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Salam hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Hamdu lillahi Hampden you are Fini MO You Cafe OMA Zita are SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala early he was actually here Jemaine la eliminare. My in federal now on fattener Bhima limitada was in Albania Kareem arbitragefreie. Saudi recently Emery was accorded the melissani of power Kohli or visit near element or visit near element or visit near Alma Allahumma Salli ala madrugada who Salah wanted you either has an either Sheikh Salah like every week I can imagine you all know the drill let's go to the most half shelf and get ourselves a copy of almost half Inshallah, if you're using it on your phone to hamdulillah where on paper we're on is number 156 of Surah Al Baqarah for

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everybody could just grab themselves almost have help yourself to when we ever hamdulillah a very, very large selection of Muslims if hamdulillah and if you're already there, then bring a must have for someone

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hamdulillah for you.

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Alright, verse number 156, Salat Al Baqarah. Now 156 is actually related to the verse right before it as well.

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And that is Allah is defining the Savarin. We talked about this last week. Allah is defining the patient once. And this is something really important for you to note. This is a tip for people who are studying the Quran. Whenever you're looking through the Quran wherever Allah says L Lavina. XYZ, right. Sometimes it's actually a description sometimes it is a definition that Allah is giving. So here it is a definition Well, best Shadle saw bdn give glad tidings to those who are patient and levena Either of Saba Tomasi button those people who whenever they're afflicted by a calamity, or who they say in law, he were in a in a garage or or immediately they say we belong to Allah and to

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Allah, we return so Allah is defining the patient ones, as those people who their natural disposition is that whenever something goes wrong, they remember ALLAH, they remember that this is from Allah. And every single thing becomes very easy and comforting when you know it's from Allah azza wa jal because you know that Allah azza wa jal has a greater plan for you. Now, Allah continues, and he says, What is the reward for these people who are patient? He says, hola. Aki lay in Salah to rob him or Rama? Those are the people who have Salawat upon them from their Lord and also Rama as well. So they have two reports. Number one, they have Salawat. What are Salawat mean?

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There's two definitions. One of them is that Salawat is also mercy, but it's one step further. It's mercy that is coupled together with glorification as well or it is glorification itself. Okay? That Allah azza wa jal mentions these people in the higher committee, Athena, Allah, praises these people in the higher committee, the ones who are patients so there's a group of people in this world, Allah is boastful about them to the angel, they are the ones who are patient, their natural disposition is patience, whenever something befalls a calamity or difficulty, they handle it with a beautiful way they have a demeanor, natural disposition, immediately their reaction their first reaction is that

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in Allah in a garage, we belong to Allah, and to Allah we return. So it is Allah azza wa jal, who has given us this calamity or it is Allah who is taking this thing away from us. And just as he took it away from us, He will also take us away and all of us, we belong to Allah in the end of it all. So this is, these are people Allah praises them in the higher committee middle of beat him. And this praise is not from just anybody if you want to get mentions from people in this world. So be it. You want mentioned from Allah azza wa jal to be from the people who are patient, because this isn't a rugby him, it's from their Lord. It's a divine mention of yours by Allah by the Divine, to the

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higher Committee to the angels, middle of be him, what are him and in addition to that, they get Rama as well.

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What will it get homeunion moto Dune, and these are the people who are rightly guided as well. Another definition. One of the aspects of being rightly guided, is that you're going to be a patient one No. Going back to the rule about definitions, sometimes their comprehensive definition sometimes they're describing an angle of the puzzle, one of the angles of the puzzle of guidance is that you're a person who's patient. Now a new subject Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, in a softer way more water means sha Allah these two mountains No, no Safa. And Marwa

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They are from the signposts of Allah azza wa jal, they are from the things that Allah has placed for Allah to be recognized the Shah of Allah, the places where Allah is to be worshipped. And the reason why Allah is mentioning this is because the pagans of Arabia, they used to worship their idols in Safa and Marwa remember the pagans of Arabia, they had reminiscence of the legacy of Ibrahim and the legacy of Hydra and the legacy of his Marine. So they had a concept of hedges. Well, they had a concept of all of these concepts were there, but of course, they were very skewed. And they were very sheer coalified at that point, right. So one of the things they will do is they would worship

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other than Allah at Safa and model was when Allah revealed the idea of making Hajj and within the Hajj doing Safa and Marwah and also ermera and within the Hajj doing the Safa and Marwah some of the Muslim in some of the Muslims, they were hesitant hesitation, there's this is the place where all these people used to worship the idols and so forth. So they were coming from all of this idolatry and they came to monotheism. At this point, they didn't want to go back to this all over again. So they fell tested. And in that vein, Allah says enough Safa Well, Murata min Shahar era Allah that Safa and Marwah are actually from the sound signpost of Allah azza wa jal, Thurman had gel bait so

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whoever chooses to do Hajj to the House of Allah azza wa jal, Hajj literally means us. And over here, it means whoever does hedge meaning the ritual of hedge the rites of Hajj, the pilgrimage, right, the pilgrimage. And by the way, the idea of hedge is there in many religions, okay. The idea of community asks, What's community toss? Community toss is when you leave your community, and then you go over to a small group of people, and you go basically on a retreat somewhere far away, and you have a small community, community, us and they're you disconnect from your world, and you connect to whatever divine being that you worship. So this concept of community has, the greater

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concept of hedge basically, is there within all of within many of the religions, right. But the distinction that Islam has, that we have the largest hedge in the world hamdulillah and we have the Hajj to the House of Allah azza wa jal, and we have the Hajj to the House that was erected by Ibrahim Ali Salam, and according to some by Adam had a CERAM himself as well. So this is the difference. This is the last single, a place that was barren, no one was there, and Brahim came. He says, The NES can tune into reality bhiwadi in radio, these are intubated. Oh Allah, I have brought my family and I'm placing them to a place which is barren. There's no one over here. But then I'm

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gonna do Kamal Salam, O Allah so that they may worship you. They may pray, they may. You know, they may believe in you and practice their religion right over here. And that's exactly what happened. Allah told Ibrahim alayhi salam was then financee with hygiene to carry Jalan what Allah Coolio domini dnm in Cali for genomic that

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make Adan

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maker then what type of a then as an for Hajj. Tell people give them the declaration make the announcement for Hajj.

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Right. Allah says they're going to come to you from every direction. They're going to come from afar. They're going to come from a close, they'll come walking and they'll come riding as well. This is how they will come. So

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So what happened here? What I'm trying to say over here is that Ibrahim alayhi salam, he called people to this house at that time, there was no microphone and there was no social media, there was nothing but Allah azza wa jal, and he accepted this call of Ibrahim, which he commanded himself to, to do as well right? And then that call was responded so this is the difference by the way between our hedge and other hedge fund people go to veteran Promatic and as well, Furman had jailbait whoever does hedge to the house.

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Oh yeah, Tama or he does

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either one of those.

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For Nergal now Hi, Lee Angel Tolworth I became

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so there is no Juna there is no sin upon him that he does fall off between the Safa and Marwa between the two mountains. Over here Allah is referring to the salary that we know as the salary is referring to it as a throw off because technically, what is throw off mean to circum

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circumambulate right go around in circles. So even in Saturday, what do you do? You basically go around but you're going around in between two mountains you're going back and forth between two mountains. So this is not referring to throw off this verse right here it's referring to

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say, but Allah refers to it as the off because at the end of the day, you're going in circles as well between these two mountains, our thermo financial and a holly Baba Hema woman now there's something very important here. And that is that Allah is saying Whoever does Hajj or Umrah there is no sin upon him to do toe off between Safa and Marwa, meaning that certainly between Safa and Marwa is not an act of worship without Hajj and without Ramadan. Some people they have this notion and this is a bitter This is an innovation. You don't do the last bit or you don't do Saturday between Safa and Marwa as a standalone worship you can do to off no problem there is a standalone worship

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called blow off. You can do other forms of a vida but this is not one of them. Woman Delta wa Hieron and whoever wishes to do voluntarily do what what voluntarily hedger or whoever wishes to do the obligation that's one thing but then whoever wishes to do voluntarily this act of worship or any other act of worship for in Allah Shackelton Haleem. So Allah azza wa jal is very grateful to this meaning he accepts this deed and rewards for it. What led him and he knows as well the intentions of the people who are worshipping Allah. Now in the Levina to Munna and Zelina meanwhile, the Unity one who damn embodiment but you know holy Nursey Phil Kitabi. Okay, I know hula while you learn hula

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liner, indeed, those people that hide

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whatever Allah has revealed, from clear signs of his clear verses of his and also the guidance that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has given. So that means that you can't conceal and hide things that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has said in the Quran, we have to let people know what this whole answer is. There are people who are shy about verses in the Quran, you and I cannot be from those people because there's a very severe punishment for for those people who hide what is in the Quran. There are clear signs clear versus clear guidances within the Quran, yes, there's uncomfortable truths as well in the Quran. And what I mean by that is, they may discomfort your life right now if you reveal them to

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people, but you still have to do it because if you don't do it, then there's a consequence. What's that consequence? Allah says, the consequence of that person who hides is Allah, aka Allah, I know whom Allah Ya Allah I know who would let you know, they are the people who are cursed by Allah.

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And also all of the creation and up cursing him as well yell and hula, you know, who are the nine on everything, everything human beings, jinn animals, every single thing, why? Let me explain.

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We know that the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi, wa sallam, he told us in a hadith that AI LM, a scholar specifically, not just any scholar, but in some of the reports, it says wildly will hire a teacher of goodness.

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Every single thing ends up seeking forgiveness for this teacher of goodness.

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And the Prophet continued, and he said everything in the heavens and the earth as well had 10 feet filled by hell, even the fishes in the ocean. So every single thing is seeking forgiveness for the people who teach people goodness, the island more than more I live in NASA where the person who teaches others goodness, every single thing is seeking forgiveness for this person within the heavens and the earth, even fish within the depths of the ocean. Why? Because when a teacher of goodness teaches people things, they recognize by that the rights and the obligations they have to and for every person in this world and objects as well. How do you know how to treat a fish? You

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need to learn how to you know how to treat animals you need to learn all of this is taught to us through the Quran and Sunnah. So someone that's teaching the Quran and Sunnah every single thing ends up seeking forgiveness for that person. And all of us at the end of the day within some capacity and being the teacher to our children to everyone and teaching something, right. So

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within that capacity, you have all of these things making the offer

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because you taught your children how to act and behave in the right way. Similarly, the person who's hiding the truth, everything begins to curse this person as well. Why is that? Well, because he knows what is good. He knows what his righteousness, He knows what's goodness, but he is afraid of the consequence. So he doesn't tell the people the truth. Or she doesn't tell the people the truth. And this is why Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, Those people who hide who conceal whatever Allah has revealed from the clear guidances and also clear signs and the guidance, after Allah has made it very evident when you read the Quran, the concepts become very, very vivid, very evident. Try it,

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try to look for one concept discussed within the Quran, whatever that concept be. Read through the Quran a couple of times and say four or five times. Look at every single verse on that topic, couple it together, most likely, within the capacity of these verses, you will be able to have a very good idea of what Allah has to say about this topic because Allah says, member Dima baginda Holiness after we've made it very evident for the people Phil kitab. In the book, Allah AKA, Allah, these are people, the people who hide the truth. There are people who Allah azza wa jal has his Lana upon Well, I know whom Allah you know, and Allah, not only him, but other people end up cursing as well,

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this individual, and that's why you will see that any person of knowledge, who is telling people truth, you will see people will eventually have love for that person, even if, at some point, they don't have love for that person because the truth remains, and people eventually recognize that this guy was telling us the truth. But then the opposite is also true. When everything is crashing you what's going to happen when you are faced by a difficult time, whether you're a leader in your family, in your community and your society, in your

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whatever your village, your school, whatever it may be, when you're a lead, when you're when you find yourself in a situation where you have to speak a truth that is going to be consequential. Essentially, you might have everybody erupting against you, everybody revolting against you. But then eventually when the new fools they begin to win the soul, and the people they begin to come to arrest, and people begin to think they use their minds. They go back and they reconsider. Maybe the guy was speaking the truth after all right? So that is why we find that Allah azza wa jal places a love for a person who speaks the truth.

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Allah subhanaw taala continues, and he says in the Levina, taboo, what Oslo? Well, they you know, except for those people, there are a group of people who are an exception to this except for those people who make Toba to Allah, they make dua to Allah. Yeah, they hid some truth at some point, but now they realize they've made a mistake. Human beings, right? You had some fear for the people and the prophets are seldom said don't allow the fear of the people for you to speak a truth that you know of. So sometimes, yes, everybody can have some fear and because of that, you might end up hiding some truth, right? And Allah continues, and he says in Lavina, taboo, except those people who

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make dough back to Allah azza wa jal, they repent to Allah, they don't no longer want to hide what Allah has to say, we're all slow, but they have to correct their mistake as well. They have to reform. And this is a general principle in making dua to Allah azza wa jal, when you want to make dua to Allah, if you've done wrong to people to society, if you've caused the harm, you have to fix that harm that is necessary. When it's just between you and Allah azza wa jal, Allah will always clean out your slate, but when it is you causing some harm to society, to people to individuals, you have to fix that arm. That's why Allah says except for those people who make doba and they reform

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they correct and they fix their mistakes. You have harmed someone personally, right? By speaking ill of them, you've destroyed their reputation, you've caused them difficulty in their marriage, you have to go and seek forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal for that sin. And at the same token, you have to go and talk to them as well for them to free you of the sin as well because there is a sin that you have between yourself and Allah. And there's baggage that you're going to be carrying all the way till the Day of Judgment because of the harm that you caused to somebody else. So there has to be a flaw. There has to be rectification reforming what they you know, and you clarify as well. Let

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me give you an example.

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As someone goes and says, the rule of Allah azza wa jal in XYZ, is this,

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right? And they're lying. They're lying.

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They're lying.

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There are people out there who do this.

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I don't know what to say subhanallah. But I want you to know that there are people out there who know truth, but they don't want to tell it.

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However, desires, and there are moments in their lives when they're reading this book,

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that they themselves come to a recognition that they've made a mistake.

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But we tell them that in order for you to correct that mistake, you have to make doba you have to rectify, and you need to clarify to the people as well, that you're on the wrong that you've made a mistake, that maybe it was your desires, maybe it was a little legitimate mistake, but whatever that falsehood that you ended up perpetrating to the people, you have to correct that you have to fix it you have to tell the people are I was wrong. Well, the you know, for Allah, it's only those people that Allah acre to Wiley, Allah says, These are the people I'm going to forgive. I don't want to forgiving everybody. These are the people that I'm going to forgive. The ones who come up with all

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of these

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premises all of these conditions making Toba to Allah correcting the mistake, clarifying that you are wrong. And this is a principle in your lives as well. You have to when you make a mistake, you have to own up to that mistake. You know, sometimes people are afraid to own up to their mistakes, but I tell you, Allah, he one of the most powerful things that a human being can do is accept their mistake.

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You do not become lesser in the sight of the people, let alone Allah azza wa jal when you say this is what I said, but it was a mistake.

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Of course, if there's a sense of intent, that's a different story, then people might look at you like, oh, we can't trust you in the future. But if it's not us, there's no sense of intent. Then when you embrace your mistake,

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people are going to be forgiving. But if you keep on going based on that mistake, just because you're afraid that what am I going to say to the people that will become a greater mistake, but when I got to where I am, these are the people that I forgive? Well, the wobble Rahim and now Allah reminds everybody that I am the ever forgiving, I accept every mistake, and I forgive it. I am merciful. Those people who have heard in the past they can always come back to Allah.

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In the levena Cafaro. Those people who have disbelieved while Moto and they die upon that disbelief won't go far, will lay him learner to lie, he will Mullah kitty onesie Ultramarine. Allah has his curse upon those people. The angels have their curse upon these people, and humanity at large, as well has their curse upon these people. Again, I've been pinpointing many verses like this, because this idea of perennial thought, it's being peddled to Muslims. It's being peddled to Muslims in the form of books that are being endorsed by Muslim scholars.

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And we tell these Muslim scholars to fear Allah, because there's a day of judgment. And if you realize that a book contains goosal disbelief.

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And you tell people well, it's generally good but there are some errors the regular person reading is going to have your same brain and intellect and, and academic and scholarly skills to be able to figure it out that mistake.

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An example of that is study Quran. Study. Quran is a book that is peddled to Muslims, it is read by Muslims, but the book has perennial thought. It has perennial thought, it has this idea that there is this common truth there's this common basis and Allah for faith, everybody can just be one. There everyone can gain salvation, everyone can gain a shot at salvation in the hereafter. We do admit that it's possible that even a person who dies upon disbelief may gain a shot at salvation because they didn't get the message from Allah azza wa jal, that's a different discussion. But the average person who's heard about the message they know about the message, but they continue to disbelieve,

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are they going to get that shot as well at salvation? The answer is no. And there is no disagreement among the Muslim

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Look at this look at what Allah is saying. Those who disbelieve in they die

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wahome could fall and they are disbelievers. They will have the learner of Allah, the curse of Allah, someone cursed by Allah, like the shaytaan will go to Jana.

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Well, Mala Iike and all of the angels as well. One Nasi Ultramarine and humanity at large.

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What more do you want to hear? Allah is saying these people who die upon disbelieve, they are cursed by Allah azza wa jal, but I have to point out that this is the general masses of people who disbelieve, we do not curse specific individuals, there is a disagreement about this, but

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most of the scholars believe that we do not

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curse specific individuals, someone dies, specifically you say that person is cursed by Allah? No, no, no. Why? Because maybe in the last moments of his life, he had a change of heart, he decided to go another way. Maybe he didn't get the message or got a skewed version of the message. And Allah will test them on the Day of Judgment, because this is also going to happen on the Day of Judgment, some people will be tested by Allah, and those who become faithful at that point, they will be sent to Jannah. So we can't curse specific individuals, but Allah is talking about the general body, that these people who disbelieve they are not people who are going to be in the Mercy of Allah.

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Otherwise, if you say otherwise, you're destroying the primary premise because of which the Quran came. The Quran came to bring people out of disbelief to belief, if everybody has a good shot at Paradise, and everybody can basically be a good person and go to Jana, then what's the point of the prophets? What's the point of, of the Quran? What is the point of this book? What is the point of this message? What are all these verses all about? The people who are peddling these this, these different types of disbelief, they have to ask themselves, how do they understand these verses? The reality is, they do not understand this versus and that's why we know that they will see you have

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all of the profits, the will the counsel of all of the profits to their people was to die upon Islam. Allah literally told us of Ibrahim and he said what was sabe Ibrahim Albany? Well, yeah.

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Ibrahim, he told his children and also Yaqoob as well. Yeah, Benny yet in Allah stuff. Allah Coumadin. Oh, my children, Allah has chosen this path for you, this religion for you, so do not die, except that you are Muslim in except that you are Muslim who

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don't die, except that you are people of faith, except that you've accepted Islam. If Ibrahim is telling this to his children, and yeah, who is telling this to his children? What's the point of all of this? Why if everyone has a shot to salvation, just be a kind person and a good person and charitable and this and that and the other and you'll go to something called Paradise or you will have a shot at Paradise. Why? You know, this really doesn't make sense with the entire concept of the prophets to begin with. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he told us in the Quran, a verse we recite on a very

00:28:23--> 00:28:30

regular basis. The verse that you hear every single Jamar, what is it?

00:28:31--> 00:29:18

Yeah, you're letting an otaku Allah helper to party Wallah. The move to Nila Antonio. Oh, who you believe have Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal, the way you should have the core of him and don't die except in the state of Islam. The primary basis of this entire religion is that there's something called Islam. And there's something called for those who are Muslim and they will be granted Jana those who are kuffaar, they will be doomed in fire. If you get rid of this creedal pillar of faith. There is no more Islam Islam is finished. The whole concept of Islam becomes destroyed imploded. If you say that kuffaar can also go to agenda why not? And I'm going to point this out throughout my

00:29:18--> 00:29:33

theater again and again because I know that this is again being peddled to Muslims, from unfortunately, some Muslims or some who claim to be Muslims themselves in different ways, sometimes speakers who have this belief they are enabled in large

00:29:34--> 00:29:42

conferences in the Western world and in the Muslim world as well. Sometimes through books like the one I just told you have,

00:29:43--> 00:29:51

but we're not going to let this go. We are going to hold people to account or trying to corrupt our creed, Holly Deena fie. Ha.

00:29:53--> 00:29:58

They will remain there in forever. Now you have first one homeowner as a verb

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

By law, you offer foreign homeowner hijab, they will remain there in forever again, this is another one of those things that people are attacking now.

00:30:10--> 00:30:49

This is another concept because anything that has this idea of non Muslims going to Hellfire is irritating some people why is it irritating you? Why? It is not you who is going to hellfire? Do you understand? He is making a choice not to believe. And Allah has certain rules that he's placed. For those who disbelieve, one of them is that they go to the hellfire. So this is another thing that people are now starting to contest as well that well, at the end of the day, it will take him has a view.

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And he talks about this and how they arrive at the end of his book, right?

00:30:56--> 00:31:04

He has 25 pages on this particular topic, the idea that the fire will

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be extinguished

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and that the fire is not permanent. Jana is permanent, but fire is not permanent. He really, really tries to push this view in his book had an ROI.

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But this is a mistake.

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What is this? This is a mistake.

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And he is one of the only scholars in history that has tried to push this idea

00:31:37--> 00:31:41

the overwhelming majority of the ummah.

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And what I mean by that is basically an agenda of consensus.

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Everyone agrees and the Quran repeatedly repeats, that the fire is permanent, just as Jana is also permanent. This is there throughout the Quran. This is one example right over here. Okay. Now, if I the reason why I'm mentioning this is because they use this view, which is, again, an atypical view. It's not the actual sunnah view of Allah, sunnah will jump large. But this is an atypical view, it is a wrong view, it's a mistake. And every scholar can make a mistake, right? So

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some of these people, what they're doing now is they're using this view of evidence per year as a basis. And they say that look, it will claim says that the fire will be extinguished, it's going to come to an end. Right? So if the fire comes to an end, where do all these go Fargo that are in the fire.

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Allah is all merciful, they have to go somewhere. So they're going to be entered into agenda. Now, interestingly enough, YBNL time saved us the trouble. Why? Because when you read the book of Ibrahim Himself, He literally says that the fact that the fire will be extinguished, it does not mean that the people of the fire will be entered into jedna.

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You understand?

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He says that means that they will be extinguished along with the fire.

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So when these people are reading, I don't know if they're reading the entire book, or just skimming what's being said. The idea is they don't care about ignorant claim. They don't care about Ibn Taymiyyah. They don't care about a no op. They care about their desires. They have a desire of this Inconvenient Truth that says that people who are destined to fire will remain there forever, except of course the people who are believers and they will be brought back to Jana. This is a very inconvenient truth so they don't want to actually accept this Inconvenient Truth and they will take any measures to live their own beliefs and then ascribe them to Islam we say to such people, you can

00:34:09--> 00:34:32

believe whatever you want, but Islam is under threat stood through the Quran and through the Sunnah. Allah is telling us in the Quran, Haile Deen fie her and in some places about that as well forever, they will remain there in forever law you have 51 Whom will adapt that adapt the punishment will never be decreased upon these people, what Allah whom young Varun

00:34:33--> 00:34:52

and nor will they be given respite, nor will they be given respite when people get to the fire, Muslims and non Muslims because even Muslims will be entered into the fire those who are disobedient slaves of Allah azza wa jal, I ask Allah to protect you and I Allah humma me and allow us to die on belief Allahumma Amin

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

nobody is going to be given given respite at that moment Hollis your respite is in this world. This

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

World is Donald IP tila. It's the DAR. It's the moment in which you're going to be tested right now you're being tested. Allah has placed us within this earth. To test us he wants to see who is going to be a believer and who is going to be a disbeliever. He wants to see who is going to be righteous, and who is going to be impious. He wants to see who will fall prey to his desires, and who will be able to abstain from the things that his desires dictate upon him. He wants to see who is going to uphold the laws of Allah azza wa jal and who is going to reject the laws of Allah. He wants to see who is going to look at the inconveniences of the religion because there are some things that are

00:35:39--> 00:35:45

inconvenient within the religion as well and embrace them and who's going to look at those very inconvenient and reject them.

00:35:46--> 00:35:48

He wants to see all of this now you're being tested.

00:35:51--> 00:36:16

And on the Day of Judgment, there's no more time for tests anymore now it's the time for a result there's no respite. Voila, home Yun Varun, there's no more respite now, Hollis. Time is over what ina who can Isla who I hate. Now Allah finishes this conversation off by reminding you that your Lord is just one Lord. That's him alone. The only being that you need to be worshiping is Allah azza wa jal.

00:36:17--> 00:37:02

So don't have fear of the people and conceal the truth. Because you have a lord to respond back to you have a lord to answer back to you will quite question you, La ilaha illa who don't worship other than Allah, don't make your source of guidance other than Allah azza wa jal as well. There is no god worthy of worship except for him. Allah man of Rahim, he's the Ever Merciful, and he's the Merciful, the one who gives his mercy to the people as well. The one who extends His mercy to the people because now ALLAH is talking about the people of the fire. And remember, the Quran is always Muthoni what does that mean? whenever ALLAH is going to talk about the fire, and he will give you some

00:37:02--> 00:37:22

warning, Allah is also going to give you an opportunity to rectify yourself and correct yourself. This is the nature of the Quran. If there's a verse about Jana, there will be a verse about the fire as well. If there's something about the account on the Day of Judgment, Allah will tell you he's also merciful as well. So you repent back to him, so Allah wants you to repent back to him.

00:37:24--> 00:37:38

And one of the ways to repent back to Allah azza wa jal is to do Toba and correct the wrongs that you've done. Look around yourself. What is that one wrong that you've done to someone else? Because we've all wronged? Firstly, we've wronged ourselves.

00:37:39--> 00:37:42

Secondly, we've wronged everybody around us pretty much.

00:37:44--> 00:38:07

And thirdly, we haven't made Toba. And Allah wants you to make that nobody's seeing the wobbel Rahim al Rahman al Rahim. I am the one who accepts that doba ind Ever Merciful, and I'm the one who extends that mercy as well. I ask Allah who is at will to extend his mercy to us Allahumma Alameen wa sallahu wa ala Sayidina Muhammad in early he was so happy he married