A Dhul Hijjah Series Day 1 – Position Your Heart Correctly

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The speaker discusses the hedge of the today's event, which is a hedge that was supposedly supposedly hedgeable but was never fully hedged. The hedge is a way to avoid regret and allow people to take advantage of the opportunity to travel across the world. The speaker also mentions the importance of showing proper respect to the hedge's history and the need for people to show proper respect to the hedge's history.

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Time and time again questions are asked about a hedge that a person carried out in their previous years. It was his first hedge it was the obligatory one, but he wants to repeat it. And when this person is asked, Why do you want to repeat your hedge you've, you've done it now. This person lists an array of things that he felt that he fell short towards, during his hedge wind knowingly or unknowingly sins that he wishes he didn't commit, or perhaps opportunities that he wished he'd made better use of. Now, of course, that request can't be fulfilled. Because if you fulfilled your hedge, met the obligations that are the conditions then it will count as your obligatory Hajj even with its

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shortcomings and everything after it is voluntary and extra.

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The point of mentioning this is that we don't want to be like this person, who when he or she comes back from Hajj, they find themselves harboring more regret, than hope. That's not a good situation to be in. And it's for this reason that I want to offer those who are intending on embarking on this life and after life changing experience had this year, several bits of advice, advice number one, before you leave, position your heart correctly, meaning interrogate yourself in an aggressively sincere manner. By asking yourself the question, what do I really want from this Hajj?

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Is it honestly Allah on the home of the Hereafter? And my salvation or other still hidden traces of insincere grime that is latching on to my heart? Is it so that Allah praises me for being a pilgrim? Or is it so that the people say such and such has performed Hajj a staggering X amount of times? Now, Mecca is a place that has been visited by millions since time in memorial. And many of them have been just like you praised for their hedge, and they enjoyed such a reputation for a certain period of time. But now that they've become the dwellers of soil, how have those words of praise help them in any way?

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Many will carry out Hajj of this year, perhaps millions.

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But will every one of them walk away with the prize that they apparently came for? Imam Abdul Karim who said in some profound words, he said for inner Raju Laney Yeah, kulula como Hoonah if you suffer you are Hadar were Bina Salah T Hema Phil fugly Kannada Eunice Santa even two men may be standing next to one another in the same line for the same prayer.

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But in reality, the difference between their reward in Allah's eyes is like the difference between the heavens and the earth. This is what separates them. So, during Hajj, people will wear the same attire visit the same sites, they will fatigue like one another perspire like one another but in the eyes of Allah. They are so different because of intentions that are invisible to people.

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And on that note, Are there signs of the sincere I see too many, but I'm going to mention just one because it directly links to the topic of Hajji that we are speaking of Imam Abdul Raja

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mentioned the story of a man from the past who used to embark on the journey of Hajj every year on foot.

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Yet one night when he was asleep, his mother requested from him a cup of water. And he found himself very lazy, not finding the enthusiasm to get out of debt and to bring his mother a cup of water. Here he paused. He reflected on how he found the eagerness to embark on Hajj yearly by foot, but failed when it came to serving his mother who was just meters away in the same house. So he realized that what was giving him the energy to carry out his hedge was the praise of people. And now that he's at home, needing to serve his mother with water, there is no one to praise him so he has no energy. This began the beginning of his repentance to Allah.

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So position your heart correctly, the fact that we find the willpower to travel across the other side of the globe and endure the hardship of Hajj. Whilst we remain sluggish and motivated to go across the road to pray I shot in Gemma or to wake up for Fudger on time, that's a worrying sign. And this is precisely why amadablam Kappa but OB Allahu Anhu said I heard you Colleen workbook here. The travelers for hajj are so many, but the true doers of hajj are so few