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Murtaza Khan
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After praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending him in greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was salam,

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continuing the story of use of Ali salaam, or rather the theme of all the stories of the prophets, whereby we looked at Surah, Yunus and hood, and in surah, Yusuf.

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And going back to the original forefather of all of these prophets, of all of the Gambia, what about to Abba E? What about mulata? About E. Ibrahim is Chanukkah wa Hobe. As use of HW mentioned the unfolding the way or my forefathers, my forefathers of going back to my father, Jacobi and prior to that my grandfather is held and prior to that Ibrahim and a Salam, Abu Bashar the father of mankind, the father of Abu Ambia, the father of all the profits, that you find more of them will be a majority of the profits come from the lineage of Ibrahim and A salaam, even the Prophet alayhi salatu salam comes from the final lineage of his marriage that there was no prophets that came from

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Israel, except for the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, so continue to steam of the MBR the prophets looking at Surah Ibrahim the 14th chapter the Quran, looking at the sort of Ibrahim and A salaam, Allah subhanaw taala selected chose certain prophets and that's the entirety entitled as we mentioned, somebody sought us by names of certain prophets to give them that even more rank or dignity. Allah mentioned about Ibrahim Ali Salam o taka Dillo Ibrahima kalila. Allah subhana took Ibrahim Ali Salam is a Helene as an intimate friend. What kala Mala Musa tuck Lima Allah Spanner spoke to Musa Elisa gave him that the sheriff gave him the honor that Allah spoke directly to him.

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While the Musa let someone have stepped further, he asked Allah Subhana Allah I want to see you inside the dunya call Allah and terroni You're never going to be able to see me inside this dunya Allah Allah exposed they say a small glimpse of light. A tip of a finger of Nora was was extracted as shown on this dunya and everything was destroyed a mountain collapsed and Musa ism collapsed as well.

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And when he awoke he then he repented back to Allah Subhana darnold is to show how Allah is pantalla is to have fun and be our mousseline. Allah chose and selected the prophets and the messengers. Thus to read about cost us will be a read about the stories of the prophets to see who if we can use these words the men of God who these individuals they were, Why did Allah subhanaw taala select them and choose them? Allah condimento Ibrahim Ibrahim a tener uma and carnita les Hanifa Ibrahim Harrison was one individual, one man but Allah describes me as an OMA as a nation, a complete nation. That's what we're trying to instill in ourselves that one individual is it OMA is a nation

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is the head of our home head of a community, head of a society. Now we should undermine themselves that what was the point in me doing something that said this, a million Muslims are billion Muslims. If you put each percentage together, it becomes a powerful force. That if all of us were to breathe, it becomes a powerful force.

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So this is what Ibrahim Al Islam was to he never question Allah Subhana Allah. Allah gave him certain commandments, certain tasks, he fulfilled them kind he never asked his questions we're going to come to in Saudi Saudi never asked his question, why are you leaving me in a barren, empty land? There is no one there. Why are you telling me to stand up give Dawa to these people. Or there is no people there is no one there. But Ibrahim or Islam over him and lady was

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Ibrahim he fulfilled every single promise. Every single commandment Allah Allah told him to do, he carried it out.

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Allah mentioned with Abdullah Ibrahim they try for him or book because he met in for a thermo Nacala in Niger. Luckily Nursey Imam

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Allah mentioned said beginning with sort of Bukhara, or coming to the end of the first Jews, that Allah tested Ibrahim Ali Salam, because he met in with certain commands can imagine who might be a man or a woman who's given certain command commandments were given to him at a Moana, he completed them. That's who Ibrahim and Islam was mulata Abiko Ibrahim, for the middle of the way of your forefathers, Ibrahim Ali Salam. And this is a Surah of struggling of striving that we find and also mentioned the fruits and the rewards of striving and struggling in the way of Allah Subhana Allah, a suit of pure Tawheed to stay away from shear rather some elements so it's not just a a suit of

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turkey this is a suit of Eman can if you dissect the suit

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speaks about Eman Belait, subhanaw taala belief in the messenger belief in the last day believe in the reward in the last day believe the punishment in the last day. So as if it's containing near enough all of the six articles of email inside the surah I might consider the 14th Surah of the Quran,

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which only 52 verses, primarily speaking about. Ibrahim Ali Salam. So Allah subhanaw taala laid out inside the surah about certain commandments that he gave to Abraham and A salaam, or commandments he gave to all of the messengers. Allah subhana began to sort of speak saying Alif Lam Ra.

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And many times people who some of us might be thinking, what's the point in trying to dissect and understand certain things inside the Quran, there is a point

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because we mentioned those who understand the extract, they extract it, they understand it. There's only certain suitors inside the Quran that Allah began with and if lamb raw and strange is one of those sewers Surah Yunus Surah Hood Surah Yusuf and suited hedger, only Soros, they won't speak about the messengers. Three of them are directly Ibrahim for them directly speaking about message and certain hatred is speak about Saleh Ali Salam. So all the Saudis have been given le flam Ra, they speaking about prophets. And the second thing that is speak about is the book of Allah subhanaw taala. If you study them, each one it begins by speaking but this is the book of Allah subhanaw

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taala just like inside Surah Yusuf began by speaking this is an F Lambro This is the clay book of Allah's pantalla and we sent this book in the answer no Quran and Arabic, Allah alone, we sent down his book in the pure Arabic language that you could comprehend and understand.

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So this is the significance that Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the best who speaks about the revelation he gave these messengers.

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And if you mentioned that the deeper meaning of these letters no one knows them. But as if these are referred to had the letters of challenging people who know the Arabic language challenging the courage, that's why the surah even speaks about Musa al Islam. Allah Ma said is no speaking about Musa is challenging the Quraysh that look at what happened between Musa and for OMA took place there because it's a Moroccan surah and look at Eucharist. You're trying to challenge the Prophet. You're trying to challenge Allah a filet Shakun five to the summer what you will add, are you trying to question Allah subhanaw taala? Are you trying to doubt Allah Subhana Allah? Are you trying to ask

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about the authority of Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah mentions was speaking at this occasion inside the surah However, Allah mentions that we sent them Kitab when Allah now ileka On this occasion, Allah says We sent down the book upon you need to create a nurse Amina lumati, the nor Nora but this occasion Allah mentioned we sent down the book upon you, that you may expel take people out from vumat take people out of darkness or darkness is Isla Nord darkness is a many nudies one light of Allah is Panda is one noodle light. You see him on your shirt, the newer of Allah gives whomever he wants, new rune and a new light upon night, Allah guides to wherever he wants to that light was the

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Luma is many darkness is are many. And his book is what takes people out darkness is Be it near a beam in our circle, Aziz and Hamid

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it takes you to the right path.

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As you mentioned many times this Quran in the Quran, yeah, the lady here UK one.

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This Quran leads to that which is accurate, that which is correct. A warmer, strong, powerful, what makes a man powerful is the speech of Allah has cranked out what makes a person upright. What teaches us what's right and wrong Inside today's world, what will teach us when the world teachers told me different things? It's only the book of Allah subhanaw taala is a speech of Allah subhanaw taala will take you out the realms of darkness to the light. And Allah mentioned his many times his parable, taking people out expelling people from darkness into the light. Allah mentioned it's also the book of Allah who will lead you Ladino Manu your credo ministry Umatilla nor

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Allah is the Wali is the friend. How does one become a friend of Allah subhanaw taala

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How does one become a friend by doing those things that Allah tells us to do? There is no shortcut way to become a friend of Allah. There is no days off of becoming a Friend of Allah. There is no picking and choosing when you want to become the friend of Allah.

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There is commandments that Allah says the only way you come closer to me is via alpha it is via the obligatory actions, then to excel in doing supererogatory actions. Now go to the supererogatory action first, or the tertiary actions first and abandoned for our focus upon the fundamental concepts of how to get close to Allah subhanaw taala is via a Salah, walk in his Salah to the decree established a prayer for the vicar of Allah for the remembrance of Allah. I'll call it Allah to get close to

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Allah subhanaw taala so Hey, Allah has mentioned that he is the one, the friend that Allah Who takes people at the realms of darkness or light. And Allah Subhana. Allah mentioned, Allah is the One who sent upon these seven. So yeah to make that clear versus He sends down upon his seven, Leo credo commune of Illuminati in a note, once again that the task of the Prophet Allah is to take people out the realms of darkness, to the light. Person who comes to Islam, that's the success.

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That's what we should be looking at success of a person moving away from disobedience to obedience. That's that's the greater goal. That's the the advantage that we should be worrying about in Saudi society. But some of us we don't seem to understand what the message of the Quran is. We get so bogged down with semantics with other things. The Quran is a generic language, for only saying to take people out the realms of darkness is to the north. That's what our goal that's what our purpose should be living in Saudi society warmer and then Allah mentioned in another place inside the Quran, speaking once again about this concept of Lula Illinois, which because many times, then Allah

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mentioned about the use of preaching to people, as we mentioned it possible to go for all 52 verses are the surah. But certain idea that we can pluck and see relevance to us when we are tsunami Rasool in in Lebanese Sunni, oh me, me, you begin in the home. We never said any messenger, except for to speak the rhetoric the language of the people.

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Now many of us we live in, we live in a dazed world, we call 18th 19th century fatawa. We call about the English language, whether we should engage in the English language or not. When I mentioned about Arabic language I spoke about understanding the Quran. As a man he said Surah Yusuf will be mentioned that we sent down the Quran in danza know Quran and Araby Allah Allah come talk, you know, to understand the source you need the Arabic language.

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Allah He taught us as to live with people to speak with the people. You need to know the language itself of the people, the culture of the people, the mindset of the people, because Allah had mentioned here inside Surah Ebrahim were my cell number Assouline. We may have said any messenger in there Billy Sonny, call me except for the language of his people. How many, how many prophets spoke Arabic,

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only for good, solid Schreib three prophets what the Buddha Muhammad so these are only four prophets that were pure Arabs for Sahaba. Inside the land is mine, Ken out of Musa Amir Al Mustafa is the Arab who led the Arabic language from the trouble of Jerusalem. Mustafa he wasn't an Arab by nature and his language he learned and became proficient inside the language. So Arabic is a medium to speak to understand in the source of the Quran and the Sunnah. But it doesn't become the medium in the country that you live in an environment that you live in. And the reason why Mason's because this is still what we're arguing about what language should we speak the hook, but to the people not

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to undermine any machine or any authority or any people. There may be far beyond us. But what is fake for Dean? What is sick for dentists to understand when you're living? What you're doing, when you speak to people about why we don't speak to people blocking people as soon as you become Muslim, that this is 123 that you need to be aware of? That's all that we worry about. It's not about be aware of this is what you need to do to become a good Muslim.

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What fundamental practices do you need to have inside your life? That's why we're so fractured because we don't really understand the message of the Quran. We don't understand the Sunnah. We live in a world understanding this is what the Quran sunnah is saying to us, this word is telling us to do. Quran is to be expressed to humanity, to express to the world, to engage with the world to speak to people, to be able to understand people that will own the under the message they had the ability, the rational ability to speak to period engage with people which many of us we don't have, let me address Allah azza wa jal, Nabi and Illa. Below that he called me he, even this hadith is

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questionable. We never said any messenger, except for the language of his people, to be able to engage with them, and to do what did Allah mentioned what appears to be a yam Allah, to remind them about the days of Allah, about the last day about Iman, about Allah about His Messenger, to remind them about core elements of teaching? Because when a person fears Allah subhanaw taala everything has become simple. You know, it's not dogma theology that we bombard people x y Zed, ABC 123. This will make you muslim know

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what makes you muslim is Hachette Allah, or makes you muslim is your fear of Allah.

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That's not dope, but that's not theology. You can read about it every single day. But if you don't try to implement it, you don't have that inside your heart and your mind that I am a Muslim because I say Allah subhanaw taala

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This is my overriding factor what I'm leaving what I'm doing inside my life is fear of Allah, that I say his punishment

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if I fall short, and I hope for His mercy and His forgiveness,

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that if I fulfilled the task he tells me to carry out inside this dunya. And as we find that Allah has laid out this inside the sutra that he wants, thanks from us, what is the aterna Bukola in Chicago to La see the Nakum Your Lord has announced that in Chicago, we are grateful. What is a brother a brother is Chicago relates to pantalla a brother isn't a ritual that many of us like, Oh, I just paid my drummer. I just read Friday prayer, I came to the machine as if we're doing some service to Islam, as if we're doing some service to Allah, do you really think deep down inside your head? Allah needs us Salawat Allah needs our prayers. Allah needs our obedience, that I'm doing some

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great favor by coming to the masjid. I'm helping the Masjid. I'm helping the community. You're only helping yourself. That's what you're doing. That's why I'm a bear the sugar release. Apparently, the ultimate sugar isn't just to say Alhamdulillah and I couldn't be had. The ultimate level of sugar is Obadiah is that your body is in a state of servitude to Allah subhanaw taala weighed at dinner a bucola in Chicago Tula Azita Nakum look at the mercy of Allah not be on the lookout for Rahim announced to my servant, another patient of Quran the Merciful. I forgive and our pardon, cut about a bookworm and an FC Rama. Allah has been to the opponents of the merciful to the believers.

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He'd be merciful that you'd be thankful to to him to Allah subhanaw taala first Clooney as good come wash guru he will attack food remember me I remember you

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shall gratitude to me and don't be ungrateful to meet to Allah subhanaw taala so you'd be thankful to Allah he would let us see that Nakum I will increase you and if you become the opposite, when covered in either be Russia did. That's the balance, the equilibrium that some persuader? As Muslims or Allah is always go for or he will pardon He'll forgive in our culture. That's what it is. He pardons He forgives Bala at the same time the same I he leaves the balance.

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there if you disbelieve, or you become ungrateful, in other Billa shoddy that My punishment is also going to be severe. And disobeying Him subhanaw taala. Then Allah mentioned were in another place speak that is near and inside the same Surah while I talk to him and couldn't be myself to move, we're interrupt Danette Mata la isla de Sua.

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What I tell him we couldn't imagine to move. If you look at the sea of the context of this ayat, Allah mentioned that he made the sun the moon that night, the day subjugated all of this for us.

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All this whatever we see around us, Allah has placed it for us the human being. And then Allah said what I tell coming couldn't be merciful to everything you asked me for give it to you.

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The Name of Allah, when the rue du net Mata Leila to sue her, you tried to count them, you're never going to able to enumerate them

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in an in siRNA level, lumen kuffaar. Okay, Allah describes us, says he gives us all his name. At the same time he highlights that the human being is voluminous, the fair. He's going to be oppressive. He's going to be ungrateful.

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wealth, power, position, prestige, honor, dignity, mind health, education. What do you most of us say? Is my own skill, my own ability, my own mindset, my own struggle, my own this but on that?

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How's that plausible? For a person to to use such words? Does it say to delude and Islam? What about giving sugar? Elementary to doubt Malou Allah Daboo the chakra work alumina Obadiah Shaco are under the hood or family that will give sugar only a few servants are grateful to Allah Subhana Allah Allah. He said that I'm not able to he said Yara

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I'm not able to give sugar to you. Because the giving of sugar entails another Nima.

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And then they said that now now I'll add you had the wood Anika for him to Unaka costs if you lay Subhanallah now that will you understand that you're deficient they succeed.

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Now that your sugar a become something which is rewarding

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that even giving sugar you know that you you you're not capable of giving sugar. That is a blessing that Allah gives you the Tofik to imagine someone who hada we take it so lightly, just to say the name of Allah is small gelada has the name Amin Allah.

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This is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala to be able to utter the name of Allah subhanaw taala because inside the surah mentioned you submit to mo Latina Amman who will only serve Bt will hire to dunya Allah will give it back to those people who believe in Him

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With kolu sabot with the current state of la ilaha illa Allah

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and as we find a certain ratio mentioned in an update the you from a risk BISM be you see boo oh come a call Alicia some even though some earlier question is Hadith

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but what's take takes away the NIT and the blessings away from us

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a C since disobedience being ungrateful. It takes away the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala

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and this is amongst the snares of shapen. To make us to become ungrateful as we find this long passages long discussion we'll call a shape on hula moku dilemma.

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When Judgment Day has been established, doesn't really matter if Annika theory highlights this is the hotbar of a bliss the hook by shaytaan

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This is the hook by the sermon of the devil inside Jahannam will call the shape on hula Coulier amor. When Judgment Day has been established, shaitan will say in Allah, Allah

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Allah gave you a true promise. He promised you something while I took him for a walk back Annalee on a common sedan. And I went against that promise. And I deceived you Israel and I have no power control over upon upon you in there under oath to confess the job to me fala Tulu Mooney were lumu and Fusa calm

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all that I did is a whisper to you

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that's what I did in my life. Unless he was face to face to do that. You know, we walk around saying I'm a powerful man. I'm strong. Look at my stamp. Look at this. One small whisper shaytaan

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breaks many of us down one small was was one small glands. One small color. One small smile from the opposite gender crumbles, people, destroys nations destroys families.

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That's what he says. All I did is I called you. First to me and you responded. You claim to be a powerful individual. ferrata Lou Mooney were Lumo and full circle. Don't blame me.

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Don't blame me today. Blame your own self may be mistreated come on and to be mostly here. I'm not going to be able to help you.

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Master the WUSA into Kamal and Jahannam I'm not going to help you and you can't help me. Any covered to be a shock to monument Kabul, in Nadal Imean. Aleem I disobeyed a long time ago

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I committed shift I knew what was going to be my ending. But I made that promise to send mankind astray. You're a doom when you money him. He gives these false promises false hopes, false aspirations were my age woman's shape on Illa Hurrah. She thought is full of deceit, deception.

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That's all that shape on is to deceive, to come to trick people. What do you say to Adam Ali Salam E from the street. The only reason why you're prevented is because Allah doesn't want you to live for eternity and Jana,

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Allah doesn't want a blessing to you. So that whispering led him whispering in the mind of Adam and it's up to expel him, from Jana makers to come upon this earth.

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And then Allah reminded us about the impact of words inside the surah Allah is kind of gives this parable of a good word. The deeper meaning is the word of Tawheed.

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And the other gentleman in any good word, any good speech can limit them to you button. Have you not seen the power grid Allah is trying to give off a good word is like a shirt into Yeva. A snooker beaten well for to have his summer to the Akula Kula Hayden be it near a beer while your trip alone I'm telling us elongated karoun Allah gives his parable of a good tree, a good where he's at a good tree. As to sabotage is firm in the ground.

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While for all huffy sama and his branches are out in the sky in the heavens, and every so often it gives up fruits. But if missionaries Lord is EBITDA theories are intercede mentioned in our best reviews and who mentioned that this the sheduled history going back to the prophet Elijah, what is this tree? This tree is Nakhla is a date palm tree, a Sneha Therby tone, it's firm in the ground. And it gives us its fruits every so often. That's the power of the believer that it gives that his good fruits sheduled into Heba is the good is a good cold call Allah, Allah

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that Allah establishes in the heart and the mind of the individual. And the good actions are the fruits our philosophy, Sama is a good action that Allah grants the individual to carry out inside their life.

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And likewise, the opposite is mentioned of the evil word or the bad word

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is Khashoggi kabhi. certain is that A is a like a bad tree. And he because he mentioned that

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100 aka Coliseum, Florida cactus plan. mela Herman curar. He has no notice affirmation on the ground. So he mentioned that he's deaf See, he speaks about gopher disbelief. It has no foundation. It has no benefit. It has no fruits, no Astana who doesn't benefit the individual, the path of comfort and disbelief towards Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah mentions that Allah is further excepts from those individuals who will try to go towards his path. Get a couple beyond those who are the pious individuals are you mentioned you submit to Lola Deena Avenue Bill Cowley sir beautiful hieratic dunya Cara, we will deal with low volume in warrior for Allah Masha. Allah gives

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affirmation to those individuals with kotula in our head Allah for dunya and akhira will ask era I shall acquire who will cover

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Allah DeVito feet to say Allah and Allah inside the grave.

00:25:55 --> 00:25:59

That's why even nicotine is addictive. See, he writes 10 pages

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10 a4 pages

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describing all narrated speaking about this one verse, speaking about the journey inside an earthy era.

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About what is Colusa habit? What is this called sabot fill cupboard that Allah will give to the individual who believes in Allah Allah He narrates the famous Hadith and by Ben Azim read this long Hadith speak about the journey of the soul.

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But what happened to the believing individual disbelieving individual, whether whether a professor, he buried the individual, and then he said to his companions,

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was the kill was a kill a year Mila, as we began with a reminder about the days of Allah, this is what we should be engaging and speaking to people about your preparation for the last day, your preparation to meet Allah Subhana Allah, Allah is not going to ask you about semantics about words and about rhetoric. There's just three simple questions.

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And three simple answers. That's all the test is nothing more, nothing less, you're not going to be asked about a learn what you learn.

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If you're not in that position of authority or anything, you're never going to be asked about that. You're just going to ask those three specific questions for every single one of us.

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Man, Rob, who's your Lord?

00:27:17 --> 00:27:29

What Matt Dean, what's your religion that you follow in this world? And who's his messenger that was sent to you? All of us, we know what the answers are. But many of us may Allah forbid, are not going to be able to give the answers.

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Because we never lived the life. We never lived in this dunya we never had a deep down inside our mind to serve Allah subhanaw taala and as we find stuck, throughly Ahikam, that if I'm in a final footsteps walk away from the grave.

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He said to his companions, he said to them, seek forgiveness for your companion was ALLAH who beat us Beat for a novel and use us Allah did make him firm in the grave, because now he's going to be honest.

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With you bury people day in day out.

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For some of us, it makes no difference. Possible. multiwire isn't sufficient is deaf as an admonition.

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You don't need excessive reminders, just to see Deaf.

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Just to see the pawns of them, were just Sacra to multiball. Hawk just to see that just to visualize that, that's enough for an individual.

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When a person sees it to awaken themselves, that what am I doing in the face of this earth? What have I done? What am I doing?

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In an SI somebody, even a cycle you speak about? This example is a person who just got out

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and is placed on a ship.

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They're going to ask simple question, how do we get here? What are we doing and where are we going?

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The world is a ship is a Safina is a ship to a journey to Allah, we're traveling the ship, we don't know why we're on the ship, what we're supposed to do in the ship, and what we're trying to do to help ourselves to get to the end destination, thermal and use oil. And as we find them come to the main theme of the surah to speak about Ibrahim and a surah that Allah says the Bible is collaborating with her the Bella the feminine. What you knew when you were bunny Yeah, and that brought that a snom that's what we're supposed to be doing. He's praying. He's praying, Oh Allah, make my progeny my genealogy. Don't make them rich. Don't make them rule and conquer. Don't make

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them powerful. He said make I'll ask you to Allah. No one in my progeny ever worshipped statues or idols.

00:29:38 --> 00:29:43

That's what he prayed for. Even when he left him in a barren, barren land he left on the empty land.

00:29:44 --> 00:29:47

He said I'm all I'm leaving him in his empty barren land.

00:29:49 --> 00:29:53

Psychologically you'd expect him to say Oh Allah, give them food and drink.

00:29:54 --> 00:30:00

What does he say? He says, Oh Allah give them the topic the ability to establish the

00:30:00 --> 00:30:11

Prayer, spiritual fulfillment. Then he said after that thought and afraid that Amina Nursey then the people's heart to become an inclination towards them. What Zuko, Emirati

00:30:13 --> 00:30:26

then give them blessings of the dunya. So they may be grateful. But his first worry was a spiritual need. As a father, he's worried his spiritual need what is the spiritual need of my children? My alma, what do they need?

00:30:27 --> 00:30:53

That's what they need. So he prayed Allah never ever in my lineage, make anybody worship statues. Look at our culture. Look at our history. Most of us what are we? We came from a lineage of worshipping idols and statues in the subcontinent had to have been out of that we find their worshipping statues, a left wing Oza woman whether or not they worship them and apart from that we took them out from Lulu not in a nor

00:30:54 --> 00:31:33

that's when he entered into the Taliban. He saw the depiction that he'd done of Ibrahim Ali salaam, wa jal Huck, who was involved in in the Balkan akan as a hookah, he began to smash these idols, these 300 Odd items inside the Kaaba. He smashed him with his stick with his staff, the prophet s Islam. These are the depicting the prophets to Ambia this idea, the statue they think, bring them close to Allah Subhana Allah, a pure pristine belief in Allah subhanaw taala as you mentioned, the Abu Ambia that's what looked through the Quran that how many times you make supplication Allah trintellix be a banner, even Saudi Seok of this is how many times he's praying to Allah Subhana

00:31:33 --> 00:32:01

Allah asking, imploring upon Allah Subhana Allah to bless his his progeny to bless this environment. This is Rebecca in the US countrymen's Realty we were in authority these are in in debate tickle Muharram. I makes us do our to Allah. I'm leaving my family members here is empty, barren land. To a certain degree Makkah is still a barren, empty land. If you really study and look at it in great detail. It's an empty mountainous area. over a very long time I made that supplication

00:32:02 --> 00:32:14

asking Allah the I'm leaving my family here. Make them amongst those individual mentioned a banana yaki masala, those who begin to establish the prayer and obedience towards you. Either mentioned Roberta in

00:32:16 --> 00:32:16


00:32:18 --> 00:32:57

as we mentioned, belief is Allah you know what we reveal and what we conceal. That's what Iman is. Nothing can be hidden from Allah wa Maya Allah layman che nothing can be hidden from Allah subhanaw taala from Abdullah for summer, whether it be in the heaven and earth, you can't conceal anything from Allah Subhana Allah Allah. Then he prays he asked Allah you bestowed upon me and I'll kebari Ismaila is help you gave me the best of Ismailis. Hello interrupt biller Samira and did minorities one in response to the DUA that he makes his most famous guy that all of us say in our salah, but only maki masala tea when you have been out a couple rubberduck Philly Valley Valley they will

00:32:57 --> 00:33:03

invoke meaning Yo Ma como he said, all of us we conclude our Salah with this in the final Tisha hood.

00:33:05 --> 00:33:45

E masala to Allah makes me want to establish the prayer woman's the laity and for my progeny, my lineage my children, make them to establish the prayer. But I've been out a couple Euro Oh my Lord accepted from me. Now the patient of Kabul Mina in a contest Samuel and him when he Abraham is made, we're building the Kaaba. Because even after doing these actions you need to ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept it from us. rubberduck Fully WallyWorld a year. Oh my Lord, forgive me and forgive my parents, and they're believing when they come on that day. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't go against the supplications that we mentioned here whether that's Subhan Allah Golfland Amma Yamalube Bali

00:33:45 --> 00:33:45


00:33:46 --> 00:33:49

This is for us the three meaning

00:33:50 --> 00:34:12

that don't lose hope that the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala was taking place. So as if this ISP could just even now in the modern world, what a testament Allah Garfield Amma Yamato volley moon, don't ever think that Allah is He does unaware of what the person doing in the face of this earth. In NEMA you assume the human touch has to feel absorbed.

00:34:13 --> 00:34:18

Right going to bring them on that day whereby their eyesight is snatched away Yama, Yama,

00:34:19 --> 00:34:30

where there's no hiding from Allah subhanaw taala and then Allah mentioned a few verses later what could not go to MCRA home they try to plot and they plan with Allah Subhana Allah and the ln mcomber in Ghana micrometre zoulah mineral zhiban

00:34:32 --> 00:34:33

They put and they plan

00:34:35 --> 00:34:45

and they plotting and planning is known by Allah subhanaw taala and even if the party planning can move if there's it says it's a form of speech in there to move a mountain from his location. Allah knows about that.

00:34:46 --> 00:34:58

That's what they do they move countries states people that as if they never existed before or make their false accusations or claims this was always our land always our property always belongs to us. It just drawing lines and maps here

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

This deceiving cannot be hidden from Allah subhanaw is a short it's a short world. Then Allah again mentioned Filatov Subhan, Allah ma Khalifa de Roos Sula, who, in Allah as even Vontae calm down anything that Allah will go against his promise

00:35:14 --> 00:35:26

and will let down his prophets, His messengers and those who follow the way of his messengers and eat Allah's panda in Allah as season loon. TOCOM. Allah is Mighty powerful. When he takes a true retribution.

00:35:27 --> 00:35:44

He would bring people to accountability, that is Allah Subhana Allah Yama to button on outdoor, outdoor summer worth, while Bora Zuly LaneWatch will call her then I'll describe the huge changes heavens in the earth, everything will change it and then you'd be brought forth in front of Allah subhanaw taala

00:35:45 --> 00:35:56

and as in conclusion, Sudha began by speaking about the Quran and the Sunnah ends by speak about hada Bala who lead nurse had a banner of the man this Kalam Quran, the speech of the Quran.

00:35:58 --> 00:36:38

It begins with the Quran ends with the Quran, well, you will be apt to warn people by the use of the Quran, when you have a number who are a long way ahead. When will you get caught up on Al Bab? That you may get to know that Allah subhanaw taala is the only one to be worship that says Allah He began he mentioned a filet shuck convertible summer where it will add is a doubt about Allah subhanaw taala you question your belief in Allah Subhana Allah, the existence of Allah subhanaw taala rather, Muslims shouldn't fall to what ways we began with all these isms around us Muslims asking this question, prove to me the existence of God prove to me that God exists prove to me that this is

00:36:38 --> 00:36:54

beneficial to me inside my life. Prove to me that prayer is something beneficial. Zakah is beneficial staying from haram is beneficial. Because everybody in the world is doing it. I don't see no benefits. But the benefits are there inside the Quran what the benefits are.

00:36:55 --> 00:37:21

But because we're following the logical world around us, and not the spiritual world of the Quran, even the Quran does speak logic. It speaks a little logic to help us to instill inside our mind the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala on Dara Combi woman Bella to warm people whoever it comes to. And as you find that many elements that this owns as a because he mentioned all these ayat, all the Quran, and the Quran, yo, cornea.

00:37:22 --> 00:38:00

I have universal signs of ayat of the Quran. Yesterday Lu, an Allah who will hack La Ilaha illa Allah, that's what it proves. All these ayat inside the Quran, they they prove but were the ones that are aloof were the ones that are far away from the speech of Allah Subhana Allah as we began with, that we claim to love Allah Subhana Allah, we claim to know Allah Subhana Allah, how much of his book do we try to decipher or try to understand or to read or to nourish our soul and our mind with, as you mentioned, even one eye in a day, one page in a day, half a page, a few verses? Just that we have that nourishing need to eat to drink?

00:38:02 --> 00:38:16

Why don't we have that feel for our soul? That have not read Quran today? I should be upset within myself. I didn't read Quran they recite Quran, they ponder over it. They reflect upon it and read some verses about it to keep me going. We're human beings.

00:38:17 --> 00:38:27

We're human beings we need that spiritual engagement. Day in day out as we began, we were left to our own devices shaytaan with a quick wasa will take many of us astray.

00:38:29 --> 00:38:37

If not all of us are straight, except for a brother meclizine Except for a sincere servants of Allah Subhana Allah may Allah make us amongst those individuals

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