Sacred Truths #08 – Magic and wizardry

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smoke share a bit annoying. I don't know. But it made me think you know, the gin. Always told it comes from fire.

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Smoke this fire smoke as far away as you are. Okay. Okay. I mean, I'll point out when I mentioned I think I was thinking about was that chin? I mean a lot of people see them as evil. Yeah. The Magician's mentioned in stories in the past and history and, and the things that they would go people would go to try and break marriages and so forth.

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But these days, magicians and so forth. I mean, you go and see some trick show on TV or someone playing a card trick or these kinds of pulling a rabbit out of their hands. Yeah, but the trick the magic and tricks for the illusions that I talked about in our sooner. Yeah, are much more severe. Yeah. Is it something that still happens when people do is their success? And what success do people get out of trying to break some marriage or tried to break some relationship and so forth? And things like that?

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Is this success? Can you get success in this way? What are you there? Hello, sir. Hello, hi.

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Allah said the magician will not succeed, no matter where he goes.

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This Quranic principle appears in the book of Allah subhanaw taala, in the context of opposition and challenging of the Prophet Musa, at the center of a public assembly in Egypt, where the magician's of the pharaoh they take an oath by the glory of the pharaoh that they will go to emerge victorious.

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On the other side of the arena, you have the portrait of Allah Musa studying all by himself, aided by Allah Subhana Allah, then an amazing conversation consumed

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by we are Bucha in 20 hour Inmet and Hakuna Willem and they said, Musa, either you throw, or we will be the first to go our sticks

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or whatever. And he said, No, you can see yours. But he's actually died, while so you whom you have a yellow email and say hi to him.

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And all of a sudden their roads and their staffs seem to him from their magic.

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As if they were moving, like snakes. So most I was afraid that I would just have been actually up better Musa Allah said most of sense a trepidation inside of him. Allah said to them that don't be scared, in that you will be the superior one. Well, we met at the Munich

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Santa Oh, Allah said and throw what is in your right hand your stamp, it will swallow up what they have crafted in their mouth. So I'm okay with that.

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What they have crafted after all is just the trickery of the magician.

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Whenever you certainly know how to utter and the magician will not succeed wherever he goes.

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The rule is certainly not limited to this context. It serves as a general rule that is applicable to every context where magic is employed.

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And that is because the scholars of language have said and failed to either kind of TCRP NetKey in the JDK xe Bahasa got an omen, whenever a verb in the Arabic language appears in the context of negation. This gives the the characteristic of generalization. So since the verb succeed, that is mentioned in this principle will not succeed. And it appears in the context of negation will not succeed, then this goal is general applicable to every context. And this is emphasized by the conclusion of the verse where it says hate to attack wherever he goes. He's a failure wherever he goes wherever she goes. In other words, regardless of the location, that era, the motive of this

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magician, the platform, the outcome is going to be the same every single time the magician will not succeed wherever he goes.

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In commenting on this expression of now you will never succeed. CIF Asian PPD said that this is evidence that the magician is not to be considered a Muslim,

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since success was comprehensively negated from him. And that cannot apply to a believer.

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But this is actually a well known position in classical scholarship, that the user of magic is beyond the pale of Islam. And that is a position that is supported by other verses in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala said will not come for us today. None of it so a man did not disbelieve.

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When I came Miss Jr, playing the Capitol, it was the devil, who disbelieved why you're unable than necessarily teaching people magic.

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In other words, according to the interpretation

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of some of the scholars, their disbelief came about due to the teaching of magic.

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Now Subhanallah despite the darkness and the misery, and the loss, which accompanies magic in every one of its turns, one is left just amazed at the sheer demand for its work, even most of them. And the existence of magic is another we believe in, and its presence is not what really surprises us. We know that it is prevalent in the film Gaming Music Industry, in the news casting politics industry. What does surprise us is to see people who, despite having access to perfect revelation from Allah, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, access to his verbatim speech,

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and the detailed traditions of the Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem, who's laid a clear path to success and happiness, they still resort to the allies of shape and

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he will knock out their doors, binding into their shady shows in the hope of separating a happily married couple or mending a broken relationship, conceiving a child or simply for the cruel purpose of inflicting harm on another person.

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And it's as if these people have not read the IOER Allah says well know whom

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the levy he had been in that in Allah and they do not have anyone except by the permission of Allah. They do not harm anyone through it, except by the permission of Allah.

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Ya Allah Allah mon Enya boo Romana Yong Zhao, who, and they learned what harms them and does not benefit them.

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Allah for the animal lemony stirrer, hula hoop.

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And they certainly knew that whoever purchased the magic would have no share in the hereafter. While a bit semi shadow Vivi was and how evil was the price with which they sold their soul. Locanda Yeah, and only they knew.

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So a believer,

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even a believer with an iota of faith, regardless of his crippling illness, his intense jealousy of a couple, his hatred for another person, his desperation for a child will keep running away of matters that harmed them and does not benefit them

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matters that will cause them to have no share in the hereafter matters which would render them having sold their souls matters that would cause a head on collision with the principle that says, and the magician will not succeed wherever he goes. So truly, there can be no success in any endeavor when the Almighty has declared someone a failure. Now moving forward, those who have contemplated these demonic roots or having acted upon them,

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they will hasten to do several things as a repentance to Allah subhanaw taala what will be the number one, they will cut off all times from those who represent this evil crack, not working with them, boycotting their shows, warning people of them severing all lines of communication.

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Only of course, if it's for the purpose of admonition and advice. That's number one. Number two, if their repentance is true, they will realize once and for all that their previously misguided ways

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are never to be returned to.

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Because according to Allah, only

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harm can come about from magic and misery and enormous sin. And definitely, that's number two. Number three, they will tend to Allah enrich more small apologies before his wrath arrives, and they will seek to destroy any remnants of magic that they may have caused to relieve the victim from the harm.

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And wherever suitable they will beg for the forgiveness from the victim before a day comes when apologies will not availment

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And number four, they will fortify themselves with the Islamic remembrance is not with the ramblings of wizards, Allah subhanaw taala who said in the Quran, what about the become inhomogeneity sharpy who are already currently grown

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by Lord I seek refuge in You from the whisperings of the devils and I seek refuge in You My lord, let's say the present with me. So memorize this. This is from the Quran. It's at this yard or from Shavon

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Furthermore, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the companion Abdullah, he was awfully

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he said to him on one Mahajan one more with attaining Hina terms you were here that was to be said as Mr. Rajan that he came in punishing

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reciting Quran Allah Hoolahan and AlFalah and as we times in the morning and evening will protect you from everything.

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Our need for these the chapters by the way, no Quran

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is greater than our need is for food and drinking shelter.

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In fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite these three chapters into his

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combined before he'd go to sleep and glowing into his hands and wiping over what he put on his body.

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And he was so persistent on doing this every night, that on the night of his death, he asked his wife, I wish I had to do this for him. By that time, he lost the ability to do this himself.

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So she left his blessing hands and wipe his body using his hands because his hands are the most less It depends.

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On the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he also said that await the inaccurate shake when you go to bed in the evening.

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could sing Allah Who let you know that you know who and how you are you had that document. If you go to that, then recite to Percy Allahu La ilaha illa who will hire you until the end of the year. What will you get? He said in NACA, then he has Allah and they come in Allah He has one or Yakubu can show you Parliament had that because we hope you will continue to be protected

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by a protector from Allah.

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And no Shavon can come near you till the morning of the next day.

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And from the same Surah Surah Baqarah we are recommended to recite the last two before going to sleep and not assume what will Allah give us? He said Katha taboo The Prophet said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kept down meaning they will survive some

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surprise him from what? From the harm of man from poverty from Jim from the whisperings of Shivani from disease from what if an agent said carefully Saturday night evening they will suffice him against any evil that they have.

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In short, there's going to be just one message you take away from this let it be the principle that says will allow you

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to attack the magician will not succeed no matter where he goes

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well being happy

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being healthy in

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day shield Oh oh, another

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follow up on hold it up on Oh Arlen Nice. Yeah.

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Oh one Zelena Hooton, Hooten Uzi, Allah