Ali Hammuda – 70,000 Enter Jannah Without Punishment

Ali Hammuda
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As to nature's beauty

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knowing everything

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well, I can have just enough not does in any Navy sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and no God. But Allah yellowman

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the Ebner does rhodiola Juan who narrates the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the nations of the world were presented to me a lot of work but from the time of Adam and he said until the last human being to walk the earth, He said, I saw them all on a plane of land, or Ola, the nation's

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some of the scholars says this was in a dream, which is revelation and others have said this was during the night journey, and there are other opinions as well.

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He says for a tuna de allama, who

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when the de la hora de la Giuliani when we now had

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a low, he said I saw I saw prophets standing, and their followers were less than 10.

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three to nine

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people had followed that Prophet imagine Allah Almighty sending a perfect to a community to unknown who is aided with hoodia proof, and signs and why revelation and only 345 people believe in him. He walks into Jannah with his own mat and the rest of his community are driven into Janna.

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He said I saw other prophets who had with them only one or two people. Yeah.

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And I saw prophets who were standing all by themselves, not a single person from their own, they accepted their dharma. So your mukaiyama this messenger would walk into Jenna and the rest of his community, they are all taken into oblivion. Allahu Akbar, and this is dazi. This is condolences for you, oh, my brother and my sister who is according to the path of Allah.

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And an advisor of good an arbiter of evil, you see that there are no foods to your dollar. There seem to be very few people who are influenced by what you say and what you do. And you feel that this may be a sign that Allah Allah is angry with you. He does this on its own is not a sign that Allah is angry with you. Because there's not necessarily indicate that your Tao is successful, should huge multitudes come into the deen with you. And just because of you accept Islam with you or repent to Allah through you, it doesn't mean that you are somebody who is displeasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now you continue upon your dalla with your sincerity and with your knowledge, and

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with your consultation of the people of understanding and with your perpetual repentance and ask for the guidance of others. This is a matter that hasn't been left for me and you lay salicaria on their guidance is not upon you, you are not going to be better than this perfect, who stands yo Tiana all by himself all by himself. And now our messenger honey who's allowed to sit down is looking around waiting to see his own. Where is my own? How many people will follow me and he would finally see his own. We will speak about this in the second part of the football hamdulillah

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al hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala manana v Avada. He was

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the nation's he says were presented to me,

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my soul, the prophet, and with him was the

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medulla lasha. three to nine people and a prophet who was followed by one or two people and a prophet who was standing by myself where is my own?

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He says for roofie Elisa.

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And then he said suddenly I saw a huge multitude of people are a tremendous gathering. And I thought this was my own. 13 lately, has moussaka

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This is profit moves and his people and he salatu salam, Mojave Karana La Mancha, Nina biLlahi, Musa alayhis salatu salam, this is an honoring of the Prophet of Allah Moosa, huge gatherings believed and accepted his message. But where are my people?

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He says, When I can invoke in an oath look for another either so I do not mean to Machiavelli

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either, so I don't know v

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40 really heavy metal pieces I looked, and I was told to stare into the horizon and I saw him

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Huge crowds of people having filled the horizon.

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And then I was told look into the other horizon. And I looked, and I saw multitudes of people having filled that horizon as well.

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He was impressed and he stood out to set up and then it was said to him, this is your nation. That's us. We like data. This is your nation. This is your nation. But it doesn't stop there. He is then told Mr. Holmes or the owner of Yahoo, Lunel janitor,

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Robin wah.

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And with them,

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there will be 70,000 Muslims are not be make us amongst 70,000 Muslims, who will be made to enter agenda without any prior suffering or accountability.

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So everything you have heard and read with regards to the terror and the horror of your militia, the day of standing the day of accountability, as people wait sweating and suffering and going gray as other people stand in trepidation waiting for their name to be called out to stand in front of algebra or the compiler Allah. There will be a group of people who will be given special treatment and they will be given backdoor access into their faces will be glowing like the moon of course they will be glowing like the moon.

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As enamel McQuarrie notes on the authority of Abu hurayrah that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he had to hold on jen netadmin own lighting Zamora. Holmes said the owner alpha to the

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camarilla electoral battery.

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He says a group of my own now will enter paradise on the Day of Judgment. They are 70,000 their faces will be illuminating, like the luminosity of the moon when it is 40,000.

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Isn't this a small number However, because our oma is a blessing owner, and owner of Baraka, the owner today is in its brilliance.

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And 70,000 is equivalent to any small village of any place in the world where Muslims are present. 70,000 is very small, your messenger alayhi salatu salam thought of this before you on it, because he has been meaning not only for not being merciful and compassionate to the believers, he thought of this.

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He says as moderates in his Muslim first as a tourist bee, I asked Allah for more.

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I asked a lot for more facade and he and he gave me What did he give him?

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Danny Meyer Cooley Alvin Sabina alpha. He says with every 1000 Allah has given me another 70,000 Allahu Akbar, with every 1000 from the 70,000. Another 70,000 will be given this privilege of entering Jannah without any difficulty they come out of their graves in peace and serenity, to be received by melodica. angels who have prepared for them vehicles the beauty of which only Allah Almighty knows and from there they are taken to gender whilst everybody else suffers. She says Allah has given me with every 1000 another 70,000 so that is 4,900,000. But that doesn't stop there. And the next part of the Hadith I can only translate, but I cannot explain.

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As Obama Tomatina writes in his sunon and Oppo barani, in his margin, that he said with every 1000, another 70,000 plus was the last half diet in Manhattan to be

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in addition to that, three handfuls from the handful of my Lord, three scoops from the scoops of my Lord. We don't understand this, but we know it is great. That's one of the alumni who when he heard this, he said Allah,

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu kleiss. One of the narrators of this hadith when hearing this, he took he says for 100 to be Talia levy. And

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Salalah honey he was said, she says semitone woman hahaha.

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He says he took him by his clothes. And he said to him, did you honestly hear this from now purposeless? And then he said, I heard it from him and my heart fully comprehended. It is one Allahu Akbar. Then our messengers, Allah said I'm gonna Manohar de

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la jolla Nan Zilla who Sahaba natural feola ecology Leah tahuna jen netta.

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Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah Allah, Allah, Xena, Islam falam you Sri COVID lakisha

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aka Shia.

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He says the prophets Elijah them got up without any further elaboration entered his house. So the companions they began to speak, what did they begin to speak about? What was the conversation of the Sahaba? Was it about women? Was it about pistachio nuts and foods and drinks? Was it about tourist destinations and where we should go for holiday? They were discussing Who are these 17 These were the discussions and the conversations of the Sahaba.

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And you notice my brothers, how much of our conversation goes into pointless matters. And for the majority of time, when people hit the age of 13 plus 90% of the discussion is women. One way or another.

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If this individual is practicing, he is talking about something totally Haram. And if this individual is supposedly practicing, he is talking about marrying the second third and fourth wife. But one way or another religious or not religious women seems to always need a discussion or food or food. The best restaurant the best biryani the best burger

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place he would say, Geneva, Madhya Elise and Isaac era and Lisa Eva plan in the UK rahula Ragini. And yagoona was softened about me he was

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he said, Please, when you were sat with us, don't discuss women and food.

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Because I don't like to see a man who was always describing his appetite for food and appetite for women.

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Don't talk about these things in our gatherings. This was the discussion of the Sahaba who would enter gender without accountability. And without punishment. This is their concern. What can we do to get closer to Genesis what the Sahaba engaged in and discussed? Who are the some of the Sahaba said maybe they are the ones who accompany the Prophet son. I said maybe it's them. Others they said no, we think it's the ones who were born into Islam. And they never had associated a partner with Allah. And they mentioned other opinions than the messengers last of them came out. And he said to the melody tahuna fee, what are you discussing? They said we're trying to find out who these 70,000

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blessing people are. And then he gives the answer.

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If you and I are people who fear the day of

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the horrors associated with it, and its longevity, then these are four characteristics that we should try to apply. Should we be should we wish to be spanked? He says homo Levine Allah La yester Khun Walla

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Walla Rob de matar Calhoun.

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He says these 70,000 plus people, they are people who number one they don't ask for Rokia. See, even ninja says I'm gonna give you another Hadith about Rukia. This is why he mentioned this hadith. They are a people who they do not ask for Rokia. Number two, they don't brand themselves with fire. Number three, they don't follow bad. omens are number four. They put their reliance solely upon Allah. They don't ask for Rokia.

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They don't ask for some lady to recite to rupee upon them. Is this haram? No, nobody has said this is haram. But they their reliance upon Allah is so great that they will only ask for rupees from the Creator Himself. subhanho wa Taala. This also shouldn't be misunderstood that if somebody offers you Rukia without you asking, it doesn't mean that you should reject it. It wasn't from the sooner to reject the rupee and authentic as Our Messengers that I sent him did not reject the Rookie of our mother I Isha.

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And he did not reject the rupee of Angel jabril when given to him,

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but our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he fell ill because of the magic that was afflicted upon him by the God.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not ask any human being for opia was only until gibreel Ali Salaam came down, and he gave him raffia but he wouldn't ask. And it is also recommended that you offer Rokia to those who are ill don't wait for them and don't pressure them to ask of you. They may need it but they don't want to ask offer Rukia and the Moschino realty comm accountability media film.

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So they are people who don't ask for opia This isn't to say that they are a passive people who don't take the means and measures necessary in life. They don't work. They don't and they don't go out hoping that this was going to come to them because they have relied upon a law. This isn't them. They are people who would engage in the means and the measures necessary but their hearts were only attached to Allah. That is why Allah says otherwise. who take the means necessary to protect yourselves. And Allah Almighty He would say about that woodware alumna who Sonata labouisse in Laguna Seca, we thought that would David how to create on body armor for

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War Two they would work and they would engage their limbs were attached to the ASVAB to the measures but their hearts were only attached to Musa Musa. Allah subhanho wa Taala but these are people whose reliance is so great that they would leave some aspects of some aspects of halal and they would ask it only from Allah subhana wa Tada. They don't ask for raffia also they don't brand themselves with fire lactone This is a form of treatment called cauterization. Today, our messengers licensed and permitted it but he disliked it tremendously because of the pain involved. He says they don't engage in cane in cauterization or fire brandy. Number three, they don't follow any bad omens.

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So they don't see any number as unlucky or place as unlucky or a time as unlucky. their reliance is upon Allah. And then the messenger assassin them summarizes and says, Why not it'll be a delicate one. They are people who put their trust in Allah. So this last sentence you can see is a summary of what came of what came before. They are people who have put their trust in

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