The Benefits of Coronavirus #1

Ali Albarghouthi


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah hawala, and he also be will send them.

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I know what he might be thinking, the benefits of Corona

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this virus, this pandemic that has paralyzed this earth

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that has affected our lives in ways that are probably unprecedented. on a global scale.

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This thing has benefits, the thing that is bringing so much anxiety and worry and death, this has benefits.

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And the first thing I think we need to realize no matter what is the thing that we're going through is that whatever Allah allows to happen, whatever Allah brings, or allows to happen,

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it happens, because there is benefit in it.

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Nothing that happens to us is pure evil.

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There is a lesson in it, there is benefit in it for those who want to see and for those who want to learn and for those who want to change.

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And this realization helps you and me

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to adjust our attitudes and to grow, as we encounter whatever Allah azza wa jal is sending us. That is the purpose of whatever Allah is allowing us to encounter is for us to learn something from it

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is for us to realize a lesson that is embedded in it. And when we do this, we understand what Allah wants from us, we understand how to change, we understand how to interpret this phenomena correctly.

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So for you realize this, that there are benefits, and inshallah I'll try to

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enumerate and count as many benefits as I can think of.

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But if we understand that there are benefits in it, we'll start realizing that we can use this to our advantage. But it's not a total loss, this is not

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a complete calamity, but in fact, that we can do something to transform it into a benefit.

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And once you realize this, that this is from Allah zildjian. And there must be benefit in it. You can encounter this with two possible emotions. One is patience, and the other is contentment.

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And at least have a level of patience. You can say, I know this is from Allah azza wa jal, and I know it's troubling, and I know it's frightening. And I know there's hardship in it.

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But I will be patient with this because I know that it's taken away my sins and find patient a lot rewards me for it. So it's better for me, it is better for me. And it just fits better because Allah has decided that it'd be so

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when you reach that stage, it becomes easy, or at least easier to deal with everything around you. Because for something happens, that is upsetting. And it becomes too difficult to stay at home, if becomes too difficult to go and buy food, if it becomes too difficult to go to work. If you're worried about the future, you're worried about the present. If you say, I'm going to be patient, because every single minute, Ally's removing a sin of mine, that every single minute where I'm patient, Allah is giving me

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a good deed, and it becomes easier. And when you establish or are firm, in the on the level of patience, you can start seeing what lies beyond it, which is contentment, that is, know Allah chose this for all of us. And there is a good reason for it. And if I were to see the future, I would only choose what Allah had chosen. See, begin to find the good in whatever ally chosen for you. Yeah, Allah deprived us of certain things. But through that deprivation, right, that Allah has locked certain doors, but through that a lot opened other doors as well. And that's something maybe that we can talk about, or you can think about that. Yeah, I'll let you go is something but I was also

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giving you something else. Not the least of it is some solitude where you could just sit by yourself and reassess.

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And that is one other benefit also of

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of this virus, which is that it has given us or it should give us all collectively and individually the chance to reassess our life so far. You can see, you can see how

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political structures are fragile. How economic systems are fragile, how human life

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and whatever systems we build is very fragile.

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And how the life of the end

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Visual is very, very fragile.

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It's like there's just a simple virus can end our life as simple virus can disrupt what we consider to be normal, can topple governments potentially could topple governments can topple empires. And we stand defenseless, and you realize, there's nothing that we can do.

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At least now, there's nothing that we can do except try to save ourselves from it, but we are paralyzed. And you realize that we don't have power, someone or something else has power. And that is, Allah xojo, he has the power, he can bring everything to a halt, everything can stop. And if you thought about it, like five months ago, six months ago, three months ago, you would never have thought that this was possible.

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And this only demonstrates a less power.

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So it's a lie, it is something just to sit back and absorb, drink all this in and say, I could I can, I'm looking at all of this. And Allah when he chose, he stopped it.

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And so panela when we used to read about the signs of the Day of Judgment,

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when the dejenne, for instance, the imposter Messiah would come and people will flee to the mountains and Judean dude would come and people will flee from them to the mountains. And that will disrupt all of human life.

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When there's going to be a battle, this grand battle towards the end of days, and the disruption and the chaos, and we didn't, we didn't really understand that we used to read Yeah, but we didn't really, really understand Manal, when you go through this, begin to understand

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the signs of the Day of Judgment better,

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less power better, and how much we need him.

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As long as we have our economies and systems and governments and assistance and etc, etc, we feel that we don't need Allah zildjian. But when these things start collapsing, and I hope May Allah didn't make it easy on all of us that they don't really all of them collapse, because that would be too hard on all of us. But when they start, when they stop functioning, you realize that well, who do I have?

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You have a loss of agility. And so that's one of the benefits of such a thing, such a pandemic, is that reminds you that you need allies. So

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I'll try and shut a lot to enumerate more of the benefits of whatever we are going through our allies origin. Give us patience and reward us for it and give us contentment as we go through it. I mean, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullah