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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, welcome back to another episode of to my daughter, the heart, the heart. We're taking you now to a very important stage, stage building the Islamic character.

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Well, bounds and rounded character is preferred unless they're raised, all aspects guided by the directions, and the matters would by all means, but if you look back in history, you will realize the importance of building strong character. Indeed, there is no change without power, and no power without building and no building without preparation. And nutrition. May comes from aspects of every life. nurturing your child and upbringing is exactly the foundation and the pillars. They need to be able to be strong in the future. So train them to be obedient to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah. So today, my dear daughter, was talk about the facade allows upon our gender Viola talks about what

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more like a solar was totally

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amazing. This word we learn a lot from it today, my dear daughter, when Allah subhanaw taala says command your children

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to pray. But the word here that he is, was stubborn.

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Be extraversion II see the word My dear daughter is sub sabaa. But there's a letter increased in the foundation of the word pop. And our teachers teach us as I'm teaching you now,

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as they are deaf in my bunnies. Yeah, that in my irony, which means

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that the extra act of the foundation of the word in itself is meaning it will increase the meaning of the word itself. That means Allah is telling us what more applicable Salah was starboard Allah.

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Command your children to pray and be extra patient, not just patient, extra patient. And now we'll tell you how could that be? See prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Morrow Allah Docomo salata, sobre Audra boon Allah collage of aluminium from Abuja.

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, command your children to pray at seven

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and discipline attend and separate them in beds.

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But since we're talking about the Salah, we have to understand why you know why? Because I want to teach you the importance of a Salah so you'll understand why you're doing things. Now, do you understand why there are three that our belief system was placed first? Do you understand now I taught you who Allah Subhana Jellybean is the stories we had and why we do things for heaven and hell and believing and the reward in a discipline, the carrot and the stick. You know why? Because if I tell you to pray, you're gonna see why they don't tell you why. And understand the foundation. If it's weak, you cannot build anything.

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And that's why I'm telling you, my dear daughter.

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If the prayer, according to Harry is what makes it or breaks it, on Judgement Day, Allah would ask us first, the first thing we'll be asked about is the Salah, the prayer. So you'll understand what it is, understand the features and benefits of the Salah in itself. You understand the Salah in itself is actually called Salah because of that. So that means the connection, you understand. If you want to speak to Allah, pray, if you want the law to speak to you read his words in the Quran.

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So Allah is a connection is a repentance is a

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supplication is a mercy. Imagine,

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Salah is the only active worship that nobody can actually do on your behalf. So make sure you understand that. So if we don't pray in this life, guess what? We will have to pray in the Hereafter, but not in a very air conditioned, beautiful place that you're at. I'm sure you know where I'm going with that. I want to give you something you can relate to. Could you imagine

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a friend of yours working the stock market now? bling bling, bring it good for you?

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And he says I have an inside information

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about a stock that is gonna skyrocket.

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And he's gonna call you soon. Are you going to miss that phone call? Of course not. You're going to be waiting for that.

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phone to ring.

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Because you don't want to miss the opportunity to make lots of money. They say it anything funny. In the land of milk and honey is all about money. So let's talk your language money. You see, this friend of yours is there more other than the phone call is the advan. This talk is your prayer. Your reward is Jenna, Allah Akbar. Could you imagine Can you relate to this My dear daughter, understanding that Allah if he sees that you done your prayers right? and establish the prayer properly, on Judgement Day with accepted God Almighty Allah will accept all your actions and deeds. If the prayers are not Allah will not accept any actions and deeds.

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You can understand now that you will hear sound on Judgement day my slave Why didn't you pray?

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Oh, I was too good looking.

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Were you more beautiful than Yusuf Ali Salaam Remember him?

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says even that he was so beautiful it did not deter him from doing that act of worship.

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I want to remind you of a sound

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because if you don't pray then you understand where you go into play. They may come like a nightmare for you but please forgive me I'd rather you hate me here and love me they're not the other way around. Remember what I told you I'll be tough with you when I have to. This is the time there is no joke around this one. And there's no way around this one. A person will come the second says you know what? I was poor. I was so poor. how poor were you?

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He says to them said the earth is my that you haven't is my cover? Are you poor than him? did not stop him from praying. I was rich.

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I have people to see places to go with things to do. The yen is up the dollar is down. Stock market as we call

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is are you richer than

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the Prophet of Allah Subhana Allah Viola

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he says he had

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keys men could not even keep the keys. So impossible. The laws of hollow gyla had to lay man had the treasures even the general working for him had everything. He was a prophet and a king. You cannot beat him.

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So says then you will do the same.

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So let's bring the excuses you got to come bring it. I'm ready for you.

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I'm traveling. Okay, Allah makes it easy for you every four rock I make him into two and you can combine those with us another religion. Oh, there is no much It doesn't matter. You can pray anywhere you want. So ugly MSG amadora from Salaam says this whole earth made to be a Masjid for me and the Hurrah purification just in case you're gonna say oh, there's no water, you can make dry ablution Like I said, I can't find the people. Do your best to find the killer the direction of prayer and you will be rewarded for your intention. Well, you know what, I'm too tired. I can stand up, sit down, against the down, lie down. I can lie down move your head. Again. move my head, move

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your eyes kamoun eyes. Think about it in your head. I can't think about it. You did, then don't worry about it. So pray before you did. And pray before you prayed upon understanding the most important part of the prayers my brothers and sisters. It is for your own good. Remember the reward. Every time you make ablution Allah purifies the since you become clean, become healthy. Every time you recite Quran for every letter, doing good deeds, you understand that purifies the sins, every prayer from a prayer Allah purifies the sins. Could you imagine if you give your car to a mechanic five times a day, your car will run beautifully, so smooth, no problems. Do you imagine given your

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heart to Allah Subhana Allah Viola

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and remember, when you see Al Fatiha losses i divided in between you and I

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said hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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Allah Allah says, my slave praise me Rahmani Raheem says ethna it

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and Rama Rohit Malik, Yama, Deen Majid Annie

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is now is not just praise me, honored me, and so on. Is what do you want hidden items stuck in guided straight path serata Latina and I'm sorry, Himalayan moldoveanu monoball lien I mean, not those who you anchored with, you know what the anchored with is anchored with those who have knowledge, but they don't act according to knowledge. So remember, don't ever have knowledge and don't act accordingly. Remember, Jelani says the alumni, Elmo allameh man, we learn knowledge and action together so please, my daughter walked

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He says, well about Lean the lean is Those who are led astray the act without no knowledge, you understand. So, if you act with no knowledge and if you have no knowledge and you act, both that says an elemental

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layer Cool, well, I will be doing any mineral junoon You understand? So action with no deeds cannot be the deeds with no options. knowledge with no options is insanity. So please, my dear sister, and brothers out there, come back to Allah start praying up listening, my daughter is indeed as one of the most important parts. So Allah says, For what you asked, you will be granted. So he will give us a straight path, not be angered with us and not lead us astray.

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I did tell you, the straight path is in the Quran, because he answered, what is the path that he Calcutta. So hold on to that book, my dear daughter, as if your life depends on it, because this is an old blood is a rope of Allah, the tie Allah subhanaw taala holds a straight understand also, my dear daughter, that when you see that the childhood you know what that means.

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You know, say As salam o Allah, you want to be

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you know, most of us don't know that. But I want to give you the reward, so you'll understand why you're doing it. It's the mercy of Allah subhana wa Jalla Viola.

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Also note, that when you say Salaam Alaikum is 10 has an add 10 rewards, but he says Salam O Allah u and the V. Allah says I will return back to you 10 times more. And while I buy the land saw the hain

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is upon us and the righteous leaves. You know what that means? There is about 1.7 billion Muslims in the world. Can you imagine Everyone, let's say only 1 billion Muslims pray. So 10 100 times to 1 billion coming towards you and you going toward them? You know, how much has an ad how much reward you're losing. If you don't pray? Could you imagine my brothers and sisters? So we have to teach you? What is prayer all about? Don't just tell you how to pray and just pray Because I said so. I'm telling you now. Why.

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Yes, it's very heavy on the scale indeed. So now I know what it's all about. But remember,

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the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam warned us and Allah says, This is the they will come. About Salah people will come and they will lose the soma. identity will go amazing. Could you imagine?

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And that's why Prophet Muhammad SAW soldiers, they will lose the prayer. When he said additionally I believe in the comfort of our, the apple of our eyes is the prayer. That's what we look for. Amazingly enough, is exactly what we do. The Prayer is what we seek refuge. So when you say Allah, what for my daughter, please mean it. Allah Akbar means exactly that limit. And I want you to imagine when you say Allahu Akbar,

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that the path the Surat isn't beneath you,

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Heaven and Hell is on your right and your left. The Angel of Death is behind you. And Allah is above all. That's how we pray, and attain who sure to pray.

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When it comes to other Zakat, you know what you learn.

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You learn to be selfless, you learn to give not just hoard, you learn to become generous, you understand the car

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is a test for the rich and the poor, a test for the rich, so they can hoard or give. Because Allah says what happened maloom the Saturday will mushroom rights upon you for your money for those who need it most.

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And that's a test for the poor because they want to be rich, whether they'll steal or get it in an unlawful matters. So it's a test for us as a faith for this occur. So since we give from that what we love, so remember, you put somebody ahead of you. So don't be self.

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be selfless. And know that the words occur in itself is to increase your wealth and purify your wealth. So don't be afraid to give for the sake of Allah. Law will reward you multiple and give you much more. You're not more generous and Allah.

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Last thing, I want to teach you fasting gradually, slowly, maybe a few hours a day, till you become strong.

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You know what? Speaking of that gradually, I also want to teach you with hijab early. I can just come when it comes to 15 years old, or reach puberty and say wear hijab, it doesn't work. I know that but you have to learn that

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From your mother, it becomes a natural because the righteous environment is there and the righteous company is there, it becomes a norm. But if you're going to hang around with the wrong people in the wrong environment, you will not wear hijab because it becomes passe. Also virge I don't want to be like these people, these are animals, these are terrorists. I don't want to belong to that group. But remember you will be resurrected with those whom you love. So keep asking yourself who do I want to be respected with?

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Remember my dear daughter, our prayer was told earlier on before we even obligation so gradually learn and that's why fasting is exactly gradually and everything we do is gradual learning. So have you ever thought about this you know fasting literally the story? I want you to imagine? If I tell you there's a black girl in Africa doesn't have food and water? How would you feel? So rhetorical question I don't want you to answer

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but then you may be in love one day with the righteous husband of course. And you go downstairs he may be in love can go to sleep you watch his black girl in Africa, bending over grabbing something from the floor on the ground, doesn't know what it is but it's soft enough to eat dusted off and puts it How would you feel you see the first time I use the hearing sense I told you about a black girl in Africa doesn't have food water. So he was somewhat moved. But the second time I added the visual that means two senses in your body is actually making a decision making process in order for you to how do you feel about this young girl the dad no hold water. So you were moved even more you

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may even get a tremble you may even a tear down your eye. But if you don't eat and drink yourself, all your senses are involved in the decision making Have you heal so you'll never take it for granted. You'll be grateful to Allah for the food you're given, you will share that you will never waste it again. And there's a social aspect of it. spiritual aspect of it and physical aspect of it. So when you're fasting we're supposed to lose weight, right any not gain weight.

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We'll also look after each other. We share the food look after one another look after that. less fortunate than us we share it even the casual fitness was supposed to put a smile on everybody turn a frown into a smile wipe the tear of their eyes. So learn how to do it.

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And remember, is a spiritual one because you read more and you come close to a lie you do more and if you clean your closet sins come close to Allah with in the month of Ramadan. Besides you know close, chained up open the gates of Jenna paradise or open the gates of Hellfire closed. Understanding the fast thing is that when she leaves something that is hell and you leave the food then you leave the water. You stay up at night your feet must hurt. But you still do when you ask Allah subhana wa jal Yoda, one night equal to 83 years plus in a bada don't ever lose that. So when you ask the month of Ramadan, you have to plant the seed in Reggio quintard in chavan to get their

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reward in Ramadan, now you will feel the for sure. Don't just tell me I can't feel it. I'm just hungry. You will know what is rewarded for it again, Dan. Yes, it is my son as why we call them so. So we open the gates of oriane only for those who fast that day. So if you leave something that is halaal food and water intimate relations, how could you do something that is haram and you know why fasting you learn about the Aqua? We talked about it?

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Because fasting you will learn when you're all alone. If you don't eat and drink in front of people and you go home you close all the doors and the only door you open is the door the fridge the airport? Of course not. I know you do. Good for you. And that's what it's all about. That's the School of Ramadan. And remember, you will be granted a certificate whether you pass or fail. So did you do your pm did you do your core and did you fast the proper way? Did you hold on to your tongue and your senses not just hold back from food and water? No, there's a lot more to it than that. You're a smart kid. I'm sure you know me I'll accept from us era me

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Hajin oma of taking one day maybe already been through with me. May Allah help us for life. You know how jenama is also about Aflac I'll talk about it soon. Charla You know what? prayer?

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You don't want to losses.

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So that

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What did he say?

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He says it teaches you o'clock. Subhan Allah. So Allah teaches you of luck. Yes.

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In the salata, 10th annual fashion, you will mocha in Nacho kid for sure. No doubt, your Salah words of evil and transmission act. So you understand that rabada the acts of worship has fruit has proof.

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I know. I'll tell you about it when it comes to your husband insha Allah but I want to tell you now so you'll know why I'm going to concentrate on certain things later. You select

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Words of evil see your saliva doesn't give you that you means that you're doing exercises you're just doing aerobics. So, they are who insalata within one Prophet Muhammad wa sallam heard something says leave him the Salah will wear them off. So if your Salah does not do that, No Why? Because between every salon salon you cannot do something bad you're asking Allah to forgive me guide me. If you're truthful, you will stay away. And you're zeca hoodman emmalin SATA hero mochizuki him same thing.

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Take the wealth from them to provide the illness of greed. Give them more. Let the hoard be stingy but be generous. And fasting is the taqwa as we talked about it, and had an ombre layer of

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hedge. No beginning of intimate relations control your whims and desires.

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For so fast the cattle have the hottest angle of the seat comes out of the cover, meaning Hello, john pietila shudder islamically Now I know one day you'll be seeking knowledge

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can make us proud? I know you are.

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So comes out of the disobedience of Allah.

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no quarrel. You understand? If you've been to Hajj I know you have hamdulillah by the flusser. Allah, He gave us an opportunity. You understand the difficulties where everybody else promises you where everybody is pushing, but you learn to control your anger and whims and desires accordingly. And lastly, is us again, as we talked about, and that is my dear sister and my dear brother teaching how to teach your children about your five pillars of Islam and the fluoride understand that the fruit of that is their lack of character. And that's why you know, Josie Rahmatullah Lee will finish with that, man Saba Kaka Philip LA, sub Akaka Deen, the one that is better than you in that block in

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the character is indeed one that is better than you in the dean. Allah give us both together best enough luck and best in the deen. I mean, after that one hamdulillah habla amin, wa salam Allah He was happy with urbaines that Milan Hara was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh