Ali Albarghouthi – Allah’s victory has a price

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The loss of Islam's victory is based on people's actions and it is up to them to deliver the message. The loss of the Battle of Penang means the loss of the Battle of Malra, which is the loss of the Battle of Penang. The importance of protecting individuals from evil behavior and being a servant of Islam is emphasized. The segment emphasizes the need to stay patient and not allow anyone to steal or pretend to be a champion of Islam.
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In Alhamdulillah Hina Ahmed who wants to you know who want to steal Pharaoh? When are all the villa he mean should already and fusina or see TR Molina Mijo the healer who Fela and will the letter when they use lil fella her de la y shadow Allah Isla in the law. Why the hula Shetty killer? Why no Mohammed Abdullah who are a Zulu Allah Allahu alayhi. WA. He was a he was

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a MOBA Doofer in the Hyrule Hadith, Nikita of Allah heeta Anna Well, hey, what do you do Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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We're sure Allah Ohmori more data to her coulomb deserting vida que la vida iteam Bala Allahu La Allah Allah to infinity and my bad

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one suburb of new Laura t all the Allahu Anhu in Mecca.

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came to the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam wa ala prophet was sitting under the shade of the Kaaba.

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And Habad was among the people who are receiving the bulk of the punishment and the persecution of the people in Mecca.

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So he asked the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam Allah, Allah Allah Allah to stone spirulina.

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Would you not make dua for us and would you not ask for Allah as victory for us?

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When he said that only his Salatu was Salam in reply something that we should always remember he said a cannot Roger Roman can can have hablar con

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the people before you

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can are you to be here for your for Allah who will have the future Oh, he

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will mean shared he for you for upcoming ROTC he'll Academy for you. Michelle will be unsheltered Hadith Amaya so Daddy can Dini Allah.

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He says people before you, one of them would be brought and a whole would be ducked for them in the ground and they would be put in it. Then a saw would be brought and he would be sawed in half from his head to his feet.

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And he would be brought combs of iron and his body would be combed separating his flesh from his bone.

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And that would not turn them away from their religion.

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And indeed, there is going to come a time

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when a passenger will move safely from sun out to Hadramaut in Yemen, not fearing except Allah azza wa jal or the wolves

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will Akina come to surge alone but you are impatient.

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This hadith on the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam encapsulates a lot of what we should know. And he'll

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because that question, Metta Nasir Allah,

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when will the victory of Allah azza wa jal Come on? When will things change? And how long will we keep witnessing what we are witnessing? Because this is not the first it's not going to be the last. When will this end? And when will they be justice?

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When will that injustice be repelled?

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And Allah azza wa jal also records it in the Quran, but in a way also for us to understand that this thing is to happen.

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And as implemented Hello, Janet, hola my article methanol Lavina Hello, woman publikum mircette. Holman, Betsa walk the wrong resume. Zulu. I tell you a pooler Rasulullah Lavina Hama, Norma

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Allah, Allah in Manasa Allah Karim. Allah says, Do you suppose that you will enter heaven, Jana, and the likes of what had happened to those before you will not also happened to you. They have been harmed in their bodies and their wealth and they will shaken to the core. So that even the messenger of Allah and the people with the hem they will say when will the victory of Allah come? Allah says to them, a victory of Allah has near but Allah azza wa jal is saying that there is a sunnah

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that every believing men and women in nation they have to endure which is that if you say, Leila, halal Allahu Rasul Allah, you have to be tested, and you have to expect that test.

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And you have to know that it's coming and there is no escaping it.

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And so victory from Allah azza wa jal to begin with has to be understood as withstanding that test and keeping your faith and becoming the best believer that you can, even if you die before seeing any earthly victory, because this is not the problem.

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Is that Allah azza wa jal had given to you which is that if you believe that you somehow you personally will see the fruits of that on Earth, you may die before it.

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Allah azza wa jal tells us Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam Wei min rien Nica Baba Latina

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Yun Naga in NEMA alkyl Bella who were under Unit he served.

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He says whether we will show you some of the punishment that we promised them or you will die before that what is upon you is to deliver the message and their account is with us.

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Meaning even to Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam. He is telling him what what is your job? What is your task, your task is to deliver the message if you deliver the message, you have succeeded.

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If you will disturb your they're pressured, they fracture you succeeded.

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You are triumphant when that happens, whether you have physical victory over them or not, whether you die before it or not, that is not up to you.

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That is up to Allah azza wa jal and Allahu will take care of them.

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But what is your success? What is enough,

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essentially, is for you to be victorious in the eyes of Allah azza wa jal.

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So remember, the story of us has to do with the people of the ditches

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when they dug these ditches for them, and they marked them all to their death, to be born to live.

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And one by one, they were given the choice. You either disbelieve or you jump into that fire and they jumped willingly in it to save their Amen. Would you consider that they've been defeated?

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Or are they alive with Allah azza wa jal who had achieved martyrdom, that is victory? Because when all returned to Allah azza wa jal, then the real reckoning will take place, not in the dunya. But in the earth era. So as a believer, you don't only look at the dunya separate from the app here and say where is the victory of Allah? Because the Lord of the dunya is the mode of the earth era. And the Lord of wealth is telling you some will be avenge them and some will be avenged here.

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So your Eman should be that

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in the non su Solana will Lavina Aman will fill hayati, dunya, Wyoming

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we will give victory to those whom we've sent Our Messengers and to the believers in the dunya and on the Day of Judgment. So if somebody dies, and his children die, and he loses his house and he loses his land, Allah azza wa jal is aware of all of this. And Allah azza wa jal takes note of all of this and the oppressors will be punished for it.

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So then be weakened by what you see.

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Because Allah azza wa jal wanted to select among those people, martyrs that he wanted to bless and that is the will of Allah azza wa jal, and no one can opposes will.

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If Allah wanted to bless them with martyrdom, Allah wanted to bless them with their ratio of their sins, then Allah azza wa jal has the best of wisdom. And we submit to the wisdom of Allah subhana who were to Allah, and what Allah has for them, is much better than what we have for them.

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So victory is not the victory of might only victory is the victory of iman. And many of the messengers of Allah alayhi wa salatu salam were killed, and some Neville no one believed in them, Yet Allah azza wa jal considered them to be victorious because what they did is to, they delivered the message and they lived it, and they called people to it. And the rest is to Allah azza wa jal, whatever He grants beyond that is from his grace, and who were to Allah, and we submit again to his decision.

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Such events

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are necessary

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for us to revise and review our own stance.

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So beyond frustration, and beyond rage, and beyond anger,

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what is it that we should feel and what is it that we should do so that we are AIDS?

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We are champions of Allah azza wa jal, rather than a reaction that fades in few weeks or a few months.

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How is it

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that we can stop our

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All from hindering Allah's victory and yes we can be among those who are hindering and stopping Allah's victory.

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Allah's victory, the those who will champion Allah subhanho wa Taala means champion his cause.

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Allah azza wa jal says in Tonzura Allah Hi on Surah como youth a bit academical.

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If you champion Allah he will champion you and He will make you steadfast He will establish your feet give you support. What I am Soren Allah Humayun Surah, Allah will champion those who champion him. There is a condition

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if you champion Allah, Allah will champion you. Yeah, you have to call on salah. Or you have Iman be champions of Allah, Kamal kala I said no Maria Miguel Hallerin Ansari in Allah, like when Jesus son of Mary alayhi salam, he said to the disciples who will be my champions to Allah and they said we will be so Allah is calling on all believers champion Allah azza wa jal

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and he also when he speaks about Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam. He says Valentina Armand will be he was the only one or so who, whatever Allah Allah, the on Zilla ma who, like a human will flee home. Those who believe in Him and they honor Him and they champion him and they follow the light that was sent to him. These are the ones who are successful. So we also must champion Muhammad Ali you Salatu was Salam. So when you champion allah and You champion the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam, then the victory of Allah azza wa jal will come to you.

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But if you need to let that condition then the outcome must be neglected.

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And we all stay behind

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until we change and become fit and willing to receive that victory.

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Allah azza wa jal said

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in terms of Scrum has nothing to suit home.

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When it comes to year to year for a hobby here,

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we're in hospital water Taboola you're welcome to Home Shay.

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In the lobby Maryam Aluna. Mohit.

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He says if good things happen to you, it saddens them.

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And if bad things happen to you, they rejoice.

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But then he said what?

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But if you are patient and you have Taqwa none of their schemes and plots will hurt you in the least.

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And Allah azza wa jal in circles, everything that they do, meaning he surrounds it, and he spoils it.

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So the condition that Allah azza wa jal had put is what he says if you have patience and you have Taqwa

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because he's saying the scheme and the plot and they happy, they are happy when you're sad and they're sad when you're happy.

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You can see this

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but you can counter it all with sovereign Taqwa. And that is what the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was telling her.

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He says if you hold on to what I have been sent with, and you continue to be patient,

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he is saying that Allah will fulfill this matter despite whatever they are doing, despite their might, until there will be peace on earth. Something that is beyond what you can see and feel at the moment. But yes, in the beginning, you have to bear the weight of their persecution. Yes, because that will cultivate somewhere in you and Taqwa.

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in Northcote

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is some people will say, Are we that bad?

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You had Muhammad Sallallahu Allah He was sitting them in the army and the best of companions. They broke one commander of his and they lost

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In the other battle,

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your name the Battle of Penang

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when they admired their strength,

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and they relied on it rather than Allah azza wa jal in the beginning they were defeated and they had with them. Muhammad Ali Asad was salam in the best of companions.

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The loss of Tawakkol

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cost them the beginning of the battle

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and they are the best of the best.

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So Allah azza wa jal wanted to show through all of this and reminders through all of this woman muscle elearning

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In dilla victory only comes from Allah azza wa jal. It doesn't come from numbers. Allah says well look at Masada como la Hui. But then he went into a dilla. Allah gave you victory embedded and you only few in numbers meaning number wise you shouldn't have won.

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Because Allah gave that victory to you.

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So Allah wanted you to know

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that if you want Allah's victory, your tequila is the first and main ingredient.

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And your patient is the patience is the first and main ingredient. And if you don't have them,

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then Allah lets you to your own power.

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Ian so Kamala, who felt valuable.

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If Allah gives you victory, no one can overcome you. way you don't compliment the lady on Sudoku Member ID but if he forsakes you who can champion you instead of him? Well Allah Allah He fell, yet our Kelly minimum let the believers rely on Allah has ordered.

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So you and I,

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we could be hindering Allah's victory.

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And all of these things when they happen are opportunities for us to look back at ourselves first, and say, what is it that I'm doing that is wrong?

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So if I am or you

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I'm a person who is not praying five times a day

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and you missing it, and you will find with it,

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then I'm going to tell you, you're delaying Allah's victory.

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Don't say when when Allah's victory happen,

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say When will I stop it?

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When will I stop? stopping it.

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If you're not praying five times a day,

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if you're not giving us occur,

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if you're not fasting Ramadan

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if you're not doing these essentials, if there's a haram that you are addicted to, if you drink alcohol, if you take drugs, if you deal in river, if you're doing these major sins and you're fine with it, then Allah's victory is stayed behind because of you and I.

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And if you wonder where is Allah's victory, I'm telling you, Allah's victory will come when we shape up,

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and we become worthy recipients of that victory.

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And Allah sees from us that we are devoted.

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Do you understand what it means to be stationed

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in rebuilt?

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To stay hour after hour at the Muslim frontiers protecting Muslims and defending Muslims? Do you understand what that takes?

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So if you're a person who cannot come to the masjid,

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and you cannot stay in the masjid between Maghrib and Isha, or cannot come to Fudger? If we are that weak?

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How could we have the strength to do something greater?

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If I'm saying my shaytaan defeats me every single day, how will I have a power to defeat any other enemy? If I'm saying that I'm weak in front of movies, and music?

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You've seen their responses on social media, right? You see where they stand. So if I'm watching

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the entertainers, listening to the singers that are lending their support to this, and I'm still supporting them, then in addition to be a bit ironic and hypocritical, ask yourself then how am I really contributing to any victory that's going to come to Islam? What I'm weakening Muslims by that support. So if I'm still watching those movies and series and listening to that music, and contributing to all of that corruption on earth, and spreading it, and then I'm saying, When will Allah's victory come when it's when you stop, then it will come? When we stop supporting them, then it will come. But the contradiction that we are living we want that pure, elevated station when the

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victory the angels of Allah will descend, yet we Sully our life with all of that pollution.

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And we support it and we admire them.

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Allah says could better tillbaka Omen f where he him? One or two few pseudo Homolka yamna. T income tax alone. He said that hatred now is apparent from their mouth.

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And what their chests are hiding is even greater than that. We've made these is clear to you if you think if you have wisdom, you should be able to see

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the beauty of something like this happening is that it kind of reveals the true face or discards the mask that a lot of people have put on

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On, you understand the real position of this person and that person of this government and that entity and that ideology, you understand where they stand. So where is it that you stand?

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Do you still

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have to be an imitator of others? All you be a servant of Allah azza wa jal? Are you going to follow other isms?

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Or do you follow Muhammad Ali has Salatu was Salam instead.

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So if you're a feminist,

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then you are weakening Islam and the victory of Allah as if it is not coming.

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If you follow him the other ism

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except for Allah who revealed

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an odd one Medallia is Salatu was Salam preached and live Do you understand that we are delaying Allah's

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So it is going to happen

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and the Promise of Allah has voted is true. And the promise of Muhammad Ali is Salatu Salam is true.

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The question is, are we the ones to receive it or somebody else? And if what happens and what will happen will enrage you channel it into something permanent? Not just a reach that will evaporate later.

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But something that

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is going to change your life.

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Leave what Allah hates.

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Make dua what I just wanna see him and I just need to be the most helpless of people is the one who doesn't make to make dua

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but also, permanently reorient yourself to Allah azza wa jal

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and be someone on the side of Allah azza wa jal. So if you're asked, Are you a champion of Allah? You see, yes. Are you a champion of Muhammad Ali, his salatu salam, you say yes. I'm not a champion of that other industry, the entertainment industry, I'm not champion of haram. I'm not a champion of any other ism. I'm a champion of Allah and His Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And when enough of us have done this, and when enough of us are patient enough, then you will see that things will change. A whole Holy * though as to who will lie to you or to confess to you.

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hamdulillah hand and Kathy are on to even MOBA can fee who also live also limonada SULI who Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam

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ala simply just sneak through.

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unless all of you that when you're making this dua remember that Allah azza wa jal accepts the DUA that is coming from your heart, in the mouth of Allah, He will mean that in ohada, the best of the best of it, because we could just make a lot. But what matters is something that you feel and that is coming from your heart to ask Allah Allah, Allah Allah mean or hamara Herminia Allah protect protect the people in Palestine. Yeah, Allah protect the people of Gaza and Palestine and surrounding areas Europe, Al Al Amin, here Allah preserve their lives and preserve their wealth and preserve their children and preserve preserve what they have your Hummer Rahimi yeah Hola. Hola.

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Hola takuna Allah him yeah Allah be for them and not against them you Allah protect them from the plots of their enemies. The Allah protects them from the harm of their enemy yeah Allah protects them from the harm of their enemy Europe Allah Allah mean you Allah we asked you that you clothed them and feed them and shelter them Yahama Rahimi yeah Allah Ya Allah plan from them the plastic land your Hummer rahimian and protect them from the worst applause Yahama Rahimi yeah Allah we are weak and we cannot do except that we should ask you so Allah except our draft for Maaseiah or hamara Jaime yeah Allah cleanse our hearts for us so that our dua would be acceptable yeah Allah we asked

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you that you would help them and aid them you know Allah help them and aid them yet Allah helped them and aid them yeah Allah protect all the Muslims in that area. Dr. hamara himedia Allah we asked you that you will change us and make us of those who are worthy of your victory Yeah, Allah changes and make us worthy to be of those who will receive your victory ya Allah changes and transform us and make us better. So that would be worthy of those who will receive your victory your camera Jaime, allow us to do with the great things in this life that will please you allow us to stay away from the things that displease you are hamara Hamid we ask that you would unite the Muslims upon

00:24:34 --> 00:24:59

your book upon the Sunnah of your messenger Allah has Salatu was Salam was your bill Allah means to protect us and all Muslims from what what displeases you, Europe al al Amin, Allahu makan Leah Halima Philistine our Hassan Ali him era Bella Allah may Allah Muhammad Muhammad Falcon are the woman tested or the one a man who wants to marry him with a touch ID I don't know him yet. Then either him or her Mara, Jaime. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Schirm Allahu Mufasa Hola, Shem. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola, Shalom.

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Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. FUTA slain Allahu Akbar. I love you to sleep. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola for you to stay in Cali hum Minerva, Minerva are in Europa alanine, Allah Who Malaika with caffeine in the Himalaya, your Asuna Allahu Malik, Erbil, Katharina Medina, your Sedona and subida for in the homeless, you are disowned, Aloha Malika will caffeine and Lydian. I also do wanna answer Vivica inocula you are assuming that

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Allah Makina whom Bina shade Allah Who mattina whom Bhima shade Allah HOMAG phenom Bhima shade Allah homage man whom be and foresee him Allah hamesha nombe and foresee him Allah ha Michelle Hornby and foresee him Allah Allah Arthashastra Saho Allah Hamada yet Vera Homura Bella Allah may Allah may Allah but Allah meaningful in Muslim Nina furthermore Allah humble the humble Allah what are the model ready him? Aloha Marina la cara then Jameela Jamil puffery, Elena Sabina Aloha MyData Jana fitna Lila de Anika for Allah Hamada Jana fitness Linda de Nikephoros Allah Amanda, TJ Jana fitna Lila de Anika photo Allahu Mata Helena Kulu been our sukhna If Lhasa was here at the EMA and you

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have your NMR thorough we'll put the umbrella total BioPerl el Amin, Allah how much an amendment to pee bottarga Aloha maganda naman Masada Kahuna sofa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Aloha maganda Minnesota Kawana sobre su Lacan Osaka who dunya will hear a tiara Bell Isla nee Allahumma Fidel Muslim enough equally McCann, Allah Muhammad who infusoria were Idlib effort whom phillium and a photocopy of Ronnie Stanley photo of equally mccannon Rajpal al Amin, Aloha moment Rahman Kana Moodle de and Dhaka Rabbil Alameen Farah in water fascia woman Colonel mosquito la cara Belle Alameen Feherty he will eliminate the horrible al Amin Feck fina genre Yeah, how you we offer you a

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movie of Mexican study or select Nimisha and an Akula Hola, tequila Isla and fusino perfetta I'm well famous

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