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He was talking to him. And while they're in my bag

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First of all, let me just say that it's, it's an honor for me to be here tonight. And I was not expecting to say anything but I think that since

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since I've been put on the spot by shaky acid, there's some things I think are important for us to to contemplate. And that is one of the closest to one of the best ways to draw closer to a loss of Hanna who were to add, is through constant calling upon him. A lot of times were negligent of the importance of even though the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam said Do I who will a bed a Da Hua le bed? That do I to translate it literally do i is the worship. Now, a lot of times we translate that as the essence of worship or something like that.

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But we all speak English. And what does it mean when you say so and so like Shaykh Ahmad is the man, what does that mean?

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That means that it, he embodies all of those qualities of, of manhood. And do I who will be better is to show you how important do i is in establishing your relationship of servitude with the laws of hand, which added that you call upon him and you show a lot of parents either that you truly depending upon him. And the best to add that we can make are those prophetic glass, those who add that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself used to make and that he would teach his companions. Now, interestingly enough, there was a companion who came to the prophet Isaiah Salatu was Salam. And he said to him, Yasuda, Lola, or sr, then dynatech, would then then add two more, and I don't

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have the ability to identify, it means to hum. So you know, like, sometimes when a person is making a lot of do I just sound like,

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Alright, so he said, I can't make do I the same way that you make, do I and the way that my eyes mixed up and jumbled was one of the famous companions of the Prophet I didn't realize was sent in. He said, so I asked a love for agenda. And I seek refuge in a law from the fire. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hola, Han, who then were humming about these things, and everything else that we're asking is basically summed up and asking the loss of humans out of four gentlemen seeking refuge in Him from the fire. That being said, if we can memorize some of the prophetic, do I, it is so important for us. And I can actually say add to our arsenal, if we look at

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our being a weapon, in fact, so. So it is the weapon of the believer. There's a dude, that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam taught one of his famous companions. And so I'd like to go over tonight very briefly. And that companion was sad to me what costs while the Allahu tida and who, who was one of the how many that were promised within that one of the 10 that were promised genocide, imminent will cost. And he said that the prophet SAW the light, it was seldom used to teach us this do I and that we should say it dubara Salawat. Now dubara Salawat it means that the end of prayer, and some may interpret it to mean after prayer, but the correct interpretation inshallah is that it is before

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the test lean. And after you've done at the Chateau de soleil and the big Salatu was sent in. So this is the place where the prophet SAW your son would make this do and he taught side of me will concentrate this drive. And in some of the narrations, I have a hearty side used to teach his children this do I the way that one would learn how to write the way that so they used to have what are known as contatti, right? So they will go in and teach the children how to write, and that takes a lot of care, correct? I mean, you don't just let somebody go. So they were saying that sad used to teach them this, his own children the same way that one would teach, or the one that the same way

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that one would learn how to write. And this do I that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would make at the end of Salah is as follows along in the i o the weaker meenal jubin. What are the weaker? You know?

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What are the weaker? And the ILA out of the Leela Omar? Well, what are we competing at dunya why that will cover it's collected by the men. So these are five things that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam sought refuge and allows parents to add it from, as you know, a lot of do it profitably. Selim is asking a lot for something. There are another set of eyes with the probably SON OF A seeking refuge in Allah azza wa jal from something that is that these qualities are not qualities that we should have as believers, or that we are seeking Allah

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How to add is protection from something happening to us. So there are five things here. The first of them the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says Allah humma in the owl the Vika mina jubin Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from cowardice I seek refuge in You from cowardice will lie will lie. We are so much in need of making this

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because it is cowardice that may prevent us from worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada. When times are difficult, right? So many people don't pray at work.

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Why don't pray at work, somebody's gonna kill him because they pray at work somebody now they just don't want to be looked at. Funny. I don't want people looking at me funny, I don't want it.

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That is a feeling that prevents you from doing something that is an obligation in your deen.

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And that is the result of cowardice. And we can't sit up and we can't sugarcoat it and look at it any other kind of way. We have to seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from cowardice, that cowardice that is going to prevent us from doing our obligations. Now, mind you, and I don't want to go into a lot of detail. If a person is in a situation where they are going to be harmed physically, or some harm is going to come to them or their property, because they are pranked and that's a whole different scenario that deserves his own fettle and things like this. But what I'm talking about is in general, that which will prevent us from doing that which is an obligation upon us is from

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cowardice. We have to seek refuge in Allah Subhana Allah from that and our Prophet it is salatu salam taught his companions this and because of them memorizing this dough and passing it on to their children, we are here today learning this do We seek refuge in a lot from a German? The second thing is where we come in and I seek refuge in You from stinginess or being miserly.

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And this is also not from the qualities of the believers. Believers are generous because they know that what they give for a loss of hammer Tada, they will get it back multiple times over. And so a believer is Kriti right? A believer is generous and not stingy doesn't withhold number one what is obligation upon him whether that is a cat, or whether that is taking care of his children, or taking care of his parents in certain scenarios. All of these are things that a believer should do, and he avoids being miserly. Wow, the beaker. Meanwhile, the prophet alayhi salatu salam goes on to say well, the beaker Minh and or the ILA out of the Leela Omar, and I seek refuge in You from being

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returned to a decrepit state, to a person as Allah Subhana. Allah says,

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women who are middle neck kids who feel Hulk, right, those whom we allow to live long, we reverse their development. And another word. So what happens if a person starts out an infant toddler, and then they grow and they become strong, and then what happens? You reach a certain peak, and then the development begins to reverse, you get weaker and weaker and weaker, out of the aroma is the worst of one's lifespan. So that's when a person gets to the point of stability and being at a decrepit old state, to the point that they cannot care for themselves any longer. Perhaps they cannot clean themselves, they become a burden on their families, the prophets, I saw him sought refuge in a law

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from getting back to that state.

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Now, why do you think that is?

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Is there something wrong with growing old,

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there's something wrong, when you can no longer fulfill your purpose in life.

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Allah Subhana Allah created us to be worshipers. And when a person gets to the state in life, where they can no longer worship, a loss of habitat, and then they fulfill their time on earth. And so the prophets I send them sought refuge in Allah from getting to a point where he would not be a worshipper of Allah Subhana data any longer,

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where his existence, serve no real meaning in terms of worship of Allah Subhana Allah and where it became a burden upon others. So the prophet Isaiah salatu salam told us to seek refuge in Allah from this and then the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam says while the beaker min fits knitted dunya I seek refuge in You from the temptations of this dunya and fitna to dunya is Capri is a comprehensive term so many things. But we all know that there are distractions in this life that take us away from our main purpose and our main focus and so we seek refuge in Allah subhana wa tada from

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Those things and that in and of itself could be a hook. I mean, just talking about over the weekend and fitting it at dunya

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why they will cover the prophets Elia was sent him says, and from the punishment or the torment of the grave, the torment of the grave, and that is that

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once a person dies,

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his hereafter begins. Right so now there's a difference between yo metal PM, and the hereafter, Yom Okayama, being the time when all of the souls are resurrected. And then they stand before a loss of Hamlet's Anna, there's an account and they are judged. But once an individual dies comments PM, to who and his hereafter begins at that point, and it is a different stage of life. And that cover may be a roll the middle reality agenda may be a garden from the gardens of Paradise, we asked lots of parents either to make our graves spacious and to make them gardens from the gardens of Paradise. Or it may be well he has a villa, a pit from the pits of the hellfire.

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And how that is, is beyond the comprehension of man, our intellect stop at a certain point, we also need to understand this as Muslims, that we accept what comes to us from Revelation, the Quran and from the Sunnah via messenger Allah salatu salam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us about fitna to cover and he told us about Isaiah will cover that there is a test. That is that happens after a person dies that a person is asked Who is your Lord? And what is your deen, who is your messenger? It is a lot looser than that. And we believe this even though we don't understand how that is. And again, this is very important for the methodology of the Muslim to recognize

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certain things. You know, if we look at our senses, for example,

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you can see, you can see fairly well, what's on the other side of this. What do you see behind this wall right here? Nothing. Why?

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Because there's something that that is impeding your vision, even though you have the ability to see you can see well. And even if that was the case, and even though you may see, well, your site has a certain limit, and then it stops. Your ability to hear has a certain limit and then it stops correct is bound. Why is it that some of us believe that our intellects don't have any boundaries that I can just understand everything, and it's okay. We believe it. And we know that it is a reality and we can understand part of it. And there are parts that are unseen, that we do not know about, and this is our profit it is tonight it was Sam teaching us to seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala, from the

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torment of the of the grave. And so this is a slide that we should memorize again, it can be studied in a lot more detail. But these are five things that the province has some sought refuge in Allah Subhana Allah from and I hope that this will be an encouragement for all of you to learn this do it the same way that sadhu heard it from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam used to teach his children this and all of you should take this lie and teach your children teach your children because everyone who UT System if you teach your children as they like, you'll get the reward that they get for making this dial and with a story

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in Ramadan.

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I was I was in Medina, I was listening to his actual Quran and Corinne which is the, the radio station where they play Koran and other

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you know, beneficial Islamic things throughout the day.

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And I saw panela, there was a story

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about a famous that, you know, he gave a call to Islam, he was knowledgeable, and everybody in the school knew him. But he always taught first grade. So there was a new principal who came in, and he switched his schedule. And he put them in the higher grades. Because he's a sheath. Why is he teaching, you know, kids five and six years old, or six and seven years old? I mean, it's kind of like, if you take a professor and, you know, calculus or something like this, and you put them in a first grade is teaching basic arithmetic. It's like, that's not a good use of our resources. Right? So the new principal came in and he moved him to the higher grades. And, and so the shape, began to

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cry. And he goes to the principal.

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He says, Why did you change my schedule? He said, You're a chef and you're supposed to be, you know, teaching the higher levels. And he said, he said, No, no, put me back in the first grade.

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He said you've taken away from me the ability to be the first one to teach them how to make will do to be the first one to teach them how to pray to be the first one to teach them about Allah subhana wa tada such that they would learn every I he said I want every select that they ever make for the rest of their life. I want the reward for that. And that was his intention. So I'm saying take this too I teach it to those who are around you your spouse's your, your your children and your family. That dragon is a llama in the eye with the bigger you know jubin well the bigger means to become an aura you know, out of the little while the becoming fitness dounia why they will cover hollow items

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along with some robotic and then Amina Mohammed

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