A Deeper Look – Surah Al-Mutaffifin – This Makes Allah Angry

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The use of "naught" and "naught" in Arabic language is discussed, with the latter being a sign of hesitation or resistance to buying products at subsidized prices. The use of "naught" is used to indicate a desire for customers to buy and sell products, while "naught" is used to indicate a desire for customers to buy and sell products at a lower price. The transcript also touches on the deeper meaning of the Quran and its deeper meaning.

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Now wait until McKenzie Beenleigh are limited 15. Let's deal with the word buffer. This is a very interesting word of the Arabic language. To make the long story short, there's lots of things that can be said about it. But two main ideas, they will you know, if you pour a bottle, like if you're, if somebody asked for juice or something and you're pouring, or you're filling up a bottle, like it's even better example, you're filling up a bottle with a faucet, right, and you're waiting till it's goes to the top. And if it gets to the top, and the part that slips spills over a little bit before you stop the faucet, that's actually called the fourth. Or when somebody is filling a bag of

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rice, and they're filling it in filling in and filling in and filling it and then some of it spills over. That's the faff or, I was with my kids at a pizza place today. And because you know Ramadan is coming so might as well eat fat food but anyway so but anyway, so we're pouring some some garlic and stuff at Allah and you know that sprinkle has some some some grains on top. That's called the Five the stuff on top. Okay, now the word Mustafa means to take a little extra on the top to have some extra or to remove some extra from the top just a little bit. And the idea of that fee because it buffer the fact Allah form for the Arabic students here. When you say things like Ashara in the

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Arabic language, or cassava or karada, these are words in which you don't enhance what you also decrease. In other words, stuff how could mean to take a little extra or to give a little extra as one of those two things, okay to give a little extra to take a little extra. Now, how does this work? It actually is, if I were to imagine an ancient store or ancient, you know, grocer who sells flour who sells rice, and somebody gives him a bag, fill this rice for me. And he's going to charge by the bag, right. So when the bag fills up, he has this kind of, you know, nice looking thing. It's flat, and he scrapes it off the top. So you can close it. Right. And now this knife thing, imagine

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if it's a little dipped. So when he scrapes it off the top, he doesn't just take cut a straight line, he kind of takes them from the inside to just a little extra. So he was gonna give 100% But now he's giving 99% He's saving himself his merchandise a little 1% point 5% A little bit. The idea is you take from your customer, just so little that they don't realize you stole

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they don't realize it. That's the thief. And then on the flip side, if you're if you are the customer, you are haggling and haggling. Okay, fine. I know I just bought this from you, I just went and bought a pizza. But the pizza was a little cold throw me an extra slice, I want one for free. I want I want to talk to the manager I want I want something more than what I paid for. I just want something more. I'm the annoying customer that always wants more than what I paid for. This is the fee from the consumers point of view. So there's two kinds of motor 15. And one of them is okay, you're haggling and you're trying to get the most you can and you want to get every pennies worth

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fine. But now look at what Allah azza wa jal is gonna say about these people, these people who just take a little bit off top, let's see what the first is about Alladhina eductor, Allah, Allah Nursey, esto foon. Those who when they take Wait, meaning when they are being when they're purchasing something, and the word either NASS is interesting, because I love to shoot Hoonah illustrate Allah, that Allah tells us that they're bullying, the one they're buying from. This is talking about people that are buying, but as they are buying, they're taking advantage of the one that that's the buying from. So you know, you have, you're not going to those of you that come from the Muslim world that

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have spent much time in Pakistan or Bangladesh or Malaysia or somewhere, maybe you're used to haggling prices, you're not going to do that at Macy's. And you're not going to do that, you know, in the mall, you're not going to be haggling prices. But you know, you see this poor guy selling like wooden toys outside the Haram and he's saying, you know, hey, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

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And you're like, No, I'm gonna pay you to and you just grabbed the thing and you're walking away?

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No, no, no, you don't need five you just need to, you know, and you just bullied the customer, the seller and you know, there's there's both sides, right? This guy is trying to sometimes they're trying to sell you something 10 times the price. And then they're saying I have small children, you know, but then sometimes it's on the other side. You know, the guy is desperate is clearly not doing well. You should maybe even buy some extra from him. But no, no, no, you want to pinch pennies even though you make 100 grand a year. You shouldn't have to do this, but you do it anyway. This is Italian Allah not to bully people when you know the one that's selling is in a desperate situation.

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But let's expand this a little bit for our times this we're not just talking about ancient markets and you know, people walking down the street and somebody peddling small talk toys to them. Today you have situations where there are farmers that have to sell their crop at subsidized prices, or you have people that are manufacturing and the

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The buyer comes in says, Well, you know, I can just get much cheaper from abroad or somewhere else or somewhere else. And now, you're barely making anything because your customer is bullying you. And to just be thinning your margins to barely you can't even survive, even below market rate, right. And if you don't sell it to them at that price, they'll just go and get it from somewhere where they can get short children's labor. And there are no labor laws and get back, you know, get it done in factories where there are corrupt governments, and they can get the same product done for half the price or a 10th of the price. What do they care, you know, so long as they don't get caught legally.

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It's so long as the judges and after them with a tax Taxman is not going to come after them, they can get their, their product from somewhere else. So using this kind of leverage to squeeze people when they're selling something to you to you know, cut, you know, reduce them bone dry, that's also the thief as a consumer. And that's why the the word I hear is actually used in the form of bullying. You know, the ancient form of bullying also used to be that you have, you have people like corrupt police officers or, you know, gangsters and things like that. And they'll just walk in and take whatever, they'll just take the giant start drinking it and give you like, nothing, almost

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nothing or nothing at all. And so what are you going to do? You know, like they deserve it. The idea of, you know, sellers, being bullied by somebody is captured in a Latina erectile otherness, then the word is yes, though food, they try and they want to get every last bit that they paid for every little thing they want to collect. So they're really keen about that, you know, they're some of you maybe not, I'm not a good consumer. I'm really not. If I buy something and it was defective, I think 1000 times am I gonna go back and stand in the line for returns or, but there are some people mashallah, I mean, they've got the stamina to stand five hours in that line, and haggle the the

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thing and get a brand new one, and get the manager to apologize and give them a gift certificate for life or something like

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there are some people like that they really want to get what they paid for. And they'll fight tooth and nail they'll stay on the line 800 Number listening to hypnotic like elevator music. And but they'll stay on it, because they want to get the rights you know, but if that is the case, which is fine. I Lavina is ACTA Lu Allah Nasi esto foon fine. But then what about the other side? Well, either Carlu was an whom Yossi wrote, This is where the criticism actually comes in. If you want to be someone who wants everything they deserve, you want 100% as a customer fine. If you're so interested in receiving as a customer, you should be equally committed to giving to your customer.

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You're giving also. Now this so far, it seems even though I haven't gotten into detail in iron, number three, it might seem like this is only talking about people that buy and sell. But actually Kowloon of Sinbad enough Sal Kulu in San, every person sells himself. When you go to work, when you go in your job, if you have a nine to five job, in those hours, you sold your time to your employer, he bought it from you, he or she that company, they bought your time. And that time you owe to them because they're paying you for that service. If you're sitting in that time, and you're not doing the work that you're supposed to do, or you're skimming, or you're extending, you know, there are

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some people who are hired contractors. And if you have a contract and it's expires in three months, or they have a deadline, you have to finish, you keep slowing down the work. So they extend the contract, you get paid more, you're doing two or three if you don't have to have a bag of rice and a weighing machine to do to leave. You can just cheat people in service agreements. You can shortchange people in providing them the best advice, counselling, medical services, whatever else this is kind of totally false. So now Allah says Where is that guy new home, oh was a new home your zero is amazing if he says and when they wait for them. Two words were used Carlu. And wasn't it the

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difference between them is really interesting. The word eQTL or kale is used for large quantities. And wasn't was used also for weighing currency. Because sometimes they used to, they don't know what the silver coin is worth, because they're not all minted exactly the same size as manual work. So they'd weigh it. And now they know what silver is actually worth of the gold coin is actually worth Okay. So but of course, they're not going to have a huge weighing machine for the gold coin or silver coin, there's not going to be that many of them. But for the rice and the flour and the wheat and all of that they're going to have larger devices. So for the larger things at scale, and for the

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smaller things It wasn't you can also say for the product at scale, and for the currency it's wasn't so because you you take the product and you give the currency. So both of those things are being weighed now on this, Allah Azza says we're either Kallu home, I was a new home, the Arab the expected Arabic. The fuller version of this is either cannula home, or was a new law home if they wait for them and or evolve

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You wait for them. But the word use gala woman was a look of the lamb is missing and when the lamb is missing, it's an interesting thing. It might even indicate that a buyer's rights have been taken away alarm will elicit this little step back when somebody deserves something. So now from by removing the lamb Allah is actually saying these are the people who don't give their customers what they deserve. That's one of the beauties of the word, the loudmouth. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars our job and

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billionaires to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna tv.com under the deeper look section