Alaa Elsayed – Janazah 1

Alaa Elsayed
AI: Summary © The importance of a good ending to a story is discussed, including guidance and rules in a situation where a person is killed and alive. The speaker emphasizes the importance of staying in a state of Islam to save money and time, as well as a disturbing story about a deceased man using drugs and alcohol to convince others to join the Jedi party. The importance of staying true to the law and not giving up on promises is also emphasized, along with a call to stand for a golden era.
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This whole body of the soul

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is actually opposed

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to the muscle and want her to at least finish off.

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So he says

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nine years old, nine years old.

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Just last month, she says this

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must have been somebody you must have done something good in your life. There's too many stories to share with you. But there was a man

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that did nothing good was a Muslim

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did nothing good. You just used to be used to look after your lady that is her husband died and orphans.

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He would be known to be bad he would do all the stuff that is bad.

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And he would just

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and the people thought that this guy is totally out

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whatever terrible terrible luck

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so he amazingly enough he just decided to do he

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just decided to do it. Somebody pushed him over.

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And he died in hatch mortar in

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Panama. So people around him knows who he is. So this is something is something's not right. doesn't add up. So when they were going to the janazah they said you know what? This lady came in civil law he

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used to come and they were asking what what happened? How do you get this ending and live in this life?

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So she told him that he used to come here and I make I made only one two out for him. I only made $1 for him. Aloha

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that's it.

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Oh Allah give them a good ending.

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For lunch they still get goosebumps when you hear these stories beautiful. But there's a condition we don't want let yet

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we cannot be not just that

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because the last panel data in the Quran says

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if when do you have a good ending or not? You thepeople la Latina

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will go in there but you could have done your ledger

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allows add on Allah controls regulations, but they have to worry about it which means the exceptions we cannot build a theory upon. These are exceptions.

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Even if you love someone even Prophet Mohammed Salah is a lamp did not could not have helped his uncle in Nicoletta de Monaco but you will not you know give guidance. But there are two types of hidayah right.

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Two types of guidance. So

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this is one way that allows

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the learner

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know who the winner is in Nicola daddy.

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In us at understand Allah subhanaw taala told problems in an inaccurate data to guide people. But can you have guided olango No, that's what allows us

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but you don't it's not a favoritism. I like you're giving that it's not up to me.

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It's called a dilemma dilemma guide you here's the plan. Here's the sooner This is the according to plan and sooner. This is the path to get to that. You haven't. This is the path to hellfire.

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I mentioned before you know there's a POW there's a sign that says that this is W go to Toronto. This was to go to Niagara Falls mentioned that before. You've decided you want to go to Niagara beautiful gardens, beautiful trees, beautiful falls beautiful water, nice cleaner air. Not high rises and all the hustle and bustle in the business all of duty and stuff. You want to go to relax, enjoy yourself. But it's clearly marked this ramp will take you to Toronto, this ramp will take you to Niagara Falls you've decided to take the route to Toronto when you get to Toronto, you're surprised I don't want to go to Toronto but you made that decision. You took this path

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and that is the dilemma we can guide you to which way to go but we cannot give you that your honor. I cannot help you

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to do that. Have you heard you take Indigo horse water but you can't force him to drink. Save same thing. So allows the panel to highlight gifts one condition you have to Delilah Nina Ave will establish even higher Tony awful so if you are if you're in the state of both

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leaves that you believe in the unknown or the unseen, everything else that is a state of belief. The last one, I want to give you the code, to be able to uplevel resources to be able to save a lot before you die.

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To be able to answer the questions in the wave to be able to answer the four questions in that in front of Allah. And then allow some manager Allah gives you a seal.

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He says, well as a moto Illa, want to see, you know, what the status say?

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You hear this all the time. And

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when it comes to love and all that stuff, what are the bottom line, I want to say? Allah subhanaw taala that said, Don't die except in a state of Islam. You know what that means?

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You will die that we lift.

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And as I said, is that map, we cannot build a theory of an exception, but that's the golden rule. That's the general rule. So when they when the scholars say they will allow one of those that do not die, except in the state of Islam, that means you have to live in a state of Islam in order for you to be able to die in a state of Islam.

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Because according to your life, you will have an ending.

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And there's one lucky, you know, it's amazing the stories of how they ended and some of the machines talked about it so much. There was a man that actually used to specialize in watching the dead, deceased. And it's online, you can see the stories he talks about is unbelievable. How a human being dies and how he ends and both ways. By the way, one person who says he could not have you said you couldn't do it. He could not do it because he's a stack. And he was coming to pieces he had he could not watch the body. You could not use this he had the students to watch it. You're gonna walk away. You walk away crying. Just how do you get to this state? How do you have this terrible ending?

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He found out that he called his mother off he cut his father off actually, as a matter of fact, one he says we actually had a son come in the janessa some some of the brothers don't open this man don't open the door.

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He forced his ways that couldn't do it. Because this his son, his older son is illegal use of afraid that he would sue or something so we opened the door. You know what? It's Sunday. He spat in the face of his dead father.

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You understand that? He said the man couldn't take and he was shocked.

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So you'll understand my brothers and sisters. Don't be fooled. We don't know how we're going to end up we don't will lie. We don't know how to guarantee

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that's why this is why they asked me God give us a good ending alone.

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Over give us a good ending Yama because we don't know how we can end up you know that you can live there and he says that you will you think you're doing great and everything but you will have a carrying case that

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the people think that you're a robot, but really eerie Yeah, there's too much things that you're good Yeah, when you're alone.

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So Allah will treat you the way you do on Judgement Day, he will show you again, just before you enter genda what happens if you don't belong here?

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But you act in front of people, you're the people agenda, you act in front of people. And there was no there was no there's no sincerity with react for showing off.

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But between you and I, you were like a project. So you know what, just before you enter Heaven, no, I will take you out and put you to hellfire. You know why that's double whammy. Because if you don't know what you're missing, it's a little easier. But if you know what you're missing, then you go to the other side is even worse.

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So according to what you live, you will die.

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And according to how you die, you'll be resurrected.

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So be very careful as he always think always think this be my last ending this be the last thing I do.

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And the other one uses

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the word political.

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He always have to ask yourself a question. And then

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Is this better? Is this live? Is this alcohol? The drugs is fornicating is lying and stealing is cheating and as all that stuff adeleke hype.

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Meaning that will take us to the Hellfire Is this better?

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or gender to hold on eternal gentlemen that

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were promised the only thing is along with the P. So you have to ask yourself this question. How do I end up man?

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Keep always asking about oh look at me, in the yellow give me everything but it's not a lip service that allows us Allah told me that there's one condition. You said the de la Latina Avenue will

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allow me to summon the true believers to give us some on editing. And I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make our last words to be La ilaha illa Allah, our best actions that needs to be the last actions and deeds and the best

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To be the days that will be the last apology letter. So I asked the last apologetic Viola to mercy on sister Rita. I asked about soprano dilla Yola, to give her a steadfast to be answered the questions in the grave. I asked the last panel jellico allowed to make an agreement piece of heaven that'll be Seville and asked the last panel deliver your lead to expand their grave as far as their eyesight can see it and furnish it from genda and open a gate for the grave to be able to see her please and Jenna so she can go back to the family those who sit above and remember our judgment day, there's only one thing that will help you. When you hear a caller say, what would you give, in order

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for you to stay away from Hellfire and we'll have everything you want. You will, you will sacrifice your tribe, not just yourself, your whole tribe, your wealth, your health, your businesses, your dwellings, everything, just to be able to stay with my fire and the world agenda. So we will you will hear the left namic Kumar column in Delhi, we asked to view less than that, and the cooloola

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is we only attribute to say that either Hey Lola with you refused.

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That's why

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you should look at the way of doing illegal immigration. Allah would not forgive only once it was the same

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shift, not to be able to believe there's only one God

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and He forgives everything else. So why don't we do it a minute. Keep reading it the best thing that they said profit moms as well as the

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prophets message before me is that so let's live according to that law and die according to law after law not the person's person does is to return who is the closest person to sister Rita? Could you come forward please.

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So what was the name again?

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So that now is responsible for that that's of sister region, visible salesperson. That means their sister Rita owed you anything please come and ask for for brothers. Now, before the new inheritance divided, that's what you have to do.

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Now if you if you decide to forgive sister Rita, Allah will give you multiples one, after you forgive her, you can not come back and ask them finished. From now on. If you have anything good to say about sister sentence when you have nothing good to say about her, it goes into the grave when you only remember if you are going to follow the janessa just remember that's what that's again how this works. We have a love doesn't I think that I'm in the box itself. Don't talk about the union. I think that I'm being buried What do I say? How do I answer the questions? How is my grief going to be like am I guaranteed anything we'll live in and guaranteed. So make sure that's how you do follow

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if you are going to follow the Jeunesse you can hug Come and hug and Risa, the brother of their desert sisters in the back. If you are a sister closest to sister Rita, please identify yourself so I'm going to ask the sisters like what I'm going to ask the brothers to come to hip hugging and grace and dilemma dilemma motto coalition

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which means we're allowed some Holloway grants we're allowed he takes and everything is a decree better so be patient and seek the reward from Allah. Allah subhanaw taala have mercy upon her and patients that are currently renter family building a family and a home better than normal and went to the highest level for a dose of Allah. Allah forgive us all amino acid on come to me

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