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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The importance of surrendering to Allah and learning to talk to people is emphasized. The use of personalities in religion to balance work, family life, and religious activities is emphasized. Representatives are encouraged to act with their actions and not feel satisfied with their own actions. embracing one's actions and setting boundaries to avoid negative consequences is emphasized.
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Why do we suffer?

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Why do we struggle? Why do we worry?

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There is a dialogue between Allah and the sheikh, Allah Kirsten, and she thought was what? I'm gonna do the following what are the following, I'm gonna make sure they us will go astray. I'm gonna keep them living in hopes, false hopes, they are going to change the way they look. And they will change the creation of Allah subhanho wa we need to learn how to talk to ya Allah, you will put me through this test, pleasure, comfort, blessing. What do you want from me? We are living here for what? to please people

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to please ourselves or to please Allah.

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What would you say to your 18 year old self if you had a chance?

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Living in the West, how do you see future of Islam? Are you hopeful for the future of Islam never use. Allah made a promise.

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Salam aleikum. Dr. Sheikh Khalifa Yunus, thank you for accepting our invitation. We are honored to have you with us is that lucky for the invitation? It's our pleasure. And tell briefly about your background. I was born in Iraq. So your neighbors I grew up in a family may Allah bless my parents, both of them passed away, which focuses on on education, I always love to read. And then couple of things happened where I started reading more, connecting more, and he showed me that there is no pleasure and happiness except when you are connected with him. Throughout all this journey, subhanAllah we're going to Muslim women or Muslims in general, increase the love for the Quran, of

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the relationship with the Quran. The first thing is, give yourself a credit that you want that to Allah will give it to you

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push all

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three Be patient, it takes a long time, a long time. Next, you need to have time with his words. We live in a time and age where seven seconds 10 seconds 30 seconds reels is the longest and we want to learn everything right? Why tick tock and and the reels and all becoming very popular because of that speed and the pace of where we are living, not with his words. No, you give him 10 seconds, he will give you 20 seconds, it gives him an hour, it will give you a day. I need to give more of me of my time and the more you learn this, he starts opening doors. Consistency is extremely important than relationships, any human being, if you call them once a year we have no relationship only in

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Omaha. What do you think about the psychological effect of surrendering to Allah having equal in Allah?

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Nothing whatsoever in this life will give you peace, happiness, like surrendering to Allah.

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Why do we suffer? Why do we struggle? Why do we worry? Why do we get anxious? Because we think we can do it. We planned it. It will happen

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where it is in sha Allah the real inshallah where it is allotments. So when I plan beautifully, and we all should plan these are means but didn't happen. I get anxious. I get worried. I get depressed. I get upset. Anger depends on me who I am. We need to learn how to talk to y'all. You put me through this test, pleasure, comfort, blessing. What do you want from me? You go and sit. Don't you ever think of the people who are in front of you? Are those who's going to give you the job someone

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knows or means. So you're going to talk to him and says Yola, you know how much I want this job.

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But I have full confidence.

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If it is good for me, you will give it to me. One lie, he won't lie, he will lie. If you do that. Sincerely. I can tell. You leave. And then they you received the email says, or they didn't answer you, which means they didn't choose what comes out of your mouth, naturally, spontaneously, Allah decree and what Allah decreed what happened because you said this to Salaam Alaikum. Brothers and sisters, we saw that 80% of our audience, including this video are not subscribed to our channel. As you know, we are a nonprofit organization and advertisements are disabled on our videos. So the only reason we are asking for this is to suppress the truth. It may seem like a small act, but inshallah

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it may be a muse of guidance for many people. Now let's click the subject

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Back button. And let's walk as an internal passenger.

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The watch with a person who feels discomfort in the face of events to do to remove this first thing you do,

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go to him, prostrate to him and say,

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something spill or spill your heart. So the first thing is in your salute, and why should you because you're the closest to us and God, I ask you to give me the feeling of being pleased with your decree. Because sometimes the decree is hard on me, I asked you to do this. It doesn't mean you're not going to be tested, but the way you react, because the more again we know all the tests comes from Allah. He allowed it, beg, beg him cry to him, and wallah, he will never let you down. There are some people that are not maybe practicing Muslims, that maybe feel embarrassed maybe to talk to God. So if you wanted to give a message that could be a source of hope for Muslims,

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especially women who feel hopeless and sinful, what would you say to those people? Go to sorta Zoomer all my servants, servants, now pay attention? Who speaking Allah or my servants, those who have transgressed against themselves? Not the believer, not the practicing what ducky Allah conscious Nana, you have transgressed. What does that mean? You think of it, it's there? And Allah says, Don't you ever disappear from the Mercy loving mercy of Allah, why he forgive all the sins? Never say, you don't know what I've done?

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Never. Because you're not talking to me. Maybe I will say I can never forgive you. You don't know what you did to me. This is a human being level. But with Allah turned to him and says, You know what I did. But I also know that you will forgive me, and he will. Another beautiful verse. I love this one. I certainly saw the woman and Ally say this in a rhetorical question, what what Allah get from punishing us.

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But he wants two things from if you're grateful, and you are a believer, and Allah Now he used the same name. Allah is all grateful and aware of my mistakes, aware of my sins, aware of my shortcomings, what does he want from me? How do I be grateful to Allah when I turned to him, and I said, I know you'll forgive me. And I know you will help me to go through these sins. You know why I'm grateful? Because I know he is able of doing this. Today, women who do not meet the beauty standards set by the media and society can feel ugly. And youngers within a few beautiful may face problems such as depression or low self esteem. So what's the beauty standard according to stem? And

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what should be done? When we come across a sister who feels bad for this reason,

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standards of beauty has changed. Who put this? And who is the creator?

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The answer is obvious. Allah has decreed social media and biggest influence these days. Biggest. It has a lot of beauty, for sure, but also has a lot of impact. There is a dialogue between Allah and the shaitan. There's many dialogues in the Quran. And Allah says, Allah, Kirsten, Devil shaper. And she follows.

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And then he says,

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I'm going to do the following. What are the following? I'm going to make them make sure they us will go astray. I'm going to keep them living in hopes, false hopes, and I'm going to order them. They're going to change the way they look.

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So Panama, every time I read it, and I was like y'all

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and they was changed the creation of Allah.

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So here you are my beautiful system. Number one, you're beautiful.

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You're beautiful. You know why? Because the One who created you is no Jimmy. Number two, you really want to follow the shape?

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That's a question you ask yourself, do you really want to do that?

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Or are you trying to please, that's very important in our life, what is the goal?

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We are living here for what? to please people to please ourselves or to please Allah. What would you say to a hijab a Muslim who wants to take off her hijab?

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You know, when you love someone, and you really want to please no. And then suddenly you find that they changed.

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Any I keep saying what did I do?

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And I say this one more this way. I keep it probably I've seen in this interview a lot of the emphasis about

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have a personal relationship with Allah because no one will keep you strong. People may be a main thing is you because we get weak. So when you are and first thing I say why you want to take it off,

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we have to be realistic. So as you'll hear, I'm scared. I don't feel comfortable. It's choking me. I think everybody's looking at me. I think again, I am not beautiful. People telling me if she is not married yet, I will not get married. I will not get a job. I'm worried they will not promote me and all these. I wouldn't say it's false. Sometimes it's true. So I say number one, let's talk about what is making you weaker. And then you have to look at each one. It is mean, the last verse of Saudi Aramco, Allah said, those who struggle for our sake, keeping the hijab is a struggle, not taking the hijab is a struggle, keeping going to the mosque to federal waking up for Fudger, all the

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other things not looking at her or not following this person, that person with struggle. So as a great example, in front of our eyes, how do you think women should balance their work life, family life and their religious life? Woman more? Because of the addition of the motherhood? Or being a daughter? Or what's the society expect from you or think you can you cannot do? And I get this question so many times from people, number one, intention, which is the foundation of this religion. Everything you do has to be for a while, including cooking, changing diaper, cleaning the house, because then that becomes a form of a binder. So don't feel I didn't read my Quran today because I

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didn't have time. I am not a good Muslim. No. Because what a lot wants you to do. It's pleasing to Allah. That's where he wants you to worship him, do the things in the right way in the right time. Don't drag the time. Number two, number three, know your priorities. If you are a mother, that priorities children, not you're gonna go and leave everything and study Islamic Studies. Then when your children, let's say go to school, and you are not working, and you have this time, use this time wisely, for Allah's pleasure, intention, efficiency, priority, and most important, one and last is a dua although we know that Islam values women, the media tries to create an image and negative

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perception to the country. So what is the reason for this? How can we explain that Islam really values women? The best way to change the misconception about Islam by

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you and me by setting the example.

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The Muslim woman doesn't know anything, you know, don't write anything. Act like this, I always tell the woman, you know, what, if you go to a grocery shop here, right, and you're coming with your stomach address, and it's time to get covered, so they assume you are this and this and that you have two minutes to change the mind of the person who is the cashier here for us because most are non Muslims, or the people in the line.

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Or you're in the bank, you're in a public place. That's your opportunity. act friendly, nicely. Smile, speak, courteous. And they will say, Wow, is that almost normal? Yeah, that's almost normal. So she is educated. She is a mother by choice to decided to stay home by choice, not to everyone. So you have to think of what are the misconceptions, right? And I just give you a couple of them. And then you'll have to, in your daily action and interaction, change the minds of people because there's a lot of media.

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That's how it is some of the misconceptions needs knowledge. How was our Prophet sorry, salat wa salam attitude to the women who live with him is his wives, his daughters. One of the stories for example, about to see Dinesh I love because there was a love story there. And we really have to enjoy the love story. He loved like no one else. Right? And he was not shy to publicly say it, and this is the best of the creation. He was asked by a man who is the most beloved person to you. And he said I should

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how many men these days in public, I will be asked this question publicly. And he will say my wife, and he didn't say my way. He said her name. He acted like a husband, but also a husband, a leader of a nation, not offer household, but also he gave

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Even his wife this space, one of the beautiful stories to say, Darbyshire. I can't remember which one who came in. He told me again to say, you guys, I know when you're happy with me, and I know when you're upset with me.

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And she said, How's that? And he said, because when you are upset with me, you're going to say, by the rubble of Ibrahim, so you're going to make an oath by the Lord of Ibrahim. And when you're happy with me, you're going to say, Well, don't be Mohammed by the Lord of Muhammad. So when you're upset with someone you don't want to say their name you right? Now look at the response what she said. She said, while lying by Allah, it's only my tongue, that will not say your name. But your leave is in my heart. What do you think is the reason for us not being able to show companions the for profit, like I said, it was to them as role models to our children, because we are not them.

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We all of us, don't act like them. I can't bring cdai Chanel, I can't to my child. I can read all the stories, it will make them more interested. But the impact is when I act. In the same way she acted with sad eyes to see the huggy Jessie designer, when they were faced, when I am faced with the same situation, I act like them.

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Example, nothing works in teaching more than example, in medicine, and they want to teach me how to do surgery. How is that they sit, take me to the operating room, right? And they will make me watch second time help. And third turn on. If you had the chance to observe one day from our profits, etc salons life, which they would get you.

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They have toys, because he struggled way more than what we are struggling.

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I just can't imagine every time I read about what was he feeling at a saw to a cinema people belittle him when people looked at him, when people assumed things about him. And this is what we are struggling with all of us as monsters, right? What was the feelings inside? Is a human being? The pain, the struggle? Did he at one moment thought that Allah has not given him the full support? And then how was he feeling when he turned to a bar to the mountains and made this dua to Allah?

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What would you say to your 18 year old self if you had a chance? What unlucky human beings you are,

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and what blessings He gave you and you better be grateful to him.

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This is all from Allah, I would have at 18. Again, no objection to the decree of Allah. But I would have memorized Quran much earlier. Because Absolutely, it protects you much easier journey. And I would have

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struggled more for his sake.

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And I would have less to follow my own desires. Living in the West, how do you see the future of Islam? Are you hopeful for the future of Islam in the world and invest in particular,

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never useful.

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Because it is not in my hand. This is a person sort of notion, the light on Allah made the promise who's more truthful than Allah, who is going to fulfill his promise other than Allah. And he said, he made a promise to the believer among you. And he said this to the Sahaba that time, and those who does good deeds, remember, it's not the man alone. It has to be good deeds with it is going to give them power. And they will make them the stewards of this earth and He will give Islam power and status that Islam the deen that He is pleased with. And he will replace their fear with peace and serenity.

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And they will be able to port Worship Me and without being afraid of anything else. I live with this verse. The victory is not from me or you or my action or my teaching, or my institute or that Institute. It's from Allah. If there was a chance to speak to all the non Muslims in the world. What would you say to them if you just have one minute?

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Give yourself the opportunity to learn about Islam and you will not practice anything but still

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no happiness without the Snell category categorically no peace internally and externally without its stamp and stamp practice properly. And in the Commonwealth

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If you don't know what you are missing, just like Allah Farah and Dr. Yunus, we benefited tremendously from this interview. Thank you for your insightful beautiful answers. So pray for us inshallah and hopefully inshallah meet you in person inshallah does that cover him. I really enjoyed it. Okay, we do

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