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Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The struggles of Muslims to maintain their status and fund campaigns are highlighted, as well as the global nationalist movement. A woman named Missy is also discussed, along with the importance of women in the political world. A wide range of titles and originages are also discussed, with " handyman" being a popular title and " handyman" being from the " handyman" community.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was a happy human who Allah with respect to Hassan its ongoing struggle against injustice and oppression.

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Muslim worldwide Alhamdulillah our writing and reporting and fundraising, are testing strategizing for Philistine, Allah subhanaw taala bless all of these wonderful efforts, may Allah Almighty amplify them. In all of these efforts, there is something that they agree on. They all conclude their to do list for us with the action point of dua, dua to call upon the suffering of the heavens in the earth, I get a lot of people they say we're not quite sure how to make this dua. What do I say? Where do I start? And even for those who do know how to engineer this type of dua that is required, some will struggle to sustain it.

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So what to do, here is a dua that I will share with you.

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And I request that you see Amin as you hear it. And it is known that for a person who says I mean to admire that he or she is hearing, it's as if they have made the DUA themselves. ask Allah to make it a collective one, I ask Allah to make this dua a global one, I ask Allah to make him a nightly one, for yourselves, for your families to huddle around on every night to listen to and to say, I mean, in addition, of course, to the individual dua that is expected by You, from You.

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And lastly, as you implore Allah subhanaw taala be hugely optimistic, be massively positive, expect the best from Allah. And that is because our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Dawa to not a Muslim we agree he be the Hurry Hurry up Mr. Jab, that you are often Muslim for his brother in his absence is certainly answered.

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hamdulillah Hilary nassarawa Who was the who was

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Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Ali Mohammed can also later Allah Akbar hemo on early Ibrahima in a Homido Majeed Allah Medina Freeman had eight wife enough human athlete with our learner fee mentor late alberic learner female athlete rocky Nasha Rama called late for in nicotinic deola You think we're in the hula years in lumen violate the director of Bannerghatta late

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Lahoma Indiana Steinberg when a stock funeral going up mean OB cow and at our cattle Alec are no Snia alagille higher our sugoroku Allah and o'clock one o'clock I want to commend you have Jurak Allahumma er Can I would well I can also leave when Eli you can

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not do Rama deco and actually back in the other cable remote

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Allaha me I said we were gonna do a Kashi for totally well Bella yum and how are you doing in the whole Macedonia? Jamelia Toby our in the hood WADA Allahumma in Ernesto dia Oka Allah

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Allah whom Hakuna whom Walia and when I saw your mama you then whoever Hira Allah Muhammad Hornby Mirtha further behind that because

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I felt him in benei at him I'm in Hungary him well, I know him I knew him or

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womenfolk the human who are you? To whom we have a Matica and you tell him one sort of whom Nasrin movie in India Hola. Hola. Hola and Salma, Nasrin mocha desertic wahama and ones in LA himolla Equateur Santa Caritas VT, Allahu Allahu wa battlefields or SHA Sodre home when Sir Amara home while we IC Mehta home one muda sobre home, Allah Malaika with Vali Mina has also been a Latina also dunya and sibelco you can see bonaldo Sulak where you can illuminate Alia la mahal if Mina can imitate him, wasn't in academia Mahoma LP called OB him or Rob was it home Robin Allah OB him well okay I lay him read his echo Adamic

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arena if he will Matthew that one's will be him that secondly the latter do honeycombing Mejuri mean Allahumma Arada Nabi so in fascicle happiness what are the key Delphina words you tend to be or who Ted Mira who Allah whom efficient did Shimla whom were mazurka Maha whom are the Miroslav Hatha whom were the Alhambra attending Martha Marina Robin Alameen Allah Hama, Majid al Kitab materia Sahab has ZURB is Zima whom was Mazel Salem, Oahu as he is in Malta there are in Nephi him hija Ibaka erotica in the Himalaya zone. Allah who much dude what attack ILM and ARA Doris Jetta well Muslimeen frequently macadam de su Allah Allah Allah him see Nina Cassini use of the language I need that

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you're not got any hola Marina if you hear me oh my that's why the Allahumma enourage I look if you know how to him. When I will be coming you should order him. Allah

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Elim to read Hidayat and love him for Lahoma to him whenever you need me and other people and hunger I know can be raw Allahumma Inanna still he phobic by Adam Kulu movie Meenal Bashar konista So the hook if

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ik went through Kodak by them over the capital Abu Abu Omar Juba Allahumma indicata Ala Moana Halaby now Kamala underscore who like for like a ham to send me I'm mostly Iran luckily even Khedira Lahoma feeling me you know me when Muslim you know when Muslim to I live in Abu Dhabi him whilst they need him with a bit of Allah Mila to Rasool IK or Junkanoo Bahama Allah

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Lama featheredge Hammond Muhammad Amin when does this carbon macro been worked with Dana and in Medina in wash female Ravana well marble Muslim Mina hamara I mean Allahumma Ecole Anna Anna Phoebe Laddie share me when Iraq a while Afghani one Yemen refused him in builiding Muslim enough to invite me home. blather over Kawi GIA on felt I'm home, but the pneumonia from Surah homea Nasser Al Mustafa haffi la Juan Soto and then Muslim in Hynd Aloha my father home wife of Mercy RG their home mobile Yota. Home Home mini ideally monitor Dean machete keen Allah hoomans home island urgent la Macklin Dima home, lastly, our home one sort of island how do we go I don't know him. You are behind

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me. Allahu mancora, who work for him be murshid for INEC intern Soran Fela Roddy Bella humba in decadelong feminine The Lady Jung Surah home meme Baddeck hola hola. OMG mustafina Mina Mina fevers that LF equally, McCann

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Allahumma Fuka Serrana our Sarang Muslimeen what would the homie let him certainly mean? Allah Houma in the Humphrey hydrating IG letting Ihlara homolytic for NZ Lolly Hemara haga Tikka AR Rahman AR Rahim, Allah Hamama and their home for the woman out of their home for it. Allah Houma la casa Allahumma Dami Jerry ha home Allahu Mishri Mareeba Allahumma Ohana yet to whom Allah hamaca Bella Shahida whom Allah Who gift gift Hirahara to him or battery the Allah Muhammad Allah Muhammad Allah Allah whom when it was slim enough orogen Kalia Allah, La Mara Banda as a joke, but Jonathan Kotoka Allah Humala Euro do Amberle koala yo, John Duck Soup Hi Nicola behandling Allah azza wa jal

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Muslimeen Fe Philistine Buffy Rosetta FISA rt himolla Hustle Eva. Well, if you couldn't make any other jelly and you want a Quran, Allah Houma

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wha ideally mesothelial Xi Ilari have been Muslimeen

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what is Jimmy al Muslimeen Fe he's worn out and Kamala Marathi him. Allahu Allah azza wa jal neither I'll leave only when I came Ross live in Halina sebelah Allahumma and I didn't know either Kufa Bara artikelen arogya

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Allahu Allah and Nabil Karim Allah Allah He was so happy here

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