Ali Hammuda – Reviving Ramadan #13 – Are the Devils Really Chained Up in Ramadan

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various theories about evil and how it is still happening despite evidence that it is not. They mention various sources of evil, including the use of evil techniques, the belief that evil is a reflection of human malice, and the potential for evil to affect people in ways that are not possible to see. The speaker emphasizes that the evil elements are not just a reflection of human malice, but rather a reflection of evil behavior.
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What does it mean that the devils are chained in Ramadan? Why do we still see evil happening if that's the case?

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The famous Hadith which everyone will be citing this month, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said either Jah Ramadan 40 had a wobble Jana or Julio, wha hoo, naughty Nadi was to the sea Latisha clean. When Ramadan comes, the gates of paradise are opened, the gates of * are closed and the devils are chained up. What does it mean that they are chained up? And according to me, he asked the question that many will pose this month that if the devils are indeed bound by teens in Ramadan

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why is it that we still hear whispers? Why do we experience still temptation? Why do we seal still to see evil happening? According to me and others, they pose several explanations for this, one of which is that the hadith is to be understood as referring to a partial chaining restraining only the most rebellious of the devils, as indicated by the wording of another narration for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said either can or want to lay letting me show you Ramadan. Sophie, that is child three, you know? Well Amara to Jean. When the first night of Ramadan arrives, the devils and the rebellious jinn are bound to chains notice the rebellious name.

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So in the world of devils, there is a hierarchy where chief devil send out the lower ranking devils to harass people.

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So according to the scholarly understanding of the Hadith, it's these chieftains of the devils are restrained. As for all other Shayateen devils, including your own Kareem, the individual devil that has been assigned to each human being, we've been given a crane and also an angel assigned to each person. These devils, they continue to roam the earth. So that's one explanation. Another explanation could be as mentioned by the Maliki scholar al badji, and others that the shackling of the devil does not entail a complete prevention of movement, because the most offered or the shackled one as per the usage of the hadith is in reference to a person whose hands has been

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shackled to his neck. So that does restrict movement freedom. But they can although to a lesser extent, they can still talk and lurk and whisper. That's a second. A third explanation was given by Roger who suggested a metaphorical understanding of the Hadith, in that the state of fasting, which by its nature, teams desires, along with the recitation of Quran and the remembrance of Allah, it causes a decrease in the devil's access to people when I'm alone, they struggle to find the windows of opportunity that they had before. This interpretation suggests that the devils aren't literally chained up somewhere, but that the Muslims heightened level of spirituality limits the devils

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ability in achieving their objectives, as if they were shackled in chains. And the fourth explanation is given by Uncle Toby. And he says that even if all of the devils were to be chained up, that does not mean that evil and sin would still not happen. Because there are other causes of evil apart from the devils, such as the evil souls, bad habits, human devils. So the soul by its nature, subhanAllah is a commanding soul. In the neffs, and Amara to be su Allah said, most surely the self commands to evil.

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So there are other sources of evil, not just Chapin. In fact, the devil's access to man is limited to whispering. His plotting has been described by Allah as by Eva week. So we cannot and must not place all of the blame of all evil and corruption on him, because he can only influence those who opened for him a window of opportunity. So if you busy yourself with good shaytaan cannot busy you with evil. The point of mentioning this is that there are also other sources of evil in life. In short, regardless of how we understand the chaining of devils. The fact that sins are definitely curbed across Muslim communities testifies that the devils have truly been shackled in the mouth of

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Ramadan, regardless of what the reality of the shackling looks like. At the core of this hadith, the essence of it is encouragement from Allah Almighty, and that the conditions of Ramadan have been rendered ideal for you to worship Him or draw near to Him. In Ramadan, Allah has generously given us a chance to get to get ahead. So it is up to us to close every other door that remains

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