Reda Bedeir – Beautiful Patience – Tafsir Surat Yusuf #2

Reda Bedeir
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman named Hope who is seduaged by Allah Subhanaw taala and she refuses to do something. She is a woman who is in charge of the house and gives him a job to do. The transcript also describes a hypothetical scenario where a slave is killed by a woman of authority and then sold for silver coins. The speakers discuss various evidence that the woman did not do anything crazy and encourage young Muslim men to use the Internet for their own purposes. They also mention upcoming events and programs, including virtual dinner and gems and lessons.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh dear brothers and sisters, welcome back after a long break of sorry, may Allah subhanaw taala accept from you

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everything you do for the sake of fun

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and we're gonna assume the Tafseer of surah Yusuf.

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I didn't start last time

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at the IR Allah subhana wa tada says

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for our that would letting go of the beta and let's have a look at it.

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For pilot hater like, parliament, Adam law

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in the Rugby World, in the hula is the whole body

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from the very beginning to panela

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of this scene, Allah Subhana. Allah is saying, what are what it will let he who will feel at home?

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It gives you a glimpse of how strong that woman is, and that's the wife of Allah sees.

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A lot is not say

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what are the tumor oxidizes, it could have been said that way and the wife of a disease who was the Minister of surgery at that time, seduced him. But look at the structure of the ayah. Allah said the one in whose house he lived, seduced him. So Paula, it's not her house. Normally it's the house of disease. But it tells you from the very beginning, how strong that woman was, and how she was in control. And her husband was not that strong man.

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She was the one running the house. She wasn't she was the one who has the upper hand the last say.

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Allah subhanaw taala said raw and raw.

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Allah was nifa Allah in this states two people, this verb or this action requires two people like patrulla when two people fight, like jab Allah when two people argue

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but now we're going to see was it really both of them into that? Wasn't the intention of both of them to do that? Then next I will show us in sha Allah. Allah subhanaw taala said one hour that you ality who are fi beta and left he will have a look at the level. Stop here and ask yourself a lot of have said what are the lakukan bad

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but the mother didn't say that which means and she closed the door. Allah said with a laptop, not a rocket. I came at the level up, meaning she firmly fasten the doors. A lot did not say one door when you go deep into the books of Tafseer they will say they were seven doors

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one door after the other after the other after the other.

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each door has seven kastner's Can you imagine? You need to open seven fasteners

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of each door and there are seven doors.

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So how long would that take to reach the place where they are? What does that mean? It means she had a preconceived plan. She has pre determined intention to do that.

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Let me take you one idea back.

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Allah subhanaw taala said while I'm

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work you can see me while I'm

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of course this I if you look at the I had before Allah said what color ladies terraforming Mr. Ali Murthy. He a creamy Mithra The one who bought him from Egypt. And that's it as he is the Minister of Egypt at that time, he said to his wife, take care of him.

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Now, fast forward almost 30 years, because Yusuf Alayhi Salam at the time was between the age of like 678 now we're talking about somebody when Allah says, while I'm Bella tone, we explained this last time at another hookman with him and we talked about this, which means he was given Prophethood he was given wisdom, he was given the best way to judge and plus that Allah subhanaw taala said in the previous ayah Well, you know, I live at home and we did something special about Yusuf Ali Salaam. He knows the interpretation of dreams as we'll see later on.

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This surah is the surah of three dreams and three shirts. And so far, we covered one dream, which is the main theme of the entire surah. And the first shirt is coming soon.

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Now, how can I best have their lawn whom I said in history? Well, I'm sure the who means that's the age of complete maturity, physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically. Let full maturity, and that's the age of prophethood, which was 40 years old.

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So now we're talking about Yusuf Ali Sarah, who's 40 years old. And now he is a prophet.

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And this is the situation that he is in now. Okay, let me give you another background. Yusuf Alayhi Salam in this situation. Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying,

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what a leper till EverWeb we'll call it Hey Tilak.

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And she said, Hey, Tila, what's hydralic difference of opinion of the interpretation, one of the differences in height, that means I'm ready for you to hear Tilak or high tech means to Allah, it means come close. Again, there is no contradiction between all these you know, and durations of the meaning of hightail at basically, she has made a plan, and she is dressed in a certain way to seduce Yusuf alayhi salam. So after fastening seven doors, and each door has seven fasteners, now she explicitly asking him to do the hydrometer to commit Zina with her to commit adultery with qualitative or qualitative.

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Now let me give you a background. Look whose use of at that point. Of course, he's a prophet.

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Second, he's a stranger in Egypt.

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Third, supposedly the way he is now his status, he's a slave.

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And she's the master and she's commanding him. What does the slave have to do when he receives a command? Is no option but to say yes, I listen and obey.

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Third thing he's a man and the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam told us leopard Oh to use of shuttle Gemma use about a salon, you know, was given half the beauty on Earth.

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So a very good looking man, a stranger, and he is

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a slave. And I'm talking now to the young people.

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Let's just freeze the camera now and use face to them and this scene. We take it to this to the students at the University. So we have lots of fitna around us. We have temptations everywhere.

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wishin is compare yourself to Yusuf Ali, Sarah or your slave.

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You have other options, like he has to say yes, otherwise he might lose his job. He might be abused, as we'll see later, even though he did not do anything.

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Where is he going to go? Now after going through what he has been through, he lost his mother when he was three.

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And his own brothers throw him in the world. Then he was sold for a loss versus the raw him and

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not even dinars. He was sold for some silver coins that you can count in your hand.

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And then he lost his freedom, he became a slave. What else is waiting for him? This was one of the biggest if not the biggest test that Yusuf Alayhi Salaam has been through.

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Now if you said no, what's gonna happen

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is you're going to be thrown in the street, you're going to is you're going to lose at least the comfort of his living now temporarily.

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And the lady was very beautiful.

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And like the doors are shut. So everything makes it easy for him. You know, look, nobody can see me I'll do it and this is my master anyway. I can say no to her. But a lot

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of what our beloved prophet Salim said he said Sir baton, you lahoma la horfield yo malaba in London, seven categories of people will be under the shade of Allah.

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When there will be no shade except the shade of the throat of Allah subhanho wa Taala. One of them was that that two months have been what Jaffa been in the hospital.

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One of them is a man who is invited by a woman of authority and beauty

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commit adultery or to the Haram? And he said, No, I feel,

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do whatever you want, fire me, take me to jail, do whatever, kill me, but I'm not going to be committed. So because a slave should say yes, there's no option. The Master says do this, he will do it. But now he's commanded to disobey Allah.

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So what was the reaction abusive? I promised you last time, if you remember I said, I wrote in my dissertation. 20 proves that Yusuf Ali Salam did not have even the intention to do anything wrong. Because unfortunately, when you read in the books you've seen, some people would say, yes, you know, at least you started thinking about this. Some others say, Oh, he wouldn't be a man if he didn't think because he's a man full of vigor. He has a desire to Yes, he is a prophet is a very good man, but like he has a desire to want is a gorgeous woman is a man full of desire, full of vigor full of power. So at least he might have thought, let me tell you, first thing. Now we describe the scene.

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The woman has the pre determined intention to do it. She planned everything she's dressed while she's wearing perfume. She's wearing makeup, and she's the one in charge of the house. And she fasten the doors. Now she's like, you know, what stops you from doing it. Now? She said explicitly, some scholars said, For the last 30 something years, she has been trying implicitly insinuating, hinting that every time you sit will run away from hitting an alliance. Wait, this time, she said, You know what, I can't stop that anymore. I can control my desires. You know, her hormones are killing her. But now I have to do it. And I have a plan for it. And desert pilot Hey, Taylor, I'm

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ready for you come. What was the prompt the action of useable? Excellent. Did you even think for a second? The answer from use of an instrument you said on a pilot pilot?

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is just a last minute if you

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look at this, he didn't say

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the scholars, you know, when it comes to the ban, the eloquence and the miraculous linguistic nature of the Quran. When you use the noun, it's different from when you use the verb, meaning, when you use the verb, it's something temporary. It takes a short time. But when you use the noun, it's something permanent.

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Meaning, when he says a lot is my refuge is different from open that when you say, I also believe it means I seek refuge with ALLAH now, but when you say my either law, it means a lot is my refuge all the time. I never forget about Allah. Tell me Did he think for a second? If Allah subhanaw taala is in front of him, if he lies in his heart, if there's a lot in front of his eyes, he didn't even think for a second he said, Paul, am I the Lord?

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Allah as my refuge?

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I can't do that. Or disobey Allah. I'm afraid profit.

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And profits are invaluable meaning marks who mean they can commit such a sin.

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But despite that, as if you serve Elisa Lam is teaching us a lesson. I'm a prophet, and I can't do that yet. I'm a human being. And this could be a point or a moment of weakness. So your law helped me to be steadfast and be firm on your deen that I wouldn't fall down and do such a thing.

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Then he started reminding here he said in be sent a message.

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Now he is saying Indeed, he is my Rob. Rob means master.

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Is he talking about a lot is the word Rob refers to Allah, or metaphorically is referring to transform

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to be both. And this is one of the scholars of tafsir they have two opinions. And then he said,

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Why? If we say it is along my route, my master, the one who created me, the one who takes care of me, he said Oksana mathway. He's taking care of you. He gave me a place to live. He gave me a job to do, and he brought me into this place. And after that, I betray a one.

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In no

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warning moon, indeed the wrongdoers those who transgress the limits the boundaries of Allah, they will never prosper. They will never achieve success in this journey or acara

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Now let's take it both ways.

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does it apply to rub here? does it apply to a lot? It could be? Yes, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who's in control of everything, Allah, Allah who predestinated the fact that you will end up in the house of Allah Aziz. Yes.

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Allah subhanaw taala. So number three, he takes care of me a lot takes care of every, every one of his creation, whether they believe in him or not. And that's a prophet. And then he said to the fact, those who are born in the oppressors, the tyrants, those who transgress the limits, and the boundaries set by Allah and they do wrong, they will never prosper, they will never succeed. She's reminding her that do you think she's listening? She's overwhelmed by her desire.

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What's the other possibility of the word drop here? And that's the stronger opinion. It refers to Al Aziz, her husband. Why? Because the best degree of fear is the fear of the Quran by the Koran, try to find another ayah that will support that opinion.

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Again, go back

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a few years before Allah said, What are the star of homie Miss Ronnie marotti akademie method, the same exact words, and the one from Egypt to bolt him into slavery. He said to his wife, a creamy mouthwash, Allahu Akbar.

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Look at the beauty of the language of the Quran. Look at the style. Allah said, The Aziz, the Minister of treasure is saying to his wife, a creamy mouth will look like creamy. Take care of the lodging, The pleasure is gonna stay if I take care of the place where you're going to stay as one of my guests. What about taking care of you?

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Look at the layers of meanings embedded in such as Tyler before.

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So he's reminding him remember, remember when he bought me he told you to do this to me? And in return for his favor? Who took care of me? And who gave me a shelter? Who gave me a job? I betray him with none but his own wife?

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How come?

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Don't you have any concerns? Don't you think? But again, she is breached? She's pretty determined.

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She has no way back.

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Allah subhanaw taala continued by saying what happened to him met?

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What's the meaning of that? Nakata faded, meaning? Definitely she had the intention

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to do the act to commit adultery with him.

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So now use about as that I am, she asked him and he said no. Now she's freaking out. She's so mad at him. Her prize broken now. I am asking you and you refuse me?

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Who are you? You're a slave. And I'm the wife of the Minister of Treasury. And I'm offering you this and you say no. And how she feels now. She's mad.

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So she wanted to come close to him. And she wanted to push him into doing that.

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And then I lost it in the in the continuation of the I watched him maybe hang

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out a bit.

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And Yusuf Ali Salaam, Allah said he could have had the same intention like here unless he saw the evidence from his master. What's that? What does that mean? Let's, let's analyze because now we're starting the 20 proves that UCLA said I'm never had any bad intention, never intended anything bad. In fact, one of the last one, which is when she asked him what did he say right away? It is. Let me think

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I might lose my job. I might lose my life. I might be killed, or might be thrown into the street. He never even thought for a second. He said I lost my refuge and link it to this ayah here Lola hanabi. When you read in the books, you have to have serial five minute Israelites meaning like you know many stories from the you know the, you know, the Old Testament and the New Testament from basically the Torah and angels because the surah, or the story of Yusuf Alayhi Salaam is also mentioned there. But somehow you'd be amazed when you read that the rabbis and the pastors when they want to read it, they read it from Chora because it's more beautiful and more detailed.

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And there are some fabrications on lies there. And when we come to that, I'm going to explain it to you. To prove so parallel there is at least

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Oracle miracle in the suite of municipalities, would you like to note I said not now, when the time comes inshallah we will talk about it

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Allah subhanaw taala is saying, what happened maybe, Lola

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this is this is why when you decide in the in the weeds, you can say what occurred to him that way and you stop because you're proving you're proving here that she had the bad intention to do that good or bad act is committing adultery. But if you say what occurred to him, maybe he why maybe that's a mistake in the dissertation. Why? Because you're saying UCLA Sam had the same intention like here? No, you can stop you have to say why maybe Hi, Lola or Hannah. Why? Because Lola is one of the clues. Lola is one of the keys to explain this. What does that mean? We have Lau in the Arabic language. And we have Lola level and the Arabic language we say loud to feed him Tina and him

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Tina, meaning when we have low, which basically means if

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we have a condition conditional sentence, and then we have a result. For example, I'll give you an example. I would say if he had started, you would have succeeded. If it started, you succeed, right? So did he study? No. So he did not study? That's a negated verb and again, an action right or a negative action right? Now, did he succeed? No. It's also negative. So the idea here is, success did not come, which is the result because there was no studying.

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So we say to fit into that and empty now, the result did not happen, because the condition for the results did not happen.

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But if he hadn't started, he would have succeeded. Now let's go to Lola, Lola to feed him Tina Lu. What does that mean? It means I'll give you an example. I would say now.

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were not with you, and somebody might, might might correct me say like you should say if I was no because this is impossible. This is what I'm saying. If I were if I were not with you now, I would be with my family.

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Can I be with you now and be with my family at the same time? No.

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So in turn, I will do the math, I will do the math. Meaning, you know, my presence with my family did not happen because I'm with you here at life now.

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So that's exactly what I was saying. If Yusuf Ali Salam forgot about Allah for one second, he would have responded to her. But it means Yusuf Alayhi Salaam did not respond because alows in front of his eyes in his heart all the time.

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Is it clear now?

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And it's clear from the fact that once you said I am ready for you Come is it my either law

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Allah come see me I look and see you. As if I see Allah Yes, I don't see him. But he you know, he said this is what I'm I'm not gonna do

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you go to the store. They will tell you, you know what, use it for a snap at that point. He looked up. And he saw in the ceiling, the iron like, you know, I remember 32. So number 17. Total is raw and number 32. What the last one said while I was Xena do not come close to adultery. Hold on for a second. Was the Quran revealed?

00:23:42 --> 00:24:24

Just think so and the Quran told you about use of Elisa. So this is not acceptable. Other people say no, no double hand evidence here in this ayah means when he was about to commit adultery and stuck for lunch, he never happened. He looked up. And he saw the image of his father Yahoo biting over his finger saying no, don't do that. Don't do that. So panela as if you saw that someone was going to do it, but when he saw that image is stop doing it now. But why not? Take it back to the IRB for once you told him come close. Let's do it. He said madam law.

00:24:25 --> 00:24:28

So he never forget about Allah even for one second.

00:24:30 --> 00:24:42

You know, so he said I was it. Whatever the * might be. We know her now. She has a she's predetermine. She's decided, well, maybe hi Lola.

00:24:43 --> 00:24:47

He could have done the same thing with her had he forgotten about

00:24:50 --> 00:24:57

is that clear now, then the next part of the I will give you two

00:25:00 --> 00:25:22

testimonials to prove to evidences that Yusuf Ali Salam did not have even the intention to respond to her. And what she was asking. What are these two evidences? It's one evidence from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when evidence from shaitan

00:25:23 --> 00:25:25

What are you talking about? Yeah.

00:25:26 --> 00:26:09

In the next part of the I, you will have to evidence now so far we should too, right? We talked about the fact that he said Mandala and now I lost what I said. Lola Robert hunter of the n double Han is the fact that Yusuf Ali Salam is conscious of Allah all the time. He has the taqwa of Allah. He is mindful that Allah can see him even though he cannot see Allah and he will never see a lion this dunya no one has ever seen him. No one will ever see a lot except in jinn. And if anyone tells you anything about this, don't believe them, even the process alum when he went to ascension, he said no, and he said I was overwhelmed by light. But luckily we are confirmed to see a lot only

00:26:09 --> 00:26:25

engine May Allah subhanaw taala give us all you know the beauty of looking at the face of Allah subhanaw taala in Genesee I mean so how can we prove that how how did last pattern that prove that you did not do him how to cheat on you know

00:26:27 --> 00:26:36

prove that us restaurant did not do him? Would you like to know? I'm sure all of you are saying yes now what I'm sorry, my time is over

00:26:37 --> 00:27:30

to Charla Stay tuned till next Friday inshallah at 945 right after Maverick will inshallah stay together for half an hour and as we said, we're going to just like to stop at half an hour inshallah and we will answer these two questions and we're going to resume the story. But before I go into all I would like to remind you that we said we're going to resume all our programs today or tonight was the first one, but Sunday inshallah we have two programs from two to three inshallah, we will resume the most popular program of our kids time with the Koran from two to three inshallah, please, you know, get your kids ready inshallah and call us at 9476599743974 you know, 6564 and of course 306

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I'll try my memory again 306974656 for insha Allah and it is going to be coming on the screen inshallah, when you join us live inshallah, get your kids to call us and recite Quran we listened to their beautiful recitation and we will also join some gems and lessons from the idea that they are reciting Sharla the same day during the night between Maverick and so inshallah we're going to resume or program the young Muslim show inshallah, this Sunday inshallah 945. Till you know, essential also on Wednesday we're going to resume our you know, weekly program called Life q&a and Ramadan because it's Ramadan q&a, now we're going to go back to normal you can ask any question, you

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can send your questions between now and Wednesday, and you can still also send them live while we are with you in Sharla. So we're going to be asked answering any question that you might have in

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