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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Nevada salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers, Islam, and welcome back to the spirit of Prophet Muhammad wa sallam, we left you last time where we talked about an agenda or more about how he was as a fare King, how he dealt with Muslims, and how

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the llama, and Abdullah tried to get them back. Where'd you learn more about you were not Muslim yet. But they were trying to get the Muslims back to Croatia who can actually do the persecution, try to get them out of Islam and get them back to the religion of their forefathers and so on. But an agenda Villanova was fair and just what

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I mean, so now the second lesson, we learned that we learned again from this era, we said before that it is okay to do certain things and leave the place where you are, we cannot establish the Pillars of Islam. The second lesson learned here if you notice is that it is okay to seek that you are of a non Muslim,

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you are allowed to look for the protection of a non Muslim if it does not ruin your Islam, whether it does not have any condition, or it does not refrain or ultrafit, something about Islam. So with this as mahtab nadie, with the digital Prophet Mohammed says Allah, as the Muslims did with the jar of

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energy, as Prophet Mohammed Salim did with Abdulmutallab and abitata. All of this scholar says it is okay at that time where you need it, as long as he's not compensate anything about your religion. And I know these things happens, I understand that they go out to to our land, or whatever it is, it says unison, we'll give you you're hungry, we'll give you food, you're thirsty, we'll give you water, you don't have a hospital that will build the hospital.

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You won't have any clothes. Here you go. You have some food, no problem, we'll get you anything. But you can say this. And you can say that or disbelieve This or this believe that? Is that a conditional? Of course not. And we're lucky I received the phone calls of some of the brothers that migrate here. And they go in there, how the meaning and their protection, whatever they want to call it, but they tell him to do certain things. And it's a trick but when it comes to this, we learned that there's no compensation whatsoever, but religion. That's it. So we have to understand that it the permission is granted. But under these conditions and Sharla understanding now that almost

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llamada de la Nova, she says after what happened, good enough, he sent you out. We were in the best of protection. We live a great life. We had permission, we had freedom. We had all of this with hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. And again, you go back to our certain countries, we have no freedom. No, we can practice a certain things but look at that. SubhanAllah how the history repeats itself. Now what happened when Prophet Mohammed Al Salam now left with very few Muslims in Quraysh Alonso panatela revealed first augmented model

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last month as his practice what you preach and by the way this is an old one says shave it nude Mahatma you know what get me gray early. He was asked what gets you angry early says he wouldn't work for the foster the mental model established what you're commanded. Could you imagine a loss of $100 given a command to Prophet Mohammed Golem establish what you were given a command of so the Ask yourself as an odd really establish the commands of Allah you stay away from them harder more different things are so keep asking yourself every time every night before you go to sleep hold yourself accountable before you're held accountable, and we your actions before they weighed on you.

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Now one day when Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is practicing as you know a man rotator

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he came to me says he grabbed Prophet Mohammed salah and this is what an actual been nudged me either however, and I just believe with the ninja meter Hello remember we earlier mentioned that the the all prostrated when Prophet Muhammad wa sallam did what would not be the Allah and this halitosis Buhari and Abdullah Abdullah.

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So this is now a man comes up to him. He says, I disbelieve in what you just said. And I also disbelieved it now what did I learn all that stuff and he grabbed him and you shook him and he spat in his face.

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But hamdulillah he did not hit Prophet Muhammad Allah know that saliva did not touch the face of Prophet Mohammed Salim. So he started to make it to our Prophet Mohammed Salah meter against Deva. He says aloha masala, he killed me kill adek. So Allah gets him with one of your dogs and he will see what is the dog

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and the Migrator while they're traveling with some of the company of Croatia, including on the table.

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They were sleeping on the path to actually go into a sham, a sham you understand that it was like Jordan, Palestine, Syria living on. This was called a sham before it was divided and divided by whom

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By law, no divided by home Muslims, no divided by the enemies of Islam. Yes. So do we actually go back and find out is my country is your country I was born here I was during this or he allows you and allows why not Allah says in the medical moment

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another attack on this this indeed this nation is one your alma is one he won division one and I'm only one Lord. So when oma one Lord one word, one Parang one prophet one could blow on everything. And inshallah Allah says one another area he says,

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As if he linked that that would be the unity of the oma panela lessons we have to learn it. So coming back to it says coming back to a sham, we're table was. So now they're at nighttime. He knew that Prophet Mohammed Salah Mita Dora, application against them because of what he did against him.

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He know that he knew he was a prophet, but they were stubborn.

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Now he says that he feels worried now. He doesn't want to go to sleep.

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Because the rest of them go to sleep and he's now looking around what is going to hit him. What is this called? What is this dog that the problem is? Apparently it's a lion. A lion came over and he starts sniffing everyone. Everyone is asleep and he stepped over. He doesn't want anybody. He just wants to

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do our Prophet Mohammed Salah mafiosi.

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Now he says catellani wahoo, Effie Mecca. He says, Wally Wolter me

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his prayers been answered. And this is the head mcfeely this is how I'm going to die. And a lion is not going around sniffing for whom for data, he steps over everyone gets Georgia and he kills them from his head, bites him from the head and he dies. So Pamela, and you see again, it might mlms tech as he was a Muslim before as you'll see Hamza de la coming up in sha Allah, how we became Muslim. And how Prophet Mohammed Salim tried to link the both how you tried to use it our effort in the in the same manner. And our club that we might use to step with his foot on the neck of Prophet Mohammed says Allah Allahu Akbar efe the Li say that even used to take his dope and strangle Prophet

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Mohammed Al Abdullah, his eyes would actually falls out. If you again keep on repeating these things just in case you think that you're going through difficulties or hard times. While there is nothing comparison, nothing.

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And now, Prophet Mohammed Salam is walk around the Kaaba

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and some of the people in Quraysh wanted to harm him verbally

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abusive verbally so the first round the narrative that this is as a seedy effect on this on the face of Prophet Mohammed Salah but he ignored it and the second round did the same thing and increasingly getting upset the third round and so on. And then he came up to him Prophet Mohammed Salim came up to me says, at this moment I am done with that. Listen to me, I come to you with the slaughter meaning killer be killed. Meaning what a threat stop what you're doing otherwise you're gonna have to fight. So this is how when la tamarama Take it easy what La Quinta, you are not among the ignorance.

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So he let them go. But the following the Unfortunately, the gathered on him as well. As one man everyone climbed on him as one man. They started to hit Prophet Mohammed Salim and climb on him, who sees him as we mentioned earlier and alluded to that story with Abu Bakr so de la Noir, he comes in he goes attack terracina. Cooler biella Will you kill a man that he only says, My Lord is Allah is that a crime? So as I mentioned earlier, Vitaly Birla, on one Sabbath, this man was standing there, this is what he meant.

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By Allah, not one of us moved, we couldn't move, we would have been harmed, but only over consultive as he was.

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He was not known to be big in a body wise, but the strength of the man as he knows he is not that the body is such an olive now vittala confirms that story. And this is what I use as gerawan He's the strongest the bravest one he was, he was asked Are you the strongest is no, it's not me. It's overkill. So, so we learn to see the truth, not just the booster itself and so on. And we talked about this story before, so I will not go into it in details. But know for sure that our book is different. The llamada defended Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and then we know how much would you have defended prophet Muslim? Would you have said

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Allah? I would sacrifice myself or messenger of Allah for yourself? Would I give you the answer? omya Rasul Allah, no sacrifice my parents for your messenger of Allah and so on. So what have you sacrificed for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Fie. And for the Islam and for the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed Salah, Salah. After this. My brothers and sisters, when Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was harmed, knowing that he needed help. So he asked olanzapine

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Allah to do what Allah who is in Islam had Romani who Allah give honor and glory for Islam was one of the two Hamas anomalies we called Ramos. One of them is our photography llamada The other one is honorably Sham, believe it or not, because they were strong, and they had a lot of honor among the Society of Quraysh and allows the panel to Allah would listen to Prophet Mohammed says Allah, but you would pick the first one and the first one. Now before that, we have some major events, a turning point in the history of Islam.

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We know the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was beloved to his family even know that they did not believe him that all of them, but now there is a story, Abu Jamal, one of the two or most was harming Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, at least verbally. One of the women that worked for Hamza della norba heard, overheard Abuja, Christian Prophet Mohammed Sawsan. And again at the time was actually on a hunting trip outside of Mecca. So she went to the boundaries of the city, and she waited for him to come back. And as soon as he came back and says that Abuja curse your nephew, and of course, he got upset, and he went straight to him, even though he was supposed to go, they

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usually go back to their family and home, he went straight to jail at this time, and he took a stone. Another narration says that he actually hit him with his own

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flesh after he says, so he hit a Buddha. And he actually nailed him. And he says, at the supernatural, and I'll add the curse, my nephew, and I follow his religion. And we mentioned before slightly that we did not follow the religion of Islam, but he says hemisphere among the tribalism, man this because it is my nephew. And now what happened? He went back and all alone, he thought of it is Oh, woe to me. What am I going to do now? I said that I follow his rules, but I don't so he asked Allah subhanaw taala to choose what's best for him. If Islam is the right thing to do, Oh Allah, expand my chest and call my heart toward it and make me to be a Muslim when hamdulillah Hamza

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became a Muslim.

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Now, if you days later three to be specific

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la norba. He started to listen

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to Prophet Mohammed Salah

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he went out one day and probably Muhammad wa Salaam is in the harem. And he was reciting haka.

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And he listened. This is this is beautiful. He is a shed his opponent.

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He says, one man who shares Allah subhanaw taala Subhan, Allah reveals the ayat right there and then it is not an utterance. This is not an utterance of a shadow, a poet in the Hola Hola, suelen. Kareem

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says, maybe he's a Captain America, he

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is not the utterance of not a poet, and not the one that fortune teller

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says Pamela is his work on Islam for me. At that time, he says Islam became close to my heart. And he started to look at how Muslims deal with one another, how the strength and perseverance even though they were persecuted to the max, how the unity of them how they used to worship Allah, what is the commitment to Allah, and how they became a better human being of the moral conduct and behavior and ethics and so on. So they started to monitor Muslims, to panela the hatred in his heart toward Muslims and Islam.

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And he remembered what happened to that tribes, what happened to their gods, what happened to their family and so on. So he started to turn again.

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And he was now adamant in he says, I'm going to kill that man that divided us that the differentiate between the husband and wife and a father and a son and so on, that's the antenna, the one that cursed our gods. So he was going in a change of heart so Pamela how things change? So he's going out to kill Prophet Mohammed Salim and underway among the Sahaba. Delano has been saw him

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He says, Where are you going? He says, I'm going to him Mohammed, this marine or the lava he was actually a Muslim but hiding his Islam. He says you want to kill Mohammed sauce Allah will you know what because he's a Muslim. Start with your own family. He says whom he says your own sister Fatima de la Naga and serene because it means meaning whom her husband? So he says I can't believe it. My own sister, my own family. So he now what was it he was just buying time

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To one profitable amazon seller, so,

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God made a detour instead of going to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he went now to the sister's house. So he went straight to her very angry, and he hears something he hears sort of pa ha, who was teaching them how better than Dr. de la moda dilemma, we talked about him earlier how much he was persecuted, and he was the one that had holes in his back with the persecution, we used to put hot coals on his back and so on. The only thing we put off is was the fact from his backs upon Allah and his sweat. And now I'm gonna go straight, knocks on the door very hard. And now, of course, a webinar that hides and aid or the lava opens the door for him, and he right away, hits

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eight, throws him away, and he started to bleed. Now who comes in at her husband, like a good wife inshallah.

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Fatima De La Liga hottub, that sister of Rama pata de la Nova even though he's not a Muslim yet, so hopefully you can learn something inshallah that be defending your husband, Salah, at least when it's proper.

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We're not asking you to go ahead and, you know, stand in front of the guy with a gun or a knife in the back, I'll leave New York and show love but we're asking at least defend him in his honor and his back in his glory and so on show his wealth and his chastity and these kids, whatever you can show them. Now on top of the law goes in, and he sees now Fatima comes up to him, and he also hits her.

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He hits it with the back of his hand. She falls and she starts to bleed. His heart gets a bit soft.

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Amazingly enough, our copper but the lava also that's often the heart. Even one woman, Omar Abdullah was trying to migrate at night. And he stopped here because he was in charge of security. So she was saying, she said, Where are you going? He says, Well, you don't want us to live amongst you. You don't want us to worship God. What leave us to leave you. This is either el ferrati Omar Abdullah, this is a time to leave. So she told her husband she couldn't believe it that I don't want to let her go. This was among the first signs that Bob's heart starts to get tender is well lucky. If the donkey of urban haka become Muslim, he will become Muslim first, but I don't want to become Muslim

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because he was so hard on Muslims used to punish him so much. So Pamela, so now his own sister is bleeding from him. So he turns a bit soft. He says, What are you reading? But even then he has a sister that is weaker bleeding on the ground. He's asking to grab the Quran. You don't want you said in that point of weakness? He says no way you will not touch this. What anytime?

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The strength of imagination You are lucky. You said no, you will not touch the Quran. Because you are

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a heathen a disbeliever you either worshipper, Muslim or impure. So the strength of that there is attention again. But he still wanted to read, he was committed. So he said what do I have to do is go and wash. So he actually did. He went ahead and washed. And he started to read Oh,

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man and

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baja some of these classes that plot her among the letters of granola and then another scholar says for her, I thought her minbar you put your foot down meaning that

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we did not reveal the Quran for you to go through difficulties meaning to say up a night in order for you to have difficulties in the hardship because his feet would would swell parallella proper mom's column so I was up at how would you know the Quran? Does it have anything to do with our life inshallah? Yes, inshallah. Now long hottub says this is a beautiful utterance

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it is the loonie Allah Mohammed, take me to Muhammad. Now who comes out of hiding? Habana is Aqua Kelly. I will take him I will take you to him. So he takes the llamada to Prophet Mohammed Salim. They get that word that is coming but they don't know whether he's coming as a friendly or foe. So he comes in who's coming to him Hamza. rajala, nwaba He says, I'll take care of him yet also Allah or messenger of Allah, Allah. He says leave him. So Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, let him come. He opens the door for Omar. And he grabs him with the shoulders. is Anna Anna and to slip up? Isn't it time for you to become a Muslim? Yep, no hottub What will you do? Will you wait for an Academy

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Allah, a punishment from Allah or something crazy? Something like this honor like what happened to mohila? Is that what it will take for you to become a Muslim? He says to Allah, Allah illallah wa shadow Anika Rasulullah Jakob Bara Jamia, all of them says Allahu Akbar, this is great victory, great Muslim Allah subhanho wa Taala. And it was

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The closest to Allah subhanaw taala was Barbara de la norba. Now as soon as he becomes a Muslim, you know what happens? He says let's go out, declare it to everyone, Allah Subhana Allah he look at the strength of Oman, Qatar La Jolla. He says let's go out declared. What happened? is Alex net, Huck, are we not to say the truth is now? Yes, we are.

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Yes, of course they are. They are that they are following falsehood. That's why Prophet Mohammed Salah is when they are Omar al Farooq, and you are not unfollow

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button. You are the decisive one the criteria between truth and falsehood.

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Amazingly enough, this was the first time after Omaha Barbara de la moda becomes a Muslim right away. They have two lines coming out of hiding. Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the middle. Hamza de la moda was on the right hand side leading one line, or one copper jolanda was leading that left line, and they all going out to say Allahu Akbar de la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah and how long have you been a Muslim?

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Since you born in

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Have you stood up one time for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to see the truth.

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Or are you a man? Are you a male? You know the difference between a man and a male he allowed live live one day like a man as a lifestyle as a man by law he we need to go back and find the strength of the man in the

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middle. Indeed Allah subhanaw taala protects those who believe so we learned from our property law and we know now that allows a penalty Allah chosen for the law and you see how Rama Rajan lanova right away did what turn the boat around and went out the first time he says all of us were doing TV all of us were saying later, but no one came close to Prophet Mohammed Salim with Hamza on the right hand side and Rama talanoa was on the left hand side. Every Muslim at the time was coming out. It was a beautiful sight. What was it? It took only one man is only to be our

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motto. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah directors who don't pop up with Hamza de la moda and follow the path that we did well hamdulillah I mean, masala malaria sabbatarians

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salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh