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Start with ourselves our souls

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start starting all repents oneself.

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Because death is a bonding

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and disobey your whims and desires indeed is one of the greatest tests

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election yes has to be done.

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And I am a member of

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just those who claim that you have knowledge. I know everything man Don't tell me tequila. I was a tequila when I was in the womb of my mother were you talking about man? I knew this stuff. I was born in Scotland. I knew I will move to the UK. You told me to love you know there's an AI about this by the way.

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so if you tell somebody to be conscious of the mindful does you know what I know this blah, blah, blah. loves

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his dignity. No, it's actually nothing again, this one it's actually pride arrogance.

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Because you're conceited and you go in with your own whims and desires against the work of a lot of pseudo schools. So allows this school fair daddy for high school sufficient for him You know what, this is the Guardian that will

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help I

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want to be certainly had

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a curse turning eternal abode for that. Just in case. I want to know when the young boy used to get over a delay or what what happened used to happen to him. You would cry.

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Men fear drama dilla on kings of that. strongest empires fear drama Raja lavonne. When a young boy told her mother a tequila used to cry as a matter of fact he would not move

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it would be crying in his own place his his head to

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toe his beard would get wet. You want to know that actually is the really that he had two black lines here you know what from from the tears used to live here in Los Angeles and that's Roma

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rajala and

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so my brothers This is months of tough work. This is the month we actually close to Allah. We again the DEP ye mindful conscious of Allah. So let us now think about it before we come in the box. will love your arrogance will not help you

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will love me no matter how rich you are, you will still die.

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No matter how powerful you are, you will still die.

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And believe it or not, no matter amongst us anyone how big you castle that lives in how big your Swiss bank account is your private jet, your private yacht, your posse, your powerful whatever it may be. You company and keep your private investigators and protectors and and while logging all of us. We're going to end up in three feet by nine feet and six feet deep.

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It doesn't have titles. It doesn't have servants that will have glove white gloves with a bow tie and bend over.

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It will be according to you actions and deeds.

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You understand that? He says if you answer the questions according to your questions, who is your Lord What is your way of life and who is the Prophet? your grave will be a piece of heaven or a piece of hell. It will expand as far as your eyes I can see all it will collapse your ribs.

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You will open again to see you please in heaven or deceive listen to help.

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The choice is up to you. It only takes one blink of an eye. One breath that goes out does it come back in one possible heart that actually extract doesn't come back out? That's it simple. And then we receive a phone call. And that's all it takes. We're lucky at that time you will not really care how much money you'll

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you will not care whether you get this job or not.

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You will not care whose are happy with you was not happy with you.

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But you will see what color of build your own

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lovely hand and solid hand FIBA rocks can in Kalimantan, ha ha ha

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you will say when you see the angels come down and it says when you leave in the dunya go into the hereafter you will see the angel

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on the horizon, you can actually see them, but they're only one type of angels By the way, either the angel the punishment or the angels of mercy, it's up to you.

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And the angel of death is already has you number.

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He's got your number and he's got your name on the list and just a matter for what a commander comes.

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And you can see, we're closer to the juggler vein.

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For Girona, go ahead. If you want to take the soul back, go ahead, try.

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Have you ever seen someone that says you know what, listen, I'm a billionaire man. I'm so absorbed into that, I'm gonna have to put you on hold, let you people call my people will do lunch. You know what, let me allow me to go back and give the money back to the people or you know, those who I talk behind their back. Those who actually curse those who are oppressed, those who stole from those who are cheating with an ad on an ad, allow me just to go back and give them back the rights before you take my soul. Is that okay with you? If you don't like it, you know, Sue me. You think you can do that with the edge of the death. Of course you get ya you have the law allows the panel to either

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use them use them or not use them as idea eternally, you will never be able to buy your way out. You will never be able to bribe the angel. You will never have to pull stunts up that phone call football. Mr. So and So. This ensures that he is coming to bother me man. He's gonna get my soul. Can you take care of this guy?

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Send your posse. Put your use on this guy fry a man. Can you do that? Well, you can't.

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Not even prophets and messengers good.

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So we're not better than them rest assured.

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And finally, you will get a simple three questions and the reason is simple four questions in the hereafter. Based on the answers, you will not just graduate from high school to go to university know that you will graduate from high from university to get a job. No, no, that's an interview whether you're gonna get a raise to get Keep Your job will get fired. Based on these answers. You will go to heaven or hell. It's not a promotion. It's not temporary, and so on.

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So don't you think that that is your final test and then as you find an answer in your grave, you will not see the light man. You won't have seen the light that I'm here that I repent that I believe that it's too late.

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Because in the grave you will be all alone.

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And when Allah

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calls your name, you will be all alone.

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You still be all alone.

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Man luck. You know who's rock, rock, give me an idea. Come on, man. Give me that doctor. Do you think the doctor will come and help you?

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as well. So there was one there he says that

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he was dying. But the law hang on Savas May. He was actually told to get up get the doctor. It says

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What do you say? Just a nice read.

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I do what I wish.

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There is a prescription is given time

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from the day you're in conception 120 days in the womb your time was really written but we don't know that. It's just an A lot of time that is given

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and only how we act accordingly whether we actually see the reward or pay the price. If

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we have one deal. Only you what you've done but a lot of parties more. So why is it so important for us now to take that away in the month of Ramadan because of that simple fact you will be alone in the grief

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you'll be alone in front of us. So if you hear it alone, you're alone the loss of love will raise your ranks protect you. And that is the proof of the ayah what it mean Camila

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muglia thielmann energy La Nina Tata when our volume in a big fear

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of judgment day when you pass the salon the bridge over the Hellfire, you don't have it you will father it sweet and simple.

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So from now on my brothers and sisters, they'll leave you with one thought

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like this.

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And no matter how many times you do it, it's scary.

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I just want you to think from now on

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that today. We watched the sister tomorrow there Washington.

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Today which router the sister tomorrow they're struggling me.

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Today we'll create it and as on the system tomorrow the brain marginalism

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Today we're going to carry a system on our shoulder.

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Tomorrow there, there a knee on the shoulder.

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Today we're gonna be behind the janaza the system tomorrow they're walking behind my jersey.

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You don't want to go to the funeral.

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I always think this week alone

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when they put the box down, I am now in the box

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and left my family and friends, my wife and kids

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and I'm in the box now in a dark area. And the two angels are coming What do I felt?

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I didn't know. I didn't know I was going to die. I didn't know you were coming. I didn't know I was gonna be asked the questions. So what is what am I waiting for him? You don't know. But you don't want to last analysis in the levina car

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melodica that's when you need the most and that's

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one of the reasons

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why we should do

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this when it is most you know if you had this it's the karma. The rain is now after inshallah

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if you stay on the straight path, you said my lord is alone there are only believe there's only one God. That's all you're asking me. on this Monday, Allah will tell you what would you do to stay away from Hellfire and go to heaven? I will give up everything, everything in displeasure of life that I turned your head. Because we asked to do less than that just to see that. There's only one God, you refused. You said God is this and God is this and more than one god there are there is no God. Very simple pass or a visa on your passport to attain heaven. But he refused to do it.

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properly. Mohammed says all everyone is going to happen except those who refuse to have you refuse to go to heaven is those who obey beam individuals.

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You will go to heaven. But if you if you do so baby for you, you choose to go to heaven. It's amazing, isn't it?

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So we will set if you stay on the straight path. He says left left over. You're not afraid of what's coming up in the in the future? What's gonna happen on Judgement Day? What are we so that you're not sad about your sins that you've committed in the past. But Allah gives you one measuring stick uses us up to the wall and either either

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you won't be able to say that in love before you die. You won't be able to answer the three questions in a way. But you won't be able to answer the four questions and that in the year after on Judgement Day or it's 50,000 years.

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What's the condition those who believe

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believe in the unseen leaving the unknown. Nobody tells you something unknown or unseen.

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So I ask Allah subhanaw taala mercy on system is also penalty Lakota to have patients in our family. They asked about Viola do make her be able to see the answer for the questions and ask allows you to expand her grave as far as I can see, and make her a piece of another piece of note. And they asked the last panel delivered to resurrector on bullpups of lead with Prophet Mohammed sauce Ellen and I asked her to dig the book with the right hand side and I asked her to ask Allah to enter the highest level of her dose of Allah we can see

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that I asked what the closest person or system