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The speakers discuss the use of a symbol during a performance and the common behavior of men and women. They emphasize the importance of following patterns and behavior, respecting people's obligations, and following expiration dates. The treatment options for sinful actions and refuse to comply with guidance are discussed, and individuals are encouraged to elevate their minds and not give up on sin until the Day of Jgment.

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who want to stay and who want to still feel when oh the winner he mean should orient fusina Or see Dr. Molina mija the healer who phenom wielding the law when they lose little fella Hey Deanna wash Hello Elijah Hale Allahu la sharika one of Mohammed Abdullah who are a Zulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam I'm about Agatha in the higher al Hadith Nikita Elijah Anna will hear on the head you had your Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah He was in them were Sharon Ohmori Mahadeva to her were coulomb data team be the one who will be the ITM Bala Baku love Allah Allah team Finnur

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Yahoo rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kulu met him or if an Indian Mujahideen. He said Sal, Allahu Allah, He was telling them all my ummah is forgiven will be forgiven, except to those who are public with their sins. And he said we're in the middle moja Hara Thea, Yamuna Raju Amman and belatedly for your story horrible for us to be hellfire Kulu ya hola and I mean tool very hard to get our cada used to be heard cetera Hora boo hoo for actually who sit on Allah Hi Lee okay Maha

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he says I'm part of one aspect of going public with a sin is for a person to commit something at night and Allah conceal his sin for him. Then in the morning he goes and he says oh so on so I did such and such last night. At night Allah concealed him in the morning he breaches that concealment

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and breaks.

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Whatever Allah azza wa jal had given him.

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In this hadith, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying there are two types of sins.

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There is a sin that is done privately.

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People don't know about it. And you don't want people to know about it because you know, it's a sin.

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And if the heart is like that, that's the heart of a believer no matter what you're doing. But if the heart is a heart that hates what Allah hates, and loves what Allah loves, despite its actions, it struggles. It's weak at times, but at least in its heart, it hates sin. That is the heart of a believer. He said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Femen salatu hashanah to who was to say he had to for our movement, the one who's happy with his own obedience. And he is this distressed, saddened because of his disobedience. He's a believer.

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That is a private sin that a person when he commits, he hides as much as possible because he doesn't know or doesn't want other people to know about it, he's ashamed.

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But when that shame goes away,

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and he publicizes that sin, and as he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in that hadith, part of going public with a sin is for it to be committed in private. Then you move it to the public sphere, I did this and that yesterday, nobody saw you, but you're so proud of it. You disregard Allah and His prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam that you talk to other people about, and you say, this is what I've done. And other people go public with their sins by committing it in public, to begin with, everybody can see it, they talk about it, and especially with social media 1000s upon 1000s if not millions of people could see what you're doing. And to that effect, that's why the prophets of Allah

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Azza wa salam said, Kulu, and Matthew, I have all of my Omar forgiven except those who go public with their sins. That's one of the reasons for sin not sins not to be forgiven, is for the person to not have higher and shyness not have regard for what Allah loves. And they put themselves ahead.

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And there are reasons why we do that maybe why we go public with our sins.

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The first is for us not to think that it's a big deal.

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It's not, it's not something significant.

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And Allah azza wa jal gives us a standard in the Quran.

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He said subhanho wa Taala if de la Kona Hobi el Synoptical. Moto Karuna VFR he command a Salah can be here l what? So guna who Hanaa we're in de la here. I'll leave you speaking to the Muslims at a particular incident. Where he said, You relaying this news, speaking to each other about it and spreading it and talking with your mouth about things that you do not know. And you think that it is insignificant, unimportant, but it is important

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input Allah azza wa jal, it is very significant with Allah azza wa jal.

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And the lesson to listen to learn from this is that what we consider to be important and unimportant does not always match what Allah considers. If you want to know if this is significant or not ask Allah as his prophets of Allah Allah wa salam, don't ask yourself,

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I think it's okay, so I'll do it. Don't ask you a society, but say to yourself, would Allah be happy with this or not?

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Would this be a sin or not? Is this a major sin or not? And I'll give you another example

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of something that is common.

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He said, So Allahu alayhi wa sallam Kulu I in in Zania. Every i is a fornicating. I could lie in in Zania. Why Umemura it in? Whichever woman puts on perfume and leaves, Walmart about the imaginary sin Lea God, ha ha she passes by a group of men so that they would smell what she had put on. For he is there and here she is a fornicator or an adulterous.

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Now consider this. This is something that is so common, right? And a lot of us may not consider this to be a big deal. Male or female, because it's common.

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Yet he said, sal Allahu Allah. He was hindlimb what he says every I commit Zina.

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So if a woman and this is not the single out woman, there are other incidents where men do other things that are terrible.

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But if a woman puts on a perfume and she leaves, and people smell, whatever she put on, and men are enticed by it, she contributes to their sin. And by that she's inviting to that sin, and He called her sallallahu alayhi wa sallam way, and the prophet by the way, he's very chaste when he speaks very reserved when he speaks, but because this matter is serious, he said, What about her Zania? Why? Because she did not commit the physical act of Zina, but she invited to it.

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And the heart commit Zina, and the I came with Xena and the air commit Zina. And when you commit that type of Xena, by someone's invitation, you become responsible. Now imagine if a male or a female would hear that from the mouth of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they would say no, it's my body.

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And I'm free to do with my body, whatever I want.

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And it's not my fault. If other people have a problem.

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I'm not responsible.

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And he saw Allahu Allahu wa salam, he would say, it is their problem and yours.

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And you're responsible for what you invite people to do. And it's not your body.

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It belongs to Allah azza wa jal, and he tells you what to do with it.

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And it's not up to you. It's up to Allah Azza wa Jalla. What you can do and what you cannot do with it, he gave it to you. And he tells you how to live.

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So some people don't think that things are significant enough. So that's why they do it.

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Other people do it for the sake of what popularity or other people are doing it. It's common,

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and says everybody is doing it is easy to follow their pattern.

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We said imitating the majority imitating other people is quite dangerous. And you must always maintain

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a proper compass in life based on Allah and His Messenger, not based on what people are doing.

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He said Sal, Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He says, let that be your own. Olay at the end now Alico Mata Allah Bani Israel either had the one that I live in now

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he says you're going to follow the pattern and the behavior of the Israelites before you the children of Israel in Hawaii when Natalie been nine foot by foot you take you follow their footsteps, one foot after the other Hatillo Can I mean whom? Many it whom, who Allah and you're lucky enough you met him and you follow Derek. So if you're even if word afford to be that among them, there would be a person who would sleep with his mother in public. They will be among my Alma son who will do it.

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Can you imagine a twisted fitrah which someone would want to do that?

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Such a twisted fitrah that a person would want to do this with their mother and not only that, be so brazen with that sin, that they don't mind doing it in public, there is no shame at all. He said even if they reach that stage, there will be people in this ummah who will imitate them and do the same thing. No

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attaining others is not an excuse and you must know that Allah azza wa jal says we're into the era men fill out ugly, Yoda, Luke. You do Luke and Sabine Allah. If you were to obey most of the people on this earth, they will sway you and take you away from Allah azza wa jal, you can look at what the majority is doing, whether Muslim or non Muslim and say, since they're doing it, it's okay for me to do it. What if what they're doing is taking you to hellfire?

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What if what they are doing

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is dooming you and your family.

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So imitation is a very dangerous path. And it's not okay simply to blame the majority. But rather you need to extract yourself from that and see the path of righteousness and say, Allah Who wants this despite what people are saying and doing and that's what I will do. And that's what I will not do. The messengers a lot he was said and said, This is haram. So Allah touch it.

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So if people on social media, or elsewhere,

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especially sisters, but not only sisters, they appear.

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And they want to be popular. They want the likes. And so they start doing things, dancing, singing, sharing things that are despicable, that are haram.

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Only for the sake of word recognition, or for the sake of money.

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This is true with full makeup. What do you think, a man, a young man when he sees you? What do you think he's gonna think when he sees this? That is a fitna, or a male who does the same thing? What do you think that's going to do to others when they see you that is a fitna. And the problem with this is that, especially with social media, is that when you broadcast your sin, every person who sees it becomes your liability.

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It was

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sinning before was safer, because you could sin but few people around you would see it. Now we can sin, and 1000s would see it.

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And each person is influenced by that is invited to that sin. And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that whoever commits the sin, he has its

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sin on him.

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He will carry that sin and the sin of everybody else who does it because of him till the Day of Judgment. So I want you to imagine it's hard enough for a person to meet Allah azza wa jal with their own sins, we may be saved or not, but to carry the sins of everybody else who had seen you doing that haram and because of that, they're doing it.

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That is a tragedy, because you could come to Allah azza wa jal with millions of sins that you did not consider.

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And there was a an experiment

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that they did in psychology,

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where they placed a car in a neighborhood. And they smashed some of the windows of that car, and they waited to observe what people will do. And people in the beginning would pass by,

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and they will do nothing. But as the days passed, and they noticed that this car was ignored and neglected, and it was damaged. People, regular people like you and me, they started smashing the windows of that car, breaking it apart, stripping it, because they know that this car has no value. And it's okay to damage it like this. When you commit a Massiah in public, you devalue the religion of Allah Azza xuejun right or wrong.

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That when somebody sees you, like, if you're driving and everybody is obeying the traffic laws, is it easy for you to violate them? Because everybody's following the law. But if everybody's speeding, what would you say?

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Everybody's doing it? Might as well do it. So when you violate Allah's religion, so people sending a smoking shisha for instance, in public,

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you know, something is wrong with this, if you must do it, do it in your house,

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can see.

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But if you do it in public, in a shop where everybody who passes by sees you, and by that you invite them to that Massiah if you influence someone, you're responsible for that person.

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We're not seeing sin. We're saying there's a huge difference between sin that is committed in public and one that is private.

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People may do it for the sake of money,

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and the prophet

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or Allah azza wa jal had said while honoring the deen of Allah Malkin of the Jamia, and when Mr. Houma left Adobe Himitsu will either be Alma

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Yama if you're doing anything for the sake of money, and disobeying Allah, Allah suited for that or for Fein know that Allah has said that if those who transgress would have all this earth, and like that with it on the Day of Judgment, they would pay it to save themselves for that punishment of Allah.

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That is, if you had all the recognition and fame and celebration and accolades in this life, all the honors of this life, and that too, it's all the money of this life, all of it, not apart all of it and double that on the Day of Judgment. You would give all that willingly happily to save yourself from Allah's punishment. So ask yourself, is it really worth it?

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to sin, for the sake of few dollars, or few likes and Allah as the origin above seven skies is angry with you?

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What to fear? What success what Baraka will there be in your family

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and as you are sitting and devaluing the religion of Allah azza wa jal, you are actually dooming yourself and dooming your family around you. Because if you don't follow it, your children will not follow it and your neighbors will not follow it. And if people don't follow Allah's religion, it will come back to bite you, it will come back to hurt you.

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You will be destroying the family, you will be destroying other men, other women, other children and when society breaks when the family breaks, you will taste the bitterness of that deed sooner or later in the dunya but definitely in the era of holo holy ha That was the hero Hola, hola.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen Hamden cathedral urban Mubarak anfi, who also lives in Limon are also the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa salam, some people may engage in some public sins because they want a sense of belonging. They say this is okay because other people encourage them to say that that is okay. And receive them when they say that that is okay. And they become part of the community and then whatever they were struggling with, becomes something that is celebrated and they find a place what they consider to be a safe place. People who liked me and I like them back. And we all need belonging in a world where it seems that more and more people are

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connected. In fact, more of us are disconnected. We feel more alone today than we did in the past. So we obviously are looking for community. We're all obviously looking for meaning and belonging. But when you're seeking it in the wrong place, you're seeking it with the Shavon that will abandon you you will seek in it with someone who will leave you sooner or later have bitterly disappointed because you cannot find happiness with something that Allah hates. You cannot find Baraka in it.

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You want true belonging.

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Seek it with Allah azza wa jal, you know that you are going to die.

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You know that we are going to be asked in your grave about this halal or haram.

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And then ask yourself sincerely, if Allah would resurrect you on the Day of Judgment, whatever thing you doing publicly, that is Allah, Allah, Allah hates on the Day of Judgment when Allah azza wa jal will ask people to separate into two groups. This is those who are pleasing to Allah and those who are not. These are the actions that are pleasing to Allah and this is not where would you place this thing?

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What do you put it? Among the things that please Allah, who are Allah tells you in the Quran and Sunnah, that it is not, or things that displease Allah and if it is with what displeases ALLAH, do you want to face Allah with this? Are we selling the halal for the sake of the dunya?

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Are you selling the eternal happiness for the sake of momentary happiness? And it's important here to check our emotions.

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What is your Hauer telling you? What is your desire telling you? I'm not doing anything wrong? How do you know that? What is your Howard telling you I want to do this. But what is Allah telling you?

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And it's the fundamental precepts of Islam is that Allah azza wa jal came to save us from our own Hawa. So that we follow Allah has the origin, you know where you will, and you teach this to your children, you cannot do whatever you feel like, right? You can do whatever you feel like.

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Even as an adult you cannot do whatever you feel like there are laws in this on this earth that prevent you from doing that.

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Secular physical laws that prevent you and punish you if you violate them. And Allah azza wa jal has his laws. And you can say I decide so far it makes sense to me. You say What is Allah say about it despite what you feel, and you make what you feel conform to what Allah wants. Now the other way around?

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Our Allah is Allah has

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did not hour however,

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the one who has however as their inner they say, This is what I like. This is what I feel is true. And I'll take from religion and from God would support this and ignore everything else for you do this your profit is yourself. Your book is yourself and your what is your God but those who believe in Allah and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they say I don't care about what I believe in, like, let me hear Allah what He says. Then I'll migrate from my own likes to what Allah likes. When I migrate from what Allah azza wa jal hates to what Allah loves. So if you're a person who is committing a sin stop, and if you cannot stop you go private with it, don't go public with it. And

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if you know someone who's doing something like that

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advice and make dua

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tell that person and be firm with it compassionate but firm. This is haram

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and the fact that it is public and popular and people are doing it or you're doing it doesn't make it okay it is haram. And for me till the Day of Judgment, it will be haram. And the book of Allah azza wa jal says though so clearly, so It's haram.

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But make dua for them and give Dawa to them and never stop making Dawa to them and understand with some compassion that they could be struggling. They could have some misconceptions, so keep talking to them. Maybe Allah azza wa jal will guide them. But there will be a point.

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And that is kind of the last type of treatment

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where someone is if he's obstinate, stubborn, determined to disobey Allah Zola doesn't listen to any advice, that at one point, boy cutting that person is also a possibility.

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And that varies from one person to the other from one situation to the other. And sometimes you can boycott a person to teach them a lesson that what you're doing is wrong and you have to feel that it's wrong. And sometimes you boycott a person, not to benefit them but to benefit yourself and family because when you're around that sin,

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you don't feel okay. So you have to protect yourself. But that's something that needs to be used with wisdom.

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So going back to when the Prophet sallallahu ala you it was salam had said

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Kulu, Matthew, Martha all of us will be forgiven. And when you ask Allah for forgiveness, Allah will give that to you. But if you're battling Allah azza wa jal waging a war against Allah without going with since publicly, how could you expect the forgiveness of Allah has the origin unless you repent? The last thing I want to say is on behalf of brothers who are visiting from Alberta.

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I said that, remember I said that when you do something bad, and people imitate you and follow you, you'll earn your sin and their sins till the Day of Judgment. Well, if you do something good,

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you will take the reward of what you did and everything else as a consequence of what you did till the Day of Judgment. And there were brothers who are visiting because they're building the first message in their city in Alberta.

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And they're facing a strict deadline by Monday they have to give around 120 130,000

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as the first installment, so they're relying on Allah Zoltan and then on you.

00:23:24--> 00:23:43

We do a lot of bad things. But so when the opportunity to do something good presents itself don't waste it. You do not know if you buy a brick for Allah sake, how many people will benefit from that and as a consequence, you keep to see keep seeing that in your grave after your death till Allah Newshub.

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So I urge you sincerely give as much as you can for the sake of Allah has helped them build this message. Allah says, Allah azza wa jal to forgive us all of our sins and the sins that we know. And the sins that we do not know Allah, ha ha, Mara Hamid Yara, but I mean, we know your hamara I mean that we commit daily since we commit a lot of sins, but we know at the same time that you are the most forgiving that you are most Merciful. So we asked you today on this blessed day, that you do not leave a sin that we have done except that you have forgiven it. We actually are allowed me to save us from committing sins in public. We ask you out of the enemy to make us of those who regard

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you sincerely and stay away from upsetting you and angering you. Whereas you will allow me to cleanse our hearts so that we like what you like, and we hate what you hate. Worse you will allow me to strengthen our resolve so that we follow this and know your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam do not make us of those who forget your hammer Rahimi do not make us of those who neglect their religion do not make us of those who focus on the dunya and ignore the HERA. We ask you to elevate us in the dunya and in the era bring us closer to you on the Day of Judgment elevators in Jannah and give us a fair dose of Allah was to your hamara Hamid to renew Eman in our hearts. We asked you

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horrible Allah me to give us your love and the

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Love of your messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the love of the believers Allahumma TNF in dunya Hassan Ophelia Hirata hacer una working out either but not long way I'm a liberal Kulu with a bit Kulu bunna Allah de la Miami Sullivan Kulu Kulu Bana, alotta Arctic Aloha Marina Isla de Creek, our shoe Creek office near you burnetii Yahaya a human will be met hermetic and yesterday. Also Helena Chanel Kula will have to kill nylon fusina for further I wackiness