Ali Hammuda – A Ramadan of change #28 – Should I tell people if I discover Laylat Al-Qadr (The night of decree)

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the upcoming night of the 27th of the year, which is a significant night for Muslims. They also discuss the confusion surrounding the date and the lack of dis Reuters on the night. The speaker emphasizes the importance of consistency and consistency throughout life, as it is crucial for the believer to hold onto to the promises of their partner.
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Oh Rama

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merci merci.

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Welcome Rama,

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Brothers and sisters. Whilst it is very true that the 27th night of Ramadan is a likely candidate for Leila to cuddle The Night of Decree, it still continues to baffle me to see the disproportionate emphasis on this one night and at the expense of other valuable nights of Ramadan. I've seen people taking oaths during their Friday Sermon saying, this is by Allah tonight, Lena from Qatar. In fact, I know some mosques where the guest Imam actually flies home on the 27th light of Ramadan as if the month of Ramadan has worked has finished leaving behind the local Imam to finish leading until I Hate Everything else is almost like loose change. A question here. I mean, if the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam himself was made to forget the exact date of Layla, Tonka, how then can anyone after him claim with certain knowledge of it, that this is the light every single year? Nevertheless, it was hidden brothers and sisters from us for great wisdom to encourage Muslims to search for it to pursue it, to not rely upon any specific date. You've heard Mohammed he said that the scholars have deferred with with regards to the exact date of Laila to Qatar stating no less than 40 opinions. Some of course being stronger than others. It will Hajer he says just as they have to defer it with respect to the exact hour where the DUA on Friday is apparently answered which hour

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they have deferred wakad ich Taraka Caffee is equally minimally yaka algin fatale Hema, he said they have both been hidden, to bring out the best in people with respect to searching and hard work. That's why they were hidden. In fact, some scholars have understood from this, that it's actually desirable to not tell people if Allah has taught you Which night it is, if you've discovered it. This opinion is signified by the fact that Allah subhanaw taala, decreed that his very own prophet would not know of its exact date or would be made to forget it. And Allah Almighty only decrees the best for him, hence it is recommended to follow him in this regard. These are the words of the words

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of a subkey. These were the words of a Sookie.

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So whether it's through something which one sees during his wakeful hours, or maybe it's due to corroborating dreams, according to many scholars, it shouldn't be it shouldn't be disclosed, yes, in the month of Ramadan, to keep people motivated to look for it. In fact, Vaclav Razi, he beautifully put it when he said that Allah Almighty has hidden this night of Laylatul Qadr.

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For several reasons, one of which is the following. Allah Almighty has veiled he said

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certain things within things, Allah has hidden his pleasure within the many acts of worship that people do.

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And Allah has hidden his anger in sins, so that people stay away from all forms of sins. And he has hidden his ally from people may Allah make us amongst them, he has hidden his Wali, his ally amidst the people so that we respect them all.

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And he has hidden the answer dua, so that people continue calling upon him all of the time. And he has hidden his greatest name

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in all of his other names, so that they may honor all of them, and search for it. He has hidden the reality of the great middle prayer mentioned in surah baqarah take care of the middle of prayer so that people take care of all of the prayers, he has hidden the accepted repentance that a person makes, why? To continue repenting, he has hidden the time for death, so that one remains on guard in preparing for death. And similarly, he has hidden Lena to gather the Night of Decree so that Muslims may honor every one of the nights of Ramadan.

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And therefore with this understanding, your motivation will no longer be limited to Ramadan, or limited to even the last 10 nights of Ramadan nor limited to the odd nights of Ramadan. You let alone limited to one night of Ramadan. Rather the Hallmark the slogan of the believer is consistency all throughout life. Even if he exerts some greater worship and specific seasons of worship. His motto in life is what worship till the day of I meet Allah subhanaw taala because I don't know where he's splitter is found. The marketplace for gender is open all throughout Ramadan and all throughout the year and all throughout your life. Oh Rama

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Murthy merci welcome Rama

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