Pious Children from Pious Parents

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In 100 ila hinomoto Winchester Winchester hero when I would have been the Haman sharoni and fusina was at a marina Mija hinda who follow Moulton de la, minute little fella howdy Allah, wash Allah Allahu la sharika one Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, a MOBA in Iran. Howdy sikita ye to Allah, wa here on the head to do Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam worship Romo to her wakulla Desert in beta Baku, la vida Chimbonda Hakuna Matata that infinity

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All praise belongs to Allah the Most High and most merciful. We thank him and we seek His protection and aid and forgiveness. And we asked him to save us from the evil of ourselves in the sins that we commit. Indeed, who serve Allah guides no one can lead astray and whosoever Allah leads astray, no one can guide I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah alone. And then Mohammed Salah lo Allah He was seldom is his sleeve and messenger. The best of speech is a book of Allah. And the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And the worst of religious matters are those that are innovated, and every religious innovation is a bit on

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every bit dies. misguidance and every misguidance will be in Hellfire, a morbid

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a lot as though Jayla had made children.

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Part of the beauty of this life and men will be known Xena to hire to do

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they are a pleasure that we seek.

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Generally NASA Boucher in an ISA you will win. It's a pleasure that we seek.

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And we get fulfillment from

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and we are because of that.

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Also care for care about an anxious over.

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That is when you have a child. It's a responsibility.

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Yes, sometimes we need to be taught that it's a responsibility that we need to take care of. But also biologically, emotionally, psychologically, you feel them to be an extension of you and so you feel responsible for them. And there is this sense of anxiety about them that is also natural. And Allah azza wa jal uses that to bring a point in the Koran,

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or your HIPAA document akuna Luciana to mean nothing. What do you mean tacky, Helen? How loafie I'm in Cali thammarat Well, Saba holkenborg Villa Doria, Tonto artha, Saba Salafi now on factor, he says, which among you would like to have a garden of day trees and

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grapes and fruits and their rivers flowing everywhere.

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Then also he says, but he is old. And he has weak dependent children. And at that age,

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when he is in most in need, he says something happens to his land and it destroys it. It burns everything out.

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He says which among you would like to be this person.

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And allows though Jill brings this example for those who depend on other than Allah azzawajal worship other than Allah or do things, not for Allah but for somebody else. When you need help, you're not gonna find it just like that person. Who in his old age, having children that he worries about turns to his garden, but his garden gets destroyed.

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But in this area, Allah azza wa jal recognises, and he conveys the anxiety that we have and we feel about our children.

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And the question here for today's hopa is what is the best way to take care of them?

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And the answer is having taqwa

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the holistic, complete meaning of having taqwa is the best way to take care of your children.

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Allah azza wa jal when he says in the Quran, Illumina has so far the mono how la Rahim Allah maronna Allah Allah mean Doria Babu Iman bow

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is Allah had selected Adam and new ohana family of Ibrahim and the family of Emraan above the rest. He says descendents from each other

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progeny from each other. And that means, first that they're biologically related.

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But not only that,

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also means that in taqwa in religion, they are also related. They confirm and they support each other. They bequeath they give out to their children that creed this religion.

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So boggle Herman Bob means not only biologically as you pass on

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your biological genetic information to your children,

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you need to pass on taqwa to them.

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And tougher of the two is the more important one. Because without suffer this existence is empty and meaningless. So after you've given birth to them, you'd have to be thinking about well Am I only a biological father or my also a religious spiritual father to them.

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So when you have Taqwa,

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then you are in the best position to take care of your children

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for a while as well to take care of them. And this happens in two main ways. One I would call the invisible way, and the other is the more visible way.

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The Invisible way is a lot taking care of your children because of your chukwa in ways that you do not predict or foresee

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in ways that escape your plan.

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And we have the story in Surah tilaka. When Allah zodion sense

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alhadeff and musala Hema cinema and the last part of their mission, which was to keep their wall standing.

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And when a huddle explains what he has done to musala his cinema that he has, it did belong to two orphans in the city. And underneath it is a treasure that belongs to them.

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And so he wanted to preserve this so that when they grow up, they can retrieve this money of theirs, because they're orphans. The important

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cause, mentioned here

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behind their act, okay, Anna boo boo masala. And their father was pious.

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Allah zoegirl is telling us through narrating this story to us is that the piety of the father was a cause for the preservation of the children. Now the Father, we can assume it's the father or somebody else in the family that they did their part financially. They collected money for the children, taking care of their well being their future, etc, etc. And maybe they buried this underneath that wall to save it. Feeling perhaps that their end is near. So financially, they did their part. But no matter what you do, no matter how much you invest worldwise, your efforts could come short. You may not live long enough to take care of your children. You may not have the power

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and the foresight to be able to take care of them. But then if you have Taqwa Allah will compliment and Allah azza wa jal will cover areas that you could not cover. So I'm collecting and I'm saving for my children, and putting them in the best schools and bringing them the best tutors and buying them everything that they need in the hope that when they're as adults, when they grew up as adults, they'll be the best that they can be, but you have no control over them.

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What is the thing that can control them can steer them in the right direction? Who if you were to pass on today, if you were to die today and you have young children who will take care of them?

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Here comes the answer from that incident to tell you that if you are pious, Allah defends you.

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doesn't he? Know how you would appear on him? Idina Amman, Allah defends the believer, so a lot defends you, but also everything that is dear to you, including your children.

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So it happens in invisible ways that you will not be able to foresee but if you are really a person of taqwa or if you are really worried about your children, the best insurance policy that you can buy is not an actual insurance policy but be good with Allah azzawajal so that he could save your children feel.

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What is on the border between the visible and the invisible is to make do out for your children.

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Before the

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are born after they are born when they are adults, whether they are on the right path or not, whether you are talking or they are talking to you or not, never and never sees making dua for your children because it's an accepted to

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the reality, it's an accepted. And you know that when you make dua for your children really comes from your heart. So you never give up. It doesn't matter what they're doing, how committed or on committed they are, but you keep making out to them. And you will see that the prophets of Allah in the Quran, they made up for the children, which knock Neil urbania and protect me and my children from the worship of idols, while slowly he do reality, and fix my progeny for me, have led me nazwa Gina was Maria, Tina kurata. and grant us from our spouses from our mates and children, a pleasure to our eyes.

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So seek that out that you find in the Quran and repeat it. And also use your own words and keep making dua for your children. Some of us that children die before them.

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But even after their death, you keep making up for them. Because you're positioned to be the best person who can make up for your child.

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As we want them also to be pious enough so that when we die, they remember us with their good job.

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But now, there are also more visible ways where your taqwa helps your children.

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And the first of that is that

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you are

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the best and the first teacher to your child.

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And how you want them to be is exactly how you're supposed to act.

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Close your eyes and say to yourself, whether you have children, or yet to have them, there's still a thought in your head, say to yourself, how do I want them to be?

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What How do I want them to behave?

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What type of person would I want my child to be? When he's young, when she's young, or when they're older.

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And then open your eyes and say, well, that's exactly how I'm supposed to be.

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Because they will look at you, as an example, as a teacher. And they will mimic and produce whatever you are doing. Your behavior is going to teach him what's important and what is not.

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Your behavior is going to tell them what kind of people they're supposed to be. And your preaching cannot contradict your actions. Because they're going to look at what you're doing rather than what you are saying. You can't expect them to pray on time. When you don't pray on time. They're not going to take us seriously. You don't expect them to dress modestly. If you don't dress modestly. They're not going to listen to you.

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You don't expect them to have adapt.

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When we don't exhibit them. You want them to have good manners. Teach them good manners by practicing good manners. You don't want them to lie.

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They should you don't want them to lie. You shouldn't lie.

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You want them to be on time that you should always be on time.

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You want them to behave in the masjid, you should behave in the masjid. You want them to learn the religion of a lot. We're gonna come to this point you want them to learn the religion of Allah, you're supposed to learn the religion of Allah as well. You're supposed to do these things. Some of us want the best for our children, but somehow exclude ourselves from it.

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We bring them to the masjid and I talked about this before we bring them to the masjid. You study you attend the halaqa you learn this and that but not me. We drop him off in the masjid as babysitting and then we leave

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or bring them to the hell up. I heard this repeatedly, especially among the sisters. They come to the masjid during Hello cause I hope that's not happening during the football, but during hell of us and the talk

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and they're busy with their phones and when your child sees that, what are you telling them about the halaqa?

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What are you telling him about his steaming the words of Allah azza wa jal and the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu send them when you're coming in the masjid simply to talk and socialize.

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And that's the purpose to stay in.

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But if you come to the house of Allah azza wa jal and you want your child to sit and listen

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and appreciate what they're listening to, you have to do the same thing. sitting beside them, from an early age teach them an adverb in the house of Allah.

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Virgin, teach them the importance of what is being said. Talk to them about it when you leave make them feel that this is valuable so that they continue to steam it later on.

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So taqwa means, first of all, an application and a model,

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anything that I want them to be, I should be.

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The second

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part of taqwa

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is that we need to learn our religion, in depth and in detail.

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How are you going to behave? How are you going to follow something that you do not know?

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How can you teach something that you do not know?

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So if I'm the first teacher,

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the first role model, I need to learn my religion, and more so in non Muslim countries than in Muslim countries, because in a non Muslim country, you're going to be asked, by your own children. Why are we doing this? while everybody else is not? That's not a question that you're going to receive in a majority Muslim country, because everybody does the same thing. So it's not in question. But in a non Muslim country, where you're the minority doing this thing, and everybody else is not, in fact, everybody else could be attacking and criticizing this thing that you're doing. It's natural for them to wonder, Well, why then are we doing it? Why are we praying? Why are

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we fasting? Why are we wearing the hijab? Why and why and why?

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And if you don't have the answer,

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then you can look ignorant. If you don't have the answer. You can then only stress obedience, just pray just fast, just do this. And they're not going to feel convinced or motivated to do anything because the only thing that you and I will do is shout at them. As denying the be obedience is demand compliance, without them understanding why they should do any of these things and the motivation that lies behind it. We need to teach our children and that's part of our taqwa as well as we need to teach them about the fear of Allah azzawajal. We need also to teach them about the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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The only thing that they can hear or are hearing from us do this, or your Brunon Hellfire, do this, or Allah will send punishment upon you. Their relationship with Allah azzawajal is simply going to boil down to a relationship of fear. And it's good to be afraid at times, but it cannot be the only relationship you have with Allah subhanho wa Taala only that of fear. I'm afraid of Allah all the time. Where is the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala where he's doing something because I'm seeking Heaven, where he's doing something because I'm thanking Allah for the near ama that he had given me where he is doing something because this is the best that I can do because that's Allah's command.

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Here, taqwa means understanding our religion in detail, and this is why as an adult,

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if you decide to have a child, and I know some of us are not ready for it until it hits us but since you have decided and since this is a responsibility the Lord had given to you and will ask you about it. You need to be regular and learning your religion and more committed to it and serious about it. Because Allah zodion will ask you about that Amana and don't think just basically dropping them in the masjid and picking them up later. Or having them somebody teach them while you abdicating all or most responsibility is going to be enough. If you are not responsible for them, you will end up paying the price later. When you ask them when you want them to do what's right. And they stopped

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listening to you and rebellion.

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So ask Allah azzawajal to make us of those who hear these things. Take them to heart and apply them Apollo holy Heather was the Hello Honey welcome.

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hamdulillah Hamza and Kathy are on top and Mubarak and he was suddenly wa salam O Allah Rasool e Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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Part of it also is understanding their reality, the context that they're living in.

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When they go to school, what do they learn?

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What is

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What is trending? What is what is what are they currently talking about what problems they're facing.

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If I've come from a different culture, and there's a gap between me and them, I try it becomes my responsibility, not somebody else's, my responsibility to try to bridge this gap so that I will understand them so that when I talk to them, I can talk to them in relevant ways in ways that they'll be able to understand talk to them about things that are for the will solve issues and problems that they are facing. I won't be preaching something theoretical while in practice, they're suffering from something else. So I need to understand that reality. And I need to bridge that gap. So also, part of my takeaway is that when I'm giving advice to anybody, including my children, I

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need to understand the reality what is it that they can apply, and what is not possible and how can they best apply it. So if I want also the best for my children, misunderstand where they live, and their problems and try to address these problems as well. And for that, we need to talk to them.

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We need to talk to them maybe more than your father and your mother had talked to you. But you need to establish that communication and see

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is a space here is a person that you can always come back to

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you can always share with me what is troubling you, we can find a solution together. And they must feel close enough to you. And that again is the value of added the value of good character. My father, my mother will listen to me, they will try to understand me they will offer solutions, they're not going to bark commands at me, demanding complete obedience perfection, not realizing the difficulties that I go through, no,

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open these channels and talk to them. And sooner or later, even if they go through phases where they don't want anything to do with you. Sooner or later, they'll come back and they'll take advantage of the opportunity of talking to you be the person who's imparting wisdom, giving them compassionate advice, guiding them to the way at all time, explaining that you love them. And you want Allah subhana wa tada to love them.

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You love them, and you want the best for them. And it's ultimately up to them whether they decide to do this or that, but no matter what you're going to always keep making to offer them.

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Finally, and lastly, you are well aware, as the shift has announced before the hookah of the massive floods that are taking place and devastating many lives in Somalia. So ask Allah azza wa jal, first of all, to bring relief to that area and every any other area that is suffering. And we ask Allah azzawajal, that to make that expiation of sins and removal of sins, and a lot of Zota to replace that with his forgiveness and with his bounties and to make us eligible for his forgiveness and for his bounties. And then our responsibility, then is try to offer help as much as we can, if we will, we have absolutely nothing, then nothing less than your whenever you see somebody suffering

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anywhere. And the sufferings and problems are far beyond what we can do. But at least if every time you see them, you just make a small draft with that person, a small draft for that nation. And at least we'll take in some positive steps. But beyond that, if you can spare something, and if you can give something than Allah azza wa jal will bless you for it, and teach also, let's connect it to the hope but teach your children also to care about others as well. Have them donate some of their allowance or give them some of that money and say, I want you to donate for that cause so that they're always connected to their brothers and sisters, no matter where they come from, no matter

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what their background, no matter what their color is, as long as they are Muslims, they always feel that person is my brother and that person is my sister, to ask Allah azza wa jal ramita teachers of a religion and to put in our heart, the love for this religion, and to make us of those who learn it well and to teach it well. We'll ask him a lot but allow me to grant us pious children and to help us raise them as pious children and to make them pious children and united us with them in general miniato but I mean, and protect us from all the fittest and protect our descendants from all the fit and that which we know about them that we do not know about. Well as global elemi teaches our

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religion and Mike is an example and good role models was Kim subhanho wa Taala to bless us, bless our families, bless our community, and bless the Mohammed Sall Allahu Allah, us and them, we ask him subhanho wa Taala to send His mercy upon the Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam denied them of our newest book and upon the sooner, the sooner

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profits of the low audio SLM they make the truth clear to us and to everyone all other Muslims, and to make falsehood clear to us and all other Muslims and help us to follow the truth and to avoid falsehood. We asked him subhanho wa Taala to forgive us all of our sins, to bring life back to our hearts and make our hearts flexible and obedient to Him soprano with the other well as you are but it mean that we would love you more than anyone else and feel you more than anyone else and seek from you more than anyone else will ask you out to hamara Jaime to increase amen in our hearts, grant us a sincere repentance and make our final abode and protect us from hellfire. Aloha mattina

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for dunia has no official authority has no Latina either. Aloha mai kakou una de Nick Allahumma Yamasaki Falco, Louisa fluvanna Allah Kotick, alumina silica Jen Natoma Cordova Ed Hammond Polina Hammond, when we come in and do Makarova am Colin Mohamed

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aloha minister local Hara Kula who Aida who agita Houma alum Naveen, who am Allah Allah wanna Oh to becoming a Sheree Cooley he actually he will add him I mean, who am Adam Adam? law Minister lucam in Haiti masala Luca Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he became in shelter he musta came in who Abdullah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam yada yada umuahia hermetic studies. Also Helena Shannon, akula, Willa, tequila and fusina

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