Hamza Yusuf – Opinion Of People – Part 3

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of a fear based on negative comments and negative opinions, which can lead to behavior being considered evil. They also mention a book about the heart not being your heart and the importance of recognizing and addressing past evil behavior. The speakers advise against reminding past experiences and emphasize the importance of having a good opinion for one's own safety. They stress the need to test one's opinion before committing to a decision, as it is a risk of distrust and regret.
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Hey man, like the Moroccan say, don't be little any Muslim because he might be allele of Allah. You know, in other words, you should you should just be wary of Muslims in general of harming other Muslims is not a good thing to want to do.

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So that's the idea of a fear. And then the next one is the bad opinion of others. So he says what Mundo Baba Moo hoo. Now your battle kosugi. Number

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one is suspicion.

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It's also a conjecture. It's where you think something without having any facts to support it. It's a run.

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Right now.

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The word fat is having bad opinion about people who outwardly they have rights as

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appearance and behavior. And appearance was something that the early Muslims actually considered important as well. In other words, although they say beware of

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people who you might think have a bad appearance, because sometimes they're just allowed to bail them. But they have what's called an westmar. You know, the Arabs have something called westmount, which is what seen was seen as somebody who has a good face. Like when the out of the came to slide seven left, they asked him what do you think of me said, Lisa, what you would have said that his face isn't the face of a liar. And this was this called terasa. You know, having the ability to see in people's faces or goodness or badness that this actually manifests in the face. And so having a bad opinion of somebody who has this Westmont, you know, outwardly they appear to be a righteous

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person. That's a bad type of run. What in the Bible of Islam, Allah says some of one is wrong action. And this is important because genuinely we don't the heart You're not taken to account for, but there's a Heba of the heart.

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And that is to have a bad opinion of somebody that's unfounded. That actually is written against you.

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So that's really important.

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And that's something that's not like a see a lot of things you counsel what occurs to your heart. He takes into account but what does

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it what continues as it is written against you in the heart? We'll go into that when we get to the palapa because there's degrees, right had this azeema, there's degrees of fourth level levels deep enough, and azeema is the highest degree. And that and that is what's written against you learn in the heart, if you actually do believe it, it causes you to have an effect on your behavior towards that person is considered evil.

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Or in fact, your view button with a second person is not involved in between you and your own heart. And that is that's not permissible. That's why he's saying

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it's not permissible. It's actually written against you.

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And then he said,

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your your car, it means your heart is convinced and you've just been based on your hearts without a proof that one such assumption you don't have.

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My heart tells me something's wrong. Now, obviously, and we'll go into that in a second about

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the following the heart about certain things.

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And these witches, Matata palaces, whack a mole one nothing, no one expert will

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be aware of that opinion, because it's the most it's the most treacherous or the most fault of

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where there's no Demille you say to somebody, do you know so? And so? He's a really bad person. He said, What's your proof? I just know you.

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that is a that's a lie. Because you have no w nr shediac is very

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comfortable. I have I was commanded to judge people in outward matters, right? So it's really important to look to the outward and see the behavior and things like that. And then he says

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that we separate them, but

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there's nothing wrong with having doubts about someone or having a bad opinion of him. It is based upon sound reason and it is not without evidence. So this is a really important distinction. The difference between sets and one is one is you have made when you have your, your your scale.

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Check is where both the scales are balanced.

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Good question mark. Here's the bad question mark, that I've got doubt about that person. What that means is, I don't know. And I just I have to be wary because I just don't know

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That is not how to run is where you make the decision without proof that he's bad. Does everybody understand is really important difference that'll help you in life.

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So now how do we deal with people that we do get these feelings of doubt about the first thing? If he is a facet, a lot of analysts in

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if a pastor comes to you find out whether he what he said is true or not true before you take it. So if somebody who's known to do cabana, for somebody who does cabana, openly,

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or is moved to Holland with with sahaya, openly and consistently, he's always doing less wrong actions without any care about them. Right. So that person is a facet, if they come to you telling you something, you can't take that at face, you cannot take it at face value, you have to find out whether it's true or not. Now, if you have doubt about a person about his badness check what CDR rock says is and this is really good advice, even though it's coming from the ninth century, it's actually more pertinent in the 15th century. And that is led to unmin a Haydn

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de Nika oh alika oh, Malika had to the rebel alpha LC Mara. Don't trust anybody with your dean, your family or your wealth until you've tried him at least a million times.

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Now as alpha lc 1000 1000 times, and it's called hyperbole, it's more bad Haha, what he's saying is you better test them and see if they're true and sincere or not, if you don't know don't trust them. One of the poets said,

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he said,

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personal one, he said, a yummy Mancha satune, pavona, sharpen Samba caminhada. Jerry, a good opinion in this in these days is foolishness. So think the worst of people and then be on guard. And seriously, that is what the owner might all say, when time when when the period again is full of corrupt people than the best position is to be distrustful of people. It's not run, right? It's just that you are distrustful of people, you don't trust people until you really tested them. Just because there's so many people that it's just one at a time like that people don't have tough luck, they'll teach you, they'll come up to you smiling and tell you, you know what wonderful Muslims they

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are, and this and that, and, and they teach you.

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And it happens all the time. That's why the

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time is bad. It's it becomes an obligation on distributable cash, check out the people's situation, they can just give us a copy. If it's a good people, if most of the people are good, then in those situations, you believe people, but when you get corrupted

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times and people and somebody comes and says, brother, I've got five children, I don't have any money, I need a responsibility for you to go find out. If their claim is truthful. And they cannot regret they can't get upset or angry about that. They have to accept that it's not for your psyche, in this culture. They say, you know, well, the bad ones mean it for the good ones. Right? Sorry, we have to do this. But we've been seated so many times. That's the type situation they have to be told, unfortunately. Because, you know, we've been tricked. And this is an America from a lot, we really need to find out whether your situation is as you stated, it's not that we're we don't trust

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you, since this is a blanket policy for everybody for that reason, and that's unfortunate, but that is the reality of it.

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So that is bad opinion of others. So having doubts about people, there's nothing wrong with that, and then a bad opinion of a person who does ample evidence that he's a bad person. That's just common sense. On the other hand, do not, do not wait if people make Toba then don't hold their past and one of the worst things you can do is remind people of the past evil that they've done.

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That's a really bad thing to do to people you should always not remind people of the past. You should really let people you know let go of their past. Don't you hold on to it because it's unfair to other people.

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And then there's another hubby's also that says hustler tiny mercy and mono height on minimum math. personal one. dilla was not one that is a good opinion of Allah.

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And a good opinion of the servants of Allah are two things that no movement was given better than it. So generally, it's good to have a good opinion certainly about law, and generally of the slaves of Allah. Now one of the things that even Omar said, is not about what I've done,

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I've done,

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servant was ever harmed by a good opinion.

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Whereas a bad opinion can harm you. So generally, it's better to have a good opinion of people until proven, you know, by study I called Baraka affiliate, people are innocent until proven guilty. So you should not assume that people are guilty, until really, there's ample evidence. The other thing that's really important to me of a law, there's a bar on the DD, one ad D, D, and I am in the opinion of my servant, so let my servant take whatever he wants.

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And then there's another hobbyist that clarifies that which says, add

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Woman, one, maybe

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whoever I'm in the opinion of my service, if he thinks good of me, he finds good and evil of me, he finds evil. And that hobbies is essential to understanding something really important, which is the other hobby, which is in the 40 hadith of him know in which he says that every servant has what he deserves. And then he said, Furman wishes the higher end thaliana de la, if you find good like him, thank Allah woman wasia de highrise Attica, li la mina in the NASA and whoever finds Other than that, let him only blame his own soul. The idea here is that if you're a true movement, everything is going to be good for you.

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The affair of the moment it's all good. And a true moment you will believe that even the bad that happens to you is for a reason there's good in it. And that's a different worldview from people who often look up if the pessimists he's gonna look and then we have other you know, why is this happening to me? I don't deserve this. What did I do to deserve the windfall them right. They like to focus a lot s&m said that if you're not angry at me.

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I don't care. You're not angry at me, then I'm not what I think would have been an obvious Oh, Sandy. But the idea is more comfortable for me. I mean, I'd rather be in a situation where it's not so difficult, but the difficulty of the situation for the moment is still a good thing.

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And so that's how many good have come a lot a good opinion of others.

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