be going wrong, this principle of inter houses from their doors helps a person trace the root cause correctly, and in many cases is due to a deficiency that has developed between a person and his note that you've introduced. Imagine No, Josie, he said that a man complained to me of his hatred towards his wife. He said that I just can't divorce her. Because I've got so many debts towards her, but my patience is so limited. And my constant slip of tongue means that I'm always complaining and expressing my hatred to her. What do I do? What did the Imam respond with? He said, how the lions

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were in them, I took them to mean, doing all of what you just said. It's not going to help you.

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Because houses are to be entered from their doors. In other words, you need to identify the problem to get you to the outcome. He said, Therefore, you need to sit with yourself and realize that she has become this way towards you because of your sins.

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So intensify your repentance. Apologize to your Lord.

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The Imam then cited an example of a predecessor of ours, who when he was insulted, he fell to the ground. He placed his forehead on the earth. And he said Allahu McFeely had done a levy, suddenly that had that be he Ali, Oh Allah, please forgive the sin of mine that resulted in this man's insult of me. So did you see this was their approach in dealing with their struggles with their challenges with their tests, an immediate gaze into the mirror of introspection

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to address the blind spots at once and to make an apology to the Lord.

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These are

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just a few examples

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from them many which illustrate that just how physical houses are to be entered from their front doors. Similarly, every other objective Islamic or otherwise, should be approached from its correct entrance. therefore making the achievement of that goal easiest, quickest and most importantly pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala so the right people need to be tracked down the correct questions need to be asked and at a time when all doors are open for us be careful huge patience is required when searching for the correct ones

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why Bill

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Bill help

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obey she'll oh

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well go

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follow up on

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oh one as Selena Hooten Zilla