Enjoy Your Prayer #06 The Greatest Key to Deep Prayer

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The speakers discuss the importance of experiencing sudden changes in one's behavior and the "the secret to fill up" (the "the secret to fill in") in relation to emotions. They also talk about a woman named Sir-meh who wants to divorce her husband, but Jesus reminds her that she has been spoken to before. The conversation turns to a man named Jesus who apologizes for his actions and talks about wanting to enter the highest gardens of Jana and achieve success in obtaining a cure for their injuries.

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I also promised to share with you what I believe to be is the greatest key to assure

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if you understand this key and you use it for your Salah, you will see a dimensional change in your Salah from the next prayer be the light what is it

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before I share it with you let us work our way to the answer.

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If I was to ask you the question

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Which month of the year is it that most of us experience the most oh sure which month usually

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Holman was Ramadan

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then if I was to ask you which act of worship in the month of Ramadan do we usually experience that who are the most

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in Salah

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prayer which prayer specifically do we experience it the most in the data we have?

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Which part of the data we do we experience the most issue I in the

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last 10 days and which salah?

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Which salah? DADGAD Smilla is the 100 I won

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layer to another? Yeah, okay, what if we don't know when a little cutter is?

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It's knightly knightly brothers, is it not the witness Allah?

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Why which part of the waiter Salah specifically when the bomb starts to make dua. Do you agree? Yeah. Do you agree? How come?

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This is the key that I want to share with you. Why why in the winter salah. Do you see people sobbing more than any other time of the year? weeping? How come? The Imam he begins making dua imploring the majestic Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala calling upon him, praising him, glorifying him asking for Jana seeking refuge from Jahannam confessing the weakness and sins and deficiency and asking for what we don't deserve complaining of our problems and our pains for our own man, our families and our children ourselves. You see people weeping. Why?

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Because during that moment, you've experienced something called Al monada.

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Al monada. It means private talk with ALLAH SubhanA

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you experience the sense of gauging and secret private communication with Elijah.

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For a lot of people there so now for many years, feels like it is one way traffic.

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One way communication, I am praising I am reciting I am dying. It's me sending things to the heavens. And not once does he experienced all throughout the year other than Ramadan perhaps in winter when it becomes too weak communication, and this is what opens up the hearts as it bleeds. It bleeds it sins and allows a man to fill in its place. Munna yah, this is the secret to come into your Salah, feeling that this is a conversation with my Lord.

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So you say, Allahu Akbar, hold on a minute, what did you just say Allah is greater. You have just told him directly.

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That you you're a Be my Lord, You are greater than my worries and greater than my ambitions. And you're greater than the job that I've just left to pray for you. You're greater than my spouse, you're greater than my illness. You're greater than everything's I've come to stand before you. You feel that you are speaking to him and he is responding gently to Lego.

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And then you you begin to introduce a surah to refer to what do you say when you begin your Salah? Subhanak Allahumma Obi handig Glory be to You owe Allah and I praise you.

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Look, I praise you you're speaking to him directly. What about aka smoke and bless it is your name. What Allah just duck and exalted is your mind. Well, ilaha yuroke and there is no god but you, yaki you're not saying to someone, can you deliver a message on my behalf to Allah subhanaw taala you're not saying that.

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You're not singing Can you take a message to him and say that I praise You and I love you and I need you. You're speaking to him and all you need to do man with no middleman.

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No translator no interpreter was speaking to him and he is speaking back. And we will see this when you study when we study Surah Fatiha as part of our program for sure. You will find that Allah janela Julianne who answers back after every iu euroscience

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So coming to your Salah with this mentality.

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Why is it that we love people whom we love so much.

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We're not so attached to them anymore when they're dead because they can't talk back.

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That exchange of empathy and love just now Subhanallah

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Before I came to you here I had a case with the Shediac counsel, husband and wife they want to divorce at the core of it was what the wife said they feel like the man is dead What do you mean sister? MashAllah healthy man Strong man now she's a no he's doesn't show empathy.

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He doesn't praise me. He doesn't give me the the emotional satisfaction that I require just to speak well of me and to reassure me, does he pay the bills? Yeah, good with the children. Fantastic. Does he help in the house? He does. But you want to divorce? Yeah, because she doesn't give me what I need from an emotional perspective emotional. That's why you when you feel that you're spoken back to there was communication that's when we love

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what he learned his method will Allah to Allah belongs the best example. Allah Almighty speaks back at you and that's why we enjoy the wit of Salah so much and we want to take that idea in with it and extend it to every one of our Salah every Salah you make I am so I am about to engage in Munna Jaya, the private talk with Allah Subhana Allah

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Subhan Allah be an IV glory to be glory to my Lord, the mighty, to speaking to him. I think that you are mighty Oh Allah Subhana Allah you say that in frustration, glory be to my lord the highest I believe you are the highest online. Speak to him. And I share it with you and perhaps we will close with this hadith.

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Yeah, Allah one of the most beautiful demonstrations of monada with Allah

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that's come of court that comes by way of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I'm going to translate this dua for you sentence by sentence and I want you just to read and to hear the undertone.

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It is the words they are the words of a man who is communicating with Allah directly and expressing his love and thanks and gratitude to him. That transforms the salah.

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Memorize it if you can. Muslim the rates on the authority of Ali that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say in the beginning of his Salah during the night prayer, he would say

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would you have to what you hear in the fedora seminar it will auto Khalifa I have turned my face solely to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. When I mean and we should again and I don't associate partners with Allah.

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In solidarity you will know Sookie Oh Allah, my prayer and my sacrifice. Well my Haryana, Marathi and my life and my death, Linda Europe in Ireland, they belong to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

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nursery kala who he has no partners will be there and he can omit this is what I have been commanded. what a what a Muslim mean, and I am from the Muslims. And then he said, Allahu Allah and Medic, Oh Allah, you are the king. Look, he's speaking to Allah. It's not just an invocation of prayer that you're just uttering he's speaking to him.

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And that's why the, the Sahaba they couldn't bear a lot of them at least, to pray the piano with the prophets. And I said, because it was so long it was as if he had disappeared into a different world. And he wouldn't feel his injured feet that were cracking, open and swelling, because he's speaking to our Lord that he's obsessed with that conversation. He continues and he says, hola, hola. And then medic, O Allah, you are the king. You know, in the end, there is no god but you and Rob be one. You are my Lord, and I am your slave

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vollum to Nipsey I've oppressed myself, what are off to be them be and I confess my sin fulfill either and will be Jimmy and so please erase all of my sins in the whole Iraq fit of the Nova Illa and because nobody can do that, except you. He said why do you nearly as any law please guide me to the best of manners. Now ideally, I send you in and nobody can do that. Except you was there if I knew say and removed from me the evil manners. Now you're sorry for Andy say nobody can do that. Except you love Baker Sadiq. Here I am Oh Allah at your call and enjoying your service.

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Well, how you Roku fi and all goodness is in your hands. Was Chevrolet set in eek evil is not to be attributed to you and a baker lake. I exist through you and my return will be to you about activities late. Exalted you are Oh Allah. And hi. Use your mind. Estelle Fuuka wa to avoid like, I turned to you in repentance, and I asked you to forgive me yes or no? Yes or no.

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So a person who prays this mentality of monada I'm in a private space with my Lord. And I'm talking to a Lord who hears me who sees me who understands me who responds back to me. The Salah will be transformed

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and that is why Abdullah Abdullah Mubarak, he said I asked Sofia and authority and your rajulio Solly. We are using Indian with a person who

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phrase What should his intention be? Sofia knows what he said. He and we are a new energy or he should intend that he is in a private talk with Allah that should be the near the intention before Salah

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and conclusion, brothers sisters, just to wrap up the objective of this series, which will really start in sha Allah from next week we met when we started getting into the motion of things is three things threefold. The first objective behind this Salah rehabilitation program is to transform your Salah. Such that by the end of it, you will find that there is a real shift, paradigm shift and material change in your Salah after it as opposed to how you were before that's the objective number one.

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Objective number two is that you find your happiness in Salah. You find your relief from your sorrows in Saina you find the cure to your pains and the healing of your injury in follow our joy the corporate whiny to swallow the coolness of my eyes has been placed in the prayer as our Prophet SAW Allah cinnamon say that's objective number two. And the last and final objective is to enter Alfredo Shilada to enter the highest gardens of Jana. This is one of the objectives behind the series. Why?

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Because when Allah Almighty spoke about the people of Ghana and sawed up to the moon, he said hola Iike Hamid very soon. They are the ones who shall inherit, inherit, what Alladhina Yadi throne and for those who Vihari don't they will inherit Alpha Delta highest guardians of gender, and they will live there forever. What are their characteristics? Go back to alpha one and alpha two of the same surah Allah gives you about seven characteristics and the first of them

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but the meaning honeymoon, successful other believers are living in a home field for our team class. Those who pray their prayer in a state of who Shula in the end we're told that they shall inherit a third dose the highest guardians of them along. So these are the three objectives of our series we ask Allah to allow us to accomplish them. Well, some alone and have you know have met with him