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ICNA-MAS Convention 2022 Baltimore, MD

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah banana means that Allah wa salam Baraka, Anabaena Muhammad Anwar, it was a Sleeman kathira. To my my bad.

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My words to you today is supposed to be on the subject of justice in our household. But before I get to this point in sha, Allah, Allah, I can't really I cannot start with the subject without bringing one of the greatest injustice as we're seeing today. As we are here on the stage of Han Allah, I was just kind of like checking the news and watching some of the breaking news that's coming out from Jerusalem from Philistine.

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Our brothers and sisters are what they're going through day and night, for the past years, not just even months. And unfortunately, we're unable to bring justice to them.

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The oppression that is happening around Jerusalem today, while the brothers and sisters are suffering right now to defending the holy sites of a muzzle AXA and no one bringing justice to them.

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So I'm asking each and every one of you today, to exercise your right to bring justice to the people of Philistine and in Jerusalem, and speak to your officials. Talk to them, communicate with our state representatives, make sure to let them know that you're not you're not happy about what's going on there. And that you would like to support the people over there. And making sure that our policy over here is for justice for all, not just one side of that story. And that's something that it's upon us as Muslims to convey the message of justice, as we all work on building a society that is all filled with Justice inshallah with a Baraka wa taala. May Allah make it easy for our brothers

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and sisters for the steam era, Bill Alameen. Please make sure to take this as an action item for you before you leave this convention insha Allah to Monaco with Allah.

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Now, we also heard about justice that we need to establish for our brothers and sisters, the converts in our communities, as well as overall in American society as well, too. I believe that you can get to this big picture of Justice and the society before you start from home. Because if your home if your home condition is weak, how can you build anything? On top of that? If foundation is weak? How are you going to be able to build a society that's based on justice, when you individually cannot even have that in your own personal household? That's a serious matter, man. So if I asked you right now, with a show of hands, how many of you can claim that they will handle our bill I

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mean, establish the balance of justice at home, with their spouse, with their children, with their parents with everybody. Raise your hand if you can claim that I need to see you guys.

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Marsha, masha Allah not even actually, you know, 0.09%

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which is true, because we're humans, he must make mistakes. Humans are biased. We have our own interests, our ego, we always look forward to feeling comfortable. That whole you know, kind of inherit in a desire to feel find peace and tranquility and comfort makes us selfish sometimes, even if it wasn't the account of other people who are Beloved to us, a spouse, a child, a parent, a friend, a neighbor, anybody.

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You love them, but you still can be unfair to them. Why? Because you're looking for comfort sometimes. Sometimes love can be brutal,

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let alone hate the gym. So that's why we need to worry about this and make sure that we establish justice very well at home at home in sha Allah hooter Baraka wa taala. Why establishing justice at home is very important, because Allah azza wa jal he established this whole world based on that balance, everything needs to be even imbalanced. As he said, Subhan Allah, Allah in the Quran, Allah Allah, Allah said, he's the one who ever said arugula who? Allah subhana wa Arsa Russa who will answer them on Amazon. He sent them messengers, and he sent them the scale of balance in everything, Lea Coleman, NASA will just so that people can establish this sense of balance and sense of justice.

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And that is, of course, because it's so important. It is extremely, extremely important. You can't have that unless that peace and tranquility allows you to kind of get that even balance in your life into society. But when can we find that in our homes? To understand what justice is? In the Arabic language? The word for justice is what anyone knows. What's the word for justice in Arabic is your ma

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adult, right? It's adult, where is it coming from? It's coming from a cultural practice in the culture back then, when they used to travel, and the back of the camera, they carry their loads. Imagine if you have one big bag of stuff and you put it on the side of the car, one side of the camera, or the horse or the donkey or whatever that is. How do you think this animal is going to be able to walk? How is he going to be able to go through the journey? They'd like an impossible mission it wouldn't survive very much. Why? Because the leaning towards one side.

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Therefore Aladdin they say is

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When you have two baskets, these two, these two baskets are balanced on the side of the camel. Each one of them is called the adult.

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That's where either is coming from. You haven't two baskets on both sides, even to balance the weight. So that's just the literal meaning of the word adult. But in the technical meaning of adult development, they say it's very simple is when you take what people are you and you give them what you owe them.

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Is there is anything wrong with that? Absolutely not.

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There's nothing wrong with you asking for what is rightful to you, by what Allah Subhan made rightful to you. While the Prophet SAW suprascapular as the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and what by the law is considered yours. There's nothing wrong with that.

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But it becomes injustice if you transgress against that. So Adam is okay. Now let's establish either in our household. The first thing I want to bring to our attention is the idea that Allah subhanaw taala commands us to establish with our spouses, your husband, your wife, and so on. When the prophets of Allah Selim was in the final, and the final Hajj, or actually the only Hajj he did when he was a prophet, so the what Allah said, I'm Ali in Medina, for Medina, when he was standing on the member of ARAVA, and as he was reminding the people with their final duties towards one another, if you read if you listen to that football, as we're now at hot metal Wada, the farewell hood of the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam what was it all about? It was truly all about establishing the balance and justice in all aspects of our life.

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Everything, including our social life, so he was reminding men to be dutiful to the to the wife was still serving Nyssa in Fira. I advise you in regards to the treatment of your women, very clear, because you have taken them into your household by the word of Allah subhana wa Tada the vows you exchanged when you get married, use the name of Allah for this. So don't preach that. And then see that make sure that you treat them well in your household. And the same thing, Allah subhana wa Allah has commanded the ladies as well, to be fair, and just to their spouses, Allah subhanaw Reminding men saying why Sharon noble maruf treat them well. He said Subhana wa, ala Hona Mithila,

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the Allah Hina Bill maruf you owe them rights equal to the obligations they owe you towards you.

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Like even his asked women to take care of the husband, and the men to take care of the wives. He's a little jelly Allah Hinata Raja, but because of the nature of our household and the arrangement of our household, men might have maybe a degree different, because its responsibility comes of course, with some sort of authority and preference as well too. But there has to be some even balance over here.

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When it comes to the subject of children, the very famous hadith of Normanby Bashir or the Allahu taala, Anwar Lord, one day, the Mother, the Father of another man, he favored his oldest son, he favored his oldest son. And he went to him and he said, Look, this is for you.

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So the mother when she saw that she got upset, like, how can you give him he's the only one he gets that and his other siblings don't get anything. That's not fair. There is no justice here. By the way, it sounds familiar in many, many households,

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especially with was boys versus girls.

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The oldest versus the youngest? There are many ways where parents unfortunate being unfair and unjust to their own children.

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So the mother she objected to that he goes, No, no, no, no, that's not right. Go and ask the professor was about this. So now man, he goes and he went to the Prophet saw Samuel Rasul Allah, I've given my son and my man something, you know, just because he deserves it, he deserves it. So the Prophet saw some says, Akula they can help the homeless medallic Have you given all your other children the same? Like have you been fair to everybody by giving them something? He said no, just him. So the Prophet told him then it have eschewed Allah had ready for in Nila a shadow Allah, Joe, go and find somebody else to be witness for this because I cannot accept injustice.

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I'm not going to be a witness for such injustice.

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So the Prophet SAW sent me a very clear that as a parent, when you try to be nice to your children, you might cross the line to injustice. Yeah, but they all might get they all love them, you know, equally. I don't know about that. But to you still need with your love for them. We have to establish the skill of justice, all of them. Who wait a second, somebody might say, does that mean if I give this son of mine a car, I have to give my younger daughter who was maybe five years old, another car. Now we're not saying that we're saying to be even. So if you give someone something special, give everybody else something special as equivalent in terms of their favorite what they

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favor, for instance. So someone who's five years old, not like someone who's 20 years old, for example. You give them something for their age appropriate to the age, it'd be satisfied. But the whole concept is the principle of fairness and justice that we need to observe in our personal life with our children

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My dear brothers and sister, one of the greatest injustice we unfortunately do in our household is that discrimination we do to our children based on what? Whatever that is sometimes gender, boys versus girls, sometimes because you know, he's obedient, she is not she's, you know, she's good to me. She is not. Sometimes unfortunately in the same household. The color of her skin makes a big difference in that kind of favoritism. What an ugly way to discriminate between your own children,

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between human beings altogether. But still, some people they do that, and this is awful. That's not from the Quran. It's not from the Sunnah of the Prophet selasa has had nothing to do with our deen as Muslims, but people find ways to discriminate against their own children. Unfortunately, my dear brothers and sisters, be careful that injustice is so scary. Because the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam mentioned that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he says in the in the in the Hadith codici that in the haram to Lulu and FC he was out to buy Nakum ha Rama, that I have made injustice to be be forbidden for me. I would never accept injustice Allah says, and I made it Maha Rama between you, I made it

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also prohibited for you, that you treat each other with such injustice

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fell out of Allah mu never ever treat each other with such injustice. And Allah subhana wa Taala as a Professor Sam says, he said that for in a role model, imagine your multi beware of injustice. Because injustice will create a lot of math your Mauna Kea, you will go into darkness on the Day of Judgment when we need that glimpse of light to show us the way to Jannah all of us but that light you cannot find it over there didn't have to light it from here. You have to do it right over here. So you can have the torch in sha Allah Allah shining for you on that day.

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My dear brothers and sisters, part of also being fair unjust is also with our servants Subhanallah you know what if Allah hamdulillah bless you so much that you your hire, you know people to help you hiring help right now, for your children, for the household, whatever that is. Be fair. Just because you pay money doesn't mean to torture them.

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Just because it's their job to clean the house doesn't mean to throw the trash on the floor. Like literally I had somebody actually complained to me about this.

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While the lady was cleaning the floor, you know, the kids they come and they throw stuff, you know, on the floor was just sweeping.

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I was like, really?

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Is that what it is? Are we so lazy to this level? That we throw the trash right on the floor while she's sleeping? Because she's gonna pick it up anyway? Why not just take well, you don't have to the trash can. Why can't you just make it easy for her?

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In the story of a Buddha or the Allah that I know Allah, we know the story of Buddha when he was unfair to Bilal one day, a Buddha just to give the backstory over here, a Buddha one of the first and the early people who embraced Islam very early in Islam in when the Prophet was still in Mecca, under oppression. But when he embraced Islam, he came from a faraway land called afar

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and then as he was excited to become Muslim, he professed his Islam in Mecca and he was beaten for it almost killed for that Oh, because it has to rescue him from the people says Don't you know this man from afar you will try your trade road goes through his territory they're gonna kill you they're gonna destroy your trade if you do that to him. So the left and then the profit over there. Look, go home and wait there. When you hear us at hamdullah become you know, victorious. Come join us. So our brother did not grow up in Medina with the Prophet Salah Salem early years of Medina. He didn't grow up in Makkah, so he wasn't really polished very well.

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So by the time he came to Medina, was already advanced. And that society, the Sahaba were the Prophet Salah Salem, they work with him, they started their brotherhood and sisterhood. All these differences were gone almost. So Buddha had that encounter with Milan.

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And unfortunately, because he wasn't very well polished, he said to Bill aliveness soda, you and your black mother said a bad word for him. Because his heart was broken like wow, I'd be Muslim all these I've never heard that before from anybody. Why is this brother telling me this? So the biller went to complain to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Prophet was so angry,

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like how dare you say this to my friend, one of my first loyal people to become Muslim Subhanallah so he called a Buddha and he just kind of like looked at him. He goes, Yeah, brother, really? Wow. Just really, in the Cambrian figure Janelia You're a man of still full of love of Janelia ignorance, and these are acts of ignorance hidden on people these these things, ignorant people make these lines like to differentiate between people. To this Buddha, he was brokenhearted himself. So he goes to the masjid. We're gonna be Salah Salem and he puts his cheek on the floor and he lives on his side. And when the people are passing by him what's going on? What's wrong with you? Because I'm not

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gonna move my face from the ground until the bill come to step on my on my cheek.

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I want Bella to come and slip on my cheek just to say I'm sorry to him.

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So the people want to believe it, I believe the guy is he's in the message doing such and such. So, Biller, he comes to me just kind of like, get up my brother just get up, get out, okay Subhanallah he find in his heart, you know so much love and forgiveness to allow him just to set him free with that, brother. As a result, he was never seen in any condition to be so much showing any kind of injustice or unfairness to anybody. So when he was when he used to hire slaves, or two servants, or even actually have slaves at the time, he would dress them up like he does. And they eat with him on the same table with the same food that they cooked for him. So one day he was actually traveling,

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and somebody saw saw, saw him walking with his servant who was waiting exactly like he was. And he asked him because is that your son? Because not, that's my servant. He was really, like, how can we do stuff like you? He says, that's what the Prophet says, I'm advised me to do.

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He said, When he cooks your food, make him first tasted, they didn't let them eat with you. He should be eating with you not, you know, just on the side or whatever left over because he had to deal with the heat and the fire and, and the sweat while he's making that food for you. So therefore, he said, Therefore, I would always treat them like they're my own children. That is a level of justice that he learned from such an encounter. Radi Allahu, Allahu Allah. So we'll come to justice in the households, with your spouse, with your children, with your servants, with your parents,

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with your parents is above everything. Why? Because Allah Subhana Allah, whenever he speaks about worshiping Him, He speaks about himself first. And then he talks to to us about our parents all the time. Now, here's a moment that is very important for us, we understand the value of taking care of our parents and being dutiful to our parents, I'm not going to go into this. But one thing that is very important for us is that when people say I want to be fair to my spouse, at the same time, my mom and my, you know, my, my mom and my, my wife, and there are a lot of struggle happening over here.

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If you take sides, everybody loses.

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You need to make sure that you love each in a way that is meaningful to them.

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We think that, you know, if you love your wife too much, it's going to upset your mom. And if your mom gets upset, then you go to hell.

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And some people say like, if you upset your wife, you know, please your mom, obviously, you still gotta go to hell anyway. But Antonia probably before,

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right? So what am I doing this is what am I gonna do here? Again, we need to establish matters based on justice. Meaning, I love my mom, the mom needs to be loved. And I love my wife, the wife needs to be loved. If you try to make that love equal, everybody loses. It's not. But it's even. It's even so if I'm doing to my wife what a wife deserves for me. Even if that upsets my mom, you know what, it's okay, let her get upset a little bit. I'll go on please a letter in shallow tan.

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And if I'm doing what I supposed to do to my mom, that makes maybe my wife get upset a little bit. You know what if it was unfair, then yeah, she deserves to be upset, but I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm not taking from my wife, anything I'm doing to my mind what what I owe my mom and dad moment, then it's okay when you have to be upset, because it's all about being fair over here. Which brings me to the last point to shout about aka Waterloo. As we speak about justice, adult people think that it's all about you know, having that scale to be perfectly 100% Or maybe 5050 In everything or in our life. Look, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah commanded us in the Quran, but say in

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Allah Yamato will deliver their son, Allah azza wa jal commanded to establish justice and San Assamese excellence perfection over him. So what does that mean? That means there is something better than justice. And wow, I thought you told me earlier that justice is all this whole universe about justice true, but there is something better than justice when it comes to interpersonal relationships. What is it called? It's called Sun excellence. And Allah subhana wa explains that to us, in Iowa in Surah Surah Al Baqarah. When Allah was speaking about that in the context of divorce, or in the context of divorce, he says we're interlocked to Munna Mirabilia intimate soon and if you

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divorce them before you have consummated the marriage with them.

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He says Subhana wa Tala furnish Suma for and you have already assigned a formula for them, which means MMA was already established between you he says fitness Summa for whom you owe them half of that. What does that mean? If a husband wife if a man and woman for example came into a marriage contract they had the Nikka they had the cat with have done but they were waiting for the wedding time. That would never happen. They broke up. But the old the husband why because of the new car and get we'll get up they've never consummated the marriage. Here Allah subhanaw has asked us to split them out.

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5050 What do we call

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This justice

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right on both sides, even though that's supposed to be justice, he goes, color furnace. So my father in law unless I hear food, they forgive you. Which means they say we don't need anything, we'll give it back to you. Or we have we're letting the tunica or the man forgives and he says, You know what? Bismillah keep everything in your hand. I don't need to take anything back. And Allah said, One tafel Taqwa. And if you forgive, it brings you closer to righteousness and piety. And then he says, Well, thanks, I will follow by intercom don't forget about our father, which means grace to establish between you in this area, Allah subhanho wa taala. is teaching us a different principle, a

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higher principle than justice. What is that called? It's called fuddle. An awful father. Or in this case, the grace to be gracious and show grace in the situation is when you give people more than what you owe them, that you owe somebody $100 you give them $100 And a chocolate? Did you owe them that chocolate back? No. But that's being gracious right now. I want to show gratitude to help them out. And then we have right now we have what we call an apple, apple or forgiving right now is when you when you forgive people all or some of what they owe you.

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Someone owes you $1,000. You tell them, You know what, just give me whatever you have in your hand and the rest of it is yours. So they give you 900 and 100. Just forgiven. So that's called Apple.

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Here, here's what Allah subhanaw is asking for us. He is yes, commanding us to establish justice. But he's recommending for us to establish a son.

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He commands us to establish justice. But it commands for us to pursue a son, which means to forgive, and to be gracious. Many households always start to establish their life on justice. But here's the problem with justice. There's another word in the Arabic language called audible.

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The word is audible. And if you're the inexperienced ear, it sounds exactly like I didn't. So we have adult, an adult, they sound exactly the same. Adult is justice, although is completely the opposite. It's injustice. How interesting is that which was mentioned the Quran multiple times and sort of Bukhara sort of the Nyssa in the context of divorce as well to why that are locked on UNICEF, Ebola, Ghana, jahaan, faletau bulunan. If you have divorced your wives, and there is the end of their terms, the period, he said was panna cotta Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who do not, do not abuse them Do not be unfair to them in many different ways. So here, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah has

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commanded us that we need to always always try to find a way to create peace in that society and that in that household, so other than the other, while people try to establish justice for themselves, they might cross so many lines and end up in the path of injustice. So be careful as you pursue idle, you must cross the lines to injustice and justice is extremely, extremely dangerous. So what is best for us? Those houses that would like to find peace and tranquility, they might not find it injustice, really, they will find it in Essen. Most of houses that have peace and tranquility that are based on follow, which means again, Stan and graciousness not just adults. So if you would

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like to have that peace and tranquility at home, as you pursue justice, which is absolutely your hack to do that. I want you to upgrade yourself and show to the next level. seek forgiveness and try to be gracious and Allah Subhana Allah will grant you peace and tranquility at home. Salaam Alaikum. rahmatullah wa barakato.