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The importance of having a clear action plan for one's life is crucial, and setting goals and a clear path is crucial for success. Prayer and setting a clear path for one's life is crucial, and staying steady and not overthinking actions are crucial. The importance of praying for obligatory prayers, letting others help, and staying steady is also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being held accountable and not letting anyone take advantage of them, as well as the need to be held accountable and not let anyone take advantage of them.

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the air.

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You have to be the level

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a lot

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of a lot of research.

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My back? Yeah.

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What's up

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well good luck with the robot boom

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my dear brothers and sisters in Islam as if you may feel there is a void in your heart, something that is missing that we talked about it earlier on.

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But today we get to go into details, I roadmap and a game plan in order for you to hold on to the charge that you had, and something that you look forward to. So today we're going to be a practical, a small piece of paper that you will have on your fridge and something to do as a human being we have to have a goal, something to shoot for some kind of methodology in a way that we would be able to reach the mixer Madonna in one piece. May Allah subhanaw taala do that because little Mr. Robot, and except to everything we've done. Last time we'll talk in general How is it that we actually need something that is hollow, and we do something that is wrong. And we talked about how important it is

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for us to understand why you were so happy and Ramadan for the simple fact that we actually started to do what we're supposed to be created for which is that in battle, and that's the reason the scholars will tell you you're so happy in Milan, because you are doing what Allah subhanaw taala created you for why am I

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doing I have not created you except to worship me. So when you worship Allah Subhana Allah unless you have that you have that you have the peace of mind, you're ready to die, it doesn't matter to you. Now you've given us also canos Allah what he deserves, and we will never be able to worship Allah subhanaw taala out in the way meeting his majesty, it's impossible. Not even the angels on Judgement Day will say that says my Allah

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Subhana Allah Subhana Glory be to You. Magnificent, complete, there is no such imperfection in you Allah, we have not worship you in a way defending Your Majesty, not even the angels say that. So we have been toxic, meaning we have shortchanged, we haven't done things and the way visiting his majesty, but the way we live accordingly, the scholars will tell you, please live the rest of your life, how you lived in Milan, your ad will be an agenda. That is your goal, not just to hold on and you hear the same football over and over again. So by the blessing of Allah Subhana.

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Allah compiled some points in order for us to shoot for. Because what we do is we didn't have hazard now Ramadan is over, we just go back to our own ways. So we have to have a goal. It here we understand that we have two things always without anyone.

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Knowledge and action. These are the twins, they're things that we always have to strive for. There is no such a thing that I come here and listen to it and get entertained and move on with no actions in any way that I'm

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known. So now it's with no action cannot be nor that action with the lies is insanity. So we have to have both. That's the reason I'm asking you to take a piece of paper on the way out.

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All you have to do is follow this methodology. So we're gonna go through it quickly, in order for you to understand what this whole thing means and how to give ourselves in time. So that said,

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the righteous predecessors they will tell you the sign of a good deed is the good deed after it's

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the sign that allows God accepts your good deeds that you will see another good deed coming and it's temporary

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meaning that

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continuity of the slavery to a lot in the US it doesn't stop. And one of the reasons why we created the past six days of Chihuahua is exactly that. It doesn't stop there. And that's the reason that is there that you fast the six days of show well and we have a few days left if you haven't let us do your best to guide you inshallah.

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So I appreciate it, keep your phones on silence or turn it off.

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Now, all we have to understand that is that reason that we have to do certain things that there is a roadmap allows the panel that is given. So the first thing we say that we have to have it first thing is on the list is be grateful for

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your time that allowed me You live and you're listening to what I'm saying to you now, that means you lived through Hold on. That's the first thing you should be grateful do. I am grateful to you a lot of that you made me live through them a lot. But what is the sign for me to be grateful? is a man who Allah who that I am grateful to you a lot, but you have to do what I'm an I'm an action. I cannot just be grateful to you with lip service. So I am grateful to you Allah because I have known how many jeunesses we have in Ramadan, how many units we had before Ramadan.

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How these lessons will just continue unfinished Ramadan, and as he says, even Amanda was martyred. A prophet Muhammad SAW Southern says this man that lived after him is in the higher place agenda even larger than he was asked why did he not know that hold on? Did you not go into it?

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So you'll understand being number one on your list is being grateful to allow some kind of jealousy or doubt that he made you live in witness or hold on. And for that I have to be grateful for law, not lip service we have to do what actions and deeds your second on the list is as that. You know what that means? condolences. You are giving condolences to yourself that Ramadan is over. You have to have this thing when does that mean somebody died very close, you're not your heart, your heart you can never die if it does me I hope you're loving.

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Remember that there's a black drunk every time that you don't do certain things or that black dot that is written or false in your heart if you do certain things. So don't let your heart die. And when Robin Mohammed

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says he was asked in an old molesta the heart It was the so what was that answer is alagille bill

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was it

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two things that will keep your heart alive but it's on your list. So when I say condolences, I mean to have to think that somebody died in your family Ramadan is gone I need him back. I want him back but by the blessing of Allah that Ramadan comes back gets revived. So he says two things that will keep you on the straight and narrow or and as it's coming a little bit later on and it will note remembering that that will keep your heart alive it will not rust so when you give yourself condolences you How much would you get back to get your mother's back? How much would you give or spend to get your father back? How much would you spend to get your daughter or your son back? Or

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now the same thing that you should be the rest of the whole year asking Allah Subhana Allah do that divided do like this? How about used to do for the lion's mane? I want it back. I wonder beauty of the taste of the back. So they after six months of Ramadan, what did he do? Yeah, except Ramadan? How many of us now stop saying that we get because we're not guaranteed that so how about a deal on the main six months? The righteous six months after Ramadan? Six months, not just the day after 27th?

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That's it done finished? like six months? Yeah, I like something y'all like 70. Y'all like something

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to experience the next

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six months now the rest rest before another six months, you know?

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So your whole life has revolved around a lot. It's not amazing, because the plan was there. And as I mentioned to you before,

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this is your judgment day, this is where it was revealed this work is this what is this? What is that what? Everything is there? So you have to think about it as such simple as that is number two, you have to get it back all the time. Number three, you shouldn't be what

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thankful and happy if you pass the test. Number three is number two is you have to have a test. What is you just did you pass it or didn't pass it? What was your grades? Remember the school that we talked about? You are given a piece of paper? Did you pass the test? Or did you fail the test? How do you feel? Did you go back to normal on before or not? Or did you go back better than before? That's you feeling great. Who knows? It's only you. Of course a lot of adults it knows. But you will know whether you actually got better or worse. So if you have been better than you were before or not. You say congratulations. I'm happy y'all

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Keep me on. And you always seek that assistance of Allah Subhana Allah view that you don't think because you're a hero, and he did a few things and you're doing some weeks and he came and stood up here for the nights and you stayed behind the Imam until he finishes on the under, say I know is by the blessing of Allah. And remember, I remind you all the time, 17 times a day, we say you're gonna do well you're gonna stay in Yala, we seek your assistance in order for us to be able to worship you. That's a big battle. So this is a den Nia, congratulations, I'm happy for you, you pass the test. But after this, I have to add once again, plan that's what this whole thing is all about.

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setting a goal. You have to set a goal if you don't have a goal, one unit, but what is your goal? Your goal has to be I have to be in production Allah and him and him. Yeah. Raise awareness, the willpower. We work so hard in this life to get the best house. The best way. The best car, the best of our children, the best job, everything I want to get my bank account up. I don't want to go down. I got some coupons in order to get the best deal. How could I not want the best thing in the eternal? So I have to set a goal. What is my goal? Am I just settling for less? You cannot settle for less? Because it's eternal? It's not temporary silver, permanent gold? How can I not roll my

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sleeves up? Because

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Where are those we're gonna roll his sleeves up to agenda and you think it's gonna be easy? Well, why is not gonna be easy, you know that around you, but you have to hold on to it. So once you set the goal, what do you have to do slow and steady?

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Or even die?

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So when I

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is what is the rest of actually this is a living day. has one hour

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he says the best actions and deeds at Omaha the continuity.

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being persistent, being consistent. Why in college, even if it's little, but here's the game plan. Now, Astor Hold on, what do we do?

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You know what we do? I don't have to tell him. But now he cannot do that. Know that if they are grabbed hold on, hold on, I'm gonna go watch that St. Man, you know,

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he says Now we started family. Again, it's it's on your list. So all of the do, oh, I dropped the ball, man. Oh my god, before that I was I even great. I said, I'm gonna create a fight on the universe, oldest old and I can relate, I'm going to work 40 days, I'm going to change my name, I'm going to start this I'm going to start that faster. All these things and I'm finished. You can use the software tools and start essentially warning the scholars will actually warn you that don't go on any exam. It's a three constraint on So my job is to warn you on these things. Now if you turn one ad it's very difficult to sustain it. Similarly if you're smoking you cannot run a marathon

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is talking to yourself that you actually work walk and enjoy the grind, sustain increase and that's exactly what we do. So please remember that steady and slow, steady and slow don't over promise

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Don't be even probably

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take it easy on yourself in the later years when you could not sustain it just I wish I listen.

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So please build your way up. You cannot be doing nothing at all wasn't doing everything. So please work your way up. So if you haven't been great all the time, or you haven't been praying period, never despair, Allah's mercy. So what we give you a game plan, Okay, come back in five prayers. First, I go with a religion and as a banker, I understand I respect differences of opinions.

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There's two variants one opinion is that you have to make up what you missed.

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The other opinion is that they have their group. The other opinion says though, it's been a long time that you haven't prayed yet. You haven't gotten a job yet. You've been doing drugs, you've been alcohol, you've been painting the town red, you've got the bling bling down and you got the base all over the town a lot help your life. Now it's all over. I'm talking to these because it's summer holiday. Hopefully that just does what I'm saying. Now you'd be so far away. You know what the scholars say? Don't worry about it. Relax, allow some house as much as possible.

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most forgiving. You will turn your bad deeds into meetings all you have to come back. So start praying your obligatory prayers first. I'll give you the proof inshallah. Just the obligatory grace, just repent, take a shower, take a shower with the intention of repentance, declare the Shahada. I'm not gonna go through the details because according to one mantra that you're not a Muslim if you don't agree, of course the chef very demeaning.

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He says the details is what is what will make him to become Muslim.

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That's a strong opinion. But you don't want to take a chance on judgment day. Because I'm just when he says masala kabukiza What brought you to this place?

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Without mousseline first thing I noticed first thing on the list. What brought

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here and soccer is lower than Ghana, Ghana is the highest one. But more than enough for the stronger opinion, lower than that. And every there are seven ranks, every one is 70 times hotter than the one above it. You understand you cannot afford it. What brought you here?

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I don't want to turn this into a solid. But please understand, I'm just trying to tell you, you have to go slow and steady. So what is the stronger opinion that according to this opinion of the school father I follow is the simple fact that on Judgement Day Allah Subhana Allah Villa will ask you, are your prayers complete? Are your prayers complete? When they say no? One does Allah ask for? Where's your wife in flight to complete if

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you understand my brothers, it does not say that you may not know Allah is with another five. That's the opinion that is that easier. One. I'm not telling you what the rule says. I'm telling you, I wish to take it easy on you. Because if you're gonna make up all these years with every prayer, another prayer and the scholar says, What's your intention? How do you know and where do you find the gap and all of that stuff? So the easiest one take a shower it does your repentance they clear the Shahada started the five other prayers first don't add anything else when you feel strict and you have the white steadfast and you can add that I like to realize it is my fault

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that's what color was it is what's attached to that by itself The sooner which is the 12 Records if you play those 12 rock I will build a castle for you engender everyday supanova then after that you can do it in a lot but not everything that's voluntary there is that it's under it. So once you do that state advice now so now we have to say okay, we're gonna start let's start fasting you know, start with one one day a month that's the obvious your goal as many as three times a month it would be that the best if not that it Mondays Mondays are the best on Mondays and Thursdays are there is a long list of things that you can do a volunteer but please make sure you don't go full force you

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don't start saying okay I'm gonna finished up or added in three days like some of the narration says

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even some of the righteous used to finish the debate immediately durations Okay, if you don't listen to it, that's fine. I'm just telling you that some of the agents used to actually even man

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this become young enough How long did it take you to finish the plan? He says in the salon or how you fill out

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are you at your question is incomplete

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you're asking me a waste How long does it take me to finish the class are you are you asking me When do I finish the class in the salon or outside of the salon is in the salon so he says the salon delays

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are so far out

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so is the same okay now you're asking about that when do I finish the file name is Allah says yes in the selection okay during the day or during the night

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when I'm asking you that I understand that the bulk of the time was there we don't have the bulk of the time someone's assigned to fax so even then when I when he was asked me ma'am I finished around a man came up to

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the finish in three days just go back go back and read the plan is if I'm listening to you, it just took me three weeks to go back read the plan is it probably Mohamed Salah is lm is listening to you is it took me three months. Let's go back and read the plan as Obama

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himself is listening to you. I couldn't even get over the fact that

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and I repeat the stories in order for us to be reminded allows for that good reminder. So when I say slow and steady please What I'm saying is one thing today that's all we're asking. Now if you want to finish the Platinum either weekly or monthly basis, there is a methodology. You understand there's about 20 pages in every every just

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so we say there's five prayers, every prayer after every prayer refer out for four pages that will give you the 20 a day there is a methodology if you want to do it but I don't want to do that. start slow so one page but remember Allah subhana wa Jalla is not safe as far as

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it says

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for us now we have to change remember, in the

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boosting it's all about James this was all about change. I need to change myself now you're older than finished. I've lived my whole life I've tried everything nothing worked, man. I'm not happy there's something there there's a void in my heart. When I go to sleep I'm afraid to die Why? Because it makes me so excited now to change Why should I not be looking forward to me

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so I will look forward to meeting me not the other way around because of the time is running so Let's now get on this one and finish the list on the second. So we say one page at a time if you want to increase after that but after you have the one page a day on your under your list, but what am I gonna do was read 111 page, just read one page. Now after you read the page

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You read the fields

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to understand what it means, after you read the field go into pondering and reflecting about the areas, not just the meaning. What is that? What is alone? Talking to me directly? How do I learn? What do I learn not just know that the meaning of it, I have to change my life about it. So I've asked you before to start a notebook, your notebook should be divided in half. One half is

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what allows

00:20:35--> 00:20:50

me to go slower against Yo, yo. So listen to me. So the first half of your notes should be a woman everything that you allow, by the way, your key and your your mission statements. Yeah, you are Latina. I'm an RO, you believe, I believe

00:20:51--> 00:20:52

you said when we hear you.

00:20:56--> 00:21:04

It was a command that was going to be given ordain the pass or provision that is going to be prohibited for bidding the bonds. So allows

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me to do this I'm going to do

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so don't do this.

00:21:11--> 00:21:18

Then I'm going to put in the second half. And that's how I'm going to reflect it implemented. That will be for you on the good job. And after this. I'm going to start you know what

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I used to.

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I used to give up so much in order. Okay, so let's face it every Friday put something even $1 but that's ongoing sacajawea is a train yourself. It keeps you going so it's not just in Ramadan. I'm not going to Bologna. I don't know Benny, I belong to a lot 24 seven, so doesn't stop the actions he does not stop. So every every Friday, make sure that you are whatever it is one one thing doesn't matter, but it's going it's continuous and allows us I'll give you much more you're fasting we've talked about ongoing your everything your pm we're starting to lay down and this is coming from inshallah Sunday. So continue doing that now. So

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do your best to come in congregational prayer. Your every for every footstep that you come to the prayer is doing once one good deed is written one bad news is they're raised one elevated rank. Then for every time you come in, especially in the darkness allows for guidance especially

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for those who walk in darkness will illuminate the guiding light. For every time you come in, especially if it's your prayer. May Allah give us though people like you every time that this person does not make it I know there's my sins. It's my sins that held me back and I go back I've got stuff oh what have I done? You understand? So if you deprive that honor, you ask yourself why why am I not going on your list is a righteous company and the righteous environment you have to change otherwise your company will take you away. So are you righteous company there you know what that means? That's the criteria as we talked about

00:23:00--> 00:23:15

a month ago? What kind of friends do you have? Where do you hang around? What company do you need? Are these companies that will tell you what you see that will remind you of above? Do you have such friends that when you say what's the follow you know you've seen the brothers so on This is a 15 things on this list.

00:23:16--> 00:23:22

As you see the sometimes I walk into the universities that brother will be smoking and as you see this

00:23:26--> 00:23:43

Allah help you sit and then he was wearing like a gold gold ring and they would hide their hand or they turn it around you're free to this was your life you're not afraid of Allah Subhana Allah so we have done this then what is the company that you keep that will actually do this? So the company is deep is what we set the criteria is either

00:23:46--> 00:23:49

if you see them, they will remind you of a lot right away.

00:23:52--> 00:24:04

And then when they see oh good times are coming out this mail my man, let's do whatever let's do one. No, that's not the company wants to keep the company above let's give me a link on my blog. And

00:24:06--> 00:24:06

they want

00:24:08--> 00:24:11

the app to eat, sleep talk everyday.

00:24:13--> 00:24:22

They will guide you to speak panco law, not just remind him of law He will guide us rate path and when they speak, they increase your demand. And I asked Allah subhanaw taala to grant us a righteous company.

00:24:40--> 00:24:59

My brothers and sisters, it's on your fingertips all you have to do is follow it. Now if you can, between ramadan ramadan, if you can perform hatch 100 you can perform cat performer hunger, if it's possible to keep that drive alive. To go back and your link Where's probably more homeless 11 instead of them

00:25:00--> 00:25:13

When did you receive the relation? Where is he buried? And what is your email? is you need to be with him. How much would you pay to see him in a dream? How much would you pay to actually live in Medina? How much would you make to be with him? How much would you need to be with him?

00:25:15--> 00:25:39

So you have to connect back to where the origin is. Go to how to go to hombre congregational prayers at least with that as soon follow the footsteps of the Sahaba so you can be resurrected with them the police will allow some kind of peace with you on Judgement day you will say Are you pleased with me? How could you not be pleased to hear you have no fire? And when two gentlemen so we say that is the one the last one I will leave you with? Is that with you now? Your view yourself? hold yourself accountable.

00:25:41--> 00:25:42

And casement Dan is

00:25:44--> 00:25:48

the one that smart intellectual one is what is the one that actually holds themselves accountable?

00:25:50--> 00:25:56

This will probably Mohammed Hassan says well I just went around Uppsala what whatever.

00:25:57--> 00:26:04

And that's what I'm going to leave you with as smart intellectual individual is the one that holds themselves accountable. I'm going

00:26:05--> 00:26:07

to say what has seen one person

00:26:08--> 00:26:14

was enough to hold yourself accountable if we held accountable indeed you will be held accountable Don't you think?

00:26:17--> 00:26:27

You think that we created a hazard we play games when that woman coming back? Bella Bella, you will be resurrected. So hold yourself accountable. I need a bird well

00:26:29--> 00:26:42

sometimes they will be held accountable. Let me ask you something. So you're holding a salad on the first once you mentioned steak, are you ready to live as you mentioned steak is the thing that makes you scared that people will see why you're afraid of people why you

00:26:44--> 00:26:48

should be ready when you see good life people your public life don't

00:26:49--> 00:26:58

do that at least those who worries that you see they see you so why don't you weigh your actions where your actions what's your vision stick around is not good enough people will say if

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it comes after is that is that what traditions and what cultures comes after as that does not contradict but our measuring stick is hot and hot. Now what will people say what allows

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so please let that be your measuring stick so your last one if you hold yourself accountable allows

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you wait your actions before they wait up to you so everything you say see here doing everything you want to is it gonna be on the right hand side scale is gonna be on the left hand side Where's your mind? Have you been accordingly to sleep a lot

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on me that except for myself forgive us all wasn't 100 No, but I know some of my dad do some utility

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allowance for me now I live in

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because you know out there is going to be the football game. So to be a lot more fun. Let me call me

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allow Mahatma mania. You know I'm surfing on a man in

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Los Angeles news from Alana modems. Meanwhile, meanwhile, campo de novo Sri

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Lanka, Blimey masala