The Stories of The Prophets #23 – The Story of Adam Pt. 11 – Regarding the ‘Jannah’ of Adam

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Santa Monica Mark Missoula here. What a catch what hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was lucky to be here, Woman, where am I bad? So we are continuing in our story of the Prophet Adam. It is Salam, our father Adam. And in the last lecture, I had discussed the phrase of our stick, but our chronometer caffeine, we now move on to the next phrase, and that is we'll call the Moscone Center was ojochal agenda. And we said to Adam, O Adam, you and your wife live in an agenda. Now, today's entire lecture, inshallah Dinah will be covering a classical controversy that existed from the time of the Sahaba up until our times, and that is, which Jenner did Adam inhabit?

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Is it that Gen. Now, that is our ultimate goal, that is our destination? Or is it another gender? Now FYI, I have discussed this briefly in a number of other lectures here and there. So if you've been listening to all of my lecture series, when we talked about gender, and now we did a little bit of this as well, so today will be some rehash but also some new information as well, because this is the topic to really, it's relevant to both series, I have a whole series about heaven and hell. And so when we talked about heaven, when we discuss the issue, has anybody entered Jenna? So I went over this that did Adam it Hyster lamb inhabit that agenda? Or was it another agenda, I went over it over

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there, and I have to go over it again, because these, this is another series so it also deserves its own attention. And so there will be a little bit of overlap, but inshallah there's going to be benefit in either way. I'm positive that many of you who watched those series, you know, you've forgotten because it is the way of people who listen to lectures and even those who give lectures, sometimes we also forget the same material that that we have taught had Inshallah, so the question today is, which Jenner did Adam inhabit? Is it the agenda that Allah has prepared for them with Tolkien? Or is it a garden that Allah has called Gender? Because a garden is called Jenna? And if so

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then where was that gender. And we know from the Quran, that the gender that Adam inhabited had certain characteristics. So for example, Allah says fekola minha, rather than HydroShield tumor, eat in their bountifully. So the gender that Adam inhabited, it had fruits and vegetables of many different types, and they were Bountiful, they were delicious. So this Jenner is a vibrant agenda. And Allah azza wa jal also mentions that in that gender, for intellect, letter, geography, what our what Nikola Tesla Mophie what I told you shall live in the agenda and you will not go hungry, and you shall not go naked, and you shall not be tired, nor will you have to top her it has two

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different meanings here. One meaning is you're going to have to sacrifice your you're not going to have to toil or struggle. And another meaning of Tada is that you will not have to worry about the brightness of the sun, you know, getting your salata is called to hell, because the sun is now rising up. So depending on how you interpret the phrase top, it actually has a ramification about which Jana

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Adam inhabited. And also we know that that agenda was higher up, then the rest of the world at least, because Allah says it will mean higher Jemmy and go down from gender after Adam ate from the tree. Allah says go down. So the going down of Jenna, the going down means that that gender was higher up. So we have now four opinions about which gender did Adam inhabit. And the reality is that the second and third opinion really is kind of sort of the same thing with a slight difference. So really have three opinions. And then you will come to the third opinion, which isn't quite an opinion. So really, there's two opinions but to be more pedantic and whatnot I have extrapolated to

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for the first opinion is that the gender that Adam lived in was the gender that Allah created for the believers as a reward. It is the agenda in which you have all of the beauties and delights. You have the hammer the inode, Rottweiler una semi Guadalajara, controversial, you have in the agenda, what the eyes have not seen, what the ears have not heard, and what the minds have not even imagined. It is the agenda that our Prophet sallallahu I said will knock on the doors of and he shall be the first person to enter at least you know from the time of Adam if he was there, the first person to enter Jenna that Jen

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So Adam entered the real Jenna Elgin, the second opinion. And the third, both of them is that Adam entered a garden. And Allah called it, Jen, because it is a garden. The second opinion says that it is a garden somewhere in the heavens, but not an agenda. So Allah created a beautiful land, or a beautiful, let's say, Jen, and this is somewhere above us in the seven heavens, and Adam was over there. But it wasn't that agenda that we're aiming for. The third opinion, it is a garden, Bhutan, someplace on Earth, a mountain on Earth, a plateau at the top of a beautiful place, let's say right, so it is a garden out of the gardens of this world, but it is higher up. So the second and third

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opinion are that Adam inhabited a Jenner that Allah created. And the second opinion says that that garden was in somewhere high up. And the third opinion that garden was on this earth, but somewhere in the mountains, the only difference between number two and three is that number three says it was agenda on our physical world. And number two says it was agenda but not that gender. And it was between this world and that gender. So in reality two and three is that it is a created Gen net well, even first is created Gen. But the point is that it is not the gen of rewards, it is the gen of a garden. So this is the second and third opinion. And the fourth opinion, which is espoused by a

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small group of scholars is that basically, we don't know. And we don't need to know. And we shouldn't ask, and don't worry about this. And this is called talk of stopping the discussion. And this is a theological position that many times people have taken in the past about many issues. And that is that we should not be talking about this, there's no benefit to talk about it. And we don't know enough details. And so there should be no discussion. This is not the same as having a detailed discussion. And then saying, I don't know, Allah knows best to walk off means that really we should not engage in this dialogue. And that theologically, it is not something that we should delve into.

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So this is a position that some have held as well. And so, you have these four opinions out there. Now, what is the evidences of these various opinions and who said them and again, this is, as usual, I make the disclaimer that this is not a comprehensive series, though, the very everything it is inshallah fairly, you know, fairly above average, it's all the intermediate level, but it is not the entire thing. So I just have to make this disclaimer. The first opinion is that the gender that Adam inhabited, is the actual gender that we aim for in our destiny in sha Allah, Allah and what our striving for is and the rewards of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And this is the default position that most

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Muslims belief, and it is also the position that one can say of many scholars, perhaps it is correct to say, the majority of scholars of the past and present perhaps it is correct to say this, that this is the dominant opinion that the gen of Adam it his Salam was the real Elgin. And their evidences is that that's the obvious meaning from the Quran. That's the first thing that comes to mind. When Allah says Enter l Jenna, the LF lamb here is the LF lamb that you know what you're talking about, right? Allah didn't say enter a garden, right? That was going to enter was Oh Juca Jenna 10 That will be a garden. Allah said Ozcan enter was O Juca. Al, Jen, you and your wife enter

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the Jen. And when you say the Jenna and if a Muslim says that we want to Jenna right? You understand? He means by Jenna he means the actual Garden of Eden the garden agenda to add ninja not to hold. So when Allah says Allah Jana, there's only one agenda. Also the descriptions given that we mentioned all of them, that you shall eat Bountiful, baby bountifully and that you're never going to go hungry. You're never going to go naked. You're never gonna go thirsty. And tada, they say that it means you're never going to have to sacrifice anything. You don't have to toil right? So in this world, you have to plant the seeds and you have to be very, you know, energetic to get the food,

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whereas in that gender there is nothing. Also the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala says that it'd be cool to come down by Aldo Coronavirus and I do wonder Khun Phil, our game was still a rune, and you shall have in this earth a time to live. Now, the point here, not that not just that Allah says go down, but that after Adam goes down, Allah says, what a conflict out of the most Saqqara you shall have your living place on this earth meaning before Adam came down, he wasn't on this earth. That's why Allah is saying, what a conflict out of the most current meta Illa when you shall have a place to live on this earth for a time being and you shall have an enjoyment and very mid for a

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limited period of time meaning until the Day of Judgment. Therefore, the fact that Allah says after Adam comes down

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You shall have in this earth A Time To Live means he was not on earth before he came down. And we also have inserted our offers 25 That once again, after Adam came down, Allah says that all if he had known what he had done more tuna women how to holla June in this earth, you shall live and on it you shall die, and from it you shall be resurrected. Now once again the key point, when did Allah say this? He didn't say this when Adam was in Genda. He said it after Adam has been sent down. Then Allah says all the fi hat, Yona Wi Fi, hotter mu tuna woman her to Hello June 101. Allah says to Adam get down from here, and Allah says to Adam and Hawa, both of you are going to come down. Then

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he says, Now here, you shall live, and here you shall die. And from this, you shall be extracted, meaning they were not here before they came down, which means they were up there. Now. We also have the Hadith in Sahih Muslim, that some people will come to Adam on the day of judgment, and they will ask Adam, that, why don't you Why don't you beg Allah to cause us to enter the day that you know, Jenna, and Adam will say, and what else has caused you to be expelled from Jana, except the sin of your father Adam? So when the people go to Adam, and they asked him to ask Allah to expedite and to cause them to enter agenda themselves, but I'm the one who got you out of there go to somebody else

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go to new Heidi has set up and so there is an understanding from this hadith assign Muslim that Adam it is Sarah is referencing the real agenda, that agenda and also in the famous hadith of Bobo Hadi and Muslim that Adam and Musa had a dialogue. And Musa says that, you know, why did you cause us to be expelled from Jenna So Musa is clearly frustrated at our father Adam and of course being a prophet, he has the right to say this, none of us has the right to say this but Musa being who he is he has the right to say this and why did you actually get us expelled from that agenda. And this clearly indicates that that gender is a place that you want to go to. It's not a regular you know,

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any average gender, it is the gender and that's why Musa is frustrated. So all of these evidences seem to indicate that it is that gender it is the gender of the Hereafter, and is the gender that we that we wish to go to. And even Tammy writes in his work fatawa agenda to let us kind of Adam was urged to her in the self and OMA to listen to Gemma he agenda to whole D that the agenda that Adam and his wife lived in, according to the majority of the setup of this OMA ad and assumed our Gemma, it is the agenda of eternality the agenda to the whole. Now he says this here, and this is much more fatawa, volume three, volume four, page 347. However, he has another opinion elsewhere, he has

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another opinion elsewhere. And that opinion, as we're going to mention there, that opinion we're going to mention is that it is a different gender, it is agenda, he will mention another work of his that it is another type of gender. So this is the position that we have of the majority of the scholars. And as I said, we have a number of evidences that is given to this regard. The second opinion, and the third will discuss together and the reality is that in one way, they're the same. And in another way, they're different. The way that they're the same they say that it is not that Jenna, and the way that they're different, the second opinion says it is not on this earth, it is

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somewhere else neither there nor here. And the third opinion says it is on this earth it is simply on a high mountain. Now in particular the second opinion we have quite a lot of people that held this view and it is reported from obey even cab Abdullah bin Abass will have a motor be suspended Marina, it will pertain to the famous great scholar of the POLYMATH, the called the moon that emphasized in his tafsir and he actually wrote a treatise about this it also has been narrated in the literature as being the position of Abu Hanifa. It is said in some books that it is the position of Hanifa and also many of the later Hanafi scholars, his students and also a wealthy and are called

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to be in his seat. And also the more Tesla they held this view that the the agenda of Adam was agenda in the heavens, Allah created a place up there not that gender, but another gender. When I say heavens, this is a problem heavens and skies when I say you have to be careful when I say heaven, I don't mean gender to hold. I mean up there somewhere. So this is the position that is mentioned by a great number of scholars, and it is also the official position of the mortiser at school algebra he and others they mentioned this as being their position. That's why even Taymiyah said that Sunni Islam holds the first opinion but that's not

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Not technically correct because we do have many scholars of Sunni Islam that also held this view. Now, by the way, in our times, the famous Egyptian tipsy expert, Chef Shah, we all the Arabs know him chef shadow shadow, he also held this view. Now, what is their evidence? Why do they say that our father Adam, was not in the real agenda, but rather a garden that Allah created somewhere in the creation and have them live there? So the main factor that they have, is that the descriptions of those Jenna sorry, the description of that agenda, ie, the agenda to hold ie Jenner to iden, ie eternal paradise, doesn't seem to match up with what happened to our father Adam, the fact that our

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family has Salam was tested

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in that gender, and the fact that he was expelled because so they say that Adam was created from Earth by Earth on this earth other was created from clay. So why go up to heavens? What's the point of going up to gender? And they say that, that gender is described as downloadable, comma, and that will hold and Adam clearly did not live eternity over there either was expelled Adam didn't live there forever. And they say that that Jen is called Dowdell Jessa the agenda that you will be rewarded, and Adam was not rewarded that Jenna Allah created him without any good and bad Allah said no agenda. So Allah gifted Adam Jana without him doing any deeds, how can that be doubtful Jessa it

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cannot be there for that agenda. And they say that Jenna is not an Albert of testing, doubt will he be Tila, this dunya is doubtful if Tila and the Archaea is Daru Jessa. Though if Tilak means testing, and Adam was tested in that gender. So they say it cannot be that gender, rather, it must be a creative place. That is not the final gender. It is not the eternal gender. It is a garden. And Allah tested Adam in that garden, and they say that gender is a place of no regret, and no fear and no shame. And yet when Adam ate of the tree, he felt regret and he felt fear and he felt shame. So how can it be that gender and they say that that gender shall only be entered in the next life

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because we look we learned that the Prophet system shall be the first to enter Jenna and we learn that no eye has ever seen and no ear has ever heard and no mind has ever conceived what is in Jenna yet Adam with his eyes saw agenda and his ears her agenda and he was in gender so how can it be that gender it must be another agenda and we know as well that Allah says in the Quran that Jenna has no level and no theme, no vain talk, no idle talk, no lying and yet a bliss tempted Adam in Jenna and a bliss bold faced lied and a bliss taunted and it bleeds said things that cannot be having his place in the actual gender. And so that is not that gender. And they also say that a bliss is tempting

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Adam, and yet Allah says to a bliss when a bliss refuses to bow down. Allah says that. Oh horloge minha familia Kulu laka enter taka bow raffia Get out from here because it is not befitting that you are arrogant here. So how can you believe that enter that gender when Allah has told him to get out and to come down? How could he have re enter gender and misguided Adam when Allah says Oh, Raj minha when Allah says Oh, Raj, that Havas Iblees is out of the picture of that gender, so it cannot be that gender. And they say that Allah informed the angels even before creating Adam in Niger idol fill out of the Khalifa. And so they said auto attach a Lo Fi How are you going to create it and for

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it and from it. So the angels understood that Adam is on this earth, or at least from this earth, and there was no issue of him being up there. And we also learned from the Hadith that Adam was created from the clay of this earth. And the Hadith does not mention that he was lifted up from gender the Quran and Sunnah does not mention that Adam was taken up, rather it says go down. And so it could be as we said, agenda on this earth or agenda other than created, so not the actual gender up there. And this position, as I said, is the position of many of the scholars of the past and it is also the position of non Sunni schools like the Mauritania, and others. And so from the Morteza

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by the way, as you should know, other groups are influenced by the Morteza including the baldies in the 12 verse and others that they have taken many of these theological concepts as a these they have taken them from the Morteza and interestingly enough, Ibn Taymiyyah also seems to accept this position in an earlier book of his in Qatar boo boo watch Volume Two page 705. That image Tamia says that the more correct opinion of the seller

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Is that the agenda that Adam was in was not the agenda of the hereafter. Rather, it was a agenda that Allah created that was a garden for Adam. And he gives some of the same excuses or evidences that I have given. And that is that Jenna is not a land of tests, and Adam was tested, and that he believes could not enter the real agenda after Allah expelled him. And so it could not be Adam. And so according to Ibn Taymiyyah, that it was on some Eastern place on earth in a high area. But then when Adam ate from the tree, he was then forced to descend down to the rest of this world. So Adam was in a luscious land in a land and a plateau in a plane that was very green, very beautiful, but

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it wasn't the difficult world that we live in. It was, well, it wasn't the average Earth or the dry earth. And so Allah expelled him from a beautiful place on this earth, and told him to go down to the rest of this earth. So this is

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the opinion of quite a number of scholars. And as we said, even somebody that even Taymiyah he has two different opinions on this issue. Now, how did the first group respond to all of these, the first group, the one that says that are that Adam was in the Jenna, the actual Jenna, that how did they respond to all of these evidences? Well, they responded in a very simple manner. And they said that all of your assumptions about gender being dotted hold, and gender being data Jezza, and gender being Lila who and that theme, and gender being all of this, that all of this is true for the next life for those who enter it, because they have been tested in this world, and they pass the test,

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they say, who said that gender has to be like this for Adam Alayhis Salam, that all of these adjectives and all of these descriptions you give, are for those whom Allah blesses Jen knoweth because of their deeds, and Allah zoologia has the right to choose for Adam a place in gender and not have all of these characteristics apply to Adam Alayhis Salam. So they simply get out of it by saying, Adam was not given Jenna because of his piety and good deeds. Adam was gifted as a pure act of mercy and grace from Allah, Adam was gifted Jenna and so all of these descriptions do not have to apply to Adam it he said him and his wife Hawa. And the some of them even say there's a difference

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between somebody who rents a place and somebody who owns it, that in this case, it is as if Adam was renting. It is as if Allah gifted Adam that just lived here for a while, and he wasn't owning Jenner. Whereas of course, in the Hereafter, when we enter the real gender, it is as if we are the owners of gender, we shall be the magic of our door of our houses over there. And in this time, Adam was a temporary inhabited he was a tenant, if you like, that's what the analogy that is given. And they also say that who said that no creation can ever enter gender, we and then leave it we know that the angels enter in and out of gender duties came in and out of gender, we know that even the

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Prophet salallahu it he was setting them on the night episode mirage that he in his own way into agenda. And we know that the birds the martyrs, excuse me, are living in gender right now even though they're on the birds, you know, bodies of the birds, but they're still in gender. And so there are engine so who says that once you're in Jenna, you will never exit? This? Yes, Allah has said for those who are blessed with Jenna, because of the IP dilemma of this world, for them, they shall never exit agreed, but who says that that applies to any entity, the angels come in and out of gender, and that does not apply to them. And one, one can also say that, perhaps ask for the phrase

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in it, there is no there is nothing there it is that which the eyes have not seen and the ears have not heard and nor even the minds conceived, the response to this is very easy. And that is this phrase occurs about Jannatul fear dose, the highest level, and Adam could have been in another Gen. Remember, agenda has many, many, many levels. And if somebody says that Allah subhanho wa Taala carved out a portion of gender, for other it has set up not of the highest of the high not to fill those that in some level, maybe even a lower level. And that entire land or region. Remember, the lowest person in Jannah, according to the Hadith will get the kingdom of the mightiest king of this

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earth times 10. This is the lowest person imagine a king has you know, a land and whatnot. So the lowest of the low is going to get times 10 As per the Hadith. Our minds go blank. The King has everything he wants as far as the eye can see he has land

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Allah is saying the lowest of the low will have 10 times that. What do you think of other it his setup, if Allah said to Adam, you will have, you know, Jenna, that you're not going to get tired, and you're not going to you know, you know, become hungry or thirsty. So like the kings of this world, if they have times 10, maybe Adam had times 1000. But so he could go as far as you wanted, and he will still be in gender. Also, by the way, the phrase when I told her, there's a lot of controversy, what it means, one group says what I told her means you will not touch the the heat of the sun, the selected Baja, right is not going to touch you. And they say the very fact that Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says what I told her, this is now the second and third group they interpreted they say this indicates that the sun is going to be shining. And so Allah is negating the Doha portion. And if there was no sun, it would not make sense to say, Well, I told her, because we learned a whole series about gender. And now we learned that in Jenna, there is no sun and moon, that there is a perpetual light that is coming from the Throne of Allah subhana wa Tada. And there is no sun and moon. So if there is no sun, then it doesn't make sense to say what I told her, meaning you're not going to face Doha. So Adam was in a beautiful climate, a plateau area where the rays of the sun

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would be there, but they're not going to hurt, they're not going to harm, it's not going to be something that he has to worry about. That's one interpretation of the other interpretation is you're not going to have to sacrifice it's not going to be a difficult time over there. Now, these are the back end forts that our scholars have. And we can say ask for the police question that how did you please get back into Jana? So we can say a number of things here. And we're going to continue you know, this aspect of iblees in the next lesson as well. But the notion of iblees tempting Adam, and how did it least get back? We can respond in a number of ways. Firstly, that it

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is true that in some of the Quran references, it appears that he believes was expelled after the frustration, right it does appear that is the case, but it is not explicit. And it is possible it is possible to say that a bliss was only punished with the expulsion after he tempted Adam, it is a stretch I agree, but it is not implausible, it is possible. Another thing can be said that, indeed, Allah azza wa jal announced at least that he should be expelled, but to Bliss disobeyed Allah, just like Allah announced that, you know, don't murder don't steal, don't rape don't plunder, and yet people do that. So the announcement was not an enforcement of Allah. It was a powder. It was not the

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color of Allah. It was the decree of Allah that you should not do this. And the police disobeyed and of course, Allah knew he would disobeyed just like Allah says to all of us don't do this. And many of us do this. May Allah forgive us, you know, we're not perfect, so we are disobeying the commandment. So the second interpretation is that Allah azza wa jal commanded in bliss to go down. It was not the other. It was not the decree that Allah enforces. It was the decree that He decrees that you should do. And Emily's disobeyed Allah again. And he came up and he did what he should not have done. This is another interpretation. A third interpretation is that a bliss did not reenter

00:28:23--> 00:28:53

the Jannah. Rather, he stood outside the gates and he whispered to Adam from outside the gates. And so they say that technically he is still outside Jenna, when Allah says, oh, Raj minha. So he is outside of gender, the point is that there are responses that can be given that how did he please get back there? Well, these are three responses that can be given here. So this is the second and third opinion now, what is the different Why would some people say the second and the third, this goes back to the issue of

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the the notion of welcome fill out the Mr. Curran, you have a place to live on this earth. So the fact that Allah is saying you have a place on this earth, this is why the second group says that Jenna was not on Earth, because Allah says, Now you shall live on the earth, which means that he was not on the earth. But the third group says, Well, the fact that Allah says you're going to live on this earth, it doesn't necessarily negate that he wasn't on earth before. So again, all of these are different shades between which one you go to and as for the fourth group, because the evidences are not absolutely certain. So they say, Why should we go there and there's no benefit to discuss this

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and it's better to be quiet and we should not delve into which Jenner Adam was in. Now. Allah knows best and again, there are there are multiple opinions as we have seen, but Allah knows best the position that I am inclined towards and Allah knows best is the first one. And the reasons for this is that it simply matches up with the Quran.

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That's the whole purpose of telling us that will Hello Jen Netta, right. And her agenda is going until was Oh Juca algen The whole purpose of expelling Adam, think about it, even if it was agenda on this earth, right? Still, there must be, even if the rain is falling naturally, even if it's luscious, it's still in this earth. And no matter where you are on earth, you will have to face the elements, you will have to harvest, you will have to put in some effort to get the grain to get the fruits, you're going to face, the natural elements, you know, is going to rain and thunder and this and that. And that doesn't seem to be the gender that Adam was in. Adam was in bliss. And we shall

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come to this in our next lecture. How long was he in Jannah. Allah knows we're going to come to this. But clearly it was for a long period of time. It wasn't just the next day a bliss comes in, tempts him, he was there for a long period of time. So if he was there for a long period of time, and he was living in bliss, there is no Ultimate Bliss on this earth. This earth is a place of pain, place of suffering, place of sickness and disease, a place of natural calamities and disasters. And none of that happened to our father, Adam, he did not live a difficult life until he came to this earth. And that was his punishment, after having been catered to limb and foot handed foot, as they

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say, after living in that Jenner. Now he asked to come and plant his own seeds, can you imagine, and again, I want you to think about the difficulties our father Adam and our mother, what faced after being in that Jenna, now you have to come here, you have to go and find where water is, and that water will be Bracken, and dirty and filthy. And you have to figure out how to hunt animals. And we have to do this and that all of these things, life would be very, very difficult. You know, even for us living in a civilized society, right? For us to live in the elements is a very difficult thing. And many of us, frankly, I will be one of them. We don't know how to do that. We don't know how to

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hunt animals. We don't have to light a fire. Adam has to start from scratch. Why is it a punishment for him? It is because he was in that agenda. Now, as for the fourth group that they say, What is the benefit of this discussion? Why should we go back and forth and discuss which you know, which, you know, place Jen Adam was in. And the response is that in reality, there is a lot of wisdom in this. And that wisdom is imagine do your Muslim,

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our father Adam was actually engender, it gives us an incentive and hope that it's as if Allah created us to be in Genda. Literally, this is the those who say there's no benefit to discuss this, I say you're wrong, there is benefit. And that benefit is that it gives me a sense of hope and optimism. It makes me genuinely hopeful that Insha Allah, I'll get there. If Allah gifted our father, Adam, Jenna for doing nothing. Then when I come on the day of judgment, and you come on the day of judgment, and we have our mistakes, but we also have some that we've done Inshallah, something that we've done, then I am optimistic that the one who put my father in Genda for doing

00:33:19--> 00:34:03

nothing, will also forgive my sins and put me in Genda for doing something. So there is a huge psychological benefit to be gained by claiming that our father Adam and our mother, how what we're in Jenna, and that is that it is as if we are claiming that the default of mankind is that they shall go to Jannah if they just put in the minimal effort, if they just strive for it. And that's why Allah says in the Quran, that women are all that Hirata wasa either has a Yahuwah movement for like a kindness Are you home mascara, whoever desires the Hereafter, that's all that is required. Because the real desire, Allah says, you're going to put in the effort and you're going to believe

00:34:04--> 00:34:50

ALLAH says that person, his desiring his effort, sorry, can assign you a mascara, his efforts are going to be rewarded. So to me, this is a very important discussion, and one that changes the entire paradigm. It gives me and it should give all of us a sense of hope, and a sense of optimism, that hardly anything else can give us well after the blessings of Allah and the mercy of Allah, the fact that Adam and how what were in the real Jenna so for me, I am inclined towards the first opinion simply because of the evidences. And then I say to the for the group that no you're wrong. This is a very important discussion, and it gives us a very big boost and shallow data. So the next topic and

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

I am going to have to pause here and break because I know the next topic is a lengthy one. I don't want to start it because URLs we're gonna have to break that one. I don't want to break that. So today's lecture shall be relatively

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

shorter than usual, because the next topic will be the issue of a police's tactic and police's methodology, and how did he gain access to Adam? And what did He tempt him with? And how did He tempt him? That is an entire separate topics. I'm going to pause here and break in Sharla and then we're going to come back next week in later on and discuss the tactic of a bliss and the promise of the bliss and how and why and how and why our father Adam slipped and also the very, very controversial issue, which we're going to discuss inshallah next week, what role did he play in this temptation? Because this is a fundamental difference between the Quranic narrative and between the

00:35:41--> 00:36:02

Judeo Christian the Old Testament narrative that as we're going to come to, we don't want to jump the gun here, but there's the blame in the Quran is placed on one and the blame in the Bible is placed on the other and this is a very key difference, but I don't want to start although that inshallah that will be the topic of next week. Until then, just look at Santa Monica, which Allahu obala cattle Yeah, man