Ali Albarghouthi – You Should Seek Knowledge

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The importance of pursuing and learning to avoid confusion and misunderstandings is emphasized in the conversation. The speakers emphasize the need for more knowledge and practice to avoid losing one's life and family. The importance of practicing and learning to elevate one's understanding of the book of Islam, as it is crucial to pursue knowledge and elevate one's understanding of the natural world. The importance of learning to improve one's understanding of the book of Islam is also emphasized.
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In Alhamdulillah Hina Hamid who want to stay you know, when is the funeral? When oh the Willa he means should already and fusina will say to Medina may i The healer who fell on will the lender will my youth lil fella her Deanna was shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah who the hula Sherry, Kedah one no Mohammed and Agda who are a Zulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, a MOBA Alpha interferon, Hadith Nikita will la heeta Allah will hire Al had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam or shahrul OMO Remo the third to her Wakulla more data tiene Vida Wakulla be the RT in Walla Walla Walla tiene Finnur a MOBA

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Yahoo hola rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa early he was alum, tolerable at me very that when Allah Cooley Muslim,

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he said Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Seeking aim knowledge, meaning learning

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is an obligation on every Muslim.

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And that is one obligation that we often forget.

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That he and his Salatu was Salam had said that every single Muslim, male or female, young or old,

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has to acquire and has to seek knowledge.

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And if you think about it,

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if someone were to ask you, why is it that Allah made you uncreated you?

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And your answer should quickly be to worship him.

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Someone could ask you, how could you worship him without knowing him?

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How could you worship him without knowing how to worship?

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What are the limits? What is the right and what is the wrong way of worship?

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How can you be close to Allah azza wa jal if you don't know what he likes and what he dislikes,

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if this is the reason why Allah has made you, our entire existence is for that.

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And a bad that cannot happen without knowledge, then how could you pursue

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a bad? How could you live without knowing?

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And without that being a concern of yours? That unless I know, then my Ribeira may not be right. My relationship with Allah azza wa jal will be wrong. And my relationship with human beings as well will suffer. There is a necessity to learn and every single person must feel that necessity because this hadith does not exclude anyone. You must feel that necessity, because without it, you may think that you're worshiping Allah azza wa jal, but you're not really doing it right. Not in an acceptable way anyway, he said Allah is Salatu was Salam in a hadith Minami la mala Lisa Ali here Maranatha who was the one who does something that is not upon our way doesn't follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then third thing will be rejected.

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If you do something meaning you're doing

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and it's not upon the Sunnah of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, then that thing will be rejected. So you may live a life thinking you're doing something, but so nothing.

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Once Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was sitting among his companions. Someone comes into the masjid and he starts praying and the prophets of Allah Allahu wa Salam is watching him.

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Well, who Allah is sure, and the man does not know that he's being watched. The prophet is noticing what he's doing. When he finishes his salah. He comes to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam he gives him salaam the Prophet replies and he says it Ajay fossa, Lisa in the column two. So Lee says go back and pray. He did not pray. So he goes back and he tries again. And he comes back to the prophets a lot. He will send them after his second attempt. And the Prophet says go back and pray. You did not pray. Then he goes a third time. And that's the third attempt and he goes back to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And the Prophet says, If Jefferson Leafa in the column to slowly go

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back and pray you did not pray. He says a prophet of Allah I did my best teach me and then he taught him

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so he person and you'd be surprised that an adult

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may not know how to make although today

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an adult does not know how to pray today.

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Where is that urgency of seeking knowledge because they

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If you don't know how to pray, and you have the means to ask and yet do not ask,

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Will that be an excuse with Allah xuejun?

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In the advice that we give also, this is halal, this is haram. This is right, this is wrong. Listen to this story.

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The time of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Some of the companions, they were on a journey,

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meaning that they were far at that moment from the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, one of them gets injured in his head, and he has an open wound,

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then and the next day with that injury still unhealed.

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He has to bave

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because there is Genova major impurity that requires bathing.

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So we asked the people with him, I'll help that you do on a Leo Ross and Fatima, your mum, it says do you find that I have an excuse that I can just simply do to your mum not really bathe with water? They said no, you have to bathe full body with water, color for fall in love merciful, meaning he dipped himself in water. As a result he died.

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When the Prophet alayhi salatu salam heard that he said Qatar Lu Catella. Whom Allah he says they killed him May Allah kill them.

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In nama Schiefer all AES too early he says the cure of ignorance is to ask. It was enough for him to make to your mum.

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Meaning the life of a man was lost because of ignorance. How many lives do we actually lose today because of ignorance, our own lives and the lives of our families.

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When Allah azza wa jal says, coup and full circle moi le cumnor worku Hannah so what hedger or protect yourselves, and your family from a fire that is fueled with people and rocks, meaning an intense fire. So Allah azza wa jal says, Save yourselves and save your family. So if you go to the Tafseer, what are the self say about that? They said, and the more Homolka you meaning, teach them what is good, others say a limo Home Depot home, teach them and discipline them, meaning teach them right from wrong, halal from haram. How to Add how to behave, guide them, and also discipline them, meaning set limits for them so that they you know, there are consequences to their actions. Now,

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tell me if you do not know, right from wrong, how would you be able to teach?

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If you don't know halal from haram?

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Or how to make wudu? Or how to pray? But even more than that, if you don't know Allah azza wa jal? And

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if you don't know how to answer your question that your child's questions, you don't understand what they're facing outside in public school, on popular culture, the questions, the doubts, you're not unaware of all of that, and even if they bring it to you to know what to do with it, if you're unfit to answer these questions, because of lack of knowledge, how could you save yourself and your family

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from that?

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So it becomes a necessity.

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When you want to get married,

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again, you want to ask yourself, at least partially What is the reason that people marry and divorce and marry and divorce and they marry and divorce. And we can say, like, have Taqwa like Have patience, all the thing that plagues society today, but one of the must be is that you enter into this bond not knowing your rights and responsibilities. Not the right right mindset, and no in no knowledge to support

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that relationship.

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So at the first sign of trouble, you quit. Or he's not giving me my rights, and you don't even know your rights. She's not giving me in my area, my rights and you don't even know your rights.

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And you don't know how to treat him and you don't know how to treat her and you don't know how to raise your children. And the tragedy is that there is no effort to learn.

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You buy a car, you read a manual, you buy a new electronic device you open and you see how it gets to be installed and what it needs and all of this, but with it your life and my life. There's absolutely no interest in learning.

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And subhanAllah

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they said that Allah azza wa jal commanded the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. To increase him and only one thing he said were called rugby zit near Ilma say say Ya rub my rock in

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Increase me in knowledge. Give me more knowledge, not money, not status, not fame, not power, but he said Zeke near edema and one of the dual of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam every single morning when he wakes up Allahumma in Yes, Luca Alma Nafisa what is contained Yebo. Well, I'm Adam with aka Bella. When he wakes up, what are you asked for?

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It's the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam you say Allahu Allah India's a Luca, or Allah, I'm asking you beneficial knowledge. What is complete? And a good provision, halal provision, where am Allah moto Kabbalah and an accepted deed?

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And if you have this, then your day is a success.

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And if you don't have it, then your day has been lost is the best thing that you gain in every single day and notice the prophets a lot he was hitting them was asking for that every single day. Meaning Yeah, Allah grant me and what's the first of it at manuf Yeah, beneficial knowledge, meaning it should be your intention, your in your pursuit, your desire that when I wake up today, I will learn something beneficial. We're not talking about math and chemistry and science. These have their own benefits but their benefits are limited to the dunya pursue them. But we're talking about a kind of knowledge that is superior that benefits you in the dunya and in the Iran that is exclusively

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religious knowledge.

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l ml Quran and Sunnah.

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So Allah who met in Yes, okay, amen Nafisa.

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So if you're asking Allah for this, where's the plan to learn every day or every week?

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And you coupled that with a halal provision

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and the third is an accepted deed enough Allah accepts from you. The good that you do on that day and what you earn is halal and you only learn something to bring you closer to Allah azza wa jal than that had been a successful day. Otherwise in an internal if you hustle that had been a last day and what is amazing is that Allah zoton says internal internal if you who's

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that a human being every human being meaning you and I every single day, you're in loss, you're losing because you're losing a day and you're losing opportunities and you're gaining more bad than good every day is a loss

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unless you do something to counter that.

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He said Ali he's Salatu was Salam

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min Celica Talia, can you help me Sophie elements a * Allahu La hooby historic and Isla Jana, he says if you tread a path of knowledge seeking it, Allah because of it eases you into Jana.

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That is if you want a path to Jana. The money the effort the time that you spent on learning your deen

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leads you to Jana and makes it easier to avoid the shaytaan hellfire,

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the whispers of shaytaan to conquer your own weaknesses and to reach Allah Xeljanz so the more that you seek knowledge, the easier it is to enter Jannah that is the thing that should motivate you to seek it because I want gender from Allah azza wa jal how will you know? How will you know how to protect yourself from the Phaeton of this life? If you are ignorant?

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Yanni, how many heads of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says beware of the fitna of money. Beware of the fitna of woman, be fair of beware of the fitna of the gel. Imagine if the gel were to appear today. How would you protect yourself from him?

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If you don't know anything about him, and his fitna, and even if at the gel does not show himself today, how do you protect yourself from all the other fit and that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam talked about and he took the time to explain what they are and how to save yourself from them. And we're languishing in our ignorance. We don't know what they are. We don't know how to save ourselves. We only know to scream when we are in pain. But where is the remedy? Where's the medicine? Where is the effort? Where is the concern that I want to learn to save myself and to save my family? There is Hellfire there is heaven. So you want to be eased into heaven? Then seek

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knowledge? And he says Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said

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we're in the football Alimi undeniably DECA fuck little Korea Anessa it will cowork if he says the virtue of the scholar compared to his one who's simply a worshipper of Allah is like the virtue of the full moon over the other stars and planets. This is how bright the moon shines and how dim all of them in comparison are and when you learn

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and you will admit this slight because you will know you will believe you will act better you will have huskier of Allah azza wa jal. This is the knowledge that we're talking about. Not simple memorization in nama Yasha Allah humming a birdie Hill lemma, truly only those who have knowledge fear Allah azza wa jal only those fear Allah azza wa jal so if you have no knowledge, how can you love him? subhanho wa Taala how can your children love Allah? If they don't know him? How could you fear him? If you don't know who he is? If you don't know nothing about his punishment, about hellfire, how could you hope for heaven if you know nothing about heaven? How could you love the

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Quran? If you don't read it? How could you love Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam. If you know nothing about him and if you don't read His words, don't tell me I love him while you don't know him. It's impossible for that to happen.

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The virtue of the knowledgeable is that he said to Allah He is Salatu was Salam.

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Or in an earlier Mala your stuff you Rula who Memphis summer wa T woman fell out of the hospital Hill to fijo FINMA it says the knowledgeable Allah azza wa jal will cause will make the inhabitants of the skies and those on earth even the fish inside the sea, will ask Allah to forgive him.

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You Soluna Adam will only mean nurse you'll hire they praise they invoke Allah's forgiveness for one who teaches people.

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But how can you teach if you do not know?

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And he also said LA is Salatu was Salam. We're in Del Mar la Iike de toda who actually had the highly soluble AMI rhythm be Mayas, not the angels of Allah, they lower their wings

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in front of the seeker of knowledge out of happiness because of what he's doing.

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Just imagine the respect imagine the honor that an angel of Allah xojo When you're passing because of what you're doing, they lower your their wings for you.

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And he said at the end of that beautiful Hadith, well, nail MBA, let me walk you through dinner and voila, zero Herman. We're in our raw food. Alemanni says the profits did not leave behind gold or silver, but they left behind knowledge from an other horror, they'll be held linworth here. So if you see really take seek knowledge, the inheritance of the profits, you've acquired a lot of good, that's what he said to me his Salatu was Salam.

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Because the merchandise of the prophets of Allah is knowledge.

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And the more that you know, the closer that you will be to Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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But we need to feel it's necessity

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that Allah azza wa jal will ask, how did you spend your life? And if you the answer is well, I spent it selling and buying. And I spent it watching TV and on social media. And I spent it you know, having fun with my friends. But I did not learn and I was not interested in it. And for that, I did not know how to pray or how to fast. And for that I did things that anger Allah azza wa jal, but I did not know. And I had the opportunity to learn, what kind of excuse would that be?

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What do you want to improve your life you go and study.

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And you even save money to do that. You stay overnight to do that. You want to you want to get a better job, you know, to you know, fight tooth and nail to get a better job. For the sake of the dunya we put a lot of effort to get ahead and to have something better and bigger. For the sake of the dean, we don't do that.

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Do we? Do we put that effort? For the sake of the dean? Do we spend the money do we spend the time

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do we sit and learn?

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Do we read?

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Do we open a book and we read a book of Tafseer a book of Syrah do we listen to we attend lectures?

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Allah azza wa jal will ask us about our life how we spent it and he subhanho wa Taala will ask us about the knowledge that we have. What did we do with it? When Amy Hema that I mean maybe he'll ask you you know a B, C and D how did that help you and benefit you?

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A whole lot only her there was stuck in Allah you were looking for stuff you.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra on Pleven robotic and fee who also li wa salam O Allah Rasool e Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi, WA, salam, and bad. The basis of knowledge is the book of Allah azza wa jal

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and you've got to attach yourself to it and understand it.

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And some have the wrong idea about what it means

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to be close to the book of Allah azza wa jal, they simply think that I memorize it. I simply just memorize. And if I've memorized I've done my job of memorize, that's all that I need to do with the book of Allah azza wa jal, and that seems to be prevalent among the sisters as well. That is, if I am in distress, if I need to learn, if I you need to be devout, I simply just go and memorize and if you memorize whatever you've memorized, is somehow going to protect you is somehow going to guide you is somehow is sufficient on its own.

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And the question here is, now that you've memorized these ideas, what do they mean?

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You could recite them all.

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But what is Allah saying?

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And what is he asking you and what is he teaching you and what is he guiding to you no words, but you have to stand nothing about them.

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And that's not the way that the Sahaba used to learn Quran

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for the youngsters, they could memorize first and then learn as Mani leader. That's fine.

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But if you think that for a young person, if you just have the memorize the Quran, just simple memorization, and you pause and you stop there that is saving them think again.

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Just simple memorization is not sufficient.

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Once they finish memorization they have they must learn what the Quran is saying.

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The way of the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu. Who is that? If they've learned 10 ideas, they will not pass that until they learn what they mean and they apply them.

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That's the way

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so as an adult, if you want to learn, learn that way.

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Don't just simply memorize, memorize. Now I'm going to ask you,

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what effect does that have on you? After you've memorized it? What is it exactly that Allah is saying? What are you saying to yourself when you're reading these ayah?

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So it's not enough to memorize.

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So the book of Allah azza wa jal is essential, and that is aim. And then the Hadith of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam is essential, and that is aim. And if you have this and that, then you have knowledge from Allah subhanahu wata either an alien is not reading or watching things that are simply controversial. feuds between people in significant issues. Alien is what brings you closer to Allah azza wa jal and if you do not know ask is this beneficial or not? But think about whatever you are reading whatever you're listening to, does it bring you closer to Allah azza wa jal? Does it increase your Eman or not. If it increases your Eman increases your knowledge from reliable sources.

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And that is him that you should pursue. Anything else is a distraction in the guise of alien but it's not really in. So it must have an effect on your understanding and it must have an effect on your behavior. And it must be necessarily part of your routine. Part of the thing that you think about, you say Okay, where can I seek knowledge is the first Salah to Joomla

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is one thing that you can attend with that intention, I want to learn something from it for the rest of the week. But so that to Joomla, on its own is not going to teach you all that you need to know. So the Halacha is the study circles in the masjid, you need to attend those physically or virtually, but attend as many of them as possible, so that you can really learn your religion. And also reading should be part of our routine and part of our habit. Why not get your children accustomed to reading, you start reading as well and I know it is difficult and it's a challenge to sit still in one place and read a book I know that it's difficult if you're completely have given up hope on the

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ability to read at least listen. But if you're someone who still has the ability to read, nothing is like it. Read and read as much as you can the beneficial because you will see how your life will change your perspective will be different. And Allah azza wa jal because of that beneficial knowledge will elevate you.

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There is no limit to when you start and there is no limit to when you end the asked Abdullah Hypno Nevada Rahim Allah Allah, Allah Allah Matata global ama says Until when will you keep seeking knowledge? So he said, Rahim Allah Khalid al Kelly Matala TV Hannah Jetty lemak to her bad Acharya Anil Kenya manda to interfere OB her lemak Superbad he said that a Hema hola perhaps the word or perhaps the sentence that will save me I did

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not here yet. Or he said also perhaps the sentence that will benefit me I did not hear yet.

00:25:07 --> 00:25:29

Meaning you may say to yourself, I'm too old, I don't need to learn. I'm in my 70s 80s 90s When you say, you know, on your deathbed, on your deathbed, some scholars of Islam, they will rise to seeking knowledge at the moment, and he's told them at this time, you're still asking about these things. He says, If I die knowing this is better than if I die, not knowing it.

00:25:30 --> 00:25:36

Perhaps the sentence that will save me I have not learned it yet.

00:25:38 --> 00:25:42

Perhaps the sentence that will benefit me I have not learned it yet.

00:25:43 --> 00:25:54

So that should be the attitude Allah azza wa jal if you're going to be mad if you're going to get married, you learn about marriage, and it's an obligation on you. You want to have a child.

00:25:55 --> 00:26:26

Learn about what it means to have a child and you must read, right? If you want to open a business, you learn about halal and haram in business. You want to go into any profession, you learn about the halal and haram in it. And beyond all of this, understand that there is a man that there is taqwa that there is halal that there is haram that there is a birder and that is the most fundamental knowledge that Allah azza wa jal wants from all of us. You have to learn it.

00:26:28 --> 00:26:45

You individually are responsible for it, no one is going to come to you knock on your door and teach that to you. And if you do not learn it, then in the dunya, you will see the consequence of that ignorance and in the earth era, you will see the consequence of that ignorance.

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So ask Allah for support. ask Allah for Taqwa. ask Allah for guidance, but be sincere about it and be determined and say, see how much I give for my dunya let me at least give a little bit extra for my akhira so ask Allah Allah, Allah Allah mean or hamara hai mean? You Allah teach us and do not make us among the ignorant. Yola teach us and do not make us among the ignorant, Yet Allah teach us and do not make us among the ignorant, Yet Allah elevate us in the dunya and the euro because of what we learn, you elevate us in the dunya and in the earth era because of what we learn here Allah elevate us in the dunya and in the earth here are because of what we learned yeah Allah increases in

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knowledge your Allah increases in knowledge your Allah increases in knowledge you Allah make us of those who seek knowledge for your sake and through that grant us entry into Jana, your Allah make us of those who teach people what benefits them and through that make people invoke forgiveness for us. Here are hamara Amin Allahumma attina for dunya Hassan nanofiller ferati has an earthen Joaquina either not Aloha my yarmulke liberal Kulu with a bit Kaluga Anna Isla de Nick, Aloha Maya almost literally fell OB serif blue banana orthotic Allahumma in the Chiricahua shoe Creek our house near Ebert attic Allahumma in LA Manana. So local Hira Kula Hua Hua Ji Lahoma allemande I mean, who am I

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alumna alum, we're not all the becoming a Sheree Cooley here ideally he was duly Hema allemande I mean, who am alumna Harlem when I saw local Jen Neto Makarova, Ed Herman poll environment, we're not only becoming a nerdy Omar Robert E Lee Herman Colleen Muhammad when I look I'm in Haiti masala Abdullah Mohammed on sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When I will be coming share with you Mr. caminho, Abdullah Mohammed on sallallahu alayhi wa sallam worthley masala

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