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Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
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And now he's there. As we walked in, he saw the copy you said and amazement. Jesus Christ.

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And we all looked at Him.

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Jesus Christ me.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Am I bad AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back to the Beyond the member podcast. I am your host Muhammad Besa Eid, and today Alhamdulillah it is a blessed day I have with us, our beloved chef. And I must say it's been a while since you've been here. This is Chef. Have you been a chef? With the heavy ceramics? Yeah, how are you when it comes down? We're up to we're Barakatuh AQIM, handmade bedside esodoc moolah We missed

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you chef vanilla, I miss you more. And I gotta say this as well. So

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I know a lot of people my shallot and here at Green Lane. Being in front of the people, I tend to get love from the people. There are many people who they come and go and people don't reason I get them. I want to let you know, personally, I appreciate everything you do for the dollar here at Green Lane, the dollar for the community. And just on a personal level, because we had enough tuning in to be employed together to Lebanon, I got a chance to see you and how you dealt with those

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children over there in Syria. And for my observation,

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I believe you will be a really good asset to go to Hajj part of the package that I go on to help the Pilgrims so put that feather in your hat and you try to make it happen. likes of different all of us here, funny missin heads, because you just came back along robotic, and you had hotbar last Friday when you came back the first football after Hajj. And in Russia, you talked about Hajj and a certain the certain incidents that that you spoke about on the member. Now, I want to know what was it? That

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was the inspiration for the hardware that you you gave?

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Well, I have a standing agreement with the admin agreement Mr. To do the first of every month here. Yeah. So I'm scheduled to give 12 called Buzz a year. When I took my job in lease, and I negotiated my contract I told them part of what I have to do is I have to miss the first hole above every month and they agreed.

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So a lot of things have transpired over the years where I'm not able to fulfill my sign and my end of the bargain. I go to Umrah go to Lebanon, something's going on locally in Leeds where, you know, Leeds has the priority with me I prioritize leaves. That's my job, my community. So sometimes there's a conflict where the lead situation is competing with that hold. But so hands down, no questions asked, I have to go to leads that do my job first and foremost. So I backed out. And I

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didn't do about four hobas in a row. I'm in quite a few. So coming back from high Greely messages member is a special member, in my opinion, the Dow in the platform and green lane is different. The community, the atmosphere, it's just different. And a lot of the pilgrims were from Birmingham, they hailed from Birmingham. So I want to see them again, I was journeying to mix it up and chop it up with them. Some of the staff that we perform Hydra wave are from Greenland as well. Many of them are

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from Greenland. So I didn't want to lose that opportunity. I wanted to give that first hydromassage from the platform of Greenland. And I have to apologize for the admin here because we're supposed to 1520 minutes, but I think I went something like 3035 minutes, but it won't happen again. Sharla I know I keep saying it, but it won't happen again shall we shall love you the operations team the listening

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prior prior to you going out to hedge and prior to us always also going out to Lebanon, you had to record this short kind of trailer about telling people you're gonna go out to help the brothers and sisters who are living in the camps in Lebanon. Now, there was a short clip of you speaking and you said in that clip, and I'm just paraphrasing that two things are beloved to you that you love doing, you know, in terms of Dawa, that involved in these two things that you love and that is going on

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deployment. And then secondly is hedge. Now talk about the deployment that I want to talk about hedge Why did you mention that the hedge going out on hedge taking people on hedging that act of worse

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She was beloved to you. Why is that? I think the physicality that is required for her for everybody is that when you go and you perform the hajj, after everything is said and done, you feel tired. It takes a lot out of you physically. And as you get older as I'm getting older, it's not like it used to be where I could just bounce back, and I'm at work the next day, when I come back. And while I'm there, it's not really affecting me not hijab is a requirement where you really have to be in shape.

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There was a brother who was with our staff, the brother, he records how many steps he takes normally 5000 steps a day. But when we perform how much, especially on the big day, he had me and taken 70,000 steps in one day, just to give you some context to the amount of physicality that's required. That's one aspect, another dynamic is given down a man, the terrain, the soil, the atmosphere is perfect to give Dawa. You give Dawa and green laying some people in the audience. They mean mug you

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from the audience, because I don't know maybe they don't like you. They don't like what you're saying. People in the audience are just waiting for you to make a slip. But when you go to Hajj, you'll find real live people with issues. So as the one who's given Dawa, you curtail you make to $1 relevant and appropriate for those people. The response is amazing. It's just I can't describe it is the best effect best impact dollar wise. And then that whole issue of you know, I'm a sociable

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person, the whole thing about meeting people and developing relationships with them. And as a real strange thing as well. And that is the newbie who's performing Hajj, the guy who's coming for the first time, they don't know what's in front of them, I find it mega amazing to be able to tell them, this is going to happen. And that's going to happen. And this is going to happen. As if you know the unseen, you don't know the unseen, you just have experience. So when you tell them about it, they

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can't really fathom what you're talking about, because they didn't go through it. Remember, there was this comedian a long time ago, she said having a baby is similar to taking your lower lip and putting it over your whole head to give people an idea of how much pain the woman goes through with the kicks of childbirth and so forth and so on. And labor. So no matter how a woman tells you having a baby, you know what, it will never be able to relate to that ever. Yeah. And how just like that.

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So telling the people what to expect what's going to happen. And then to see it unfold right before their eyes and to see their better response to it. So amazing brother, so hands down. Hodges, my favorite most fulfilling type of thing that I'm doing in the deme.

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In terms of my Eman going up, even Ramadan is not comparable to that apparently doesn't compare. And we all feel that we are better people in the month of Ramadan, especially at the beginning. But even Ramadan, it pales in comparison to the the vibe and the spiritual fill of a baggage. And similar to that is the deployment, helping those poor people and being out there. And a lot of similarities, okay, and parallels between the two. Because you know, when we go out there sometimes there are

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certain people who don't pray from the refugees. Yeah, Islam in Syria, for example, in many instances leaves a lot to be desired because of what the system has been there for a long time. Yeah. So while we're helping some people don't pray and things, but we learned, I'm not here to change the world. I'm not there, let Allah run the world and handle the world. I'm just here to fit in where I fit in and to help Hi, just the same way, a lady may not wear hijab, people may not pray.

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I don't make it my responsibility to force people now to suddenly start practicing. I'm there to inspire to encourage to inform, to support and to say halau haram. So a lot of power of parallels between the two Monica Luffy. Now chef, if you obviously as this is sad, you're still fresh in your mind right now because you just came back alone nomadic. Can you share with us maybe incidents or experiences in this Hajj or other Hajj trips that you've been on that show the difficulties of Hajj

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you know, that people may not understand you know, it's like you mentioned you can, you can tell people about a boat when they there, that's when they'll understand but what are some of the difficulties that people face when they're there? Or maybe

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even leading up to it. Well, for me, I'm not a walker. I don't like walking. And just to start thinking that I have to walk

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I get in a space a headspace that I don't like walking, okay, I have a wife who can, you know trick from here to there and it doesn't bother. I'm not like that. So this last hatch, after we came from was Debbie fun.

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And we didn't have to walk as far as many people in the European tins have to walk because we do a high end lunch with the group that I go to hike with and on, we take the trains, and the trains cut a lot of that out. But you still have to leave those who are early line up at the train and wait for the trains to come. And then when you get on the train, you're standing for about 1520 minutes, and we're packed in like sardines. And people are smelling. And you know, it's tough. Yeah, we get to

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Mina, where we go to stone, the big Jamara. And this is that scene where you see a lot of people walking on a bridge. It's like yo mo Kiama. The people that come off the train, and they walk down this bridge. And if you just turn around and you look, it's like, wow, it's like the Yeoman hasha yomo JAMA, people walk in, and they're in a daze too, because you're tired from the previous two days, and it's very hot. There's no protection from the shade from the sun, the sun is beating down

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on your dome. So we have to walk all the way around, and then come to the big Jamara you throw your seventh and that's it. And then you have to get down to Mecca, to do the two off and the father and the site

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walking down to Mecca this year with deep brother for me, because I was tired. I have rolled my ankle over really bad the night before that morning. I rolled my ankle over really bad that morning. And you know, I'm not really good with directions. I always rely on other brothers from the team after relying on Allah. So after stoning. And I went and changing my clothes in the corner, I came to where the meeting place was there was about 1213 Brothers and sisters. And they were no *

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leaders. I was the only one. And they were like shacks. Your weight will be going well, I can read Arabic and I can read English and I said okay, I can figure this out. But let me take the troops over and we got some water. Because I know in front of us we're you know, the long distance as one of the younger brothers. Let's use the technology man optic fibers, you know that I'm Google Maps, how long it's gonna sit, they said it's gonna take three hours and 40 minutes to walk Subhan Allah.

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My head was like, Ooh.

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Well, lucky brother.

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I said, I have to get my head together. So we sat down and everybody was drinking. I said, I was telling you, brother, you can get these people lots. But I saw all of the traffic going in one direction, the signs, but I know the shortcuts. But I said, man, just stick to the way that as we were walking, I said, Listen, let's call the people, the organizers who are in front of us behind us and find out who can come in. And that's what we did. So we ping them our location. And brother Abu

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Issa from GLM came back and picked us up. Now. It's all on him.

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I don't do directions, I'm Halawa and haram was on him. So we will walk in, and that was rough brother. It was rough. It was hot. We were with older people, we would women. And we just had to keep walking. And it was just a case of put one step in front of the other and don't stop. Just keep one step in front of the other and don't stop. But I started feeling the heat. I started feeling like hey, I'm not myself. I'm getting older. Doing COVID I didn't feel well yeah, and I'm feeling

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that thing where I still had that fog bring in Ramadan fog brain before Ramadan. I was feeling that and and then Allah bless me a cat pulled up in a motorcycle. And he was like, go to the Hara. So I looked at the brothers and the leader who is his job to get them me. That's not my job. I'm Halawa and haram. And they were with their wives. You know, they were all together. I was the third wheel. I was the odd man out. They don't need me. Yeah, so I actually Amir, the leader. Can I go? You say

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So I got on the motorcycle

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equal. And that brother I remember his name was Ali, Sharif, masha Allah because when I got on the motorcycle I was hugging him like, yes. Like I was, I'm cuddling. He saved me in that hug that brought him on his stomach. So I wanted to take a video, I said, Now something's going to happen, you're going to fall off, you just get get to the hotel. And that brother got me to the, through the tunnel into the hotel. When I finally got off the motorcycle, I said, What's your name? What are you

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from? What's your history, I was just so happy brother. And I hugged him. I know him coming from that conservative environment and society was looking at me like smiling with this guy. What was wrong with me was he saved me brother from being on in the desert. That's how that's how I felt I was in the desert brava suppose I walked in my room from there. And I just could imagine those brothers were way back there. They were way back there. And I couldn't help it. But I was so tired,

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man. I fell asleep. And my foot was messed up. I woke up my foot was really a problem. So that was probably the most difficult aspect of the hedge for me was that walk? Yeah, that walk the heat. What was going on the stress, the trepidation, the anxiety, I can't get them loss. But hamdulillah it all worked out for everybody. I'm the leadership, a lot of people don't take into consideration the fact that you gotta be you know, fit, you have to be able to, to walk a long time. And and also deal with

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like a lot of crowds who are people who deal with claustrophobia in the door, like people next to them. This is smelling like if I'm just thinking if perhaps it was like, My children, you know, the way they complain about everything, you know, when it's something that could be minuscule? You know, if you don't take that into consideration, we're going to do Hajj, you know, they think it's going to be, quote, unquote, a walk in the park or walk in Harlem, if you will, habit, there are a lot of

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factors and variables that people don't even consider. And that's why the hydropool that I go with

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my opinion in my book that the best Hogeschool because we have a seminar, before hygiene, yeah. And we bring these issues up things that women are going to be confronted with. And we have to talk openly and clearly about those things. Because the cultural Muslims may never get a chance to talk and learn about those things. In msgid, we have to talk about people who have mental health issues, claustrophobia, OCD, with swath, man. All of those are real issues. People I go to hodgen Omar with

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people who have OCD. And it's not easy for them. It is not easy.

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So in the data that you give to the people is, you know, to keep impressing them with the message and the mantra, hey, the glass is half full. The glass is half full, I don't care what happens. It could have been worse. So we were able to make it through Hutch. And we were safe and comfortable. Right so all of the logistical nightmares that jumped off met happen, they happen.

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But we made it through. And previous years I made hides when the cranes fell down on people. I mean, hydroquin the tents burnt and burnt pilgrims alive. I mean, hydroquin going through the tunnel, and there was a stampede and people were trampled to death. I mean, when the flood came in the big BlueJ killed people. So no matter what happens to you, the glass is always half full. That's a message to the pilgrims. And now after you complete the hygiene, you come through it and you look back at it

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right now you say, man, yeah, the glass is half full. Because we saw people brava once we arrived at our tent where we were staying. And we were right, right at the zenith of the Sun for vor before there's a while and it was hot. And they were people who didn't have tents. Now tents have a condition have freezes in it has refrigerators in it. We get three mills and so forth, so on it with people outside our tent, sitting with their backs against the concrete wall while the shade was just

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like 678 inches out, and they were trying to be in the shape. And they had to sit on their feet like that because if you sit on your backside which you'll be happy to share, you hop out of the shade. So they would sit in on their feet with their backs. And I told our group when we arrived. Look at this. Look at this. Because really actually like you mentioned your children were very spoiled man we really complain about a lot

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Yeah, we complain about Allah. But when you go to hide you appreciate man, what other people don't have, and you appreciate what you have even more.

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Now in the midst of all this difficulty and the difficulties that people may face, of course, we know that within there, like you mentioned briefly about the the glass being half full. What are some of the some some ease that comes with this? Or is the ease within the actual difficulties that people are facing in Hajj? Absolutely. That's a good question. And people need to understand. You see the ease of the Dean of LSM through the prism of Hutch and its application and its legislation,

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and that you are afforded an opportunity to make hydrogel a fraud. We just make one hunch that's it. Hatch. Kieron or you can make hajat tomato, which is the best one, but it's the most difficult one, but you have a choice.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam allow the women and the needy, he gave them a lot of concessions. And most dairy free, you can leave halfway through the night, not at 1230 or 12 o'clock, but halfway through the night. That's why it's important for us to connect to our Islamic understanding of the month and the time was half of the night. A lot comes down last third of the night was the last third we got to know the last half the time Fajr comes in. And the time that is

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shot comes in. You count those hours. And that's that. So women, and the amount rooms and anyone who has to go we can leave early. The Prophet sallallahu it was set it up. He did things in teep when he slaughtered it. And then he when he threw it and he slowed it, he cut his hair. And he

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did things in that turtle team. But some of the companions did the turtle team did he said no harridge No problem, no problem. So a lot of times the pilgrims, they go and they want to perform it another Imran. Another Imran and I don't remember. And we tell them look, I'm not a dictator, you do what you want to do. But you need to preserve your energy and stay away from that which the Companions didn't do. Read the Allah I'm home. So there's a lot of ease brother there is a lot of

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And this was one of the big challenges with our community that we put a lot of emphasis on the rituals and thus make things difficult on ourselves. Although Allah mentioned about the rituals and how much Lyngen Allah Allah Maha when I demand Ooh ha. We're lacking in Allah Who at taqwa, men come. When you slaughter the animal, it's not the blood. And it's not the meat of the animal that goes to Allah will go so Allah is your taqwa, your thorough your obedience. So when Allah azza wa

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jal told Ibrahim to slaughter his son, Dr. Bonilla in the IRA, I see that I'm going to slaughter you say Abba DFF. I've met my tumor, he said to say turgid me inshallah Mina sabihin. Ibrahim and Ismail pass the test.

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Allah doesn't want the blood of his smile. The dead corpse is my yield the knife that he bream is using. So you'll find the person getting a knife and sharpening the knife before he slaughters the animal. And we know that hobby. Allah has written perfection on everything. So if you slaughter slaughter, well, yeah, chopping a knife made it easy for the animal. So the person will do that.

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And then turn the animal towards the eighth. Give him last supper, some grass, some water, take him away from his babies and the other animals Bismillah Allahu Akbar. And he was spear the suffering and the ritual. Yeah, but when it's time for Salah, he doesn't have that discipline. He's looking all around, when it's time for bid rabada that he's supposed to do Hydra, whatever, it's flaky, when it comes to the hijab is flaky. It's not what supposed to be done. So the rituals are important. And

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this is one of the main messages of HOTCH. We have a lot of rituals to do, man. But in the process of doing those rituals, there are a lot of pressures on you that you have to navigate through before and while you're doing the ritual, which gives you a better sense the holistic understanding of the spirituality and the physical physicality simultaneously, that you have everything on Subhanallah is you mentioned that you were there. You know the cranes fell when the flood was there Allama batty

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there's a lot of experience that you've gained through all of these trips of Hajj. Now, I gotta ask though, like, there's got to be one hedge that stood out, you know, that stood out like you said, this hedge is has to be my memory with anyone asks you about hedgerows. Remember that hedge? Do you have one of those

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Yeah, there are two Masha Allah, and they have both extremes representing the extreme of the spectrum. My first hatch. I was a student in Medina. And it overwhelmed me. It was hard. It was difficult. I didn't know where I was going. I didn't know what I was doing. Too many people were there, the heat, the food, the accommodations, it was hard to get myself focused. I was blown away. I was overwhelmed. So I can I can sympathize, empathize with the people who freak out from the crowd

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now. Yeah, when they do for the first time. Yeah, the tall is at that time. We're mapping how people were eating and behaving. It blew me away, and it was negative.

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The last hudge I believe was my best match. Because it gets sweet and sweet. As time goes on experience. There is no substitute for experience. And this is what we try to tell our youngsters. Yeah, brothers and sisters who are just growing in the dollar just accepted, it's nine. Sit back, pump your brakes, fall back, take it easy, you can definitely have the truth to correct me. And that's your happiness, responsibility. And don't allow a person's age or position to make you afraid

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of giving advice and correcting them because the hackers with you. But do it in a nice way. Do it in a respectful way. And always appreciate the people around you who are older than you. A lot of times they see from an angle that you can't see. So experienced me this last homage the best one. My shows are the people and all everything that happened with It gets sweeter and sweeter and sweeter. normobaric. And, you know, so when people now they're listening to this podcast, and they hear from

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what you having to say, they're probably having that desire, that urine. Look, this is something I've probably been putting off most of my life. And I've been able to go, you know, what is it that you want to tell these brothers in terms of it's a two part question first, brother, sister if you want to go hedge, avoid doing this before and after. But definitely do this before and after.

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I think that a shaytan regime,

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as allies establish he is an open and avowed enemy of

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Benny Adam and he doesn't want us to perform Hajj in my van likoma shape on you holy fool Olia Oh, as shaytaan makes the Olia his friends will listen to him. He makes them a fried.

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Don't do this, your child, your mother, your wife will become an orphan. And your child, your wife will become an auto Mala. And you're a widow, your child being orphan, you're going to lose your money.

00:27:57 --> 00:28:28

The authorities are going to get you through a difficult you can't afford it. And he says you can't you can't you can't you find every reason to be a chump, a punk. And you don't take the bull by the horns. And you meet the challenge at the door and you say here I am you kick the door open. And you're going to make torque on Allah, whatever comes your way. Because you know, Allah won't burden you beyond your scope and your ability. Yeah, so a shaytan doesn't want people to perform Hajj.

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So he'll give you every reason to not go. I don't have the money, just that that when I get married madness.

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You just say I want to go to Hutch. And my corner behind me is my Creator, not physically in my corner. Figure of speech. Allah is with me. Allies with me behind me. And if Allah wants something to happen, all he says is B and it's going to happen. So now we've done one Joomla since hudge. Inshallah every Joomla and every week, though those dudes up to the sky, and ask a lot to make it happen. I have to tell the people I gave that example in the hotbar about the Hadith of the nicot

00:29:16 --> 00:29:38

Wanna the interveinal Eireann because I wanted the people to get the optic of Amen. This is serious. Yeah, stop messing around. Hodge will really give you an experience if you go with the right group. That is, unlike anything you've ever done in your life.

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Whatever you've done, you know you can go on high mountain and do that zipped speed thing. You can jump out of a parachute. You can do all kinds of beautiful things in a dunya that will call you enough cause enough to make you happy and all that it's cool fine and dandy, climb a mountain and see Allah's beauty

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

For I was in Indonesia, and I saw the ocean, the mountain and the mountain with all these flowers and trees with different colors, the sky with the clouds. And all of that was clashing and cascading at one time, it was like Wow, it really blew me away. Like really like, wow, I'm up in the sky on the mountain, but look how everything is and it really blew me away, made me feel good like, well, we live in West York Shire. You go out here to the Lake District, the Dales, whatever they call that

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right in our backyard, you know, leads to Hajah went out there, I was tired, I was breathing. It helped me another type of spirituality. So I would say to people

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just add some do it to it fluid and make it happen. And don't sit down twiddling your thumbs, hoping and wishing a lot can make it happen. But do your homework and do hygiene with a reputable group, a good group, because the group you go with can make or break you. I've seen people apostate and Highcharts I see I saw them curse and swear and be apostate and Hodge. I've seen some really wild things and heights brother some wild things, apostate it.

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There was a brother

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when he first saw the Kaaba, and we will all together African American brother. And he saw a cowboy for the first time never saw the cabinets life without accepting Islam and leading up to that moment. He must have seen different things on TV, calendars, books. And now he's there. As we walked in, he saw the copy he said and amazement, Jesus Christ.

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And we all looked at Him.

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Jesus Christ me.

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The reason why he said Jesus Christ, he was blown away. Like the Prophet said some law what he was sending them in that hadith law Allah who I should do Farhan decom mentor but the ID Kamala is more happy when one of you makes Toba than a man who's in the middle of the desert. And his horse runs away with all of his food and provisions on it. He goes under a tree to die. And he wakes up from his sleep to find his horse over his head. And he reaches out very quickly and grabs the reins and

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out of sheer happiness. He says Oh Allah, you will my slave. And I'm your Lord. From the ship to to Farah. So a person can be very happy and say what's wrong and very angry and say what's wrong? And Allah forgives him, says to his wife, you are divorced a million times. It doesn't count because he's so angry in the Hadith. Last Allah fie it up. The divorce doesn't count. When a man is extremely angry, borderline Majnoon. And that's the Wrath of Allah. That's the Lord with the

00:33:06 --> 00:33:45

legislative force. And Helene Latif Rahman Rahim, Allah awful when he loves a raffle, and it's just, it's just an amazing it's just an amazing unexperienced. And if I could be like an Imam, Abdullah Mubarak, one of the Miramont meaning and Hadith, who used to take his students with him behind, give them money to buy gifts, everything they needed, help his their families in their absence. If I can do that, I would love to take 34567 of my favorite students, nurudeen of color we, you know,

00:33:45 --> 00:33:52

different brothers like that. Take them to high touch, just so that we can have that vibe and we can have that experience myself.

00:33:53 --> 00:34:29

My brother, so amazing, so amazing. May Allah make it so sha Allah, allow us to go to Hydra with our mothers and our fathers. I mean, even Elijah isla. I mean, I mean, now chef, obviously one of the hurdles and something that you know, maybe cause people to have that Watson shaytaan whispering in the ear is man Hodge is just getting expensive. You know, it's expensive, every year is is getting more and more like so, what are things that people should? Why should this not discourage people

00:34:29 --> 00:34:48

from going you know, the fact that it's getting expensive. One of the things is that our Kedah we know Allah azza wa jal Mala and the coalition Kadir Allah can do anything. You creative Adam from dirt and created from Adam, his wife, however misery.

00:34:49 --> 00:34:58

So at least Allah who caught it on the other end, yes, I know Maya che do whatever he wants to do. He caused us to be born from the North.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:10

You made it to the egg I made it to the egg and here we are but there were billions hundreds of million other you know sperm women but here we are.

00:35:11 --> 00:35:20

And Allah made it happen. I made hygiene not once have I paid for the hutch Not once. Not once have I paper Hajj

00:35:21 --> 00:35:54

or Umrah is from Allah azza wa jal not from the back of well being Amity Rebecca for Hadith, may Allah protect us from marine just from the headset. So, if Allah wants something he's gonna, it's easy for him. The other thing is that our key days and the names and attributes of Allah azza wa jal we make it awesome to Allah azza wa jal by His names Oh Allah you are reserved to cool Dakota Mateen helped me to make this Hodge make it happen this that that so we make dua Myka Tillotson and Allahu

00:35:54 --> 00:36:30

Taala as a result of the valley LKB ravine al Qadir, we asked him to make this happen. Yeah, and then we leave the rest to Allah azza wa jal. We don't worry about it. We tie our camera and we do the work. But a Allah told Ibrahim whatever the NASCI been able to make the event. A reading didn't say how they gonna hear me. He just made the event. And that event hit our ears. We made Hutch. So allows Hello, Dawn is the one who's in charge. And that's how we have to be and that's a lesson from

00:36:30 --> 00:37:06

hajis. Well, it's a life lesson that extends outside of Hodgman. If Allah wants this to happen for you can't nobody stopping office politics can stop it. Bad family members, the haters that negate us, nobody could stop it. And also, if somebody If Allah doesn't want it to happen, if all the ins no lagenda the first ones last one, it's not gonna happen, man. So it is a lot of money. It's a lot of money, brother. I mean, these people were paying 1516 17,000 pounds. It's about $20,000 man.

00:37:07 --> 00:37:37

That's a lot of chatter, brother, average person from Africa who we know Mickey, they don't have that kind of money. But again, it's foetal decipher either from whispered and Allah Azza wa Jalla. You can see the fullness and lows. And if a person doesn't have the money, he doesn't have the money. Don't worry about it. That's the ease of our religion. Allah doesn't make you responsible for that. Exactly. Jeff has been absolutely wonderful conversation I want you to conclude in sha Allah

00:37:37 --> 00:38:02

with any further advice about embarking on this journey of a lifetime for our viewers insha Allah something that they can, they can take away with them in sha Allah that in sha Allah being Allah will change how they look at Hajj and it will make them think differently anytime that has been mentioned whenever we talk about the five pillars of Islam. Well, what I can say brothers, Hodges Jihad

00:38:04 --> 00:38:18

Hodges jihad, and we're not going to sugarcoat it, it's tough, it's difficult. And the more challenges that you have physically and mentally, the more difficult it is, and Allah knows best. But

00:38:20 --> 00:38:56

it is an experience that is unparalleled to anything that you can imagine brother is unparallel shoe perform that hides the people who you're around and you perform behind you with them. You will never forget them. You become you become brothers. You and I got close now because of our workings in Dawa. Yeah, when went to Lebanon, we got closer, you go to Hajj together. So another love when you go up to another gear, another degree. Hi, just like that brother. on every level, you make hutch

00:38:56 --> 00:39:12

with your wife. And you go around that Kaaba seven times, and you're Iran. And you say to your wife, who you love those children with, and you have your ups and downs and challenges like everybody else. And you look your wife in the eye going around that cop and you say I love you, man.

00:39:14 --> 00:39:48

I love you. And you go around Aqaba brava and you open her hand and you tell her, I appreciate every sacrifice that you've done for me. And did you go and just keep doing that? Hey, Little Mama, Mama, Sita Jew and you just keep doing that. Brother, you ain't your wife would be crying before you finish that two off brother. She'll be like, Mommy you to man. You are the man. I just just on a different level, my man. So I'll end this by saying for all of the brothers and sisters who we

00:39:48 --> 00:39:59

perform Hajj with in 2014 for nothing but Mad Love for you lot of respect. Some of you Subhanallah I could still envision in my mind how

00:40:00 --> 00:40:15

We were doing what we were doing, like the overhead, the sheer Muhammad Bashir and his wife his sister, like Sister Ozma. Like stabbed. Machida like Jawad Naveed so many LDS

00:40:16 --> 00:40:49

babble the two Bibles both from Bangladesh, Bibles twin brother. I mean it was just, it's just was amazing. So they're always going to be my hubby's as I used to call them my loved ones my Habib's my Habib's a lot to Allah accepted from all of us and open up the doors of our Rama in the doors of risk. And our brothers and sisters from the respective viewing audience to allow them to make hydrogen or for the first time it does look a lot here medical effect has been absolutely on a shift

00:40:49 --> 00:41:12

I think Allah subhanaw taala first and foremost one I wanted us to have this discussion. And of course, I can't live without saying thank you to you chef Milan. Shell until next time, this has been Bill remember I've been hammered by the ADA chef, Abu Samah remember to like, share, subscribe, leave a comment inshallah. In this video, and until next time, Subhanak Allahumma Byham, the coastal Rhode Island stuff LA to woolich as salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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