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The other thing I want to say to you is that you know when the handshaking when he says salaam there's a there's a way of handshaking there's a tsunami of handshaking, the Sunnah. Well the handshaking with the salon is that you put your hand with the other hand and I'm gonna ask her brother well Bismillah you're gonna be Bismillah so we say

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this is a this is a real mashallah look his hand is there my hand is there we both locked in tight and that's fine yeah, now if I want to there's one Hadith that says the Sahaba says the prophets hands both of them were between my one hand so you can do two hands or you can do with one hand right? The wrong thing is for you to do a salon where barber let me do if you don't give me a full thing

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that's like a like your hand smells man. You know you stink boy.

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Sorry, Bob. I don't mean like

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now look, what is that? Some people like this formula? Dead fish.

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Dead fish. These guys are dead fish. And some people they're like Lila and Allah della jawbreakers

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they're like see

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these guys

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somebody will HandBrake is probably you love me. Don't raise my hand. I didn't do anything to you. And some people when they meet when they need they want to meet and they and they and they do this and they'll do all this other stuff like

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our touch whatever it is this and you want to get the sooner we just do the first one is fine, fine. If you want to have fun, no problem now and again with fun with your friend. Whatever you want to do all this stuff, that's fine, but don't think that you're doing the Sunnah don't think that you do in the sooner the sooner is straight up. Thanks. Hey,