Fasting in Shawwal

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The speaker discusses the importance of fasting beyond the month ofFinancial and the guidance of the prophet diesel to make it an integral part of one's life. They encourage people to try to fast for six more days and to focus on their daily activities to achieve their goals. The speaker also mentions a place in Somaliland that is affordable to visit and highlights the importance of fasting for achieving goals.

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Why they come to live our cattle?

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Well, it's been some days now since the EAD

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and hamdulillah.

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I'm still here in Hargeisa, Somaliland

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and Mashallah, the weather is fine after some heavy rains, etc.

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and fasting is over

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according to Ramadan,

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but is fasting just about Ramadan?

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Is this month of fasting every year supposed to be shut down? And the

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whole practice all the efforts, everything we have done in Ramadan supposed to be just put on the shelf until next Ramadan is that is that how it is supposed to be?

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Or is Ramadan

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a part of our lives? You know, Ramadan being the obligatory aspect aspects of fasting.

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When we look at what Prophet Mohammed Salah Salam had to say

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beyond Ramadan, we find there are so many different references and suggestions and and

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efforts that he has proposed for us to do to make Ramadan and make fasting an integral part of our lives. And not just something for the month of Ramadan. That's the reality. So it is it does

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behoove us to look into fasting beyond Ramadan, that Ramadan was really a preparation,

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a preparation for

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a way of life, which

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includes fasting in all of its aspects.

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So when we look into the guidance of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Regarding

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fasting beyond Ramadan, we find the first statement he made was that of fasting six days of show all

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six days either, you know, with gaps in between, or six days

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following each other, however, we choose to do it. But six days of show out before the month of show while ends were encouraged to fast for six more days.

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And these days of fasting, the prophet SAW seldom said

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I did to the month of Ramadan gives us the reward of fasting the whole year fasting for a whole year. So Bahama law,

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just six more days added to our Ramadan

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gives us the reward this great reward of fasting

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the whole year. So what is this saying? This is encouraging us in the most strongest of terms to fast regularly

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to make fasting an integral part of our lives.

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So, my brothers and sisters,

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followers on Facebook,

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let this month of Chahal not go by.

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Don't let it go by without fasting. The six days as the prophet SAW some of them has recommended it.

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And Sharla

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make that effort and fast them as sincerely and as

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focused as we were in Ramadan. Don't fight them as a tradition, habit.

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You know, a custom that's what people do. So we're doing it like them. No put everything

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In it in these six days, try to put everything in it just as we had put in Ramadan, we were very, very careful about our Ramadan to make sure that that Ramadan was perfect. So it would bring us the rewards that were promised. In the same way. We should try to do the same thing for these six days of show

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barakallahu li comb, and it is good to be here with you again. Still in Somaliland,

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a place of peace, a land of Muslims Mashallah a place worth visiting. When you're making your plans for the coming year. You know where you would like to take a vacation, see another part of the world meet some of the oma, consider Somaliland, a place that I've been coming to for the last eight years. And in the course of these eight years here in Somaliland, I can say honestly, that I've only heard of two people who have been killed here. So behind Allah

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Subhana Allah to people in eight years. I know once you heard the word Somali Somalia, Somaliland, you're thinking Shabaab explosions, you know, daily, etc. But Somaliland is a whole nother story.

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So put it on your agenda. It's relatively cheap to visit here to live here is incredibly cheap. I mean, you can get a house

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with walls around it.

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Three bedrooms

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for as little as $150 a month. I know some people contact me all the time asking me where can we make hatred? You know, where is livable work and Muslims gold?

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Somalia Somaliland put that on your map, do some research, come and visit it and inshallah you will find

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a land of Muslims 100% Muslim.

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Father, we have three lines, sometimes four lines, people praying you know, throughout the day.

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Hey job everywhere. You will not see a single woman in the street without a job not a single woman.

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Of course the man's job needs some work. But Masha Allah,

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Somaliland is a place to consider.

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Seriously Baraka Luffy comme salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. And I'm closing now as the advance of the whore I sounding you can hear them in the background. Mashallah. And this is something beautiful too. No matter where you go in this city, you will always hear the other end.

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So how are they come to LA he barakato